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Are the RX570 and RX580 Profitable? – Mining Performance Review

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As you already probably know, AMD released a new series of GPUs – the RX570 and RX580 – a couple of weeks ago. Those are upgraded versions of the existing RX470 and RX480, respectively. The RX 5xx series were really anticipated by the mining community; however, those two new models received mixed reviews.

As it always happens, there is always a group of people who expect too much from new GPUs and thus get frustrated when their expectations are not met. Until not long ago, only a small number of people were able to test and review the GPUs. Now that more people got their hands on the GPUs there is a lot more information about the mining performance of the new RX 5xx.

Let’s see what we got

Can BIOS Be Modified?

This is a topic that caused the most controversy in the community at first. As we will review in a bit, the RX 5xx series have higher power consumption than their predecessor while at the same time feature the same hashrate. This made an outrage in the community because more power consumption obviously means longer ROI.

That low hashrate and high wattage combination was due to the fact that there was no way to properly configure the BIOS of the 5xx at first.

Now that some time passed, some users found ways to tweak the BIOS in order to further optimize the GPU. They found ways to both overclock and undervolt the GPU, increasing the hashrate/wattage ratio considerably.

This video explains how to do that to RX 580:

While this one is for the RX 570:

Notice that they use a modified version of the Polaris Bios Editor

You can use it with other memories too. It all comes down to straps to use:
Samsung & Micron = 1750 straps ; 1:xxxx timings
Others = 1500 straps ; 2:xxxx settings

Also, 1xxx stands for Samsung and 2xxx is for Micron chips.

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Hashrate and Power Consumption

Now that we see how the 5xx can be both overclocked and undervolted, we can make a more precise comparison.

Let’s start with stock clocks.
The first tests of the boards showed those results:

  • RX570: 22 MH/s on stock frequencies and 27 MH/s when overclocked. The power consumption is 115 W and 135 W respectively.
  • RX580: 24 MH/s on stock frequencies and 29 MH/s when overclocked, with a power consumption of 136 W and 153 W, respectively.

This gives quite a grim outlook on the new cards because their RX 4xx counterparts output the exact same hashrate with an average 10 – 20% less power consumption (both on stock settings and when overclocked).

So, what’s the catch?

Firstly, and I will review it a bit later, the 5xx series excel when dual mining.
Secondly, let’s see what other users could find out after the cards were released to the public.

I will list the most interesting configurations I could find. Some apply only to a certain edition of the card (such as the RX 580 Nitro / MSI).

AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB & RX 580 8GB Series Mining Performance

IMPORTANT: I have gathered this hashrate results from different forums and source, i did not tested yet this cards.. so the data maybe not be 100% that accurate. I will personally review and test each GPU hashrate on Ethash (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ubiq, Expanse), Equihash (Zcash, Zclassic, Hush, Komodo), CryptoNight (Monero, Karbowanec, Bipcoin), Pascal (PascalCoin, PascalLite) etc… soon 🙂
RX 570 4GBRX 580 8GB

Click to expand!

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 4GB
Sapphire PULSE RX 570 4GB
Sapphire PULSE RX 570 ITX 4GB
Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 570 4GB
Gigabyte RX 570 Gaming 4GB
XFX RS XXX Edition RX 570 4GB OC+
PowerColor AXRX 570 4GB

Click to expand!

MSI RX 580 8GB Gaming X
Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GB
Sapphire PULSE RX 580 8GB OC
Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 8GB
XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580 8GB OC+
PowerColor Red Devil AXRX 580 8GB OC
VisionTek RX 580 8GB OC

It is now obvious that it is a must to both overclock and underclock the RX 580 to make it work properly. Otherwise, the most you can get from the stock one is 25 MH/s (instead of 24 MH/s) having 17.4.3 ReLive drivers and using Claymore 9.3 with a power draw of about 150 W from the wall. Not impressive.

An RX 480 Nitro does 29.5 MH/s when overclocked. A RX 580 stands a chance against it only when configured properly.

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

Dual Mining

According to several reviews, the RX5xx series truly outperform the RX4xx when dual mining.
It looks like after all, those two sets of models have different architectures. The 5xx might be a bit more than just a downgrade of the widely-loved 4xx.

Some tests of the RX 580 gave those results:

  • Ethereum: 30.5 Mh/s
  • Decred: 1130 MH/s
  • VDDC: 0.877
  • Core: 1300
  • Mem: 2100
  • Mem voltage: 0.9
  • Strap: Custom mix
  • Mem Errors: 0/min
  • Power Usage: 125W

It can also give about 30.5 MH/s + 1450 MH/s if power and voltage are left as they came from factory. However, power usage increases to about 15% too.

Windows or Linux?

According to one renowned reviewer, it is better to mine with the RX 5xx on Linux, at least for now. He states that Linux drivers work better than Windows ones.


Cooling is probably one of the best things about the 5xx series. Both the RX570 and the RX580 are bigger and have better cooling system than their predecessors. They use more copper too. Just like the 4xx, the 5xx GPUs come with two coolers of the same size and there were no complaints about temperature issues to the date.

Both RX570 and RX580 are praised for being more silent than their older counterparts too.

Price Change Prospects

Some people of the mining community managed to get the most of their 5xx and are happy with their purchase; others – not so much. If you think that the 5xx are not for you, then you might want to buy some 4xx while there are in stock.

You see, it is still not clear for how long the 4xx series will be available for sale. Some sources claim that 4xx series are no longer manufactured and will disappear from the shelves quite soon. If that is the case, then now it might be the right time to purchase a couple.

However, other miners say that it is a good idea to wait a little until the 4xx will naturally drop in price. While their point seems valid, I am more prone to think that the 4xx won’t be getting any cheaper anytime soon. The reason is simple – the 5xx are not a lot better than the 4xx (at least according to popular opinion), therefore I don’t expect a lot of people to run after 5xx GPUs.

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In Conclusion

Should you buy it? I guess the 5xx are no worse than the 4xx. Some community members proved that the 5xx are even better than their predecessors.

Since RX5xx’s have reasonably low price, it might be a good idea to get them for your rig if you are buying one. RX 5xx GPUs work stable as they are now, and one never knows what surprises further patches and fixes will bring. Who knows, maybe the new architecture will allow us to overclock them even more or save more power.

Also, the RX 5xx might be easier to sell in the future, since they are definitely better for gaming than their 4xx predecessors.

Now, if you do have a rig of 4xx already, then it definitely a good idea to stick to it. The RX5xx’s – even when properly configured – are not superior enough to the 4xx, at least in my opinion. They are good, but the 4xx proved to work wonder, and it might be a great idea to keep your 4xx rigs, at least for now.


Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • JD Lightbringer

    Hi there, good article
    i have to ask if have you seen if there is no problem on having a mixed rig with 4xx and 5xx? thank you!

    • Nope, those can be mixed with no problem

    • Bibs

      Mixed 480 and 570 and worked with no issues. On the rx480 drivers

      • But if you mod the bios, wont work..

