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Ethereum DAG Hashrate Drop FIX – AMD Official Mining Drivers Are Now Out

AMD Official Mining Drivers

Apparently AMD wants to avoid shortages of their new Vega cards at any cost. Consequently, the company is doing their best to help miners to keep their older GPUs functional for mining. In order to do that, AMD issued an official driver release aimed to improve GPU mining hashrate.

AMD has been working on this driver for a while now. In fact, it became available for download about two weeks ago, though it was an unofficial beta release. Today, AMD posted the same driver on their official webpage.

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute

I have tested this new driver on my rigs and I can confirm that they it does improve hashrate, no more hashrate drop, everything is back to normal. I suspect that the driver reverse the DAG epoch issue, rather than making GPUs mine faster.

I have tried the driver on RX 400 and RX 500 cards, though according to AMD webpage, the Crimson ReLive Edition Beta is compatible with a wide variety of GPUs, starting from the Radeon HD 7×00 series and up to the Vega edition.

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Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 4GB 5x GPU Mining Rig
Ethereum Mining

The rig went from 135 Mh/s to 147 Mh/s on ethereum only mode.

Let’s see how it goes in dual mode

Ethereum Dual Mining Siacoin
Ethereum Dual Mining Decred

Yes, i can confirm that everything is now back to normal! YAY, no more DAG epoch hashrate drop :), also i see a slightly less power consumption. Note that i used the exact same clocks, dcri, undervolt with both driver versions.

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4GB 4x GPU Mining Rig

Finally i was able to test the RX 500 series (this should work for rx 570 and 580) since many of you were complaining about high power usage, undervolting and high temps, i had the same problems.. no matter what i tried Beta MSI Afterburner, Trixx, WattTool.. no luck.. in the end i tested with WattMan from AMD Driver Settings, after some tweaks i was able to undervolt them to 130w – 140w on DUAL MINING. This was a quick test but i will add soon more pictures with results.

This is a 4 GPU rig and before undervolting and downclocking, power usage was around 900+w (forgot to take a picture, will add it soon).

  • Clocks: 1130 / 2200
  • Core voltage: 850
  • Memory Voltage: 850
  • GPU temps: 50c with 75% fan speed
  • Ethereum Hashrate: 30.5 Mh/s
  • Decred Hashrate: 900 Mh/s
  • Total power usage: 650w (100w system)
  • Power usage per 1 GPU: 130w – 140w

Mission accomplished! Still room for improvements 🙂 the rig is running stable with not much hashrate fluctuations.


Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4GB 8x GPU Mining Rig

Here is guys a 8x Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4GB GPUs minig rig with the same drivers and overclock / undervolt procedure via Wattman, the rig is running stable. Check screenshots!

From 1840w to 1230w

141 MH/s

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

How to fix Ethereum / Ethash DAG epoch hashrate drop!
1 Download

Claymore released a new updated version fixing issues with voltage/clocks management for latest AMD blockchain drivers

2 Install

  • Uninstall drivers with DDU in safe mode
  • Install the freshly-downloaded driver from setup
  • Before restart install the atikmdag patcher
  • Install Beta MSI Afterburner
  • Restart and tweak your rig

VERY IMPORTANT To overclock and undervolt the GPUs you will have to use .bat file commands. For example i used this commands for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB: -cclock 1150 -mclock 2200 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850, you can increased -mclock to 2250 and also if system crashes lower voltages from 850 to 875 or 900.

Enjoy and happy mining! 🙂 share your results..

In Conclusion

This is indeed great news for those of you who were reluctant about installing the unofficial driver release. Now you can download it from the official AMD page and enjoy the increase in hashrate.

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Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates!

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