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Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Special Edition Hynix Memory 31+ MH/s

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Here is another BIOS long waited for most of you, but thanks to Igor i was able to test the Sapphire RX 580 8GB Special Edition remotely via teamviewer. I must say that the Special Edition GPU is awesome, just like the Limited Edition and Nitro+ with great hashrate, stability and undervolt control.

I didn’t had an energy meter to check power consumption from wall, but based on GPU-z reports i can come up with something very close to reality.

The benchmarks were done for the following:

Ethash Algorithm

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Ubiq (UBQ)
  • Expanse (EXP)
  • Soilcoin (SOIL)
  • Musicoin (MUSIC)
  • etc..

Equihash Algorithm

  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • Zclassic (ZCL)
  • Komodo (KMD)
  • Hush (HUSH)
  • Zencash (ZEN)
  • etc..

CryptoNight Algorithm

  • Monero (XMR)
  • ByteCoin (BCN)
  • Sumokoin (SUMO)
  • Karbowanec (KRB)
  • DigitalNote (XDN)
  • etc..

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Special Edition

Software and Tools used for this tutorial

Let get started!

3 Switch BIOS to silent mode (display ports side)

4 Backup “Silent” BIOS

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

5 Download BIOS

Important, this BIOS is for Hynix memory only! Check your memory with GPUz software

Samsung Memory BIOS tests (thanks to Heki):

6 Flash BIOS with ATiflash

VERY IMPORTANT: Always extract ATIflash to C:/atiflash folder and place the ROM file that needs to be flashed in the same directory

My results with this BIOS ROM

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Special Edition Hynix Memory

RX 580 8GB Special Edition Ethereum (Ethash) Mining Hashrate Performance & Power Consumption

Ethereum Only

Ethash Algorithm: Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ubiq (UBQ), Expanse (EXP), Soilcoin (SOIL) etc..

start.bat file for Ethereum only with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 8/12

Ethereum Dual Mining Decred and Siacoin

Ethereum 31.5 Mh/s – Decred 950 Mh/s

Ethereum 31.500 MH/s – Siacoin 570 Mh/s

start.bat file for ethereum dual decred with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool -dwal SUPRNOVA_USER.WORKER_NAME -dpsw WORKER_PASS -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 30

start.bat file for ethereum dual siacoin with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal SIA_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -dcoin sia -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 18

RX 580 8GB Special Edition ZCash (Equihash) Mining Hashrate Performance & Power Consumption

Equihash algorithm: Zencash (ZEN), Zclassic (ZCL), Hush (HUSH), Komodo (KMD)

Download and extract Claymore ZCash Miner:

Claymore Miner ZCash Hashrate 300 H/s

  • Clocks 1150/2250
  • Core Voltage -cvddc 850 -mcvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 121w
  • From wall 150w

start.bat file for ZCash (ZEC): ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -zpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1150 -mclock 2550 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

RX 580 8GB Special Edition Monero (CryptoNight) Mining Hashrate Performance & Power Consumption

CryptoNight Algorithm: Karbowanec (KRB), Bytecoin (BCN), Sumokoin (SUMO), DigitalNote (XDN)

Download and extract Claymore’s CryptoNote GPU Miner:!e4JVEAIJ!l1iF4z10fMyJzY5-LnyC2A

In this case, for some reason I wasn’t able to set the clocks via .bat file and I had to split the commands. I set the clocks to 1130/2150, undervolted the GPU to -100mV via MSI Afterburner and added –mvddc 900 to the .bat file.

MSI Afterburne / Claymore 760 H/s

  • Clocks 1130/2150
  • Core Voltage -96mV –mvddc 900
  • GPU-Z 80w
  • From wall 100w

start.bat file for Monero (XMR): ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME.WORKER_NEM -zpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1150 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

That’s it 🙂 Enjoy!

Let me know what are your results!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates!

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  • Sarunas C

    Hi Ciprian, perhaps you would be interested test the same card with Samsung memory? I have troubles finding stable combination of clocks/underwolt and bios for my 6 card rig.

    • yes sure 🙂

      • Rostislav Rusev


        Using latest blockchain driver from AMD and Claymore 10. Rx 580+ Special edition 6xHynix and 6xSamsung. I used the patch, make 32gb virtual memory but stil on dual mining my ETH Hash fall down from 32mh/s to 27.5 ? Do you know where could be the problem.


        Not more than 27.7 Mh/s ETH and 506Mh/s Scia … by your observation where is the problem. I used your setings from this post. 850/850/1200/2250 dcri varies from 17 to 21. With this setup 1050W on the wall.

        Still to be tested on Samsung.

        • hmm i did not tested with samsung memory 🙁 we can do that via teamviewer..

          • Rostislav Rusev

            Dear, i follow your guide and with the info from above i did not receive the MH/s as you wrote but far worse than yours. Could you help with choosing the correct driver and claymore agent . Which one did you use to dual mine ETH and SC with 31.5 and 570mh/s? I am waiting for your responce. In what way you make the setup of the bios and the drivers which you use for that perfect dualmining speeds.

          • Henk
          • Nope….

          • Dravenating LoL

            contact me if u need rom Eth32mh/s DCR960mh/s

          • Angel Villanova

            Need it!

          • DON’T GET FOOLED!

          • Apsogos Apsogos

            with 32mh/s check with hwinfo the gpu errors.Will be millions and finally claymore will crash…..

          • Dravenating LoL

            contact me if u need rom for nitro+8gb
            Eth32mh/s DCR960mh/s

      • Chileee

        Hello Ciprian, thank you for helping me in advance.

        I’ve just got 6x rx580 Special Edition, can you help me set them up via teamviewer? I will pay you. Thanks, best regards from Serbia 🙂

    • GratefulActor

      I just returned a Special Edition 8GB Samsung. The best results I could achieve was 30.5 Mh/s 1200/2090 900 cvddc with Samsung 1750 strap mod. Memory overclock at 2100 and above crashes. In addition, the card would consume 30 watts more than my other Special Edition 8GB Hynix. Hope that helps!

      • Zaikauskas Adomas

        could you help setting up these cards? somehow can’t myself.

        • Andrew Furtas

          try 1500 strap mod

      • Zaikauskas Adomas

        because in cpu-z it shows that none of speed changed, clock and memory as standart, msi after burner and trixx dosen’t let me to change the clocks nor the voltage. any suggestions?

        • GratefulActor

          To undervolt in MSI Afterburner, go in settings and unlock for voltage options, save and restart app. Also, when changing core and memory clocks, be sure to apply settings.

      • Peter

        Great advice, thank you!
        Now I get to 29.7 Mh/s with 850 cvddc on two GPU.
        I have Special Edition 8GB Samsung.

  • GratefulActor

    Hey Ciprian!

    I want to thank you for offering such a valuable resource. Based on your guidance, I built a 13-GPU rig with 2 Special Edition (one Hynix/ one Samsung) and 11 Nitro+ (Hynix). I just returned the Special Edition with Samsung, and ordered another Nitro+. Based on the serial number (1459 or something), I believe that Hynix memory are the newer batch for Special Editions; 5 digit serial. But seriously, THANK YOU alot!

    BTW… what is the difference between the Special Edition bios and the Limited Edition bios you’re using? I currently have 12 GPU’s (1 Special Edition Hynix and 11 Nitro+ Hynix) with the Limited Edition bios hashing like champs at 31.5 Mh/s on SmOS at 1200/2250 850 cvddc drawing 2070 watts from the wall. When I switch to 1150/2250, they hash at 30.7 Mh/s drawing 2040 watts from the wall; 12 x 0.8 Mh/s sacrifice for 30 watts savings. I’m wondering if perhaps the power stages are improved on your new Special Edition bios.

    Cheers! =)

    • Hey @gratefulactor:disqus , i find both special edition and limited editions same cards MAYBE special one have more OC and also can handle it better, can’t tell too much because i didn’t had the card in my had to compare it. But the bios looks the same to me 🙂

    • Jerry

      Hey GratefulActor,

      just wondering why is your power draw so high? I have 12 GPUs MSI RX580s each outputting 30+ MHs and the total draw from wall is 1680W. I am using EthOS.

      Just got bunch of Sapphire RX580 8GB SE. In windows I can get 31.5MHs with 80W GPU Only and about 120W from wall. In Linux 30.2. You have mentioned that SmOS gives you 31.5MHs how did you manage to get it? Is it SmOS thing? As far as I know Linux works only with power tune modes and it does not honor claymore’s voltage settings.

      I would really love to stay with Linux but if Windows spits out more hashes unfortunately I have to switch to it.

      Thank you.