        • Jeff Huff

          How about mixing the RX 580 Nitro+ LE and RX 570 Pulse with modded bios?

          • You can use any of but the drivers must be the latest..

  • Dubardo

    I get ~27Mh/s with Anorak’s bios on 5x MSI Rx570 Armor 4G. Basicly, 1500mem straps + 75W in the TDP. Also had to do the 16.9.2+17.4.3 driver switcheroo to make 5 GPU works.

    • Is that eth solo right ? You mean 6 GPUs ? what mobo do you have ?

      • Dubardo

        I’m on NiceHash for now. I have 5 GPU, will try to mod my 4U Rackmount to fit 7 maybe 8. Here’s the Rig:

        • Looks good, as i know this is the best those cards can get or maybe can reach 28… have you tried dual ?

          • Dubardo

            No haven’t tried. I don’t mine directly. Still building things up!

  • Bibs

    MSI RX570 Armor 4G straight into my Win10 PC with all default = 21.7mh/s
    I also think the cooling is good

    • Will you mod the bios ?

      • Bibs

        modded it with a power saving custom bios mod then played with the frequencies a bit and I’m getting close to 28 and reasonably cool and stable. I was disappointed at first but now I’m pretty happy with it. Hynix memory.

        • maed

          How much power from the wall?

          • 100w in gpu-z means around 135w-145w from wall. I know for sure that 95w in gpu-z mean 130w from wall.

          • Alexander Stephani

            hey there 😉
            im actually building a rig and have actually 2 sapphire rx 470 nitro+…. they are not running because a few things are left for the rig 😉 and in Germany they are very hard to get…. so actually i plan to buy the 570’s and i think i buy the msi armor 570’s 4gb ….
            so a few questions…
            did you think it s smart to buy this 570 msi armor ? and are they stable oc and modded with 6 gpu rig ? does the 570’s psi armor have good potential to get more mh/s in time ?
            perhaps i will sell my 470’s sapphire rx nitro+
            thx 😉

          • Alexander Stephani

            perhaps anyone can help me what should i do ?

          • Imran khan

            Can i use Sapphire rx470 3x and sapphire rx580 3x GPUs in one rig.. i mean can i mixed with different model in one rif

          • I am about to test it today or tomorrow, what i have read it does a pretty good job, also the 570 nitro+ 4gb too but well see 🙂

          • Alexander Stephani

            ok cool did you tested it already ?
            Did you think its a good idea to sell the 2 rx 470 nitro+ (hynix) and buy 6 x rx 580 msi armor ?

          • Not yet, in about 2 days max, i was very busy with the frames 🙂 don’t sell, you will just make new rig 🙂

          • Alexander Stephani

            Hey There
            For now i ve bought 6 sapphire RX 570 nitro+
            And my 2 sapphire RX 470 nitro+ i sell it.
            Did you have a good TUT for mod + oc and undervolt the 570 nitro+


          • Not yet, but soon 🙂 first ill have to finish with what i have 🙂

          • Alexander Stephani


            did you finished the TUT for mod, oc and undervolt 570 nitro+ ?


          • not yet :/

          • Sumeet

            Hi Ciprian please help me. I have mined few ethers with GPU rigs. Have pointed all ethers obtained over pool mining into a common 0x……. wallet account. I have only password of this while creating it with geth account new command. How to convert it to fiat? And using which commands? What value will I get while exchanging? value at time of encashing it or value at which it entered my wallet?

          • You can send them to kraken and from there to change them to USD

          • Sumeet

            Don’t know the commands please send that to use on geth?

        • Can you tell what exactly you did and what is the power usage ? thanks!

          • Bibs

            exactly 100w says gpuz. I did not push the settings to the limit so i’m sure they could be a bit better

          • what about the bios mod ? 1500 strap ?

        • Wojciech Rzepecki

          Hi can you help my to setup gpu, I also have rx 570 armor 4gb, but I don’t now how to maximize hashrate 🙁

    • notewar

      I have the same card as you. I’m quite new to modding bios. Do you have a guide where I can follow? I’m using nicehash to mine at the moment, which mining software do you use?

      Appreciate you responses in advance

  • Daniel Rubio

    Some tests of the RX 580 gave those results:

    Ethereum: 30.5 Mh/s
    Decred: 1130 MH/s
    VDDC: 0.877
    Core: 1300
    Mem: 2100
    Mem voltage: 0.9
    Strap: Custom mix
    Mem Errors: 0/min

    Power Usage: 125W

    Do you think the sapphire pulse rx 580 4g

    can make this too ?

    • I did not tested it personally, so i cannot guarantee that but what is know is that the 8gb version can do that for sure.. what i am 100% sure is that the msi rx 580 8gb gaming x can achieve that..

      • Daniel Rubio

        Thank you!
        How much watts did you think a 6 Rig msi gaming rx580 8gb takes?

        • Hmm this is hard to say exactly because this is all about how the cards are undervolted and downclocked.. but dual psu rvga 750w g2 will be enough to power everything or much better the G3 version

          • Juan Andrade

            Hi Ciprian!

            Do you have any guide or recommendations on how to mod the MSI RX 580 GAMING X? to get 30 Mh/s?

            I’m new at this, I would really appreciate your help.
            Right now the MSI Gaming X is cheaper than the Nitro+

            Thank you very much in advance

          • Jimanio Jimanio

            Indeed, what bios mod for the MSI RX 580 8GB GAMING X?
            (Hynix) memory

            Or what straps?

          • Don’t have the card yet 🙁 no were to buy it..

    • Chris

      I Run:

      Ethereum: 23.5 Mh/s
      Core: 950
      Mem: 1800

      Power Usage: 77W

      The extra 7 MH/s isnt worth the 50 extra wattage in my opnion.

      • Well.. i guess it worth 🙂 try to catch as many ether you can 😛

        • Chris

          Even if it costs twice as much electricity?

          • Are you on dual ? Can you tell what is your gpuz power draw with 1150 or 1130 and 2100 or 2150 ? -100 mV ?

          • Chris

            Dunnow about that. Bu i run now 29.5 Mh/s on 83w @ 1160 core and 2100 mem.

  • Vudy

    My main problem is that RX5xx cards have driver issues with more than 5+ cards in a rig, i know that i can make it work on windows, with a ittle magic, but i dont like random, sometimes i dont have time to check my machines, so better to go with trustworthy cards now, maybe later when vega comes out i ll build 1-2 more rigs with new cards, we ll see hashrates with those.

    Thanks for a lot of informations!

    • I am sure that a new driver version will fix this.. but there are people using the copy paste method or installing the cards directly from device manager without installing wattman or so.. and they made it to work with 6-7-8 cards 🙂

      • Vudy

        Yep! My next project ll be 8 vga rig with m.2 m to pci adapter, just have to figure out perfect bios settings for mobo. Maybe 8 rx580 8g gaming x.

  • maed

    So if we have to chose between msi 570s,should we get gaming instead of armor ?

