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Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8GB OC Samsung Memory 29-30 Mh/s

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In the last days i created 3 (or 4) mining rigs with Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8GB OC version (still 3 more to be build), i was able to get a max 30.1 Mh/s (something like that), but not that stable when plugged in all cards.

Looks like the Nitro+ RX 470 8GB OC is also good and stable same as the Nitro+ RX 470 4GB OC video card, the best spot for this cards was 29.4 Mh/s on Ethereum and 700 Mh/s on Decred.

As you know i prefer Claymore’s Dual Ethereum miner with -dcri 23/24, a 6x mining rig will get a total of 175 – 176 Mh/s.

This is the exact GPU used for this tutorial

Here are my results

And once again was almost impossible to hold the each card at 30 Mh/s speed, had to lower a bit for stability. In images you can see the best i could get on 3 rigs of Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8GB. OC

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Here is what you should do to get there!

Tools and software used

1 Preparing the RIG, GPUs and Windows

  • If you have a different Driver version than 16.9.1 or 16.9.2 use DDU to completely uninstall your current drivers and install 16.9.1
  • Make sure you reset clock settings to default
  • Shutdown the rig
  • Connect only one GPU
  • Power on the rig
2 Backup Original Bios

  • Extract atiflash to C:\atiflash
  • Run ATIWinflash.exe as administrator
  • Click Save button to backup the bios, save all bios in separated folders
  • Close atiflash
3 Flash Modded Bios ROM

  • Download BIOS roms

V1 1625 timings (1150/2100)!gopzAZxb!ztRySC1NNXXR9ZNUAb_wRhmqoFmn4S4ZXoQKGlUIDx4

You can also try cloks like 1130/2150 , depends on each card

V2 1750 timings (1150/2150)!t4pShKjA!mD8cqvyxDgIgvNQpsdr3zzDudfhoGlp2UbyStJ9Qg_U

I prefer this version, is more stable and the cards perform better with it, try both and decide which one to use πŸ™‚

  • Copy the BIOS to C:\atiflash folder
  • Run ATIWinflash.exe as administrator
  • Click Load Image and select the BIOS you just copied to atiflash root folder
  • Click Program button and wait for about 1 minute
  • Restart the rig when asking
  • Test with Claymore on Ethereum only using -benchmark 1, then test it with dual mining without -benchmark 1
  • Repeat the same process with all the GPUs

Before to continue further, please share this πŸ™‚ thanks!

Like i said, V2 seems to be the one to go with, i was able to set 95% of the GPUs having the same cloks with no problem!

GPU Clock: 1150
Memory Clock: 2150
-mV: -100
Power usage GPU-z: 91w
Power usage from wall: 125w

Some of the rigs done with this GPU

Let me know what are your results with this rom πŸ™‚

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  • Sim

    Thank again for these tutorials!
    Are these bios compatible with all RAM version? (Not only Samsung)

    • This is for this type of card only.

      • Yudi Iskandar

        @@ciprianpt:disqus Can I do this tutorial in window 7?
        please answer πŸ™‚ thanks…

        • Xii Sion

          yes you can

  • Sim

    Quick question… πŸ™‚
    These bios files are 512K instead of 256K (original saved).
    During flashing the message is: “Cannot erase ROM”
    Is the size the problem as reported from other users and how to copy/paste difference to my original bios?

    • Yes you can try that or try to flash the rom with CMD using command to unlockrom

      • Sim

        Hello Ciprian, bad news with CMD and unlockrom, but good news with “copy/paste” (now my ROM is 256Kb)
        Result: 29.4-29.5 Mh/s (-dcri 8) and a “good” effective hashrate πŸ™‚

    • Joe Tebbett

      Another option is to make a copy of your BIOS, open both your copy and the downloaded BIOS in Polaris Bios Editor and change all the values in your copy to the ones in the modified BIOS then flashed that. Worked for me with Anorak’s custom BIOS, will try this BIOS later today.

