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Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Hynix Memory 30+ Mh/s

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Here is the second GPU of RX500 series test, the Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8gb with Hynix memory and i had more time to play with it, the video card seems to be very stable (at least this one), with good hashrate and power consumption.

I tested with Ethereum (Ethash) only, dual mining Ethereum + Decred, Siacoin, LBRY Credits and PascalCoin also Zcash (Equihash), Monero (CryptoNight) and Nicehash.

Since there are more tests done for the Pulse RX 580 8gb, this article will be a bit longer than Sapphire Nitro+ Rx 580 8GB one, but like i said for this one i had the time to test everything and is more accurate regarding the hashrate and power draw measured with GPUz and from wall.

Stock performance, mining hashrate and power consumption!

Stock clocks

  • 1281/1750
  • 22 mh/s on Ethereum
  • GPU-Z 80w
  • From wall 140w

Stock bios

  • 1133/2153 -96mV
  • 24 mh/s on Ethereum
  • GPU-Z 78w
  • From wall 130w

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Let’s get started

Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Mining Performance Review

Here is the exact GPU

1 Tools and Software needed

NOTE: I already did a similar tutorial for a RX 470 4GB and i will link some points there to avoid writing the same thing over and over again!

IMPORTANT: Before starting to make any bios modification, extract and combine AMD Drivers and do not restart, start atikmdag-patcher.exe and apply the patch (if needed), after this you can restart the pc. If you don’t this the GPUs wont work with the new modded bios flashed.

2 Backup BIOS

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

3 Download BIOS

Important, this BIOS is for Hynix memory only! Check your memory with GPUz software

4 Flash BIOS with ATiflash

VERY IMPORTANT: Always extract ATIflash to C:/atiflash folder and place the ROM file that needs to be flashed in the same directory

Here are my results with this BIO rom

Ethereum Mining

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9.3 (Windows/Linux)

Ethereum Only

MSI Afterburner 29.9 MH/s

  • Clocks 1130/2150
  • Core Voltage -96mV
  • GPU-Z 75w
  • From wall 115w

Sapphire Trixx 30 MH/s

  • Clocks 1130/2150
  • Core Voltage -125mV
  • GPU-Z 76w
  • From wall 120w

Claymore 30.050 Mh/s

  • Clocks 1130/2150
  • Voltage  -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 74w
  • From wall 110w

start.bat file for ethereum only with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

Ethereum Dual Mining

For dual mining i set the clocks and undervolt/underclock via Claymore miner directly (as you can see below), i had better results on hashrate and power consumption!

Ethereum 29.9 Mh/s – Decred 900 Mh/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -dcri 30
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 88w
  • From wall 130w

Ethereum 30 MH/s – Siacoin 540 Mh/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -dcri 18
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mcvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 90w
  • From wall 130w

Ethereum 30 MH/s – PascalCoin 300 Mh/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150  -dcri 10
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 90w
  • From wall 130w


start.bat file for ethereum dual decred with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool -dwal SUPRNOVA_USER.WORKER_NAME -dpsw WORKER_PASS -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 30

start.bat file for ethereum dual siacoin with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal SIA_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -dcoin sia -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 18

start.bat file for ethereum dual pascalcoin with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal ID.WALLET.WORKER_NAME -dpsw x -dcoin pasc -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 10

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

ZCash Mining

Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.4 (Windows/Linux)

MSI Afterburner 285 H/s

  • Clocks 1200/2150
  • Core Voltage -96mV
  • GPU-Z 82.5w
  • From wall 110w

Claymore 300 H/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1200 -mclock 2150
  • Voltage -cvddc 875 -mvddc 875
  • GPU-Z 76w
  • From wall 100w


start.bat file for ZCash (ZEC): ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -zpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 875 -mvddc 875

Monero Mining

Claymore’s CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.7

MSI Afterburner 680 H/s

  • Clocks 1130/2150
  • Core Voltage -96mV
  • GPU-Z 77w
  • From wall 100w

Claymore 680 H/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150
  • Voltage -cvddc 875 -mvddc 875
  • GPU-Z 68w
  • From wall 80w


start.bat file for Monero (XMR) with claymore clocks and voltage: NsGpuCNMiner.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -p x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

Nicehash 2.0 Mining Hashrate & Power Usage

I tested with 2.0 version, i guess it is still in beta, looks nice btw.. 🙂

That’s it 🙂 Let me know your results!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Abcedarian

    I flailed about for 2 1/2 days messing with windows and drivers. I wasn’t quite aware of the issues. I finally got smart and fired up a copy of ethOS 1.2.2 and had all 6 cards up and running in about 10 minutes :dooh: Well worth the $39 they are asking for it.

  • Charles

    Quick question about polaris bios editor 🙂

    After I open and load the original rom, I noticed a dropdown for VRAM….I googled the 2 vrams and came up with Micron and Hynix which is confusing since gpuz says I have elpida….

    Any thoughts on why this is happening?

    • Kürşat Konak

      This happened to me at the beginning, i had 4 RX570 pulse cards they supposed to have Hynıx memory. But my 4th card was shown as ‘Elpida’ in GPUz, i was sad. But it turns out after installing right drivers and doing pixel patch, fourth one shown as ‘Hynix’ in GPUz too. What is your GPU model? Try to follow those steps, dont mind ‘VRAM’ dropdown. That dropdown means THAT BIOS can be used both with Micron and Hynix.

      • Charles

        GPU Model: RX 570 Visiontek Reference 4gb

        The weirdest thing about it is I had so much trouble trying to mod these cards and it wasn’t until I used a ROM from another user on here that it worked.

        He had described the same issues as myself and actually swapped the memory timings from a Samsung card (he couldn’t remember but thinks it was Samsung). Weird thing is that it worked and I now dual mine eth/dcr at ~29 and 800

        I’ll be moving off of windows after I get my frame in though and onto ethos so hopefully I’ll get another mh or so 🙂

        • Kürşat Konak

          Wow 29Mh mate you are probably consuming double the power of me. With Rx570 you can get 29, Rx580 32. But they draw like 170w-200w -_-

  • Horaciux

    Great work. Thanks!. The only GPU that I can get in my country right now are this and pulse 570 4Gb for $55 less. Don’t know wht to do.Have you ever run OS from a pendrive? I gess it will reduce rig cost and wattage, any consequence of doing this?