    • Yes, from what other reported gaming x is better.. but still i have to test them 😀

  • Erik Lensherr

    Hi there,

    can some one help me with my Sapphire RX 580 8GB nitro +? I have Hynix memory and i dont know what can i do to achieve 27 mhs. Very thanks for help:)

    • Dat Huynh Tran

      It is crap. Return if you can :))

      • Erik Lensherr

        i have 36 of those

        • I think those cards are pretty good, have you modified the bios ?

          • Erik Lensherr

            Yes but iam noobie in this. I just copy strap 1:1750 to 2000 and strap 2:1750 to 2000.. Card has gone crazy

          • You must copy 2:1750 to 2:2000 only.. the try with clock like 1150/2150

          • Erik Lensherr

            Cant overclock memory, when use more than 2000 card crash:( Now i tested your advice and looks like this, 25.4 mhs from 22,3 (stock). Can i do some more adjust? If you advice me some settings for 27 stable and 70-80W i send you some ETH:)

          • Hi @disqus_FZbTylvZ9A:disqus, have you used those timings ?

          • Erik Lensherr

            yes, now i use uber mix 3.1 and its hash 27.3 and in afterburning -100 mv and core to 2150 power consuption is about 100-115. How can i go down with power?

          • days

            i’m on win10 with same cards only hash 20-22… help

          • george ilie

            Also have this one. Tried anorak roms, Max I can get is 25.
            Have you played with it?

        • Stanislav Ryšánek

          Hi Erik,
          I m actually buying 6 of those. Can i Have a few Q? Are you using Windows or Linux ? How do you clock them. What pool are you mining at?

          • Erik Lensherr

            Ahoj Stando,

            snad jsi Čech:) Pošli mi na sebe facebook a mohu ti poradit na co jsem zatím přišel

          • Stanislav Ryšánek

            Psal jsem ti na fb zpravu, jestli tam mas stejnou fotku 🙂

        • Dat Huynh Tran

          wow, it is out of stock now. Do you know how to buy RX 400 and 500 now adays?

  • Kyle

    Don’t forget to mention 5xxx series are having issues with more than 4 gpus

    • There are some fixes that can help to run 5-6.. not yet digget in to this.. but ill post something soon

  • amiga briski

    its cheap to invest 2500E for one rig with six rx570 8gb ?

    • I think with that money you can get a 6x 580 8gb, it can have better performance, but also 570 4gb is good 🙂

  • Yuchen Feng

    Is there any huge differences between 580 4g and 580 8g? The price gap is about $30 and I wonder whether it is cost-worth

    • Yes, go with the 8GB versions.

      • Yuchen Feng

        Is there any particular reason for that? Because I have bought two 4gb version. I heard that there is not big difference between 4 and 8. Thank you for replying me!

        • The price difference is not that high, at least here.. but you get better memory on those.. for example with sapphire Nitro+ you get samsung memory

          • Yuchen Feng

            Oh I understand. Thank you. But price of nitro+ is actually much higher than other 8gb editions such as msi armor/asus/sapphire pulse. I am not sure if I can get that advantage on those as well. I often buy cards on newegg and B&H.

  • Zac Mclaughlin (Zac’s Custom)

    How do you modify the SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 580 8GB bios with hynix memory?

    • Have you tried the new polaris bios editor ?

      • Zac Mclaughlin (Zac’s Custom)

        I have, I’ve modded the bios on the Pulse RX 580, and it will not overclock at all, any modification to the Memory speed even on the stock original bios makes the MH Rate go from 22(Normal) to 18 then 20Max(When overclocked to 2150 on the memory) If I modded the bios the max I’d get was 25MH/s and if I overclocked it, instantly it would drop to 18MH/s(Core speed didn’t affect it at all, just memory) Seems like Hynix memory isn’t well on the RX 580 going to RMA it for a refund and get 3 MSI Armor OC 580 8gb’s.

        • what timings have you used?

          • george ilie

            Have this one and I used the anorak roms: they copied the 0:1500 straps above to 1625, 1750 and 2000.
            Rom crashes driver and/or rig when starting mining.

          • Try with 1625 or 1750!

          • george ilie

            Tried. Max I can get is 25. Can confirm what OP said, changing memory clock instanty drops speed to 18. My memory seems to overclock a bit though. Core does not seem to matter. I’ll try searching the ideal core/mem clocks in smaller increments. Some guy on eth forum said he’s got 29 with a rom from the Nitro+ Limited Eddition that also has Hynix, but I’m afraid to try, I don;t have dual BIOS on Pulse.

          • What timings have you edited?

          • george ilie

            Copied the 1625 straps to 1750 and 2000, got only 22, same as stock. Then copied the 1750 to 2000, got 25.
            Strange is that there is no linear degradation/improvement of speed on core or memory change. Hashing speed just drops to 18. Anyway, I’ll just RMA them. Sapphire used to be the king of mining, now this model is a dog.

          • i just 30mh with nitro+ rx 580m 8gb 🙂

          • george ilie

            Well, good for you mate! What power in gpu-z?

          • 1130/2150 -100mV
            140w wall
            100w gpuz

          • days

            @ciprianpt:disqus I have same card Sapphire RX 580 8gb Nitro with hynix. I tried to mod with 1:1750 – 1:2000, does nothing. But with 2:1750 – 2:2000, I get 28 but if i use trixx to change mem freq above 2000 it drops to 18.

  • Anton Yatsushko

    how did you make msi rx 570 gaming x 4gb work at 30 mh/s??? (screenshot)
    I have hynix mem 1070clock 1950 mem -96 underwolting, 90 W and I got about 27.5mh/s.

    on 2000mem I get a lot of mem errors..but it was 28.1 mh/s

    • Zac Mclaughlin (Zac’s Custom)

      This guide might just help you even though its a different version of msi, it just might…

      • Zac Mclaughlin (Zac’s Custom)

        Wow who ever edited my comment, I was just linking Anton to another article that may have helped him out. -.-

    • That is what someone reported, in the next 2 days i will test it soon, i am waiting for some components to be shipped and different cards, then the tests begin 🙂

  • Kazimierz Jawor

    570 Pulse itx realle make about 30 mh/s?

    • Stefano Cordella

      @Ciprian … we are still waiting!

      • Working on this.. will have soon posted results for msi 670 4gb, sapphire nitro+ 580 8gb also the limited edition ones and sapphire pulse 570 4gb ITX.. more to come 🙂

        • Stefano Cordella

          Thanks. Will you share your bios/procedure too? Thanks.

          • yes ofcourse 🙂

          • Kürşat Konak

            @ciprianpt:disqus i am new to rigging i really would love if you did ITX one first, others have tutorials on the web but not ITX one 🙁

          • will have that soon!

          • Ricardo Vitaminas Seixas

            hello guys i have a saphire rx 580 pulse 8gb and after moded i am doing 41.5 mhs on etherium solo mining and 27.7 mhs eth + 830 mhs sia in dual mining. Also raise memclock from 2000 to 2250 and lowered mV to -100.