      • Sim


  • Wassim Mezzi

    tested 5/5 …. thanks

  • Michael Neumaier

    Its possible to get a higher Hashrate than 30 with the 8gb version, because one of my friends got up to 30 mh/s with the rx 470 4GB one.

  • Pavel

    I have 6 x sapphire rx580 4gb. Is stable for 1100/1950 -120mV oc+mod (only ETH) but I can get only 28.5-28.7 mh. I possible to get 29-30mh?

  • Justin H.

    Great tutorials! Will send you some ETH once I get mining! I am having one issue though. Bios work great and I can undervolt, but I am not able to boost gpu clock or memory clock. Also in trixx and gpu-z I am not seeing any temperatures. I would blame it on the card, but it is doing it to all 6 and it happened on another mother board. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Hmm.. never faced such thing before..

      • Justin H.

        I think I finally found the issue. Something about a dummy plug? I used the onboard graphics to set up remote connection then that was it. I guess I need a dummy plug and reinstall the drivers?

        • Ohhh right,, sorry πŸ™ but was too late to think clear.. i should have asaked you if you are using the onboard video card :(.. sorry again.. yep.. this is what happening when using it, plug in the dummy in the gpu that is connected with the first 16x pcie slot πŸ™‚ will work.

          • Justin H.

            Not a problem, ordered one and should be here soon. Might be a good idea for another post! Sending you the very first of my ETH now. Keep up the great work!

  • Azharul Islam Jacky

    Where did you get v4.rom?

  • Jw Chong

    May I know how to set in GPU BIOS to control fan speed?

    • I don’t control the fans via bios, use claymore instead -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -tstop 85, this will work like a charm πŸ™‚

      • Cesar GR

        When I put these comands on start.bat the miner shows that not reconognizes -tt and -tstop comands, why? Im using the last Claymore Miner version. I need to control my gpus temperatures because it used to stay at 77-81 degrees, so hot I think, fans are at 60-61%. Thanks for help

        • Claymore should recognize this settings, unless you are using Nvidia GPUs, Claymore fan control doesn’t work with Nvidia.. anyway the line should look like this” -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 65 -fanmax 100

          • Cesar GR

            I use 5x RX480 and 1x RX470. I think may be I didnt leave a space between “tt” and 65… I’ll try it tomorrow. “-Fanmin” comand controls a fixed fan rotation? I have another question, I copied the 1750 timing to 2000, set 1150/2150 with dual mining (ETH+DCR) and -dcri 30 my 470 only hash at 26-27MH/s. What is wrong? Many thanks

  • Pookage Hayes

    Alas, after flashing with either of these, Claymore doesn’t detect the GPU any more at all, so I had to revert back to the backed-up BIOS πŸ™

  • LiteBit

    I made all of the changes (rom, gpu settings, win10 settings….) but I’m not passing 27,7Mhz … not much improvement from before.
    I guess I need to look at a more recent motherboard and 8GB of ram in stead of 4GB … (testing with 1 GPU at this moment)

    I also noticed that dual mining (e.g. with SiaCoin) significantly lowers the ETH performance (from 27 to 22mhz) … so I guess single coin mining is most profitable?

    • Hi @litebit:disqus , looks like you forgot to change dcri πŸ™‚ if you mine eth + dcr try -dcri 27 or 23, if you mine eth + sia try -dcri 15 , or you can press – or + to find the best dcri

      • LiteBit

        aha, that is looking better, thanks!
        now I can start looking at building a multi gpu rig … starting with the frame.

      • Farhan Masud

        what is dcri? how to set? i am mining only eth.

        • dcri not needed on eth only mode.. but you can try changing it by pressing – or +

  • rollingboy

    Thanks for this great tuto.
    Unfortunatly i can’t get the 29 hashrate all of my cards are stuck at 27.X.
    Do you have any idea?