      • MalsBrownCoat

        Jerry, for your Sapphires (not your MSIs), are you setting your voltages/clock speeds through the batch file? And if so, can you share your config? Or are you using Afterburner/another tweaking app?
        I’ve tried using the settings in the article, and I think I’m pretty adept with following directions, but I can’t get anywhere near 80 watts/gpu (on Windows).

    • Have you also tried to apply mvvdc ? Power draw is high :/

  • Foued Alias

    Hi Ciprian Please can you modded for us a bios for the RX 580 Pulse 8GB ? because i have try and a got only 25 MH/S 🙁 175MH/S with 1400W for 7 RX 580 8GB …

  • Panc2001br

    I guess that isn’t the new Claymore’s cryptonote 10.2. This new version worth a try

  • Cosmin Chiţimiea

    Salut Ciprian,cum pot da si eu de tine?

  • Panc2001br

    The blue fan’s leds all turned into green in just few days. Anyone with the same “problem”?

    • Isn’t that the led and the color can be changed from driver ?

      • Panc2001br

        No. Fan’s led can’t be changed, only logo’s one

    • Konstantin

      Yes, I had the same problem but after a while some of them started to change back to blue.

    • One2

      Yes, it’s the dust. Clean them.

  • Bandi Su

    mine only got 26 Mh/s…before using this got 29.

  • Jason Ang

    Hi! Can you confirm if this works with SAPPHIRE nitro+ 8GB HYNIX? NON limited edition?

      • Jason Ang

        Yes. I am currently using them. Is this any different? I thought maybe it will perform better. Currently getting about 29+ with the Rom from post you pointed out

      • andika cahya

        dear cipirian, when you gonna do team viewer for me, its for my 470 mining edition elpida . which draw to much power even after undervolt with AB. thanks

        • yes will do it asap, can you re-send the email ?

          • andika cahya

            sent again SIR

  • JMCDor


    May anyone post what are the Special Edition serial numbers corresponding to Samsung and Hynix memory?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Rex Buensuceso

    Can i use these to my rx 570 nitro+ 4gb

  • Willy Iglesias

    mate can this be used on Sapphire RX 580 4GB Elpida memory cards? i cant ifnd any for it.

  • Илья Шишкин

    In step 3 we had switched bios. Do we flash new modified rom in silent bios or we have to switch back bios to normal ?

    • Yes, flash it in silent bios, make sure you have a backup of it.

  • Etele Bogdan

    Salut,, if setting in claymore, no need to use afterburner at all? Can i use the claymore settings for my 480 rig as well? Merci.

    • Yes, you can oc and undervolt the cards directly from .bat file without using any other software.

      • Etele Bogdan

        Thx, unfortunately it doesn’t work with my 480’s, just get blue screen when miner starts. Could you give us a setting that works with 480’s (nitro+ 8gb samsung rom)? I set up the 580se rig tomo hope it’s an easy job 🙂

        • GratefulActor

          When using those settings in Claymore on Windows, it may crash because the GPU is also supplying video output. Those Claymore setting work fine on Linux or Ubuntu.

          • globalb2bsolutions

            Hello Friend,
            Can you help me, how do I configure sapphire rx580 8gb special edition, I started mining with Claymore CryptoNote GPU Miner in Slushpool & Even in Minergate. Was only showing 800 H/s in Minergate & Slushpool 281 H/s.
            As per my search in online forums, I founds rx 580 output is around 30 MH/s.
            Can you help me.

  • globalb2bsolutions

    Hello Friend,
    Can you help me, how do I configure sapphire rx580 8gb special edition, I started mining with Claymore CryptoNote GPU Miner in Slushpool & Even in Minergate. Was only showing 800 H/s in Minergate & Slushpool 281 H/s.
    As per my search in online forums, I founds rx 580 output is around 30 MH/s.
    Can you help me.

    Thank You

  • globalb2bsolutions

    Hello Ciprian V,

    Can you tell me how to configure AMD SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB LIMITED EDITION to get 30 MH/s

    I’m new to this rig mining.

  • globalb2bsolutions

    I’m planning to mine Zcash or Moreno with Rx 580. Do let me know how to configure.

  • globalb2bsolutions

    Hello Friends,

    Do help me how to configure Rx 580 Bios to get 30 MH/s for Zcash or XMR

    • Hi, you are taking this wrong. 30Mh/s is for Ethereum (Ethash), on Monero the usual hashrate is 800+ H/s and for ZCash 300 H/s. your card is running just fine 🙂

      • globalb2bsolutions

        So you mean,its not possible to get 30 MH/s for Zcash & XMR

        • nope.. different algos

          • globalb2bsolutions

            CLAYMORE GPU 9.7 ???

          • globalb2bsolutions

            Can you setup my miner with Rx 580

          • globalb2bsolutions

            How about Linux or Ubuntu ??

  • ZekDet

    Hello, perfect job Ciprian, thanks.
    I would like to ask, how many Sapphire RX580 Nitros will be recognised in win10 64bit? I use linux (with 12x cards) but I would like to try Win.

    • GratefulActor

      The limitation in Windows today is 8-GPU’s per driver. 2 drivers (AMD + Nvidia) = 16-GPU’s. Your scenario… 8-AMD GPU’s.

    • Up to 8 GPUs 🙂

  • Norman Hirsch

    I’d like to see the best bios for the MSI Gaming X RX580 8g card. BTW, Polaris Bios editor shows one group of memory is Samsung, the other group Hynix.

  • F Uzcategui

    there is any mod for sAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 8GB HYNIX ?

    • soon..

      • zeindana

        i’ll waiting too, bro…

  • Dani Putra

    As always.. Nice tutorial. Can you share some tutorial for msi rx 570 gaming x 4gb to mine monero? Coz i only get around 740H/s (voz i think it’s abit to low). For eth only i got 30,1mh/s,dual eth+dcr i got 28.8mh/s+710mh/s.

    • Usually that’s the best hashrate for monero 🙂

  • Andrew

    I am only able to get approximately 28.3-28.5mh/s for ETH using Claymore for this card and the settings above. Any idea why or let me know what additional information you may need to help troubleshoot.


    • What drivers are you using ?

      • Andrew

        I am using the blockchain drivers. When I go to the Radeon settings, it says “17.30.1029-170808a2-31730….” under the “currently installed”

        • Andrew

          Any other thoughts??

          • Have you tried settings -dcri 4 ?

          • Andrew

            So I just restored the bios to the original and then re-flashed it with the one you have above and I am still getting the same of about 28.3 mh/s. I have also tried using -dcri 4. I am not sure what else it could be. Also running -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850.

            One other thing – I have the same “special edition” card except with Samsung memory. Do you have any tutorial or recommendations for this same card with Samsung memory?


          • I lnly had the chance to test the one with hynix mem..

  • One2

    I have some SE cards but none are stable at 850 cvddc. The lowest was 950 cvddc using blockchain driver.
    A small number of cards are stable with memory at 2250, test before.
    Also i have a weird problem.
    When claymore starts at startup it mines with 28.x. If i restart it it goes to 31.
    Anyone with the same issue?

    • g_dogg

      I saw this problem with my cards. It seems like a overclocking had not applied

      • Donny

        Overclock has been applied to the cards, but it happens once in a while, especially after restart from electricity outage.

    • Donny

      Yes sometimes, not everytime though, it happens to my cards as well. I haven’t yet found solution for this. Anyone find solution for this?

  • g_dogg

    Help me pls! I have no ideas. My rig does not work with this ROM and more the 4 cards. If I put on 5th card my rig drop down every half hour. Failure in windows log says amdkmag driver had stopped and restored. Before I had flashed rom 5 cards was working with default bios and gave me 22MH.

    • what drivers and clocks ?

      • g_dogg

        Amd blockchain driver, clock I’ve tryed 2100, 2150, 2200

        • Virtual memory increased ?

          • g_dogg

            If you mean swap, yes. 25gb

          • swap?

          • g_dogg

            Yes, sometimes called swap. Virtual memory it is file on HDD using if not enougth RAM. Am I right? I made it 25 Gb

          • g_dogg

            @ciprianpt:disqus did you mean virtual memory is it what we increase in system properties ? When we right click on “My computer” shortcut.Right?

          • yes..

          • g_dogg

            As I said, I’ve increased it. 25Gb. Are there anything ideas? Yesterday I tryed to launch 5 cards and rig dropeed down after 1 hour ((((

          • i fixed this one by reinstalling everything.. :/

          • g_dogg

            Hm! Ok, I will try to resolve it in this way. Thank you!

