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AMD Working on Ethereum Mining Hashrate Drop Fix for Polaris GPUs

In my previous articles I have talked a lot about AMD Polaris GPUs incoming Ethereum mining performance drop due to DAG file size increase.

Polaris-based GPUs include the RX-400 and RX-500 series. The mining community is aware of the upcoming hashrate drop and many members are looking to mine coins other than Ethereum. However, things might change since there has been word that the issue might be fixed soon.

Yesterday, Claymore posted on Bitcointalk that AMD is working on a driver fix for their Polaris-based GPUs. While this won’t allow 4 GB GPU’s to hash after the DAG file size reaches the 4 GB mark, it will help all Polaris-based GPUs to avoid/ fix the expected 30% hashrate drop.

The DAG epoch issue: it seems AMD fixed it for Vega in drivers and now they are working on Polaris. New drivers will be available soon, may be in two weeks or so.Claymore

Possible Causes

Looks like AMD took the upcoming hashrate drop issue seriously and is cooperative towards miners. This is actually interesting news since many people speculate that GPU manufacturers are against the idea of gaming GPUs being used for mining. There is even a video where Gamer Nexus asked several GPU and power supply manufacturers to share how those feel about mining.

The main concerns manufacturers have is that:

  • The lack of GPUs on the market is motivating PC gamers to switch to consoles
  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile, which means that GPU mining might lose its profitability anytime. If that happens, markets will be flooded with second-hand GPU’s, which will slow down sales of new GPUs.
  • People who purchase mining rigs do not spend their money on accessories. This means that GPU manufacturers do not get the extra money from selling keyboards, mouses and headsets.
  • Miners are not as loyal to one manufacturer as gamers are. At least half of the interviewed manufacturers prefer to get one loyal customer for 10 years than to make a one-time sale of 10 GPUs.

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All of this makes me conclude that AMD’s attempt to fix the DAG file size issue for their older cards is probably a rumor. If it is not, then it means that AMD is not against mining as other companies are. Maybe the company wants to gain the respect and loyalty of the mining community, so it can count on us as customers for future mining-oriented products.

Or maybe they simply don’t want you to post your used RX 400/500s on eBay. However, Ethereum is not the only coin that can be mined with GPUs, and any experienced miner will think twice before posting their fully-functional GPU rig on sale.

In Conclusion

Whatever is the case, there is something going on what the mining community is not aware of yet. If this is not a rumor, then this is definitively great news for me and for anyone who owns Polaris-based GPUs. I will keep you updated on this.

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