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Why Is PascalCoin Altcoin (PASC) Getting A Lot of Attention Lately?

PascalCoin (PASC) was around for a while. It does not offer pool mining opportunities, which is the main reason why it was never too popular. Another reason for that is the rather complicated usage – in fact, even experienced miners sometimes have a hard time getting a grip on the PASC mining process. That’s due to the fact that PascalCoin is not directly forked from a different altcoin.
Lastly, PascalCoin does not work well with CPU mining. In fact, CPU mining hashrate isn’t often enough to pay the electricity bill.

All of the mentioned made PascalCoin an unpopular choice until some days ago, when the altcoin got added to the Poloniex exchange. The trading volume of the coin went uphill along with the interest of the public. This opened many opportunities, and people began to look for info about how to mine the coin.

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What Do You Need to Know About PascalCoin?

As we already mentioned, PascalCoin only works for solo mining. This means that you will have to get your own wallet and configure the software to mine there. We will get into details in a minute.

Your earnings greatly depend on luck. PascalCoin is the fist altcoin that has no historical operations requirements, but does have double spending or check balance control. This means that you earn as soon as you mine a block. This might take you an hour or a week, depending on how fortunate you are.

Now, having a good GPU rig greatly increases your chance of mining a block – users report that it takes one two days on average to mine one block with a rig of six RX-470 or 480. Each block gives you 100 coins, which is about 65 dollars, according to cryptocompare (power expenses included).

There are talks about a pool being launched soon. If that happens, PascalCoin mining might become even more exciting. Or, it might turn into just another altcoin. If that will be the case, then it’s good to start enjoying PascalCoin mining as soon as possible while the opportunities are so great.

I will post later a new article with instructions with how to mine PascalCoin (PASC)!

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