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BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card – Convert Your PC to a GPU Mining Rig

If you own one of the following motherboards, then I’ve got good news for you – there is a way you can increase the amount of GPUs that it supports from six to eight:

BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card

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Now, if you happen to own a RACING H170GT3, then you can use it with up to seven GPUs, thanks to a new Biostar accessory.

Biostar is well-known for manufacturing computer hardware. The company has growing interest in providing innovative solutions for the crypto mining market.
Their last contributions were the TB250-BTC and the TB350-BTC mining-oriented motherboards.

Recently, they decided to step up the game and release an accessory that would allow users to make their Biostar gaming motherboards more fit for mining.

The accessory still got to hit the shelves, but the description is rather promising. It consists of a little board with USB 3.0 ports and a PCI-E slot. It serves as sorts of expansion bay that allows you to connect additional GPUS to the board.

Whether the new Biostar crypto mining card accessory will be released or not, it’s good to know that the company is looking for ways to improve our mining experience. What do you think about this new mining accessory?

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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