          • Kürşat Konak

            u mean 31.5 Mhs right 🙂 …

          • Horaciux

            Do you keep that rate without problems? What about watts consumption? thanks. I cn buy Sapphire Ati Radeon Rx 580 Pulse 4gb not sure if I can get your MHs rate and need to estimate powe cost also. Any help? Thank you.

          • Parikshit Bhujbal

            Hi, I bought Sapphire rx580 pulse 8 gb today. But i am just getting 21 mh/s. I am doinmg ethereum mining on for testing purpose. Can you guide me with steps to improve my hash rate. How to mod and change required settings.
            emai id:

          • check my last post, is with bios for this card.

          • Deegan Pope

            Sorry you have a post testing the saphire pulse itx mini 11266-06-20g? Can i get a link?

          • Richard Bagaric

            Hi, any info about sapphire rx570 pulse ITX? 🙂 Thanks!

          • Lorenzo Matteo

            Any update on the pulses r570, Ciprian??

          • doing it right now.. will post the article soon

          • Sim

            Hi @ciprianpt:disqus
            Thanks for your posts.
            Could you help me (and other) with the 11266-06-20G (Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Pulse Itx – 4 GB)?
            It’s a low-cost and compact card simple to put into “standard PC”.
            Where we can found the right parameters to change or bios mod?
            Best regards

          • Hi, i was able to get with that around 29.5 Mh/s 🙂 let me see if i can find the bios.. i had to return it because the fan failed :/

          • Sim

            Interesting… the price is good and it’s very compact to build a “mini-mining tower”. I will try to buy one or two…
            Let me know if you find the BIOS or the changes to be made. Thank you!

          • Boody Salah

            I need a bios mode for rx 580 4gb pulse , any idea ?

        • Gary Hanks

          When is this coming? Need this in my life!!

  • Donald R Fowler

    can u send me this rom? I only get errors. SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 570 ITX 4GB

    Mining Performance

    GPU/memo clock: 1100/1910 (Elpida)
    Ethereum: stock 22.4 Mh/s ; bios mod + oc 30.5 Mh/s (dual)
    Power Usage: 130w (power may be higher) Only rom I’ve had problems with

    • i will post soon a tutorial for that.

      • Kürşat Konak

        I Will really appreciate that!

        • Stefano Cordella

          I am at 29 with 1100/2000 1500 straps -130 mw and 95w each

          • Kürşat Konak

            Awesome mate! I was at 23 in stock settings was waiting for right values. Did you mod your bios or this only by overlock and strap changes? If you did mod your bios can you share a link if possible? Thanks a lot

          • Stefano Cordella

            Follow the video that you can find in this post: rx 570 bios mod. You have to copy the straps that starts from 1:1500 to 1:2000 and the same for 2:1500 to 2:2000… you will increase by default by 3/4 mh/s then another 3 if you set your memory to 2000.

          • Kürşat Konak

            i copied 1:1500 to 1:2000, 2:1500 to 2:2000 didnt touch 1625, 1750 etc. Programmed this modified BIOS back to GPU, nothing changed, but after doing 1100/2000, -175mw came close to 29. my ASIC quality is %81

          • Celestino Mosquera Fontán

            Hi, i got stock rom with 21 mhs, but when i try to flash mod bios the card not work on reboot and have to reflash original bios… any suggest??

      • Stefano Cordella

        Need it too, thanks!

  • Rizza Roberto

    I have 5 shappire rx480 8gb in my first rig and with bios mod and oc i have 29,1Mh/s for ETH and 875Mh/s for DCR in dual mining. All this is very stable. I’ve buy 6 SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB LIMITED EDITION for my new rig. i’m curious to see the difference.

    • No difference, maybe a minimal one.. if you still can buy the 400s go and get them all 🙂

      • Rizza Roberto

        It’s so difficult to find 480… (in Europe). It is also difficult to find everything!!!

  • Edd

    Can someone help me modded bios on SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 4GB,

    • Send it to me!

      • Edd

        Price for each >?
        where you live ?

        • I meant the rom, make a backup of your bios and send it to me so i can check

      • minerirfan this is sapphire nitro + 570 4gb bios please mod it

        • I think you sent me the OC version, switch bios to the other side and restart the rig, make another bios backup and send it to me!

  • Codrat

    Hello! I’ve tried following your guide and while it worked for eth mining, when trying to dual mine (eth+sia), I got lower hashrates than with unmodded bios and no oc. I’ve made a reddit thread detailing what I have tried so far and the results that I have gotten.
    Could you please take a look and point me in the right direction?

  • epitaph1234

    Hi there, I’ve just got an Aorus Radeon RX 570 and I’m wanting to make it as fast as it can be for ETH mining. Will the steps detailed in the video work for me? If not, how do I need to modify them to make them work with my video card? Thanks in advance.

  • rdkrks

    I got 3 Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ OC, they are with hynix memory but memory timings are very different from my rx 480s with same hynix memory. Does anybody have an idea about these timing mhz, and how can I flash these cards?

    • Hi @rdkrks:disqus, i will post a tutorial about this cards later today, i was able to get 30.2 Mh.s 🙂

      • rdkrks

        @ciprianpt:disqus Thank you. I will be waiting 🙂

      • Obaid Albloushi

        Hello Ciprian, Are able to complete the tutorial for the above mood? if not would it be possible to share which timing option to changed?

        I have both 4 and 8 GB

        • Yes, working on it.. will release it soon..,

  • andreas911

    Hi guys,

    i have a powercolor red devil rx580 8 GB (Samsung memory) and at the moment 24 MH/s with ethermining. I use claymore miner on win10 (poolmining).

    what can i do for a better performence?

    • Modifying the bios, what clocks do you use ? Have you lowered the power consumption ?

      • andreas911

        Hi Ciprian

        No my system is original from box. To change the attributes I need a description.

      • andreas911

        how can I do this. can you give me instuction for powercolor red devil?

  • Rizza Roberto

    Best AMD driver for you ? for Rx480 8GB an Rx580 8GB. Thanks!

  • Christopher Aaron Brownlee

    ASUS ASUS Radeon RX 580 O4G Dual-fan OC Edition GDDR5 DP HDMI DVI VR Ready AMD Graphics Card (DUAL-RX580-O4G) Graphic Cards DUAL-RX580-O4G
    4 of these coming friday. Couldn’t pass up price.
    Since they are 5xxs dual mining is what should be done?
    What can you dual mine?

  • Alexander Stephani

    hey there,

    today i buyed 6 x Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+
    Can somebody help me when they arrive and i have installed my rig to get them oc and modded and undervolt it with stable settings ?

    i hope someone did that already…

    thanks to all…. 😉



  • Codrat


    Any chance you can make a tutorial on how to overclock for ETH+SIA dual mining?
    I’ve tried the steps above but it leads to significant hashrate loss when dual mining (works fine for ETH single mining).

    Thank you!

    • Hi @codrat:disqus, have you tried to use a different dcri ?