    • what brand is the gpu ? i only run rigs with 120gb sas.

    • Kürşat Konak

      If you are gonna use SMos or EthOS fine. But dont run Win10 from pendrive, i got a Patriot 128GB memory USB 3.0 which is faster than an average SSD, yet their performance sucks 🙁 makes Win10 hang. also there is no considerable ‘wattage’ gain from using a USB 3.0 drive only ‘cost’, doesnt worth the trouble imo.

  • Felix Miron

    Great post, thanks for your effort! But can it be used for the 4GB card? Couldn’t find any tutorial about Sapphire Pulse RX480 4GB with Hynix… not to mention I had a hard time finding a Polaris version that could show the timings right and not a bunch of numbers instead of 1500-1625-1750-1900-2000…

    • hi, nope it won’t work with the 4gb version. I think the best you can do is to backup original bios and copy the differences but not sure yet if will work.

      • Kürşat Konak

        From personal experience with RX570 PULSE 4GB Hynix is not at all different from RX580 4GB Hynix one besides 2 fans. So try to copy 1:1500 to 1:1625, 1:1750, 1:2000 do the same for 2:1500 up to 2:2000. run amd pixel patcher. restart rig. in claymore settings append to the end “-cclock 1041 -mclock 2000 -cvddc 790 -fanmin 61 -tt 56” . I get 111Mhs ETH, 2200DCR (4 cards) using only 520w from the wall

        • Felix Miron

          111MH from how many cards?

          • Kürşat Konak

            4 Cards.

        • Fei Yau Lim

          I am also trying to tune the RX580 Pulse 4GB to get more than 25MH/s that I am getting now. Will try your suggestion. I am am using AMD Driver version 17.4.4. The ETHDCRMiner says to use Catalyst 15.12 drivers. Will it make a diff ?

          • Kürşat Konak

            You should mod the bios, install combined drivers and pixel patcher. Ignore ‘Catalyst 15.12’ that is OLD, only use them if you have rx400 series cards

          • Lawrence Miles

            I have 6x RX580 Pulse 4GB, ETH only, using the Claymore settings above with the bios modded from his 480X guide. Using the 16.11.4 mixed with 17.4.3 patched. Currently hashing @ 181 MH/s drawing 65w per card on GPU-z. So far it’s pretty stable.

          • killahtm

            hi, i have order me a sapphire rx580 pulse 4gb model. can you pls share a bios? i see you have great results with yours 🙂

          • Lawrence Miles

            Here is a link to download the ROM file.

          • killahtm

            tnx man 🙂 what memory chip do you have or it doesnt matter?

          • Lawrence Miles

            I have Hynix memory but it has straps configured for Samsung as well.

          • Lawrence Miles

            I have Hynix memory in all six cards. The ROM has the straps set for Samsung memory already configured.

  • Kürşat Konak

    OMFG MATE I LOVE YOU @ciprianpt:disqus

    • 😀

      • drx3brun

        Hey, is there any chance you could guide us on how to lower voltage using PBE only? There aren’t any tools available for Linux to lower volatage, and the Claymore’s *vddc switches do not work at all under Linux. Thanks in advance!

  • Juan Mulero

    Nice post. If I have differents clock configurations for my graphics cards, there’s any way to configure them in the bat’s claymore? Thank your for ur help.

    • Kürşat Konak

      Why ask that here when Claymore’s own “Readme” file clearly states that you can do it.
      -cclock set target GPU core clock speed, in MHz. If not specified or zero, miner will not change current clock speed. You can also specify values for every card, for example “-cclock 1000,1050,1100,0”.

  • Jw Chong

    My result is 28.5Mhs, 1130 (900) / 2050 (950), 80 watt (GPUz), 70 degree, fan 1100 rpm. May I know how can I mod the BIOS to increase fan speed to let’s say 2000 rpm permanently instead using parameters when launching the software each time? I am using Windows 10, can ethos control the fan speed?

  • Sim

    Ciprian, you are the number one!!!

  • enzo

    bro wtf u are amazing!!! pls i need too talk with u!!! this is my e-mail

    • Hey @disqus_r8ftnT65k2:disqus reach me via facebook page or contact page! thanks!

  • reb

    any tutorial for Pulse ITX 570 4GB? I think more people use cheaper cards.

  • Alexandru Savu

    I have rx 580 Nitro+ Limited Edition 8gb . Any suggestion ? hynix rom .

    bios from u re files doesn t work ( cannot erase rom )

    • I am testing this right now!

      • Tom T

        Any update on your testing? I’m getting the same error. Thank you!

        • drx3brun

          I do have LE version too, and I had no issues flashing the BIOS. Using Atiflash on Windows 10.

  • Ivanov

    Great site with great tutorials!!
    I just have one question. What are the bios settings for rx570 strix 4GB?Or if you have rom file for this card it will be great.


  • Rafael Arismendi

    Sorry, is the same procedure with RX 580 NITRO + 4GB? is possible use the same bios? is secure? is the same Memory 🙂 clock 1411

  • Juninho Decio

    I want to say thank you very much! Your post is the only one in the world that helps to go over 25mh/s on Rx580 Hynix , i couldn’t reach 30 but its running at 28.5 because of your memory straps. thank you very much!!

    • cool! are you dual mining ? if yes, try to lower dcri to 27 or 23

      • Juninho Decio

        No, ETH only, dual is my next step ;), its a small rig 3 gpus only i have different gpus, i’m using 2x XFS RX-580P8DBD6 and 1 MSI Armor 8G. My maximum rate was 25mh/s, i downloaded your bios file and put your strap on my bios file. After that my maximum was 28.5. My problem is when i put the -cvddc and -mvddc

        for some reason claymore changes only the first board the second and third boards remains stock voltage, the first board is now at 29.5. I’m trying to figure out why neither claymore or msi afterburner cant change the voltage.

        • I am also testing with 3 GPUs but claymore settings are applied to all of them. maybe because different brand?

          • Juninho Decio

            Its weird, sometimes it was applied to 2 cards sometimes to one.
            finally im at 29.5, i’ve changed the voltage and core inside the bios file using the polaris, now i dont need to worry about the claymore parameters, my next step is try to change the fan configuration on bios. In windows it starts at low speed and unless i open the afterburner the fan speed doesnt go higher than 45,50%

        • Brian S

          Interesting…I’ve got the model just below you (XFX RX-580P8DFWR) which basically is just slightly lower OC (1366). I can only get stock 22.5Mh/s. I manually updated the BIOS to 2:1750 to 2:2000 and I get 25.2Mh/s now, using Claymore single mining. But I sure would like more! Ciprian, did you do anything different in the Hylinx modded BIOS above? I might download and try yours if I could get some more out of mine.