    I mine ethereum only and my bat file is like as follow

    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x09B45C78a6C4371a05e89909d4339B04f547Df90.Miner2 -epsw x -tt 65 -fanmin 60

    The only thing i did not do is the Windows Tweaks

    Thanks for reply

    • Have you flashed the the bios ?

      • rollingboy

        Hi Ciprian,
        Of course i flashed the bioses.

        I used the V2 of your tuto

        • add this -dcri 1 πŸ™‚ let me know the results.

          • rollingboy

            no changes except system crash.
            I guess that the problem comes from the DAG rising size between now and the time you made your tutorial.
            If you try to benchmark to 140 (today is epoch #130) you can see your glabal hashrate almost 10% lower.

            It seems that the efficiency decreases while the DAG grows up.

            I chose to use a custom mod (copy the 1650 to the 1750 and 2000 timings) to get a stable 27.6 per card hashrate, with a 83 Watts consumption (GPU-Z), 130W from the wall.

      • Yudi Iskandar

        Can I do this tutorial in window 7?
        hopply to answer my question πŸ™‚ thanks
        V2 only copy timings 1750 to 2000 it is true?

  • This was really helpful. Thanks

  • Yudi Iskandar

    @@ciprianpt:disqus Can I do this tutorial in window 7?
    please answer πŸ™‚ thanks

    • Is the same process as on win10 πŸ™‚

  • Luka Centa – mamaMicka

    There is no way to get over 166MHs on 6x nitro+.
    One by on on Win can get over 28MHs, one even 29.5 with GPU clock close to 1200…
    I tried everything. On Linux results are even worst.
    I am using nicehash win and simplemining Linux.

  • Damian Turcza

    I tried everything and nothing happened. πŸ™ Hash go down to 19mh/s ;/ i dont know why! πŸ™

  • Did you modified the V Bios Switch position? What is the function for that switch? I have only one GPU card, the Sapphire RX 470 8gb oc Nitro+.. every time I reset the computer, I have to modify the clocks again.. the problem is that switch?

  • Philip Deadpool Richardson

    tried to flash your bios …ati spat it out ..said unable to erase or something …think it was trying to erase the original bios to replace it with yours

  • maqdse web

    hi i have question in my country i found those cards, what you advise ?
    Sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ OC 4GB GDDR5
    Sapphire Radeon RX 570 NITRO+ 8GB OC GDDR5

    please note that the RX570 is 8GB while the RX580 is 4G

  • Javier SΓ‘nchez-Bonilla MartΓ­ne

    Can I power this rig with just a 750W PSU?

    • Of course but you will have to plug in 3/4 GPUs only.. with undervolt

  • zerohero

    I only have remote access to my rig at the moment, can I flash the cards without having to remove them all and doing 1 by 1?

    • Yes, via CMD

      • zerohero

        Cool. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully this doesn’t brick the card as I flash them, but I need that power saving more than the MH/s gain

  • Chen Ding Xiang

    Followed exactly same with yours but max i get is 26+ Mh, cant get 29

  • kadrush kadria

    Hi Ciprian , can you please tell me what bios mod can I use for Sapphire Nitro(not+) RX 480 4GB (Samsung Memory) for zcash mining , do you have any rom to propose for me cause I really searched a lot and didnt find something good that works. Please, I am waiting for your answer. Thanks a lot

    • Nothing yet specially for ZCash, have you tried on their forum ?

      • kadrush kadria

        No I haven’t, but if you have any for ethereum I would take that too ! Cause I am really looking for a good one that works for a long time… :/ I have tried some and most of them didnt work at all..

  • andrian suryadinata

    can i use this bios for power color red dragon rx 470 8gb samsung memory?

    • Not sure if this will work, can you send me the bios ?

      • andrian suryadinata

        yes i can, send with email? or?

        • Yes you can send it to mail , thanks!

  • Suryo Putro

    haii dude,,, i got exclamation mark in device manager after rig reboot after flash you bios. But after i flash back original bios its get normal. How to fix it???

    • Apply the pixel patch!

      • Suryo Putro

        superb!!! thx man

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