      • Codrat

        Hello, I have tried changing it, but I still end up with worse rates
        With and without modded bios, and even if I just increase the memclock from 2000 to 2100 or 2200 I get a drop of about 2-3MH/s for ETH and about 100 MH/s SIA. That rate is the same for non modded memclock boosted, modded and modded+memclock boosted, which seems weird. As soon as I mod the bios and/or change the memclock, I get a lower hashrate for both currencies if dual mining. If I only do ETH, everything works fine and I get increased rates from 24.5 standard, up to 31 modded+mem overclocked.

        Thanks for your time.

        • Ricardo Vitaminas Seixas

          just add me on skype if you need help moddign your cards, vitaminas1337

        • Lanzagas

          I am having the same problem. Any luck?

          • Codrat

            Been running them on stock ROM and without overclocking since then. I’ve just got my 4th GPU today and was thinking of stopping dual mining SIA since the difficulty spiked and the returns are about half what they were now. That should allow me to OC and mod the bios.

        • What gpu do you have ?

          • Codrat

            Gigabyte Aorus RX580, 8 GB

          • Codrat

            Follow-up: I have connected the boards using powered risers and I think that power was the issue. Previously I had unpowered risers. With powered risers, I was able to get 30.5 MH eth and about 500-550 MH sia per card. 2200 memory, 1200 gpu, 950 mV, dcri 18.
            Whole rig with 3 cards consumes 560W at the wall.

            My 4th card arrived with Hynix memory and I’m having some issues with it now, but at least the 3 Samsungs are going well. I’ll post about the hynix one in the hynix thread, it only has 1 set of straps, 0:.

            Thanks for your help!

          • Николай Зудилин

            Hello Friend! Share please BIOS mod on Gigabyte Aorus RX580, 8 GB memory hyunix?

          • Chad

            Hi @codrat:disqus, can you please let me know your settings to achieve 30+ MH with the Gigabyte Aorus RX580, 8 GB? Thanks

          • Codrat

            What type of memory do you have?

      • Codrat

        It would help me understand the issue if you could just run eth+sia on your modded and oc rx580 and let me know what hashrates you get. Thanks again

  • Lafayette Tabor

    does somebody know something about the XFX RX570 4GB?

    • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

      Still looking, did you find something?

  • Yuchen Feng

    Is hashrate mainly related to graphic memory frequency?
    If I do not want to flash the bios, should I lower the frequency of the core and increase the frequency of memory to get a higher hashrate?

    • Kürşat Konak

      afaik, and quoting directly from a forum “With modded bios, undervolted/underclocked core, and overclocked mem”. So if you dont mod your bios, you should use afterburner and undervolt/underclock your CORE and, overclock your MEMORY clock as high as possible. Most devices have tutorials around the web for optimal settings. Use GPUZ to learn your cards ASIC quality, if its low like %70 you cant ‘increase’ to max possible values. Lets say you saw a forum post saying your card can work at 2000Mhz Memory clock, your OWN card might not be able to do that, instead it can do 1950Mhz, its all about trying and finding optimal settings for your own card.

      • Yuchen Feng

        Thank you so much

        • Yep, @kratkonak:disqus is right, @yuchenfeng:disqus try with 1130 gpu clock and 2150 memory clock, then set -100mV and this will lower the power usage and also the card with run much cooler.

          • Kürşat Konak

            @ciprianpt:disqus Is there a relationship between core and gpu clocks? im doing 1100/2000, because increasing it further for example to 2100, gives no gain at all?

          • Is this stock bios ?

          • Kürşat Konak

            No, its modified, copied straps from 1:1500 to 1625/1750/2000 did same for 2:1500. Didnt touch any other settings though

  • Charles

    Has anyone looked into the visiontek 570s blower style? The microcenter near me has 8 available for only 200/unit

    • Get one, let’s see what it can do 😀

      • Charles

        Alright 🙂

        I went out and bought these:

        They are elpida memory

        Stock settings I got ~22 Mh/s on Dual and Solo mining for Ethereum.

        I attempted to mod bios: 1500 -> 2000 on both the 1:xxxx and 2:xxxx and nothing changed.

        Using trixx, I also set core: 1100 mem: 2000

        Nothing changed or degraded slightly -_-

        Any thoughts?

        • dragoon

          I’ve got the same cards with the same results. Very strange.

          • Kürşat Konak

            Hello try to copy from 1425 if that doesnt work try 1375, google that ‘Elpida memory strap 1425’, Elpidas are a pain to overclock as i heard. I’m pretty sure you can get it to work,

          • Dave Walker

            Great thread guys! My boards (ASUS) have same ram and I’m maxing out at a similar hash rate (see my thread).
            Running EthOS so I have trouble setting gpu and mem voltages, but I can set clocks. However anything over 1950 is tricky on all the cards, but a couple run ok at 1980).
            I was just thinking about taking the straps from even lower frequencies to see if that also helps (thanks Kursat for that too). I will look at the video above too – see if I can get any more info from that.

          • Dave Walker

            Update on using lower memory timing straps: the 1425 and 1375 straps don’t help over the 1500: 1 of the 7 GPUs dropped to sub 10MH/s the other 6 were at the same hash rate and would crash sooner at various clock rates.

            All three sets of 1500, 1425 and 1375 straps with the memory voltage set to 880mV in the BIOS (I can’t set GPU/core voltage via BIOS yet) all run same hash rate and still crash with anything over 1980MHz on the memory clock… maybe that setting does nothing.

          • Kürşat Konak

            If your ASIC quality is lower, then copying from lower straps will only make GPU more unstable, if your GPU cant hit 2000Mhz, you should consider increasing voltage, lowering Core Clock. Copying memory straps is a sure way to increase hash rate but its not a ‘magic’, some cards with great chips will even do 32Mhs otoh same brand same type card will not be able to get to 30Mhs even. Also memory type is important , dont forget to pay attention to it

        • dragoon

 I’ve been trying a few different things and what seems to be working is taking the timings from another 570 with Elpida RAM. Here’s my test bios:

          I’ve got a few more things to try. It doesn’t seem to help much with dual mining, but Claymore single and Gateless Gate both do 4-5 better MH/s.

          • Charles

            EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ethaddress -epsw x -dcri 5 -ethi 10 -cclock 1125 -mclock 2050 -cvddc 940 -mvddc 940 -powlim 50 -tt 72 -fanmin 40

            Current config I put into claymore. Am getting around 25.5 now. So thats better plus hwinfo says im only pulling 95w also.

            I believe we are headed down the right path

          • Charles

            Hmm so I have some really good news and some bad news 🙂

            After using that bios you so graciously sent over with just the stock claymore settings I hit 29.5 🙂 w/ settings below I hit 31!!!

            Bad news…a disgusting amount of memory errors


          • dragoon

            That’s AWESOME! I’ve made a another small change or two that I’m still testing, and I’ll test your provided cmd line and report back.

          • Charles

            let me know if you can get anything stable 🙂 especially at 31 haha

            Right now I am dual mining 28.5 eth and 710 dcr @140w

          • dragoon

            What are you using for dual mining? I’m only pulling ~21.5Mh/s ETH and 650Mh/z DCRon each of my GPUs. What drivers are you using?

