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Gigabyte G750H PSU for a Mining Rig – Review – Unboxing


First of all, I want to give a shootout to Gigabyte for sending me a couple of these PSUs for testing. Thank you!

I haven’t found a lot of reviews on this PSU so I was really interested to test it and see how it performs for mining. In this article I will be unboxing it, listing the specs and then talking about whether it’s a good PSU for a mining rig.

Package Contents

Here is what I’ve found inside the box:

  • Cables:
    • Power cable
    • 2x PCI-E
    • 1x  MOLEX
    • 3x Sata H with 3 connectors each
  • Manuals and screws
  • A bag to store the cables you aren’t using

The PSU came well-packed and well-protected so I have no complaints about that.

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Gigabyte G750H PSU Specs

The G750H is an 80 Plus Gold certified PSU. This means that we should expect some nice power efficiency from it. For instance, at a load of 50% the PSU should have 92% efficiency (I’ve looked up and found the 80 Plus Gold certificate link).

  • PFC: Active PFC (>0.9 typical)
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 Vac (full range)
  • Input Current: 10A
  • Input Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • Output Capacity: 750W (744W at 12V)
  • Dimension: D160 x W150 x H86mm
  • Fan Type: 140mm Double ball bearing fan
  • Efficiency: 90% at typical load
  • MTBF: >100,000 hours
  • Protection: OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP


  • MB 20+4 Pin x1
  • CPU 4+4 Pin x1
  • PCI-e 6+2 Pin x4
  • SATA x7
  • 4Pin Peripheral x3
  • 4Pin Floopy x1

Gigabyte G750H PSU for Mining

How good is the G750H for a mining rig?

GPU Support

Or better said how many GPUs can you connect it to? I am not talking about power hogs such as the GTX 1080 Ti, obviously. Looking at how many connectors the PSU offers, we can see that it can support either:

  • Four 6x PIN GPUS or
  • Three 8x PIN GPUs
  • Or a combination of the two, of course.

750 W is actually the amount 3 (1070/580) GPUs would require anyway unless, again, you are trying to connect a 1080 Ti.

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1 Cooling

The G750H features one 140mm fan. The first thing I’ve noticed when turning it on is that it’s really quiet. This is due to the fan having double ball bearings. Not only those make the fan quieter, they also make its lifespan significantly longer. If you’ve been following my blog for some time you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge fan of ball bearings, so having those in my PSU is definitely a great pro.

2 Warranty

The G750H offers 5 years warranty. It may vary from region to region so you definitely should read the warranty terms closer. That being said, no other component of my rig has got such a long warranty period. I wish my mining GPUs had 5 years warranty (yeah, I know…)

3 Modular Design

Use only the cables you need and avoid rat nests. If you want to know more why modular PSUs are great, check this 5 minute video (it’s actually an easy watch).

4 Hardware

The metallic box looks and feels sturdy. Hopefully, this might save the PSU in case of inappropriate handling during the shipping. I can also mention that the PSU comes with Japanese electrolytic capacitors. Those are considered high-end components and I’m glad to see them in my PSU.

Where to buy!

In Conclusion

As for today, the G750H can be found both on Amazon and on Newegg. I’ve checked the prices and eventually similar PSUs from different manufacturers cost about 30% more (by ‘similar’ I mean 750W 80 Plus Gold certified PSUs). I think this is due to G750H having only few reviews on the internet. You can see a couple people talking about this PSU on the forums and that’s about it.

As for today, I am happy with my two G750H. I’ve been testing them for two weeks now and I am definitely recommending this model. Oh, and have I mentioned that it comes with double ball bearings? 🙂  Man I love those…

  • Performance
  • Colling
  • Price
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Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates!

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