  • Donny

    Hi Ciprian, I followed your instruction with flash bios V1 that you provided. I am using this driver non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.10.1-oct6. After flashing the bios, I could not get near 31.8 MH/s, only 25.5 MH/s.
    And not only that, the power consumption is 138W.
    Do I need to switch BIOS to non-silent mode after bios flashing?

    Is there something that I might doing wrong? maybe the wrong driver? Could you shed some lights? This is from GPUz Thanks.

    • Hi @disqus_ZmpjbOZe9Z:disqus , you should use the official mining drivers to get that hashrate, check here:

      • Donny

        Hi @Ciprian, the wattage becomes 78W but I still get 25 MH/s.
        Do you install that driver including the software? or just the driver via Device Manager?

        • Have you increased the clocks ?

          • Donny

            I am using claymore script that you provided above. Do I need to increase the clocks elsewhere?

          • Donny

            I finally got it, but not all of them 31 MH/s, the other are 28 MH/s is this common? How do I increase this 28 MH/s to 31 MH/s ?

          • try -dcri 4

          • Donny

            @Ciprian V. I read -dcri option in claymore readme but don’t fully understand it. What is the difference between 8/12 and 4? How does this setting effect for mining? Thanks.

          • Default -dcri is 30, by lowering it will increase intensity for ethereum hashrate. Usually this is applied when dual mining for example if you mine ethereum dual decred the ethereum hashrate will be around 28.xx mh/s with dcri 30, but decreasing it to 23 the hashrate for ethereum will increase like 29.xx – 30.xx mh/s (usually dcri 23 is the best when dual decred). If you go up to 35 or 45 etc.. with dcri then the intensity will be higher for decred which means lower hashrate for ethereum and bigger for decred:)

            Claymore enabled dcri for ethereum mining only too, because of this 🙂 try finding the best dcri by switching it with + and – , for me the best spot is 4-5.

          • Donny

            Hi @ciprianpt:disqus does this setting works on more than 6 gpu?
            Also, sometimes one of the gpu hangs and then the miner needs to restart. Do you think this is due to the low watt?

          • try to increase voltage or lower mem clock

  • Karlos

    Hi guys! I have a question about flashing bios back to original. I have 3 rx 580 with Hynix memory like in this tutorial, which I flashed. BUT I was so stupid that I overlooked 2 things: 1st – I didn’t switched to silent mode, so I flashed OC bios. 2nd – I wanted to flash bios back to original, but I didn’t see when I was doing backup, that file with backup had 0Kb… It didn’t show any error, so I thought everything is fine. Now from 3 cards, I have only one original bios from second card. Can use this bios also for other cards? One more question – why it is needed to flash silent mode bios? Thank you guys for answers and suggestions.

    • You can use the original bios from non flashed cards 🙂 , flashing on silent mode or oc mode doesn’t really matter, i am doing it there because the silent bios version is modified.

      • Karlos

        Thank you. So I’ll not flash it if there is no reason in silent mode. Anyway thank you so much for your tutorial! Now I’m mining 3x 31+ MH/s with rx580 Hynix and 3x 30+ MH/s with rx580 Samsung memory so 186 MH/s in total with 1.1 KW in dual mining mode which I think is not bad.

  • Umer

    Anyone know how to disable ‘Fan Stop’ feature on this card?
    I have fan set to manual and maxed out in WattMan. The fan revs to 100% but stops to 0 every few minutes.
    I can seem to disable fan stop completely! Please advice…

  • CheapBillionaire

    Can I use this tutorial with my RX580 MSI Gaming X 8GB with Hynix?

  • Stack Jar

    I purchased new Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5; factory overclock. I am getting 23.667 mh/s after edit its ROM graphic card driver is default, can some one guide me how to increase hashing rate? Many are saying we have 31 mh/s. Please help!

    • Stack Jar

      I am using duel mining eth+sia on

  • HEki


    i can get this card with manufactur code 11265-21-20G. Is this number the same as your was in this tutorial? Sadly i dont know which mem it has. I phoned the company and they don’t know eather …

  • Виктор Щербов

    Hello Ciprian, did you tried new AMD beta Fall Creator drivers (Non-WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-Beta-Fall-Update-Oct16) with Sapphire Nitro+ Special Edition, or with any other GPU’s? There was added an option to swich GPU Workload between Graphics and Compute. I have Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB SE with Samsung memory, got ETH 30.9 Mh/s – DCR 927 Mh/s with same settings like in your guide with Fall Creator drivers, but still didn’t try with beta blockchain

  • Jakub

    Hello guys, i have successfully updated bios in this type of memory (Hynix) but in non special edition. Everything OK when i set in msi afterburnetr your values ( 1150/2250 ) i got 31Mh/s but also high power consumption from wall almost 200W. I have got rig with 4 rx 570 and i put there this card. Using original miner drivers, beta msi afterburner. MSI radeon rx 570 gaming 4g have 28,xxx Mh/s and i have 130w consumption per card

    • What miner do you use ?

      • Jakub

        Claymore 9.x and i also tested latest version of claymore 10.5

        • try overclocking from .bat file directly without using the msi afterburner. add this line -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 875 -mvddc 875 -gser 2

          • Jakub

            thank you, i will try, i ve got in rig 2 types of card (4×570 1×580), i read that claymore can set each card specific values, do you have experiences with this?

          • Jakub

            Thank you man, everything works just fine. I get stable hash rate 31.5 Mhs with 150W . Undervolt trough claymore is much better than msi afterburner.

          • Goran

            Hello Jankb, can you confirm once more that you have flashed this ROM from RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB Special Edition to RX 580 8GB Nitro+ (not special and not limited edition)? Can you check SKU# of your card and see if it is: 11265-01-20G . Also a question for Ciprian – is this BIOS for SE be safe for ordinary Nitro+? THANKS!

          • Jakub

            Hi Goran, i cannot found via GPU z or HW info this SKU number, but when i check my orders in eshop, i found SKU in order description, i think SKU number is also on box, but i dont have box here. You can see it on picture below. When i was reading a tutorial, i compare table from HW info for GPU Specal edition with my “Normal” edition and details were absolutelly identical. I assumed that when it have same chip, it will be ok to flash that bios. Now i mining without complication, 875 mV, 31.5 MH/s almost zero errors. Isnt Specal edition special because of blue packing and this non important visual things?

          • Goran

            Yes Jakub, that’s SKU# from box label of my cards. I have also one Sapphire RX 580 8GB Nitro+ Special Edition (Hynix) and the card is working perfectly with the BIOS Ciprian provided here, I’ve been tested for days on dual mining ETH+DCR and everything worked well – it draws about 100W in GPU-Z, but other Nitro+ cards (that are not SE, just ordinary) have much higher power consumption – about 120-130W in ETH+DCR dual mining and about 90-100W in ETH only with modded bios that I have managed to find – they gives about 31,1-31,2 ETH in single mining but I have to go with 950mV for power in claymore… What power consumption you have in single and what in dual mining with this BIOS in this ordinary Nitro+ cards?

  • J Sun

    Hi, does this work with EthOS?

  • Николай Зудилин

    Hi Ciprian! All did as you have specified, the hash rate is very good, all happy, Thank you!!!! BUT there is one problem, too many mistakes from memory. The Program HWiNFO64. Tell me what to do in this case? Is there any solution? Thanks in advance!

    • No worries, keep on mining 😛

      • Николай Зудилин

        I understand correctly that this does not affect anything?

        • Jakub

          fully stable rig, 2 days working without restarts, sometimes i restart it manualy for reset counters, but on 580 i have 0, can be this errors caused by riser for example?

          • Николай Зудилин

            Do you have 580 bugs under this BIOS?

          • Jakub

            Is that value also somewhere in sensor status or what do you exactly mean?

          • Николай Зудилин

            I mean, you have 580, 0 errors on the cards, which mod did you use?
            You have SAPPHIRE cards NITRO + GH 580 8GB SPECIAL edition of HYNIX MEMORY ?

          • Jakub

            i have one rx 580 without SE, but i am sorry, i forgot mentioned that i have diffrent settings, now i owerclock trough msi afterburner for -96 and clocking 2040 memory / 1070 core , with ciprian bios 28.321 Mh/s . 0 errors ( trough msi because claymore do stupid things with fans i cannot setup constant speed)

      • Jakub

        Ciprian, in claymore miner, when i set fan values with minus – -tt -50 it should have constant speed 50%. But fans are in automatic mode sometimes enabled and for moment disabled, what am i doing wrong?

        • temp is reached and the fans stop till temps goes high again.. i recommend -tt 60 -fanmin 65 -fanmax 100

  • Riadh Taihi

    Dear Karlos

    Could you please share the 580 SE samsung rom please?