            Here’s what I’m using currently for dual:
            EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -epool -ewal 0x3Ff3CF71689C7f2f8F5c1b7Fc41e030009ff7332.x-epsw x -ethi 10 -mode 0 -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal x -dpsw x -allpools 1 -allcoins 1 -cclock 1100 -mclock 1950 -cvddc 940 -mvddc 940 -tt 75 -fanmin 40

          • Charles

            Looks like you have some extra parameters in there. I’m not sure what mode is as I’m away from my computer right now.

            Basically I installed the ROM you sent over and then ran the commands that I posted.

            I’ll take a look and make sure I’m not missing anything here in a bit when I get back on.

          • Charles

            Are you running on windows or Linux?

          • dragoon

            Ah, sorry, I did that command a few hours ago. I’m using Windows 10.

          • Charles

            Also watch this video. I put in the bcdedit commands he uses near the end.


          • dragoon

            Thanks, I did the BCDedit commands as well and I’ve tried a few different driver versions recommended on the internet to increase speeds further.

          • Charles

            Did the bcdedit commands resolve everything?

          • increase mem gpu clock to 1130 or 1150 , increase mem clock to 2100 or 2150 and then try to set c/mvddc 900 or 880 , check power usage and hashrate

          • dragoon

            The Elpida RAM doesn’t OC well. It doesn’t like going above 1950. I’ll keep playing with it, but I don’t see it going higher. 🙁

          • try lowering dcri to 27 or 23 by pressint “-” or “+” while the miner is running, check if you see any difference for eth hashrate..

          • Charles

            One more thing. Which 570 did you copy the straps from and which straps?

          • Charles

            Alright I think I have something here 🙂

            Requirements: Use the ROM provided above. Maybe we can upload to the MOD and he can post for the site!

            Card: RX 570 4G VisionTek Blower Style

            Run Claymore with:
            EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHADDR -epsw x -dcri 5 -ethi 10 -cclock 1100 -mclock 1950 -cvddc 940 -mvddc 940 -tt 72 -fanmin 40

            I am not getting anymore memory errors. Remember these are for specific cards so play around with cclock/mclock to adjust.

            Current Hashrates:
            Nicehash Dual Mining: ETH ~28.5Mh, DCR ~141Mh
            Ethermine only ETH: ETH ~29.5

            Thanks for the help everyone

          • Hey @lesliefenwick:disqus , have you tried higher dcri ? i think 5 is too low, try something like 27, 25, 23 ..if you get 29.5 on eth only, you should be able to get that on dual too, in this way you will get higher decred hashrate.. around 600-700 mhs per gpu.

          • Charles

            Nice! I just erased -dcri and my hashrate for decred went up to ~800Mh.

            Again thanks for all the help on this board

          • Charles

            @dragoon can you tell me which card you pulled the timings from on this ROM?

          • dragoon

            I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly, but I believe it was from the Samsung version of the Nitro.

        • try with 1130/2100 and after applying the overclock if still nothing changes, press “0” to disable mining for that card wait like 10-15 seconds and then press again “0” twice.. let me know if there is any difference

          • Yuchen Feng

            Thank you. My rx 580 4g from asus and msi did an average 25 and I am trying dual mining with siacoin.
            BTW, do you know any firms selling all set-up mining rigs in US? I heard that a lot of people did that in China.

          • Great, will you mod the bios? No, sorry 🙁 i really don’t know who can ship ready made rigs.. i guess the shipping is a lot for that..

          • Yuchen Feng

            Yes. I still got 3 more 580s on the way. I will try to mode them when I got them!

  • Héctor Corrales

    I’m planning to build a 6/7 GPUs mining rig, witch GPUs do you think are the best option 570/580 and 4/8 GB? Thx.

    • Hmm ill go with 570s i guess 🙂

      • Héctor Corrales

        Hi again, finally i’ve bought 6 sapphire pulse 570 4GB.
        Im having issues with claymore. When im trying configs with just 1 card, when using trixx for clocks everything works fine, but when y use the commands for claymore everything goes terribly wrong. If i try to set temp or fan options like: -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 nothing happend and when i try to set de clocls like: -cclock 1100 -mclock 2000 everything freeze and appears win error TDR_VIDEO_FAILURE.
        The BIG problem is that when i restar, win seems to be remembering those values and freeze intantlly. So the only solution is to reinstall windows (if i change the card continues doing the same).
        Im using 17.5.1 + 16.11.5 drivers. What could be the problem?

        • have you also tried clocks 1130/2080 ? before adding the clocks in bat file.. test with msi afterburner or sapphire trixx.. for best spot/

          • Héctor Corrales

            I’ve solved the problem. It was caused by the drivers. Changed to 17.5.1+16.9.1 instead 17.5.1+16.11.5 and now everything works fine. Thx!

  • AleraKira

    Hey Ciprian! I love your guides, however I’ve run into issues with my new Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB.

    My Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 8GB is running great at 29MH/s using the vdrop+ ROM where it’s fully stable.

    I tried this guide to mod my RX580, however after getting 22MH/s stock, it now sits at 18MH/s and what’s even more strange is that on editing the memory straps, GPU-Z reports the card as Hynix memory.

    Even reverting back to the original “silent” BIOS that I backed up doesn’t change it back to Samsung and I’m unsure why I can’t get the card to perform better.

    Any ideas?

    • hmm.. have you flashed this BIOS to 580 card, or you just copied differences ?

      • AleraKira

        I copied the memory strap of 1:1750 over to the 1:2000 and saved the BIOS and flashed it. The card is currently doing 20MH/s on ETH.

        • i am doing the article for this right now, also bios included 30.2 mhs at full power 🙂

          • AleraKira

            Thank you so much Ciprian! I tried the new BIOS you posted for the RX580 Sapphire Nitro+ (Hynix) and it’s working at 29.77MH/s just the same as my RX480 is, both cards pulling 100W each.

            I still have no idea why my BIOS images suggest that it has profiles for both Samsung and Hynix but I’m happy that it’s no longer stuck to 22MH/s.

            Again, thank you!

          • Welcome 🙂

  • bata grk

    can you please share bios for rx 570 sapphire nitro+ 4gb or what straps to copy

    • Don’t have any yet, you can try copying 1500 or 1625.

  • Wattie Buchan

    Heloo ,
    Y have 6 rx570 Saphhire nitro + 8Gb.
    Du u have some rom ready to hemmp incrase MHs.
    Do i’ run in single or dual mining?
    Haw to can I start dual mining.

  • Dendy Oktavian

    Hello… can u make toturial for Sapphire RX580 8GB? 😀

    • working on nitro+ and pulse

      • Fedya Skitsko

        I am waiting for pulse 😉

  • Jacques du Plooy

    Where can one buy 6 RX570’s these days?

    • Wattie Buchan

      I have 24 of thise but i can make it stable.

  • Cameron

    Hi thank you for the guide! I have a question about the 8gb cards and the 4gb ones. I have found some Sapphire nitro+ rx 580 4gb cards for $260, however your guide doesn’t have them listed. Could I flash them the same way I would the 8gb version and it would be fine?