          • Juninho Decio

            I have one like yours from best buy same model. Download Ciprian’s bios copy his bootstraps from 1750 to the last and save on notepad. Open your stock bios e replace your straps with Ciprian’s you will get 28.5. For the 29.5/30ms/h you have to adjust the clock to 1130 and mem to 2150 it could be on claymore or direct on bios. im now running at 30mh/s with 900mv for core and 900mv for memory consuming 78w

          • Brian S

            Thanks for the advice! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of checking out what values were in his ROM … I just didn’t feel comfortable writing an “unknown” to my card. I copied his 2:1750/2000/2250 into mine, and boom, more Mh/s!! For mine the best values were 1130 clock, 2100 memory (when I went to 2150 the performance dropped) and 860mV for core and memory. Oddly mine consumes a bit more power than yours (88W), but I’m not complaining. Getting 29.5Mh/s now, with only about 10W more power being consumed than before the mod.

  • enzo

    HEY!! GOOD MORNING!! CIPRIAN U FUKING ROCK BRO!!! Follow all the way as you left in the video !! But still my video cards only reach 27 !!! When I put more oc in ab, the pc reboots !!! I think I’m missing some step !! can you help me please!!! I used dual mining eth+pascal

    • have you increased memory clock and lowered gpu clock ? if yes.. what is your dcri ?

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    The difference with nitro + is very little, which recommend? Rx580 8gb nitro + or pulse?

    • Hi, both are good.. maybe the nitro+ i guess..

      • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

        I think I will buy the pulses, in 4 gpu I save 80 € and according to your test the difference is scarce and also the pluse leads 1pin8 but the nitro plus 1pin6 and 1pin8, thank you right now I have mod bios in rx480 but I mount my 2 Rig. Sorry my bad english thanks 🙂

  • deluxe7781

    Hi man
    I have a problem when trying to get your BIOS mode (Hynix) gives me Subsystem id mismatch in polarisbioseditor my card Gigabyte rx 580 gaming 4g. Please for any help

    PS Excellent guide

    • Maybe trying from CMD will work.. not really sure..

  • Frej Christophersen

    I have the same card, but the timings on mine are different no 1: or 2: only 0: and mine is only 256kb in size, where do I get the modded bios/ strings to copy

  • Haythim Nouira

    hi i need help please, i have 2 msi rx 580 8gb gaming, is this bios can mob my cards? bcz they haven’t same number on rom and orher parameter from 2:1750…?
    what i have do it from my original bios is :
    i copied 2:1750 to 2:2000 and 2:2250
    and set from afterburner
    core clock: 1150
    mem clock: 2080
    i reach from 22mh too 26mh but when set memclock more than 2080 in few second i reach 27,5mh but my pc crash and black screen! what can i do please?

    • Raul Noguera

      i have same problem. could you fix it?

  • minerirfan

    SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 4GB Any one give me modded bios
    orignal bios is here samsung:
    i have these in samsung and hynix memory

  • Jesus Travaglini

    Hi Mate, I have a MSI RX580 Gaming X with Elpida memory, I modified the BIOS manually, changed the timing and I’m still having the same rate 22 Mh/s, What can I check? Many thanks

  • Mehmet Hakan Yazkan

    My RX580 Pulse 8GB is running for 3 Hours and then my whole PC is shutting down :O (30,5 mh single Ethereum) GPU is at 50°C FAN 60% WIN 10

    Specs are:

    AMD RX580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB
    Asrock Extreme Z170 Mainboard
    Bequite 500W PSU
    Crucial 8 GB DDR3 Ram
    Samsung Evo 540 SSD

    Edit: GREAT WORK btw, my pulse was running from 20 mh/s to 30.5 mh/s only this shutdown problem is blocking the $$ 😀

  • Lorenzo Matteo

    Quick question for mods, do you intend to review/test and do tutorials on the RX570 Sapphire Pulse 4 GB?? (Not ITX)

    • Yep, i will do that once i find it in shops 🙂

      • Lorenzo Matteo

        Great! I have 7 of them coming up this tuesday. Do you recomend any settings for them as of now?
        Any way I could contact you via discord/Skype and gift you some Eth in exchange for help with the settings? I’d be extremely glad to do this, because 1stmininrig is hands down the best and most useful site on eth mining and rigs

        • We can do some quick tests yeah, send me your skype via contact page! 🙂 thank you!

          • Ian Aja

            do youhave any setup for 256kb bios ? i have a problem mod this bios

  • shlagosaurus

    hi, thanks for ur work, really helpfull ! im wondering, ll i still be able to play games with my card if i instal the modded bios or is it not recommended at all?

  • Nicolás Borelli

    Hello, I’m doing every step that you said here, but when I try to flash the new bios it says “ROM cant be erased” (In spanish: no se puede borrar el ROM).
    Please help me!!

    • Eddie

      Im having the same message… any help @ciprianpt:disqus ?

      • tried from CMD ?

        • Elias Zalem

          I have the same problem try to do it with cmd and I left error
          pudiste arreglar el problema nicolas?

        • Xpresi

          I have the same problem and i got this with CMD:
          c:atiflash>atiflash -p 0 SapphirePulseRX5808GBModdedHynixV2.rom
          Old SSID: E353
          New SSID: E353
          Old DeviceID: 67DF
          New DeviceID: 67DF
          Old Product Name: E353 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
          New Product Name: E353 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
          Old BIOS Version:
          New BIOS Version:
          Flash type: M25P20/c
          Can not flash a 0x21 length image into a 0x40000 length rom!ROM not erased

          How can we fix it? Thank you in advance.

  • Altern
  • Abdelhameed

    when i try to flash my card atiflash says ” can’t erase rom “

  • vvzar

    How can I do this from ubuntu 16.04 shell (bash)? Especial flash process and patch none stock bios (so gpu cards will start after reboot). Is any method for doing this? Thank you.