  • Boki

    Hi Ciprian, I have the same cards but what is confusing me is that my rom is 512k when I save it to rom file with Atiflash and all your rom versions are 256k. Is there any way that I can make this work somehow? I am really desparate, thanks.

    • can you send me your rom please?

      • Boki

        I was not aware that my cards have both Hynix and Samsung memory which is why no Hynix modded bios worked for me. In GPU-Z it was written Hynix but I downloaded the latest Polaris bios editor and there I found out I have both types. I made simple solution by applying one click patch in Polaris which changed memory straps for each memory type and I am quite happy now with over 31 mh/s on eth only mining. By changing bios I got around 28 mh/s and then with adjusting settings in afterburner I managed around 31. Still have to test it in dual mining. Question, if I put GPU setting straight into bat file does it matter where I put them (before or after the mining sequence)?

        • I always put after..

        • Li Cheng

          Hi Boki, how do you tell if you have both Samsung and Hynix. I my bios size is 512k like yours. Also will your bios file work with all 580 Nitro+ 8GB Special cards? ie Samung+Hynix, Samsung only and Hynix only.

  • FrankRizz07

    I’m really struggling here.. My problem is that I use Ubuntu for 12 x AMD Sapphire RX580 SE cards but only get around 23 Mh each. I did the bios flash above which leaves me 2 separate problems;
    1.) I don’t feel like the bio s mod did anything (shouldn’t i be at least closer to 27/28 Mh?) – is it possible that it didn’t “take” even though it said successful?

    2.) I still need to undervolt the GPU’s bc it doesn’t work to do via Claymore miner in Linux. Can someone point me to the correct settings in a bios editor to do manually?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Rizzo

    • What clocks and undervolt have you used?

      • FrankRizz07

        I flashed the bios that was attached to this post. After programming, it said successful and I rebooted. Simply did not see any change in performance.
        Using Ubuntu, so am NOT able to undervolt. This is why I pointed out #2 above.
        Thanks, -rizzo

  • HEki


    today i setup 6 of this cards on windows 10, asrock h110 pro btc+ mb and i got 31,9 MHs. I was so happy, but after a few minutes i get an error saying “wattman has encouted an error and was reseted back to its default values”. Claymore reseted and froze after reset … i used the same line as you specified here in claymore.

    Than i ran a normal bat file and i was getting around 28.6 MHs. But the driver crashed again as soon as i touched afterburner …

    • Try finding the card that cause this and increase the undervolt..

  • HEki

    OK! NEWS!

    Got 8 cards working! I dont know what was the problem yesterday, but everything went as it should today. I attached 1 card at a time and now i have 8 cards with 31.9 MHs and 1200w from wall.

    i did have to change 850 to 875, othervise it was crashing.

    p.s. how do i turn of led light?? With trixx i managed to turn off only the sign on top of the cards, but not the actual led on the fans. Anyone knows?

    • Nice hashrate 😛 happy mining!

      • HEki

        Thx to you! I have just sent some eth to you! How much power draw should 8 card have from wall?

        • Hi, thank you! 8 cards should draw up to 1100w – 1150w!

    • Haji Wadon

      HEki, may i know the .bat command on claymore you are using?

    • MalsBrownCoat

      @disqus_6VFLZjLu6v:disqus – Can you share your exact settings (core, voltage, power), whether that’s through Afterburner, the bat file or a bios edit?

      Also, regarding the LEDs in the fans, you cannot turn them off. I have checked with Sapphire’s support and they confirmed that there is no setting to turn them off. Mine have all changed (all 8 of them) from blue to a dull/teal green. Sapphire is sending me replacement fans to correct the issue. I had to pay for them up front, but they will reverse the charge once they received the defective fans. That saved me from having to RMA all 8 of the cards.

      • HEki

        @disqus_fTIKmo41OJ:disqus and @hajiwadon:disqus
        i am using the same line as @ciprianpt:disqus provided here, exept i had to use 875 for -cv and -mv since 850 was crashing. I also reduced the mem clock from 2250 to 2200 since the rigs crashed randomly, but i think it was risers fault and not the 2250 settings. If all my rigs run over the night without crashing (i have replace risers), i will crank it back up to 2250.

        • Chris

          Thank you for these numbers! Using the information on this site, flashing the Sapphire 580 SE BIOS and setting the start.bat file to a mem clock of 2200 and 875 each for -cv and -mv has given me a consistent (so far – about two hours) 31.9 hash rate. Amazing! One GPU fan is going at 90% full time, while the other 4 vary between 40% and 75%. Should I be worried that something will explode? The hash rate almost seems too good, and maybe I should throttle it back a bit by lowering the mem clock slightly. Card 6 should be up and running in a few days when my new PSU arrives. (My 1000w supply was a tad too small to handle all the cards, so I’m adding a 750w PSU in tandem).

    • Apsogos Apsogos

      have you check your gpu errors? which gpu are these?

  • Njeroe

    Hi Cyprian, does the SE version worth the extra 10% in price vs. nitro+ rx 580 8Gb? Looking at the numbers it does not have 10% more hash rates..

  • Haji Wadon
    Hi Ciprian, I have an open CL problem in the drawing, can you advise me?

    • Maybe too much oc ?

      • Haji Wadon

        I’ve done the tutorial. i also tried to reduce the number of gpu but still opencl error. How much RAM do you use, and how much virtual memory do you recommend?

    • JK1989

      I got this error too
      EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal MY.RIG -epsw x -dcri 8 -gser 10 -mode 1 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 870 -mvddc 870

  • HEki


    today was the 1st time my amd driver crashed. is that couse of to much oc? or will this happen here and there? Before it was running without any problems for a week.


    • Yeah, those this can happen and is normal 🙂

      • HEki

        Thank you! I setup the -r 1 parameter and now the rig restarts if the driver crashes. But now i have another problem. Sometimes when claymore starts, my cards work at the top speed, but sometimes i have to disable them and enable 1 by 1 in a 15 sec time segment. Why is this happening? Is there a way to solve this too?
        Thank you!

        • Also add -gser 5

          • HEki

            THANK YOU! Can you tell me what number 5 means?

          • It’s a delay in seconds between gpu dag creation, it will create dag one by one every 3 seconds

          • HEki

            In claymore parameters descriptions there are only 3 values, 0 = default fast, 1 = some serialization, 2 = all serialization. How about if i want 10 sec between dag creation? Should i put 15?

  • Jaris Villanueva

    Hi Ciprian, care to share correct bat file for XMR? The one in the blog post is for ZEC. 🙂

    • here: NsGpuCNMiner.exe -xpool -xwal WALLET.WORKER -xpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 65 -fanmax 100 -r 1 -cclock 1150 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 sorry 🙂

  • Никола Јовановић

    Can anyone please help me, i have 2 of these gpus in my pc, after i flashed bios it’s giving me 23mhs per card which is really low. Is my overclock bad or what? Btw i just want to use them with nicehashminer….

  • Li Cheng

    Hi Ciprian, I have both Samsung and Hynix memories. I tried flashing the Bios from Boki and failed, so I follow method and click on “one click timing patch” in PolarisBiosEditor. that got me to 28.xx for all cards now I have a couple of issues.

    1. My card don’t seem to be taking the commands from the batch command. I am able to set the clock speeds in Afterburner but not the voltage. is there something I need to do to enable the voltage control? 6 RX 580 pulling 1350 watts from the wall.

    2. 2 of my cards fails to reach 31.xx. Wattman resets these to cards to 1340/2000 every so often.

    • What driver are you using ?

      • Li Cheng

        driver version 22.19.659.0/Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23

    • kriegalex

      stupid question, but does GPU-Z report both memories or do you have to check with BIOS editor ?

  • Kevin

    Hi Ciprian, after reading your guide I’m really excited to start mining! I would be really appreciated if you could assist me please. I was wondering if I could get around 190MH/z on the following parts with your BIOS Mod.

    1. ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Motherboards – Intel
    2. Intel Intel Celeron G3900 Skylake Dual-Core 2.8 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80662G3900 Desktop Processor Intel HD …
    3. Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DIMM 288-Pin – BLS4G4D240FSC (White)
    4. SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive (SDSSDA-120G-G26)
    5. 2 x EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2, 80+ GOLD 750W
    6. 6 x Sapphire 11265-01-20G Radeon NITRO+ RX 580 8GB GDDR5 DUAL HDMI / DVI-D / DUAL DP with backplate (UEFI) PCI-E Graphics Card
    7. Electop 2 Pack 2 Pin SW PC Power Cable on/off Push Button ATX Computer Switch Wire 45cm
    8. MintCell 6-Pack PCIe 6-Pin 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable & 6-Pin PCI-E to SATA Power Cable – GPU Riser Adapter – Ethereum Mining ETH + 2 MintCell Cable Ties

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Hi, your configuration looks good and the hashrate you can get is somewhere between 180 – 190 mh/s 🙂

  • Sergio Gonzalez Villanueva

    Thanks for the post!
    I am runing Simple Mining in Linux and with your config I get just one GPU +31 mh/s and the other 3 +20mh/s. RX580 x 4
    What can I do?