    • Usually the price difference between 4gb or 8gb is not that much.. and i recommend the 8gb version which i tested with good results. but also the 4gb can be a good card 🙂

  • Jimanio Jimanio

    Hi all!

    = Question 1.
    I have the Sapphire Pulse RX 570 ITX version with Hynix memory.

    I would like to flash the BIOS from 1500 and above but it shows really weird MHz timings (see pictures). It shows Mhz numbers like 3361474. How do I see the normal strap timings or atleast know which straps are the right ones?

    = Question 2.
    Beisde that I will run MSI RX 470 Armor together with these RX 570’s I guess with copy pasting the 16.11.3 files in the 17.5.1 map (overwriting them) will make everything run flawlessly together aye?

    Thanks so freaking much in advance =D


    Using: Windows 6 64-bit

    • Tornader

      Wrong Polaris BIOS Editor! You need this – clearly explained in a video!

      • Jimanio Jimanio

        Awesome bro thanks alot ;)!

        • Dave Walker

          What results did you get?

          • Jimanio Jimanio

            It actually can run the 29.5 mh/s but it wasn’t stable at all … around 28 mh/s I got it stable

          • Dave Walker

            I now have a bunch on back-order. The Asus Expedition ones aren’t as good (from my efforts at any rate)

          • Dave Walker

            Which rom did you use?

  • ChoRR

    Hi i have 6 PULSE 570 (elpida) saphire 4gb cards, doing 28,5 mh/s and 730 dcri, working at 60°, anyone get any better results? (cpu 1100 , mem 1980mhz)

  • Marko Ozegovic

    Guys, please help me to understand how to flash Sapphire rx480 4g nitro.
    it is GDDR5 Hynix,But in polaris the timing is different.
    Any idea how to flesh this card?

  • Akuma

    Hi, in my country RX480 8gb and RX580 8gb are almost the same price.
    Which one should i choose???

    MSI RX 580 8gb (Gaming X)
    Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8gb (NOT Limited edition)
    Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ 8gb
    Sapphire RX 470 Nitro+ 8gb
    MSI RX 470 8Gb (Gaming X)

    Please help!!! I have totally no idea which one should be better also in future perspective. Since it will be my first rig, I wouldn’t like to made a bad choice.

    Thanks a lot for the help!!!!

    • Hi, depends on the price.. 480 8gb consume less power with same hashrate as 580. But if the price is higher than normal for 480 then go wit 580s.. better selling rate after.

  • Tornader

    Any updates for Sapphire Radeon 580 Nitro+ with Hynix memory? Stock gives me only 22.5 Mh/s. If I put 2:1750 straps to 2:2000 and set TDP to 160 – I get 25.5 Mh/s
    If I mess with 2:1500 straps – the card won’t even boot… Any ideas, anyone? Thanks

  • Yuchen Feng

    Hi, how about elpida and hynix memories? Should these follow the same procedure?

  • BinaryMasters

    Hey, how much Sols do you get with a modded RX 570 8GB in Equihash?

  • Gabriel Omaña

    Anything new with the “Sapphire PULSE RX 580 8GB”? Anyone confirmed the values mentioned above?

    Modded bios + oc = 30.2Mh / s
    Power Usage: 93W (GPU-Z)

    Pulse Or Nitro +? Is it worth the price difference?

  • Akuma

    Hi Ciprian,
    what about Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ 8gb? It worth buy also in case I want to dual mine? How many MH/s should I expect from this card? Do you have any mod for it??

    Thanks for your help!!! you are great||||

    • Hi, yeah.. those should be good too 🙂

  • Cornelius Ee

    GPU/memo clock: 1150/1920
    Ethereum stock 22.3 Mh/s ; bios mod + oc (vcore 0.9v) 27.5 Mh/s (elpida memory)
    Power Usage: 140w

    • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

      Hello brother, did you change the timmings? and which ones? Thank you!

      • Cornelius Ee

        Yes. As always. 1500 straps for all 4Gb models. For 8Gb u copy 1750 ones.

        • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

          Second strap copying 1500 to 1750 and 2000? Core Voltage -10?

          Thanks for responding!

          • Cornelius Ee

            First set 1500 to above. And second set 1500 to above yes. Core voltage if u have polaris bios edition. Just set it to 850mv. (Replace all those with 65XXX values to 850)

          • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

            What else did you modify? Power Limit? I only see videos where they modifiy second strap only, why did u modify the first ones?

            Thanks a lot for the fast response!

          • Cornelius Ee

            nothing else

          • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

            I will try that just now! Wish me luck!

          • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

            I did it but I had some issues, I have to uninstall drivers like 10 times, I was using 2 GPUs and I had to unplug one but it didnt work… I have to switch BIOS position 1 to 2 and it accepted the drivers, then I shut down and switched back to position BIOS 1, and the driver recognized the GPU but it is showing 1100 core and 1850 memory when it was 1268 /1750.

            Do you have an explanation for this? It was crazy!

            Hashrate at 1100/1900 = 27.80

  • Maguary

    Is there a list of memory chips used in Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GB? Or all are Hynix or Samsung? The Pulse are the same memory modules?

    • Hi, usually all nitro+ were Samsung, but now iahve some with Hynix too.. i also tested a Pulse 580 8GB with Hynix

  • Arthur Riehl

    Hello Cyprian, tank a lot for your job !
    Can you share me the modified bios for Sapphire Pulse RX 570 ITX ?

    I don’t find what you say


    • Hey @arthurriehl:disqus , didnt had the time to test it really :/ the gpu is next to me, right now i am testing nitro+ rx 580 8gb limited edition, will do that right after.. i know many is expecting this and also do i! 😀

  • Christopher Aaron Brownlee

    I have the Asus rx580 dual oc 4gb and I have not been able to successfully overclock them.

    • Spice Pearls

      Have you able to OC now?

      • Christopher Aaron Brownlee

        no, actually having trouble keeping them running at stock. 5 can dual mine stable but I was having one stick up on opencl. So i turned dual mining off for that card and it has ran for 2 days now. stock bios. running ~2.8mh/s. each

  • Maguary

    Someone tried disable ROPs? This can be a a huge game changer in TDP, i have one 290x with disabled ROPs, unbeatable!

  • Picoskop

    Does anyone have a original BIOS for Sapphire rx 570 pulse ITX with micron memory i have accidentally put a BIOS from hynix memory and forgot to make backup of original BIOS 🙁 If there is any kind soul that would like to send me one thank you in advance 🙂

  • Ivanov

    I have one question. What are the bios settings for rx570 strix 4GB?Or if you have rom file for this card it will be great.


  • Pierre Lebeau

    Hello , i Just bought 4 Sapphire Pulse RX 570 ITX version , i would like to know which frequencies do you use in the bios? And if you can undervot them?