  • Ian Aja

    thanks bro, its works flawlesly, i have 1 RX580 8GB Pulse with 256kb bios, i did try copy the timing from 1750 to 2250, when i run it, its too many error and my rig start to freeze. can u help me with 256kb modded bios. thanks keep up the good work

  • KonranTaisa

    Em…Guys. I need a little help. I Have MSI RX 580 Armor OC, and there`s a… Hynix mem instead of Samsung. I tried upload moded bios from tutorial above, but ATIFlash says that vendor ID mismatch – ok. Anyway I looked at the timing straps on my Armor, and found out, there are different timing starting ONLY from 0:.. Wihich one should I change? I tried copy timing from 0:1750 to 0:2000 but it didn`t change anything… So far I didnt OC it yet.

    • Hi, this bios is Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB only and not for MSI TX 580 Armor OC, don’t flash this bios, you can brick the card. You will have to modify your original bios.

  • Rebel

    Awesome bro , You are doing great job will donate some Coins to you for sure, Once I get my cards with you amazing detailed and results.

    • thank you! 🙂

      • Raul Noguera

        hello ciprian, can i use your 2:1750 timings strap on my rx580 8gb msi gaming x ? it has hinyx memory too

        • hmm… not really sure what to say.. basically it should work.. but i never test it so can’t say for sure..

          • Suryo Santoso

            hi Ciprian, why i just have 0:xxxx timing on my rx580 8G pulse? can I just use your memory timing at 2:xxxx and copy them at my 0:xxxx card timing? the memory is hinyx also..thank you very much!

          • Francois Desrochers

            Same here… What should I do ?

          • Suryo Santoso

            I copied 0:1750 but it only get 26.7 MH/s

          • surz

            Hi, I don’t know if you already found it it, but here the timing I use right now (I copy to 2000 and 2250) and get 29.7 MH/s


      • Rebel

        I am not getting the cards, Out of Stock . Amazon Cancel my two order as not available 🙁 , Any idea from where to get the card with International Shipping other then Amazon.

  • Juninho Decio

    this is my final result thanks to the Ciprian’s straps its stable at 29.3 with 7 gpus total power 1120 – 205.4MH/s
    1x XFX RX-580P8DFWR
    1x MSI RX580 Armor OC 8Gb
    5x XFS RX-580P8DBD6
    RX-580P8DFWR is the only one with 2 power connectors, delivery same hash , higer temperature and consume 60% more.

    Now i need a frame its the next step

    • looks great 😀

    • mike

      Hi when i try upload bios ciprian have the following error: can youb help me?

      Old SSID: E353
      New SSID: E353
      Old P/N: 113-4E353BU-O4E
      New P/N: 113-4E353BU-O4E
      Old DeviceID: 67DF
      New DeviceID: 67DF
      Old Product Name: E353 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
      New Product Name: E353 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
      Old BIOS Version:
      New BIOS Version:
      Flash type: M25P20/c
      Cam not flash a 0x80000 length image into a 0x40000 length rom!
      ROM not erased

      ERROR: 0FL01

      • Juninho Decio

        hi you cant upload the full file, use only his 1750 strap with your bios

        • mike

          strap for hynix memory not is the same straps samsung, straps is for example: 2439966, 2869821, etc

  • Saul

    Hello Ciprian….thanks for sharing your results. I’m assembling a 6x RX 580 rig this weekend; however it has 3 RX 580 – 4 GB cards and 3 RX 580 – 8 GB cards. Do you think I can use the same settings for all of these cards?

    Here are the details about specific cards:

    1. Sapphire – Radeon RX 580 4GB PULSE – 2 cards
    2. PowerColor​ Red Drago​n Radeon R​X-580 Over​clocked 4G​B – 1 card
    3. MSI Radeon​ RX 580 GA​MING X 8GB​ – 3 cards

    I grabbed whatever I could as most stores are sold out of RX580/570 cards.

    Also, do you think it is better to mine with them in Win 10 or Linux (Ubuntu)?

    Any advice about how to mine with them optimally would be much appreciated.

  • george ilie

    Is running the AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher realy necessary? I’ve moded the BIOS on my Rx580 Pulse 8GB and I don’t have any trouble with the 17.4.4 version driver.
    How is the card not working when the driver does not like/recognize the signature on your BIOS?
    Also, why use the driver version 16.11.5? More hashing persormance, or just for running more than 5 cards in one Windows rig?

    • When using combined drivers usually no need to patch bios signature. this is done for windows to recognize all 6 gpus. if you run latest driver version only and flash a modified bios you will have the patch it because windows does not recognize the gpu/drivers

      • george ilie

        Ok, I got it about the modified drivers.
        What I’m also saying is that I did not need to patch. I’m running my moded Rx580 wo any patching. I am just wondering if what I’m seeing is a fluke.
        Could it be that AMD disabled bios signature check in the latest version of the drivers?
        Anyway, I guess that you’d want to run the patched drivers just to be on the safe side.

  • Mathias Hame

    Hello, i have a Problem with Flash the New Rom. ATIWINFlash says: ROM can´t be erase! (ROM kann nicht gelöscht werden) Can anyone Help me?

    Best Regards, Matze

  • Mathias Hame

    @Ciprian V.
    atiwinflash says: Can´t erase Rom, can you Help me?

  • Ben Howard

    Hi, fantastic article, guide works a treat… sometimes. I only have two cards and an old i5 2500k. As you can see from the screen shot I can get 29mh/s or 30mh/s but if I restart my PC it appears to ignore all the settings which were just working and the second card then runs at full pelt…. the first card (PIC-E slot 1) works fine @ 75w or so but the second shoots back up to around 130w. I’ve tried both cards on their own and they work fine it’s only when I have both running together that it decides to go weird.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    • The one with 75w is with display cable attached?

    • Ben Howard

      Hi, Ciprian, no it’s the other one… the one on the left is connected to the display. No matter what I do it appears as though Claymore isn’t controlling them correctly…. fan speed etc.

      EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xc4ae191a3d728cae223dbfe8f80897487b02596f.MediaMiner -epsw x -fanmin 50 -fanmax 100 -tstop 75 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

      Both are plugged into the motherboard and it’s PCI-E slot 2 that’s causing the problem (even when swapping cards around).

  • Thomas Laskowski

    It can work for Sapphire pulse RX 580 4GB OC hynix memory ?

