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Giveaway #4 – Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet!

Hello good people :),

I’d want to express my gratitude to those of you who are active 1stMiningRig followers. Cryptocurrency mining wouldn’t exist without a strong and united community backing it up. I really appreciate each of you who support this site by actively reading, commenting and sharing the posts.

Today I’d like to announce the giveaway of a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. As always, the participation rules are ridiculously simple and it won’t take you more than a minute to sign up.

But Ciprian, Why A Ledger Nano S?

In the past, I’ve been giving away motherboards, CPUS and even a mining rig frame! Earning cryptos is a breathtaking (even though, sometimes tedious) process. It’s easy to get lost and not pay enough attention to the safety of your earned money, which is why the winner will be getting one of the securest cryptocurrency wallet devices available to the public.

Hardware Wallets Are Cool

A hardware wallet is like a unique key to your personal vault in a Swiss bank. Except that not even the government or bank policies have control over your money. That money is yours and yours alone, as it should be.

The Ledger Nano S is a device with two secure elements. Those are high-end cryptographic and storage chips that are dedicated to deciphering, encrypting and securely storing your personal keys.

Those chips have a very stable architecture, which is why it is impossible to hijack or hack them on a software level. On a hardware level, things are equally depressing for a hacker – hijacking a Nano S by brute force would require the computing power of all of the PCs on the planet working for a year non-stop.

Isn’t This Security Level Sort of Overkill?

Some might think that only a paranoid person would use so many security measures. Truth is, only hardware wallets and few other hardware alternatives are secure nowadays. According to experts and reports, there are many ways to steal data from a PC or even worse, a mobile device. Keyloggers are just one of the ways malware can steal data while being undetected by antivirus software.

This means that neither cloud nor software wallets are truly secure. Hardware wallets are the solution to this since they work as a two-factor auth. The wallet also stores and manages your keys. Your computer/phone never gets to see the keys, which means that no malware can steal them.

The Ledger Nano S supports most popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, Doge, Litecoin, Dash and Monero, among others. It’s easy to set up and use. Its compact ergonomic design makes it a perfect companion for online shopping. Moreover, even if you lose it, you cans till recover your funds by using the BIP 39 recovery tool.

For more information on what is a hardware wallet and why the Ledger Nano S is a great choice, check my review here.

Who Can Qualify in the Giveaway?

You are probably wondering whether the conditions are the same as in previous giveaways. The answer is yes, with one additional condition.

My motivation behind the giveaways is to help the mining community. Therefore, this giveaway is meant for those of you who are into mining. Do get me right – as a gamer by heart, I love the gaming community as much as I do the mining one. However, this specific giveaway is meant for miners alone.

You might not have a lot of mining experience or you might not have a huge mining rig, but if you are passionate about mining, I look forward rewarding you. In fact, your application is welcome even if you’ve got no mining rig at all – It does not matter as long as you are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and own some coins.

So in order to participate in the giveaway, please start by sharing your story as a miner or a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

The winners will be asked a quick question about mining and cryptocurrencies. It will serve as a confirmation that they are indeed into crypto. Don’t worry – if you are acquainted with cryptocurrencies you will have no issues answering it.

So what is this all about?
You see, i have some amazing plans for My 1st Mining Rig and we ain’t even started yet. Altcoin mining is getting more profitable by the day. The demand on altcoins grows every hour, and now is the perfect time to start mining and getting your share. Our goal is to help people to get involved in this amazing trend and get the maximum profit from their rigs.

Now, i invite you to contribute to this goal and get rewarded in the process.

It is easier than it sounds.
To participate in this giveaway, you will be completing a set of simple (often one-click) tasks.

We will propose you to sign up to the newsletter, share the amazing giveaway with your friends, and other simple stuff like that. You are probably doing those things already, so it will be natural for you anyway.

Every action will earn you entry points. The more entry points you’ve got, the more chances to win you will have. Talking about which…

What are your chances to win?
Well, let us be honest – the mining community is growing by the day but it’s still pretty small, so you won’t be competing against millions of people. In fact, your chances of winning are rather high – as long as you have the required entry points.

You will get additional entry points for each referred friend, as well as for completing small daily tasks. The giveaway will be concluded in 15 days starting from today – the winners will be chosen and the items will be shipped to his/her home.

Is there a better way to contribute to the mining community and be rewarded in the process?

This is crazy but true. If you are ready to get your brand new Ledger Nano S, then click the link below and get started right now:

Remember – it won’t take you more than 1 minute a day to complete the tasks; in exchange, you get a good chance to win a hardware wallet !

Sign up here and get started right now:

Giveaway #4 – Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet!

Best of the luck, we really hope that you, the person who is reading this right now, will get the bundle in 15 days 🙂 We stay in touch.

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