Ok.. so i decided to create this page because i have so MANY REQUESTS and some of them are very time consuming, i don’t want to be miss understood, i am still answering and helping everyone via blog comments, facebook messages or emails, but i am creating this page ONLY for those who want me to focus strictly on their problem or needs.

I will be happy to help you with everything i can!

  • Mining hardware recommendation
  • Hardware installation (guide)
  • Windows configuration for mining (linux newbie, although i know ethOS)
  • Miner configuration and setup (eg: claymore dual mining, ethminer, claymore zcash miner etc.)
  • GPU Bios mod/flash and configuration (amd gpu rx 400 and 500 series)
  • Mining rig stabilization (no restarts etc..)
  • Adjust mining rig power consumption
  • and so on..

Submit this form and describe as much as you can regarding your problem, based on this ill be able to set a time frame and price to fix it.