    • No 🙁

      • killahtm

        hi, do you know if there is a bios for Sapphire pulse RX 580 4GB? and where to download it 🙂

  • mike

    Hi i try flash with atiflash but show error “ROM cant be erased” also i ty with ethos indicated size is diferent please help me

    • Hi, have you tried from CMD with atiflash -f -p 0 SapphirePulseRX5808GBModdedHynixV2.rom ?

      • mike

        Hi to the same card have 2 diferent memory, samaung is size 40000 and hynix rom size is 40000, i send out atiflash, to samsun you bios is ok (rom size 80000) to hynix not adapter bn dn dID asic flash romsize test bios p/n
        ======= == == ==== =============== ============== ======= ==== ================
        0 01 00 67DF Ellesmere M25P20/c 40000 pass 113-4E353BU-O4E
        1 02 00 67DF Ellesmere M25P40/c 80000 pass 113-4E353BU-O4E
        2 07 00 67DF Ellesmere M25P20/c 40000 pass 113-4E353BU-O4E
        3 08 00 67DF Ellesmere M25P40/c 80000 pass 113-4E353BU-O4E

      • mike

        yes i try because i am in ethos, the problem is size rom, the same card have diferent rom size one rom is 40000 another is 80000

    • shend

      Hi Mike, did you fix this problem ?

  • Isaac Vargas

    get error “ROM cant be erased” from atiflash please help

  • MR B

    Hi, i have a new Gigabyte RX 580 8gb with Hynix memory, and when I open
    my rom in Polaris Bios Editor I only see values startin with 0 (0:400, 0:800 … 0:1750, 0:2000, 0:2200).

    Can i also copy 0:1750 value into the 0:2000 value? Thank you for your help!

    • MR.A

      I have the same and would also like to know this.

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    I’m going to buy the pulse model I prefer to connect 6 pins of current and not 6 + 8, the flash of the bios is the same as the nitro but without moving the bios swicth,
    Sorry my bad english

    • you can connect the nitro+ or limited edition to 8 pin only, no need to attach the 6 pin too.

  • mike

    the error is:

    Old SSID: E353
    New SSID: E353
    Old P/N: 113-4E353BU-O4E
    New P/N: 113-4E353BU-O4E
    Old DeviceID: 67DF
    New DeviceID: 67DF
    Old Product Name: E353 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
    New Product Name: E353 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
    Old BIOS Version:
    New BIOS Version:
    Flash type: M25P20/c
    Cam not flash a 0x80000 length image into a 0x40000 length rom!
    ROM not erased

    ERROR: 0FL01

  • Gear Candy

    Wow this article saved me, great info man… !!!!!!!!

  • Leo Townsend

    So much diff between 4g and 8g?

  • Mhmad Q.Abdelhaq

    Hi Ciprian , Truly appreciate your effort ! , which one is the winner for Sapphire rx 580 Nitro + 8g and Sapphire rx580 Pulse 8g in terms of power consumption to hash rate ratio ? and what does nitro + excel from pulse version ?

    • umm.. both cards are good.. maybe the nitro+ is slightly better..

  • geoff

    What settings do you use if you are mining ETH and LBRY credits?

  • To0ks

    Why use sapphire rx580 nitro+ 8g if MSI rx580 gaming X or gaming X+ don’t need bios modification to have 29mh/s ?

  • Alasdair Mclachlan

    Hi im new to bios modding, Will this tutorial work with my Sapphire Nitro+ OC RX580 with Hynix ram and as this is in my main PC will it still allow me to play games and use normally? im not bothered about dropping frame rates etc. Thanks

  • Erwin van Kroonenburg

    Great article! Keep up the good work. 🙂

    My rig currently has 3x Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse 8GB (11265-05-20g) with hynix memory. I’ve flashed the BIOS with the hynix rom mentioned in this article.

    I’m using ethOS with claymore 9.4 with core and mem set to 1150/2150 respectively resulting in 29.75 MH/s for each card.
    My overall power consumption is 550W. the motherboard uses 75W so a quick math results in 550-75=475W, if I divide that by 3 cards then each card uses 158W. Do you have some tips on how to lower these values in ethOS?

    • drx3brun

      EthOS is based on Linux and current drivers do offer any easy way to lower the voltage. Your only option is to prepare custom Bios image and lower core voltages this way. I have the same issue as I am running on Linux. So far I have little succes because it’s very hard to find any resonable guide on how to undervolt via BIOS. Most of the people just use Windows tools for that.

    • Mehmet Hakan Yazkan

      Did you set -cvddc and-mvddc? You should take the Start Commands mentioned here, they will run very good. Maybe higher -cvddc and -mvddc values will be necessary, maybe not 850 therefore 875.

    • yeah try adding in bat file the following -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 , if you get hagns increase one by one to 875. also once added this do not undervolt from trixx or msi afterburner.

    • Erwin van Kroonenburg

      Will have a look at the -cvddc and -mvddc, thanks!

      I’m using ethOS so it doesn’t have a bat file. 😉
      The only value that does seem to affect power is ‘globalpowertune’, the other ‘vlt’ doesn’t seem to have an effect at all.

      My current settings are:
      globalcore 1225
      globalmem 2250
      globalpowertune 3

      It results in 30.7 Mh/s for ETH and 617.7 Mh/s for SIA since I’m dual mining (set -dcri to 20). My overall power consumption with 3 cards is now 642W.

  • Mehmet Hakan Yazkan

    Running on 29-30 Mh now. With 1130/2150 at 80W 51 °C. -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150
    Voltage -cvddc 900 -mvddc 900 is running stable now for days. How can I increase the Mh? 51°C, there is some space 🙂

  • chandra wijaya

    Can i do this with my Aorus RX580 4GB, memory Hynix DDR3 4GB?

  • pedro

    Hey !

    I tested all my 6x GPU ( Rx 580 MSI 8 GB) individual after OC and I get around 29.5 MH.
    When I put all of them togheter they drop for like 24MH and 2 of them 27 MH.

    Any help ?
    PS : I have a 1200W PSU

    • drx3brun

      Stock 580 8GB eats up over 200W. Unless you manage to lower that either by Bios or using tools like Trixx/Afterburner or Claymore switches the 1200W is way to low for that setup. What happens if you use 5 cards instead of 6?

  • george ilie

    Ciprian, did you also tried Wattman to set clocks and voltages? Seems very much praised by some…

  • Petar Stoimirov

    Hey, great guide! Can we have a similar one for RX 570 Pulse 4G?