    Core mhz: 1200
    Memory: 2250
    Core under: 850

    Powerstage: 2
    Temp target: 65
    Min speed fan: 60

    • HEki


      i have also tried Simplemining and i got 8 cards at 31.3 MHs, but the power drain is much more since linux cant do more than 950 undervolt. I was getting 1400w from wall with 8 cards and 250 MHs, i get 255 MHs in windows and only 1150w from wall.

      I wanted to test today a 950 undervolt, but i ran out of time. i will try tomorrow and put powerstage to 3 (it was the same for me if i had put 2 or 1, the power consumption didnt change with lower powerstages).


      • Sergio Gonzalez Villanueva

        Did you tried it?

    • Try to add -gser 4

      • Liew Jun Ming

        Hi, i have similar problems too, add -gser 4 to where?

        • In config.txt or .bat file, depends how you use the miner!

  • HEki

    hello sir @ciprianpt:disqus ,

    today i recived a new packet of 580 SE and they are all samsung memory. When i tried to flash your samsung bios, atiwinflash gave me an error “bios cannot be ereased”. I also see that ur bios is 512 kbs, but my original samsung memories are 256 kbs. What can i do? I saved them from atiwinflash ran as admin.


    • Can you send that to me please?

      • Kevin F

        I think I have the same problem.

      • HEki
        • Hey @disqus_6VFLZjLu6v:disqus test this versions and let me know which is the best


          • HEki

            Thank you so much! I will have to test it tomorrow, because i have to take my wife to the hospital! Will report back to you as soon as i got results! In 18 h or so!! THank you!!!

          • Sure no problem.. hope she is fine :/ let me know the results!

          • HEki

            Thank you @ciprianpt:disqus ,

            she went under surgery, cause she torn her Achilles tendon. She will be fine in 6 months.

            Back to samsung bioses you sent me. v1 gives me 30.7 – 30.8 with clocks 1200 and 2200, but its not stable and i get incorect shares, so i used 2150 instead and its giving me 30.3 – 30.4.

            v2 gives me 31.3 with clocks 1200 and 2200, but its also not stable, so i used the same 2150 here and its giving me 31 – 31.1. if i used 2250 with v2, it was giving me 31.7 – 31.8 but very unstable. not all cards worked with this mod. i had to use v1 on some …

            v3 didnt work at all, no mather what i tried, the speeds were always 0.

            all in all i get 244 MHs out of 8 cards. compared to hynix memory that is 10 MHs lower. And i thought samsung was the fasters memory out of them all.

            Thank you again for your hard work!!

          • Great, thank you! I was able to get better hashrate with Hynix mems for rx 500s 🙂 ill include this in article!

          • I just updated the article with a better version, you should check it! 🙂

          • HEki


            you updated the samsung bios?

          • yep 🙂 check the screenshot

          • Peter

            Hello, I have the same version. Test this and the best version is number 3 – 25,450 Mh/s. It´s better like 22 but it still not 30 Mh/s :(. Thank You for share this.

          • check the version from article

          • Peter

            My problem was in bad update intel hd graphic… Now I have 27,700 for one GPU. Version number 3 give me after good update 31 MH/s but unstable. So, now I have other version… and sorry for my english :), Thank You for this article!

  • Kevin F

    I received my Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 and it has Samsung memory. I backed up both the original and silent bios. When I tried to flash the new bios, it said Cannot erase memory and found out that my saved bios are 256. My RX480 was 512. Is there another rom I could download?

  • Guy D

    Hi Ciprian, Thank you for all your informative tutorials. I purchased this gpu and have not tried the bios yet, Im currently getting 15mh out of the box using claymore dual miner and no OC settings using the driver from the radeon website. Does this sound normal?

    • Guy D

      was able to get 19mh by installing the blockchain driver, hoping your bios update gets me the same mh as you.

      • If you are dual mining then you will also have to set -dcri for ethereum intesity. The bios will boost up the hashrate. For dual mining decred try -dcri 23

    • Leonid T.

      I’ve got this blue card as well, and was getting 16mhs out of the box.

      First, do not install blockchain drivers, I’ve got worse performance with them. Try 17.11.1 Crimson Relive.

      Second, go to AMD setting (red flower shortcut), Gaming – Global Settings – change GPU workload from Graphic to Compute. Now you have 18-19 mhs.

      After that, tweak your GPU and Memory clock with claymore

      -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

      After this you’ll have 21.2 mhs.

      All what’s left is to tweak BIOS, but I’m not sure how to do it right as PolarisBios warns me about 256 kb rom files and apparently this card has both Samsung and Hynix memory, and I don’t know whether I should tweak them both. If you know the answer to that, I’d really appreciate your help.

  • Sergio Gonzalez Villanueva

    with 6 x RX 580 what is the value for Core, Memory, Core under and powerstage?

  • RAM

    Hi segui el tutorail como lo explicas y no medio 31.8 en mis gpus con memoria Hynix maximo resultado fue 28 Mh/s

    • HEki

      It can happen when the claymore lunches … dissable the cards one by one (pressing 0, 1, 2, … on numbers pad, depending on how many cards u have). Than enable 1 card at a time, wait 15 sec between 2 cards.

      For example, when all cards are dissabled. Wait 15 sec, than press 0, wait another 15 sec, than press 1, wait another 15 sec and press 2, … and so on until u have all cards enable again.

      Try also adding -gser 2 parameter, this will make DAG file for each card in a timespam of 5 sec. Out of 8 cards, sometimes only last 2 are not at 31.8 for me. so i dissable them individualy and enable them back like i explained here.


    • Try higher dcri: -dcri 5

  • HEki

    Today i tried dual mining, since i want to get the max out of the cards. Instantly (and i mean instantly in the first 2 mins of mining), i started to recive incorect shared on ETH and rejected shares for DECRED. The powerdrain went up (which is normal) from 1170w at wall to 1450w at wall.

    What can i do about the incorect/rejected shares? i used -dcri 30. should i use lower speed clocks for memory?

    • Try lowering mem clocks !

    • asian_dapper

      Hey, incorrect shares mining decred is normal, as long as it would not exceed 2% of your correctly submitted shares. 1 to 1.5% incorrect shares are perfectly normal.

      Sidenote: I am building an 8-gpu rig (again!) and your hashrates are really pushing me to get Special Edition Nitros this time, even though it’s $430CAD here.

      Curious what memory brand did you get among your 8 nitro special eds?

      • HEki

        I got 42 with hynix and 20 with samsung memory. i ordered another 48 from a differend seller. And he said that when they tested they all had samsung memory :(.

        • @disqus_6VFLZjLu6v:disqus why sad? Samsung memory is also good 🙂 have you seen my last bios for samsung memories ?

          • ivke986

            i have 6x rx 580 nitro+ 8gb special edition with samsung memory, i dont have a good bios.
            only 29.5mh per card gpu 1125 mem 2000
            when i raise memory to 2025 my rig stop working or incorrect share. can u help me?

          • Have you checked this article ? There is one added working with 31.6 Mh/s

          • ivke986

            thanks,i set your bios 😀 on 1125 2125 30 mh, it’s been stable for half an hour, is currently working on the voltage 0.88, I’m going to try memory now to 2175.

          • Angel Villanova

            Hi Ciprian, Got x8 580 (non SE) x6 hynx with this bios and 31.9 only an 31.6 dual, x1 micron (not modded yet, out box with claymore settings 30,2) and x1 samsung (out box with claymore settings 27 and with your bios for samsung 9-12! any suggestons? thanks for your tests and work!

          • HEki

            OH, so you changed the bios 😀 31.6!! i will test it!!! I asked a few post under 🙂 Will report back tomorrow!!! @ciprianpt:disqus u r a God!

            U used same cpu and mem speeds?

          • Yes 🙂

          • HEki

            with that samsung bios i get blue screen and error “device stuck in driver”.

          • strange.. for me worked great!

          • HEki

            Do i have to patch the cards with this patcher?