    • reb

      +1 🙂 and maybe possible to compare results under linux

      • drx3brun

        I am getting 29-30Mh/s under Linux just like on Windows. The problem is however with voltage. I need to build a custom Bios to lower the voltage to get the same profitability. Currently I have no way to lower power consumption and single RX580 is eating close to 200W.

  • AVtech

    Hi, im very new to all this. could someone advise the best bios option for a Sapphire 4gb Rx580 Pulse.

  • shend


    My cards are Saphire RX580 8GB Pulse with Hynix memory (you will see listed one but I have six).
    The original bios (saved from ATIWinFlash) is 256KB. When I try to load and program SapphirePulseRX5808GBModdedHynixV2.rom (512KB size), I get “Cannot erase ROM” and I think different size is the problem.
    Did anyone fix it or can help me, sorry if I’m repeating the question but I’m kind of confused from the comment section.

    Cheers 🙂

  • andrey freitas

    Hey guys, I’ve tried everything, my rx 580 8Gb pulse OC’ 11265-05-20G seems not to let the bios change. Every time the process starts, windows crashes. I realized that my board does not have a bios switch jumper. I already used the patcher and the version of my driver is the last one. Any idea?

  • Piotr Trel

    How to decrease voltage on Pulse rx 580 with hynix memory. I’ve got linux / using simplemining on rigs. By using HexEditor I am able to decrease voltage? Now each card = 175W. So much more than 130W which you show.

  • The Storm

    Does that work for rx580 4GB Pulse too?

  • Ramiro Morales Jr.

    Could you please let me know the model number for the Hynix memory specific Sapphire pulse rx 580

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    Do you know if it is possible to make bios mod to this model GV-RX580GAMING-8GD? Changing the timing and creating a custom bios?

  • coolrecord

    Hi, please help me everytime i want to flesh this card atiflash tells that it is unable to erease the bios. What can i do?

    • I tried to program the original with this V2 but it say it cannot erase rom because the original is only 256kb.
      what is do is I downloaded the Polaris bios editor for 5xx series
      open the back up rom in Polaris bios editor
      and copy paste the special timings
      Copy this special timings:
      in 2:1750, 2:2000 and 2:2250. Then save that modified Bios.
      3. Flash/Program your modified Bios, wait around 1 minute to finish successfully
      for Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Hynix only..
      from 20mhz to 29mhz

      • rapublik

        can you send your bios rom?

  • Nassim Ch

    Hi, i need an advice, this is wh

    • andrey freitas

      My cpu consume is 1% up to 2% and is a AMD athlon x3 3.2, My memory is 8Gb i dont have label. Rx 580 29Mh ethereum and 870+ decred. More than 48Hs mining. Motherboarding cost in Brazil 279,00 Reais. I think for a more robust system will need much more than that.l , like a four gpus system.

      • Nassim Ch

        There are six gpu’s in the configuration i posted. Do you think this is a good configuration to start with ? or do you think there are better gpu’s for cheaper price that do the job well instead of the rx580 pulse ? Thanks Andrey for your help

        • Your configuration is good yes, if you could find 6 gpus of this model buy as fast as possible. Here in Brazil I want to buy and I can not do it, stores stocks are over. Where they still have some in stock, prices have almost doubled. Unfortunately Brazil.

  • Rafael Arismendi

    Hello @ciprianpt:disqus the SapphirePulseRX5808GBModdedHynixV2.rom file is 512k and the original bios is just 256k, is it correct? so can i mod without problems? Thank you 🙂

    • I tried to program the original with this V2 but it say it cannot erase rom because the original is only 256kb.

      what is do is I downloaded the Polaris bios editor for 5xx series
      open the back up rom in Polaris bios editor

      and copy paste the special timings

      Copy this special timings:
      in 2:1750, 2:2000 and 2:2250. Then save that modified Bios.
      3. Flash/Program your modified Bios, wait around 1 minute to finish successfully

      for Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Hynix only..

      from 20mhz to 29mhz when I rebenchmark using nicehash..

  • Elias Zalem

    Try to make the flash as it is in the post following step by step but I get an error (you can not delete the ROM) try to do it with cmd and it was the same

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    Do you know if it is possible to make bios mod to this model? GV-RX580GAMING-8GD Gigabyte

  • Arsen

    Hi all i have 6 cards
    i flashed 2 and cannot flash other 4 (Cannot erase ROM) all cards are new and all are hynix memmory any ideas ?

    • I just managed to update mine by using the “atiflash -p -f 0 bios.rom” command line,
      And check if your bios has 256Kb, hynix memories have special timing.

      • Tonny Ma

        can you share your 256k rom? i keep finding the 512 ones

        • You need edit your original bios and replace the last fields with the special timings for this memory.
          Search on Google for rx 580 pulse 8 Gb special timings or read the comments, theres a link for it in some post.

          • Ozy Alex

            this timing is stable ?

          • Sure, I’ve been mining for two weeks. According to what I researched, Here in Brazil I noticed an increase in temperature. 5 to 7 degrees.

        • Sir Saint

          I just opened both a copy of the modified 512kb rom linked above and my stock 256kb rom (you can open more than one instance of polaris). Then I copied each field from the 512 to the 256 (except the top left section, naming and such) and saved as 256v#.

      • Ra1m

        Have the same problem (Cannot erase ROM)
        My bios have 256Kb hynix memories, do you have some ideas ?

  • Hellow i have the same card. I backup my bios. Downloaded the bios mod here. And when i load the mod and click program. It says CANNOT ERASE ROM. so now icant mod it

  • Noel

    Hi everyone! Hi Ciprian! Awesome page!

    Im just starting mining that is why i’m looking for some advise. I bought a 4x saphire pulse rx 580 4GB instead of 8GB, was this a mistake ? can i use some of these configurations for my rig? Still cant test rates but ill share.

    thaks you so much!

  • Tonny Ma

    TLDR: I reformatted windows and lost all of my original backed up bios. (noob mistake). I also may or may not have overridden some of the “switch” bios on the card itself, so I can’t really save the bios directly from the GPU.

    Is there a place for me to find all original unmodded bios? Or can people share? I need:
    – Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8gb (hynix) OC
    – Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8gb (samsung) OC
    – Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 8gb (Micron) OC
    – Sapphire Pulse 580 8gb (hynix)

  • Jan Vlček

    I couldn’t erase ROM so I downloaded some .rom files in discussion.
    It worked fine for solo ETH. I got about 29,5 Mh/s.
    But when I switch to ETH+Sia, then it is only 23Mh/s + cca 650Mh/s.
    Where could be problem?

  • Tiago Pinto

    Hi all,
    Anyone has a bios rom for SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 580 4GB ELPIDA?
    Thank you Guys!

  • Tiago Pinto

    Hi !!
    First I want to say this is a great guide !!
    I have the same GPU (more or less 🙂 ) I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics card:

    Brand: SAPPHIRE
    Model: PULSE
    Memory size: 4GB
    Memory manufacturer: Elpida

    I’m getting only 22Mh/s…. on stock!!

    Thank you all and keep up with this great work !

  • Romario Lopez C

    Does this work for RX 580 Pulse 4Gb without Hynix memory?

  • Анисов Александр

    I sell 9 pieces of Antminer S9, one costs $ 1300, if you buy immediately 9, then I’ll give you cheaper for $ 9900

  • Rohit Dhaka

    i try nice hash last 5 days 2 of my rx580 pulse . nice hash stole ur money bcs i saw many time for example if i earn $11.17 now after 15 minute i check again my balance is $11.01 they stole $00.16. nice hash doing this many time a day . sorry for bad eng

  • Rohit Dhaka

    pls help me some one my eng very bad some time i can’t understand eng so i think i miss some step , i cant flash my rx 580 pulse and this memory timming i don’t understand pls if some one suggest step by step video

  • Piratastur

    That values to get about 30 mhs ETH + 900 DCR… How they will probably affect the life of the card? are it hard or are “so and so” safe to use?

  • Deregtz

    There is a new revision of Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8gb Hynix cards out and none of the bios posted online are compatible.
    Original bios i extracted from this card:!cnYGFTrT!vNVTWBdbJCbthpd8rswLdzNcz0teugdVRie6Cyu0gBM

  • Fred Gaillon

    Hi, i wanted to buy you a beer or so, but since i have 5 GPUs Sapphire RX580 pulse with 256k bios (PN113-4E353BU-O4E), i can’t use your bios.
    I tried to do my bios manually with infos given in thoose posts, but when i edit my original saved bios i can’t find the timing values to edit.. My timing values (as you can see in my attached pictures are not looking like 1750 – 2000 or so.
    I’m actually mining at around 22Mh/s per card for a total of 110Mh/s.
    Could you please help me get the correct bios or tell me where to put special timings in my polaris timing values.
    Could you also give me the correct timing values according to my GPUs, and the correct start.bat parameters for ETH_only mining.
    I would be glad to reward you, as no one should work for Nothing.

    • You need to change the version you are using from the polaris. Some versions bring the memory timing to different values. Find the correct version for your memory.

      • Fred Gaillon

        Thank you, i finally understood that there was different version of polaris and took the right one for 5xx GPU’s.

        But i still need help with claymore start.bat (eth only) the settings given are not working for me, shares are rejected.
        “EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850”
        does someone has one working fine for claymore (eth only) and still for thoose Sapphire RX580 pulse 8GB PNPN113-4E353BU-O4E

        Actually i’m doing 27,5Mh/s for a total of 137Mh/s
        and 1115w at the wall;
        i would need some help to lower consumption.

  • Mahendra Raman

    I am quite new to this and building my first rig, i have modded the bios as such –

    Copied 777000000000000022AA1C00B56A6D46C0551017BE8E060C006AE6000C081420EA8900AB030000001B162C31C0313F17

    to 2:1750, 2:2000 and 2:2250.
    Made no difference still getting 22mh in windows 10 using nice hash or claymore per card – Can you please advise what am i doing wrong – i am using Sapphire Rx 580 8GB nitro+ OC Version
    Please email me the ROM config to – I am using 256 Version

  • Jackie Keller

    Hello! So yes, I’m new to this… Wish I had started 2 years ago!
    Anyways… I am running(trying to figure it out before building a 6/7 gpu system) 2 Red Dragon RX 580s 8gb with Hynix. MB is old ASUS from 2010. i5 with 8gb ram. Windows 10. 750 PSU. I’ve got both the 8 and 6 plugged in from the same cord, so not sure if that effects anything or not.
    I’ve modded the bios and copied 1750 to the ones above for both 1 and 2 straps.
    I’ve tried to OC with Wattman since I can’t get any other software to OC them. Best that I can get stable is probably 2075 on memory… I’ve lowered core to 1200. I can probably go lower, but just trying to get the highest hash since I won’t be paying for power(included in my office rent).
    Stock I was getting 21.6mh/s. With bios mod and SLIGHT OC I’m getting 24ish with A LOT of fluctuations from as low as 12 to the 24 range. At one point I was at 26 but it crashed and I’m not sure what my settings were.
    I’m dual mining with CC and going Eth and DCR. Currently both GPUs are in my case with the side panel off and a fan blowing on them. Currently running 74/75C and 66/68% fan.
    So couple items:
    1. Does the above rom settings work with the Red Dragon or just the Sapphire cards? I’m really having a hard time finding many people with the RD cards…
    2. I have one GPU running nearly 200 watts of power and the other one is running 130. Huge difference! I’ve not undercut voltage, but I would like to reduce the watts because I assume that will reduce the heat.
    3. Is there a way to uninstall the wattman so I can use MSI AB?
    4. Is the fluctuation in hash normal once you’ve modded the bios? I’m sure I can get back to 26 but it’s going to take forever playing with the settings. And I lost the website that I got the settings from since it crashed.
    5. Are there some customized straps that seem to be more efficient? In my research leading up to officially mining I’ve seen some discussions on them.
    6. I also notice when I’m mining that sometimes my internet just flat ass sucks. It locks up and I have to close CC to get any website to open… Just curious if anyone else has had this issue or if it’s normal. Seems to be OK atm but it’s not always that way.
    Thanks in advance and I’m sure I’ll have a few more questions after this are working. Have a great day!

  • Mihail Z.

    AMD Released NEW Beta Driver for miners:

    I confirm it works perfectly and returns every Mh that we lost due to the increasing DAG!

    Tested with 580 RX Pulse 8GB and the following settings:
    Core Clock 1150
    Mem Clock 2150
    Core voltage – 850
    Mem voltage – 850

    The result is 30M/h per card.