          • Yes

          • Eugen Octavian Chivu

            Ciprian, the BIOS here for samsung has the default straps! did you open it in polaris? it seems that it has no changes, the one obtained with Polarisbioseditor one click patch looks different than this.

            My special edition Samsungs crash at anything higher than 2050…and hash at about 28 29.5, some 30….

            Can you confirm the uploaded BIOS is the same as HEKi Posted?

  • benayed

    I have the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 Special Edition with hynix and Samsung memory
    I need the 512kb rom please
    I have only 25 mhs eth only 🙁
    please help

    • Leonid T.

      Had the same problem as you with the blue card. You don’t need 512 Kb Bios.

      Do the following:
      1. Install ATIwinflash 2.77

      2.1. Copy and save your current VBIOS info (P/N number)

      2.2. Save your current ROM – call it (so that not to confuse)

      3. Turn off your computer

      4. Find BIOS switch on your card (tiny switch in a hole right under glowing
      sapphire logo), switch it in the direction to the display ports side)

      5. Boot up your PC

      6. Open ATIwinflash

      6.1. Copy and save your current VBIOS info (P/N number). Make sure it’s
      different from the first one (since you switched BIOSe and currently a silent
      one is working) – it’s very important. You don’t want to overwrite your factory

      6.2. Save your current ROM – call it (so that not to confuse) rx580se_SILENT_original.rom

      6.3. Never again switch the BIOS switcher on your card (unless you have any problems in the future)

      7. Download (this very version).

      8. Make a folder BIOS modified. Copy rx580se_SILENT_original.rom to it, rename it to rx580se_SILENT_modified.rom

      9. Open PolarisBios, load rx580se_SILENT_modified.rom

      10. Click ‘One click timing patch’, – OK for Samsung – OK for Hynix

      11. Click save as. Overwrite rx580se_SILENT_modified.rom

      12. Go to BIOS modified folder. Check that rx580se_SILENT_modified.rom is 256 Kb

      13. Open ATI winflash. Load rx580se_SILENT_modified.rom. Click Program. Wait. Restart your PC.

      14. If you’re not using blockchain Radeon drivers (I’m not, for some reason they reduce my hashrate, my driver version is 17.11.1) – go to Amd Settings (red flower shortcut), – gaming – global settings – set GPU workload from Graphic to Compute. Click yes to restart.

      14. Run claymore with tweaks suggested by Ciprian in his tutorial.

      If it is still under 31.6, run it with cclock 1150, quit and then with cclock 1200 again.

      Sometimes it goes 30.5, sometimes 28.9. You just have to restart claymore then.

      Go ahead and mine! Keep HWiNFO64 open at all times to check for GPU memory errors (should they occur, lower -mclock in increments of 50 until errors disappear).

      Temp should never go above 65 degrees from what I’ve read (I’m also only starting to mine with this card), I currently run @ 42 deg, fan @ 1700 RPM (50-55%).

      Also, Sapphire’s thermal pads tend to leak, from what I’ve heard, so I gues we should check the card once a month at least.

  • Kevin F

    I’m only managing 28 Mh/s with my Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB 256kb Samsung memory. Is that normal? I have the blockchain drivers installed.

    • HEki

      Disable the card and after 15 sec enable it back again (press 0 for card 1, 1 for card 2, etc … and after 15 sec press 0 again to enable the card, wait another 15 sec and enable card 1, …). Also add -gser 2 parameter to your bat file.

  • Guy D

    Im receiving 28mh dual mining on Ethos, was getting 31 on windows.
    Huge concern is…. i purchased the TP Link smart plug and it says im putting out 1500w with 6 gpus. Im running 12 gpus, you think the plug is wrong? is there a way to decrease it and not risk alot of hash rate? did your exact instructons

    • Hi, have you used the command line to undervolt the cards?

      • Gae Tano

        I only used the commands you posted on the claymore bat file.

      • Gae Tano

        Dual mining etc and SC gets me 1375 w. Solo mining 1100

  • Leonid T.

    I finally made it run @ 31.6 (1200/2250), thank you, Ciprian!

    What is the best recommended temperature/fan speed to maintain?

    Another thing, I read that Sapphire has problems with leaking thermal pads – how often shall I disassemble my cards to check them? Once a month? I really don’t want to risk a short circuit. Thank you!

    • Hi, max 60c – 65c, fan speed 100% if possible 🙂 Just have yo check them on the bottom side, if no “oil” thing then you are good 😛

  • Leonid T.

    I also wonder, how exactly your setup works with two 750w PSUs:

    Is it
    PSU1: motherboard + SSD + 2 cards + 2 risers @ ~580w
    PSU2: 4 cards + 4 risers @ ~520w

    or something different?

    • Hi, PSU1: Mobo, CPU + 3 GPUs, PSU2 3 GPUs 🙂

  • Ace Čorba

    mod bios for xfx480 8gb?

  • kriegalex

    Has anyone tried with ethOS and using the remote/local.conf ? I don’t find how to use “-dcri”. You can edit the config file of the miner and launch it manually but then all the automated remote control is gone (which is the point/advantage of ethOS). Right now I’m running at 30/900Mh/s for ETH/DCR with 1200Mhz/2150Mhz/0.900V at ~300W from wall with 1 card.

    • Nope, you can’t add that to .conf files..

  • mbeh4sh

    I’m about to pull the trigger on these cards. Do I need to connect both 8 pin + 6+2 pin for power ? How much power will 8 cards need ?

    Is it big hashrate difference and power usage to this card ? Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4G.

    • Hi, you can connect the 8 pin cable only. The difference is ver very small 🙂

  • dimos13

    do you have any modded bios for micron memory? ty

    • nope.. :/

    • Dane Hooper

      Yes i have modded my version with Micron Memory, average 29.5 – 30.5 Mh/s + Card is under-clocked and Ram overclocked @ 42 Degrees and 95 Watts GPUZ

      • dimos13

        can you please share the rom. ty

      • Görkem Sert

        What is the oc settings for micron , Please share for best hashrate

        • Dane Hooper

          Follow my link below to Mega Site & there is a Read Me file there with my personal settings in it & the ROMs

  • Li Cheng

    Hi Ciprian, rebuilt my system and got it stable at 1200/2250 31.xx Mh/s per card. Now I can’t seems get the voltage down. Claymore GPU settings don’t seem to get apply to my cards. Using Trixx/AfterBurner the Core/Mem speed sticks, but Voltage will reset after 10 to 15 mins.

  • Zaikauskas Adomas

    Hello i have these cards but with samsung chip.
    I couldn’t get the bios flash to work. On one of the cards the speeds look like 29-30mh/s but the temperatures reach 70degrees, on the other one i can’t get more than 22mh/s, bot use alot of energy according to cpu-z. Also msi after and trixx, dosen’t apply memory or core clock neighter the voltage. Could somebody help me, feeling frustrated after 12 hours of straight fixing and not finding the solution

    • Hi, can you tell me what clocks have you used?

  • Lucian

    Salut Ciprian.
    As avea nevoie de putin ajutor. Am urmat pasii din acest tutorial, si nu reusesc sa trec de 28 Mh/s. Am un rig cu 6 GPU rx 580 SE (Hynix). Cred ca ceva nu a fost facut asa cum trebuie din moment ce toti ajung la peste 30 Mh/s /GPU. Multumesc

    • Salut, incearca sa adaugi -dcri 5 in fisierul bat.

      • Lucian

        Multumesc de raspuns. Nu a mai trebuit sa fac nimic, se pare ca s-a ajustat singur.

  • Christian Kevin Setiawan

    Hello guys, im using rx580 sapphire SE 8gb (hynix) x7 with asus b250 mining expert and ax1200i psu. I use amd crimson relive mining driver. Also rom from the link above.

    I followed all the instruction above and get 31,8mhs each card while setting them 1 by 1.

    When the claymore run, after a few second and getting all cards running in 31,8mhs. My rig restarted again and again. So i try to use 875 in cv and mv, still restarting. Ive tried to under clock 1150/2150. Still its restarting. Any 1 can help me?


    • Christian Kevin Setiawan

      Update , ive lowered to -cclock 1100 -mclock 2100 cv mv 850 . It works longer than before.. before its restarting again…

    • Hi, you will have yo identify the card that crash, test them one by one and set different clocks for the faulty one.

      • Christian Kevin Setiawan

        Hello Ciprian, i reinstalled the amd crimson relive driver because of some issue, i patched and my gpu back to 22mhs. Can you help me why this happen? Thanks

  • Christian Kevin Setiawan

    Hi Ciprian! Now im stable running with 5gpus only detected. Hwinfo detect all 7 of my gpu. claymore only detect 5 of them(31.8mhs). How can i solve the issue so that claymore detect all 7 cards? Thankss

  • mbeh4sh

    For a 13 gpu rig using asrock h110 pro btc+ what would be recommended psu’s ?
    Is this enough ?