    Basically you have to use modified BIOS (with Polaris Editor) predefined default
    clocks for core and memory (mentioned above). Also define the voltage
    for core and memory in the BIOS. Later under-volt each GPU individually
    if needed
    using AMD Wattman Tool.

    If you’d like to buy me a beer:

    ETH: 0xbd830fd272931ac29be9285fb9e9bafc4811cb70
    BTC: 1PKHkczHQWP6kwJFRnMFX2Z4fWWsX4zK9i

    16 August 2017

  • Gleidson Borges

    Someone please help me!
    I’m having a rx 580 sapphire pulse 8 gb hynix memory
    Already modified from 1750 to 2250 and not from 25 to 27 mhs 1150/2150 – 1130/220
    what am I doing wrong? Moderator helps me modify the bios I’ll send my bios

    Which driver version should I use?

  • Gleidson Borges
  • Jordan Bettridge

    Hi, im modding the bios for the RX 580 Red Devil and when I say load it goes. SubSystemIDs Mismatch

  • exxis

    i have a question currently i have 4 RX580 nitro+ not the limited edition in ATIflash the Flash Type of 3 cards are M25P20/c only one of the cards has the Flash Type GD25Q21B does this mean that i cant use the rom from this tutorial or what does a different flash type mean?

  • Patrick Bui

    I wanted to know, is the bios mod file can be the same for a 4gb model and 8gb model ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Sadok Bdiri

    Hi, Thanks for sharing your work i used your timings on the original bios i dumped and the card is doing 30 Mh/s now. However, the power consumption is rather higher than I expected. I’m running claymore with arguments:-tstop 85 -tt 65 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850. GPUz shows 125W. it’s a PowerColor Rx580 8 GB Red Dragon Hynix memory. If you have some tips let me know please.

    • Umm.. i know the power color cards consume a bit more power, i never had one to test 🙁 not really sure what to say. Basically undervolting clock and memory with -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 should be enough.. 125w in dual ?

  • Farkane

    Hi All,
    This configuration still valid? I have installed crimson 17.9.3. Do I need to delete and install as you recommend?

  • Gabriel Angeli

    Good evening everyone
    I would like to know if this tutorial could be good also for a sapphire pulse RX 580 with samsung memory? Is it only for hynix memory ? Can I use the same Bios? If not do you know the mod for the card? Do you know a tutorial somewhere to have the bios.

    Thank you very much again 🙂

    • Hey Gabriel, no it wont work with samsung memory :/

      • Gabriel Angeli

        Do you have any idea how to find a good modified bios for a Sapphire pulse Rx 580 8g with Samsung memory? I want to get the maximum in dual mining with ethereum and decred

        • No :/ never had one with samsung mem..

  • Gabriel Angeli

    Little question, what is the total consumption in watt for your 6 gpu rig in dual mining (eth + decred) ? Because you wrote 130w , but on the image it shows 170 watt). Which one is good?

    • Hi, is because the system consumption is around 40w.

  • Deepspirit

    Hi @Ciprian V., I have seens many post about the file size. The bios in the tutorial is not working because it is 512. If I want to make it work with my GPU do I just have to replace the 1750 2000 2250 with the one of your bios or do I need to make an other one? thanks

  • Fonzz

    I’m wondering if anyone has this same issue.

    I started mining with the changed rom a couple of months ago, July/August. All smooth at ETH 28mhs+ / SIA 600mhs per card (RX 580 Pulse 8 GB Hynix memory ). But over the past couple of months the hashrate for ETH has been decreasing, now only reaching about 22mhs per card for ETH…? (SIA is still at the same speed). Anyone else had this issue?

    Many thanks for sharing your experience!

  • James Moore

    i`m getting now where your mh/s rate. brand new rx580s pulses and getting only 22.6mh/s after flash. Any idea?

  • mbeh4sh

    How does this version compare to Nitro+ version ? Are they equal performance ?

  • Nje Roe

    Hi Ciprian, I got Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB but with Micron memory chips, do you have BIOS mod for them? it has 256 KB rom

  • Guy D

    will this bios work for the 4gb?

  • Anton Pas

    Hello! Can any body have this card with Samsung memory? I flash bios but can’t reach more than 27.3MH/s. May be some one get more? Thanks

    • Please email me the bios!

      • Paweł Mrochoń

        @ciprianpt:disqus @antonpas:disqus same problem here… I just received package of 6 of those and 4 have Samsung memory and only 2 are with Hynix… Max on samsung’s was 26.9 MH/s so…

        If you guys find solution for Samsung based version please share BIOS – – i will be much obliged

  • dbbdark


    I have 5x Sapphire pulse 8GB Micron cards, have some random bios found and i do : between 28 and 30 Mh/s and 94 to 96W each card… can this result better ? thnx for helping !

    • Should do a little bit better but i guess your a fine 🙂

      • dbbdark

        The power usage i see on internet people reach in 70 an 80 ? its it possible and do you want to take a look @ my bios file ?

      • dbbdark

        Is it possible to take a look @ my roms ? results are now this:

        I see people on internet reaching inside the 70 and 80W ??? do you want to help me please !

        • try doing the oc and undervolt from miner’s .bat file directly

  • Kevin Lioenel

    @ciprianpt:disqus did you have mod for rx 580 pulse samsung chip?

    • Nope..

      • Sim

        Hello @ciprianpt:disqus .. I’ve the same chip (samsung). I will send you the original bios now. Thanks!

  • Trebuste

    Hey guys, i’m going to buy 2 Rx 580 Pulse, but i don’t understand which PSU i need. Amazon says 500W per card, but with this configuration i see at max 130W at ethereum mining. Which PSU do i need? Thx

    • Go with a 750w psu maybe you will add the 3rd gpu later 🙂

      • Trebuste

        Thanks for replying. I already have a 450W psu, is it enough for 2 RX580 Pulse with ur configuration? How do i know how much one consumes?

        • Yes if undervolted, buy an energy meter so you can see the real power draw.

      • Trebuste

        I received the 2 RX 580 Pulse today and gpu-z says they both have samsung memory. I was unlucky, since i cannot use this guide.
        I know someone already asked this but i’ll try. Can u provide a guide like this one for RX 580 Pulse Samsung memory? We’d appreciate that a lot!

  • Marcel Heiniger

    Are this results still acure or did it change?
    I have a Sapphire radeon rx580 pulse 8GB (GDDR5 Samsung)
    And the best I get now is 27-28 Mh/s

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