    5gpu@Evga G2 850w, 4gpu@Evga 750w, 4gpu@Evga 750w


    2x1000w Supernova G3

  • kriegalex

    Is it correct that the Samsung 256KB rom provided here only modifies the 1750 and 2000 timing for samsung memory ? So if you have dual memory, you should also modify the Hynix part right ?

  • HEki

    Is anyone using the latest drivers from AMD or all you all using blockchain drivers? For samsung memory cards i sometimes get error:”device stuck in driver”. No problem for hynix cards … And i didnt patch the cards … Maybe patching them will solve my problem on samsung memory?


    • HEki

      Do you guys patch the driver for the cards or not?

      • Anton Pas

        I have one Sapphir special edition with Samsung memory, Blockchain driver, patch and flash rom. Clock 1200/2150 without undervoltage of core( I don’t know why but in my msi afterburner this function unable, the setting was checked, all necessary check box are done) stable 30,4mh/s for a days

  • Anton Pas


    I have such question like i was flashed rom of my MSI RX580 Armor 8 Gb (Hynix) and test them one by one. The hash was around 30,5-30,8 But when i plug them all at once my hash raye was around 29,5 per card what it can be? i use two PSU Corsair RM750x. may be some one have the same problem and know how to issue. Thamks

    • HEki

      Disable cards 1 by 1 and wait 15 sec before enable 1 card back at a time. Try also to set up -gser and -lidag parameters in your bat file. That helped me get my cards to max at startup.

      • Anton Pas

        I was download a new claymore 10.2 and all GPU start work 30+ Mh/s. Any way thanks

  • Julien Kanaki

    thanks a lot for all your tutorial.
    I have a question : for Ethereum only, you used option : -dcri 8/12

    i thought this option was only for dual mining ? what I also don’t understand is when I do as you and use this option, I reach 191Mh/s, but without I reach only 189Mh/s .

    also with -dcri 8/12 it seems to be less stable and claymore crashes very often

  • Koin Koin

    Hi everyone….i have a Special edition blue with hynix memory but a 512ko bios!!…
    can you help me?
    thks!! i never saw 512 file on hynix
    I can open Teamviewer if u want.

  • Koin Koin

    31.6 Mh/s ETH 316 Mh/s Pascl Hynix 512ko ??lol

    Some other cards to test and mount lol

  • Matej

    Hi, will this BIOS work with Asus Radeon ROG-STRIX-RX580-T8G-GAMING (also Hynix memory)? Thank you

  • Ka Js Ito

    hi guys witch bios rom i have to use256kb or512kb size?. i have shappire rx580 se nitro+ samsung memory thanks

    • Koin Koin

      save your bios with ati flash and you will see if it s a 512 or 256ko bios

  • Andor


    Someone may have BIOS for Sapphire RX 580 8Gb Nitro + Special Edition ( MICRON ) ?

    • Andrew Furtas

      they have mircon?

  • fabio

    start.bat file for Monero (XMR) is wrong

  • Koin Koin
  • Vic3nt

    I have a rig with 6 Special Edition, but everytime i connect the 6th gpu the pc don’t turn on… need help..

    • Koin Koin

      what is ur motherboard?

      • Vic3nt


      • Vic3nt

        problem solved

      • Vic3nt

        i need to modify the shapire bios.. since it is a micron…

  • RAM

    Hola! Cripian, he logrado los 31.500 Mhs con este tutorial y de verdad no tengo palabras para agradecerte y decirte tan excelente material que aportas, en la humildad esta la fuerza sigue asi y llegaras lejos estoy muy agradecido y contento con el resultado de verdad, segui todo el tutorial paso a paso y zuasss Enhorabuena.

  • denisjoshua

    Hi there all (Salut Cipri 🙂
    I just flash this bios on my 6 cards and I just want to ask
    why (in my case) the wattage is up to 15 Watt please ?
    Also the fan is not going to much

    If I use afterburn it’s all ok …
    But I just want to run it all without afterburn.

    I use clay 10.2 and the mining beta driver from 23.aug. (Hynix memory)

    Thanks a lot all and Merry Christmas

    • Salut, trebiie sa faci OC si undervolt din fisierul bat direct.

      • denisjoshua

        Mersi Cipri,
        dar nu-i facut deja in romul care l-am descarcat ?
        …in .bat ii bagat deja… l-am copiat de la tine de pe pagina
        Daca nu-i dau drumul la afterburn nu-mi ia undervoltul… restul pare ca merge.
        Driverul din 23 aug. ii ok ? …probabil din cauza driverului nu merge.

        Mersi din nou
        …si Craciun Fericit 🙂

        • denisjoshua

          p.s. ma refer la driverul ala beta pentru mining cu release in 23.aug

        • Salut, romul are clock-urile in default la fel si undervoltul. Nu toate placile suporta acelasi undervolt sau oc. Da cel de 23 august este bun

          • denisjoshua

            Chestia ii ca dat fiind ca si placile mele sunt la fel (Special Edition) ma asteptam sa mearga si undervoltul fara sa mai folosesc Afterburn.

            Inca ceva… decred iti merge inca tot asa de bine ?
            Eu daca il pun la -5 imi face numai 900 mh in total la 6 placi

            Mersi din nou

          • Pai le poti face undervolt fara sa folosesti afterburner prin -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 , probabil or sa fie placi care nu o sa suporte acelasi undervolt, sugerezi sa urci cu cate 25 pentru placile care fac freeze 875,900

          • denisjoshua

            Poi aia-i chestia cuioasa… merge numai daca-i dau undervolt din afterburner.
            De la riga de comanda clay nu vrea sa mearga
            I-am dat 870 … pt ca la 850 se blocheaza.
            Nu-ti vine nimic in minte ? de ce n-ar merge numai cu clay please ?

            Mersi din nou

          • Ce drivere folosesti ?

          • denisjoshua

            Folosesc driverul beta ala pt mining care l-au dat in 23 august.
            Mai sus mi-ai confermat ca ii ok … nu-i asa ?

          • Da, vroiam sa ma asigur ca este ala. Incearca undervolt 875 sau 900, testeaza la fiecare placa in parte. Nu toate suporta aceleasi setari.

          • denisjoshua

            La 870 merge bine… problema mea ii ca merge numai daca-i dau drumul si la afterburner

            O alta problema care o am ii ca decred face cam putin,
            daca intru cu -5 (cum consiliai tu) face numai 900 mh in total la 6 placi 🙁

          • pai in dual trebuie sa fie pus la 23

          • denisjoshua

            Bun o sa incerc cu 23 🙂
            Mersi mult

  • woweckin

    Hi, at first thank you for outstanding website and specialy for this article. I have SE 8gb Samsung (blue version) with Samsung memory. Using your ROM (256) and blockchain drivers (but also tryed new official AMD drivers). I try everything but cant reach more than 30,3 Mh/s. Using claymore: cclock 1200, mclock 2145, cvddc 850, mvddc 850, dcri 8/12 -gser 2. After trying higher mclock it freeze or have a lot of gpu memory errors. Please do you have any tips? I dont know what else. Im waiting for 11 more cards and every Mh/s is great… Thank you very much!

    • Hi, note that -dcri should be -dcri 8 or -dcri 12, and not -dcri 8/12 ,

      • woweckin

        thank you for note, i tryed it now, but there is no significant change.. 🙁

        • Also try -dcri 5

          • woweckin

            My rig every 2-3 hours crash.. 🙁 Trying everything, fresh win10, checking memory errors… Now I have (on samsung memory + bios from you) – 1200/2150. Mining speed is about 29,3 on card (all rig have 6x). Dont you know, where could be problem? claymor log:
            2xGPU 4 hangs in OpenCL call, exit
            1xGPU 0 hangs in OpenCL call, exit

            so 3 crashes for last 6 hours

            thank you very much for your help!

          • what undervolt have you used?

          • woweckin

            cvddc 850, mvddc 850 and then 900 both. It looks, thath 900 works (24 hours, no crash), but all rig has 850w. Its pretty much.. 🙁

          • Actually 850w is great! 🙂

          • woweckin

            Is it? ok.. 🙂 I actually made own bios through polaris (just one click patch), it works for me, but your bios was little bit silent, is there any trick to make cards more silent? Thank you for your help! Really appriciate it

  • snoofaki

    hello and happy new year
    i have 2 card sapphire rx 580 nitro + se(the blue) , the first is with samsung who i have the problem. I cant make this to run up 30 mh/s with out error.
    i changed the bios and the best results with out errors is ~ 29500
    settings :clock 1214 / 860 mv — memory 2124 / 860 mv
    i have spend 5 days now to try different settings(overvolt undervolt overclock underclock) with overdrive nt tool but i take many many errors in hwinfo and my system crash random or after some hours

    From the other hand the card with hynix memory work like a charm at ~31+ with out errors ! (settings for hynix clock 1190 /850 mv memory 2240 / 850 mv)

    i dont understand why this happens with Samsung memory, everything up 2124 crash my system (i try and over voltage but i take too many errors and crashes ) any idea please?

    • woweckin

      use claymore parameters for overdrive the cards. Its with better results. Im using this: cclock 1200, mclock 2145, cvddc 850, mvddc 850, dcri 8/12 -gser 2, but stil dont have a 31+

  • slickrider

    best mod for rx580 pulse on ethos i am only getting 25 m/hs ???

  • Kiril Ivanov

    Hello, I’ve followed your guide and initially I got very good results from my 3 cards RX 580 Nitro Special Edition 8 GB, all of them were getting about 30-31 Mh/s. Unfortunately Windows then updated and it seems it broke the AMD drivers, so I’ve completely re-installed the Windows, re-flashed the cads, but now I get 31 MH/s on one of the cards and about 27-28 on the other two. One of the cards is with Hynix memory and the other two are with Samsung. I am also using the AMD blockchain driver along with the patch, not sure why there is such difference and lower results in two of the cards, any ideas on what might be the reason?

    • You should get the same hashrate, btw if you reinstalled windows, re-flashing the cards is not necessary. While the miner is running, disable form mining the gpus with low hashrate, wait 15-20 seconds then activate them back.

      • Kiril Ivanov

        Thanks for the reply, I wanted to be sure everything is fine and this is why I re-flashed them, also one of the cards was flashed at the original bios initially, so I’ve restored it and flashed the silent one. I tried disabling the cards for a while, but there is no change.

        I am using the Claymore command for overclock and lowering the voltage, could it maybe it requires different settings for the 2 of the cards, should I try with the MSI Afterburner maybe or can I define different settings in the Claymore command.

      • Kiril Ivanov

        Do I have to apply the DAG epoch patch if I am using the latest Blockchain drivers? Could applying the patch in this case cause any troubles to the mining speed?

  • Vlad Constantin Lupu

    Salut, am 2 riguri cu rx580 nitro special edition, modate cu biosul tau, cu placi de baza asrock h81 pro v2 si la ambele patesc acelasi lucru.
    1. cam o data pe zi se restartea (ai patit si tu asa ceva?) ti se pare grav?
    2. cand porneste windowsul am pus in startup claymorul, dar prima data cand porneste mineaza cam cu 169mhs. Daca inchid si redeschid claymoreul mineaza cu 183, 184. Ai patit asa ceva? De la ce o fi?


    • Salut, probabil din cauza unei placi, verifica ultimele loguri, la sfarsit iti arata ce placa cedeaza si mareste undervoltul sau miscoreaza mem clock.

      Este ceva normal ce se intampla!

      • Cris Ty

        Ciprian, am nevoie de ajutorul tau..vreau sa construiesc un rig ceva mai puternic

        • Salut, despre ce rig este vorba ?

          • Cris Ty

            Vreau o ar fi cea mai puternica si in acelasi timp profitabila placa X 10 bucati pt a “sapa” dupa etheri?

          • Sapphire Nitro+/Pulse/Special Edition RX 580 8GB

  • HELLO,
    Can someone tell me if is better let fans to auto or manuel and why?, I don’t understand why people usually let the fan auto because with manual we have lower temperature and the speed fans is also less

    • Manual, set the speed according to gpus temps to have it stable under 60c

  • HEki

    @ciprianpt:disqus hey good sir!!!

    Today i recived 48 cards with micron memory. At 1st i was WTF, this sux!! But than i tried to modify the bios and the cards run as fast as hynix memory! 31.9 mhs per card with the same settings and with a little less powerconsumption of 1130w from wall.
    Didnt know micron will be able to do it!! Super suprised by this! and cards are not as hot as hynix and samsung.

    • Yep, i also got microns for special editions 🙂

      • Ghita Bodog

        Hello. I got the Sapphire Nitro special edition with Micron memory too. Do you have a modded BIOS for it or, can you please let me know what you modified in the original BIOS? I’m using a Polaris BIOS editor for editing BIOS and OverdriveNTool for undervolting. Thank you!

    • Konstantin Maligin

      Hi Heki, got mines yesterday and was disappointed as well. I am new to mining. In silent mode got them running out of the box at 27.5mh. What modifications to the Bios did you apply? Many people are getting microns now.

    • Eugen Octavian Chivu

      Hello. I also got Microns now. What Bios settings do you use? I haven’t tried modding yet as I just got them but I am anxious about it :))

      • i am about to update the post with that bios too.

        • Panos Jacks

          Hello Ciprian, thank you si much for your information, you have saved so many people from hours searching the net.

          Does this BIOS works on MSI radeon RX 580 Gaming X Hynx Memory?

          I’m a little bit lost, and right now I’m running on stock 17-18Mh/s, can you please help a bit?

  • Kapitán LoFiho

    Hi, I have 6x RX 580 Sapphire nitro+ (4x hynix and 2x Samsung) on win 10. Have eth 29mh/s + sia around 600.(Im used afterburner GPU Clock: 1150 and Memory Clock: 2150 on hynix).

    But i thinking about buy a ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT for 16 these cards, thats mean i must use EthOs. But if I use ur claymore I have on EthOs 27,4Mh/s and sia around 300.

    Do you know How i can make 30mhs and 600, please? or same like i had on windows ?

    Beacuse i want take rigs a 150km far to me and I need some control of it. (Team viewer or smthin).

    Thank you

    • ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT wont work with more than 12 or 13 gpus unless you are using the ASUS mining edition video cards

      • Kapitán LoFiho

        Thats mean, the best way is buy a ashorck an asrock H110 Pro BTC+ and use windows 10 with team Viewer ?

        Thank you so much

  • Gaby

    Salut Ciprian,

    Am cumparat 120 de placi, si din pacate mi-au ajuns cu toate cele 3 memorii…Samsung, Hynix si Micron.
    Le-am grupat, iar pe cele cu Samsung si Hynix am pus biosul de la tine.
    Cele cu memorii Micron crapa mereu…nu ai un bios si pentru aceasta memorie?
    Ma poti ajuta intr-un fel?

    Toate cele bune!

    • Salut, nu cred ca am, trimite un mail cu biosul si o sa incerc sa-i fac ceva.

      • Gaby

        Salut Ciprian…nu ma lasa sa trimit…da aceasta eroare “You are not allowed to upload files of this type.”. Am incercat sa arhivez, sau sa sterg extensia rom, tot nu vrea.
        Poti sa imi dai o adresa de mail.

        Multumesc frumos! Toate cele bune!

        • Trimite doar mail atunci, dupa ce o sa dau reply o sa il poti atasa.

  • Honza Jaroš

    Hi Ciprian, are you aware of a step-by-step for ethos? thanks

  • LN

    Hi, I have an Asus B250 Mining expert motherboard, 1200W 80+ platinum PSU, windows 10, virtual memory set to 20000 and 30000, 5 RX 580 8GB Nitro+ Special edition GPUs(Micron memory). They are flashed and overclocked. When each card is plugged in individually it runs at around 31.5mh/s, but when I connect all 5 of them, the hashrate drops. In claymore miner GPU0 is still working with 31.5mh/s, GPU1 at 28.3, GPU2 at 21.8, GPU3 and GPU4 at 30.5mh/s. I have tried switching the cards on the motherboard, but GPU2 is always working at a much slower rate. I have also noticed that one card uses up significantly more power that the others. Others are using around 170W (dual mining) while the other uses 260-300W (read in HWiNFO).

    Any ideas why this is happening?


  • Caner Güreş

    Motherboard asrock h110 pro btc+, cards 2special edition 8gb 1 sapphire rx 580 pulse 8gb. all cards has micron memory. My cards connected via different sata cables for risers. my psu is corsair hx1000i. I did bios mod via this page for special editions. Special edition rx580’s are working 30-31 mh/s alone. but when i connect 3 cards at same time pulse works fine but one of special editons are running low like 20-21 mh/s. I couldnt find a solution please help me.

  • Стулінець Дмитро

    Good morning Ciprian! Thank you for your great post!
    Just one question please. Do i need to switch bios back from silent mode in the end of bios modification? Thank you.

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