    • Cornelius Ee

      Copy 1500 to above. This card no idea why it takes more power to run. Try 825mv core. 1110/2040 u will get about 28mh/s. The card run cool thou

      • alex_lazarev

        I’m getting stable 28.4 at 1130/2050, Hynux

      • Pierre Lebeau

        Ok thanks

  • Maicon Battassini

    Could anyone help me with the Aorus 4GB RX570?
    I wonder if anyone has the biosmodode?
    I’m thinking of buying because the nitro series here is very expensive.
    Does it really earn 29MH / s?

    • Cornelius Ee

      Was running 1120/2050 about 29mh/s+ it’s the best card I’ve ever own. Hynix mem chip. Running 825mv core. 1000mv mem only take 80watt

      • TP

        hello, i have the same card, Aorus 4GB RX570, and for some reason I was only able to bring one of the cards I have to 29Mh/s even though both (exact same cards) are using the same BIOS.. Do you know what could be the reason? 🙁

        • Spawn


          I have the same card. Modded bios with 1500 strips copied to above. 24,7 mhs ( eth only , claymore ) with stock core 1280 and memclock 1750. Driver used : Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23. Every time i get pass these settings ( OC ) the rig is becoming unstable. Any tips 😀 ? Please.

  • bjrnj

    you got any data for Dualmining (ETH+Sia or ETH+Decred) for Sapphire RX 570 PULSE ITX 4GB?
    They are 180€ where I live. RX 580 Pulse 8GB (on which you did a BIOS mod tutorial) are 260€.
    If the Hashrates arent that much lower on dual mining it could be worth it for me to save 480€ on Hardware.
    All numbers I found are for Solomining ETH (28-29 MH/s)

    best regards and thank you for your great work!

  • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

    Hi people! Do you guys biosmodded XFX RX570 4GB RS? How much is your Hashrate? I can’t find any guide about this one! Need help.


    • Cornelius Ee

      Got those cards from amazon. It hashes 27.5mh/s. 1500 strap. Underclock it to 0.85v core keep 1000mv on memory. Running 1100/1950

      • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

        Do you use ethminer to benchmark your hashrate? Which command do you use?

        Thanks a lot!

        • Cornelius Ee

          Using claymore to mine and test stability before moving to simplemining os

  • Timebomb1

    Have the ASUS ROG STRIX RX 570 4GB ….can it be modded ? Getting very slow speeds with card stock. Using freshcopy copy of unbuntu.. Thinking of returning it

    • Luis Liao

      What is your hashrate on each card?

  • Cyprian

    Hello, I want to build my own rig for mining Ethereum and I have concerns about GPUs.
    Cheapest GPUs in Poland are currently 570 with price around 240$. Unfortunately all 480 sold out or have sick prices on second market.
    Should I go with Pulse or Aorus?

    Is it even worth starting with, let’s say 3×570?

  • Timebomb1

    Any successful modding on an Asus Radeon RX570?

  • Dave Walker

    Part finished my 7 GPU rig last weekend (looking to run 9 GPUs on a Z270 mobo), running ASUS RX 570 Expedition OC 4G (with Micron RAM).
    Fresh from the box on EthOS I get a solid 21MH/s on all of them.
    With the clock settings from the config (i.e. no BIOS update) I get 23MH/s (1180/1950) but I get more memory errors and the odd card will flick into standby mode (300MHz) and to give it a kick I have to reboot the whole rig, so overall hashes after the down time from reboot > increased hash so I have gone back to factory settings.
    I am looking to do a memshift BIOS and maybe a power save BIOS over the weekend to see if I can push it up to the 28-30 MH/s mark others seem to get from these boards – see if I can get them without card crashes too!

    • Dave Walker

      Couple of things – 1 GPU on its own maxes out higher than 7, but it’s not a big drop. Below is for a single GPU
      Factory Fresh: 21.25MH/s
      1500 straps: 23.5MH/s
      1500 straps, and OC 1130/1950 GPU/MEM: 25.75

      I haven’t had enough time to say how stable it now is, but it seems pretty good so far (2 hrs)

      With more aggressive OC and some voltage control so the power drops and the mem-clock stays stable (not updated the BIOS for that yet and need it set at BIOS level for EthOS).

      • Spice Pearls

        Have you got any change to test ASUS card to be stable? I have Asus 580 O4G with Elpida memory and getting same as 24.5 with modded bios (1500 Straps)

        • Dave Walker

          The one card I have updated with the 90 TDC(W) BIOS seems ok, but I haven’t pushed the clocks up anymore yet.
          I can get 25MH/s with 1180/1950 but 1 card of the 7 will fail over the course of a day, which isn’t stable enough for me.
          As soon as I hit 2000+ on the men clock I got lots of fails pretty fast.
          For ETH, the mem clock makes a lot more difference than the GPU clock, but I find if I turn the GPU down too far they fail more often and the hash rate drops off pretty fast after 1130MHz on the GPU. If the new BIOS on the one is still up tonight (UK time) I will flash the rest of the cards and tweak the OC settings some more to see what I can get.

          • Spice Pearls

            Thanks, Please share the update…

          • Dave Walker

            Got the same issue with the 1500 straps & 90w BIOS – a couple of the cards can hit 1130/1980 but a number fail at 1130/1960+
            I can’t get any card to run for more than 5 minutes with the mem clock over 2000.

          • Dave Walker

            So the 1425 and 1375 straps don’t help over the 1500: 1 of the 7 GPUs dropped to sub 10MH/s the other 6 were at the same hash rate and would crash sooner at various clock rates.
            1500, 1425 and 1375 straps running 880mV on the memory side in the BIOS (I can’t set GPU/core voltage via BIOS yet) all run same hash rate and slightly lower power and still crash with anything over 1980MHz on the memory clock… maybe that setting does nothing.

  • Vlad Mokrenko

    Hello! Have you had a chance to test the Asus Strix RX 580 08G card?

    I would appreciate if you could give me some advise regarding maximizing the card’s performance for ETH mining. It looks like I am currently running at about 25 mh/s with 140W GPU only draw according to MSI’s Afterburner. All this is with factory default settings.

    Please let me know what do you think I should try running memory/clock wise, as well as voltage etc. And I would also appreciate suggestions regarding properly modding bios of this card.

    Thank you!

  • Nate Tunningley

    since the 470s are out of stock what card do you recommend now?

  • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De


  • Pierre Lebeau

    Hi guys i got a question, if my riser is powered by the psu , did I still need to power the gpu on the psu? Since I only got 4cards what do you recommand ? My pay is a lepa max bron 1000 and has 2gpu slots.

    Thanks a lot

    • Yes you will have to power the GPUs with PCIe cables as well.

      • Pierre Lebeau

        Wow ok i don’t know how to plug everything bit I will try XD

        • Pierre Lebeau

          My psu don’t have enough slots ima use splitters

      • Pierre Lebeau

        Oh… and i.e. i use thé Molex to sata to plug the riser I will have enough slots on my psu to power the gpu with splitters? Which splitters do you recommend? I was splitting 8 pin psu to Molex for risers but now I need to split them for gpu … so is sata to risers ok?

        Thank you very much

  • Jimanio Jimanio

    @c@ciprianpt:disqus What bios mod did you use for your MSI RX 580 8GB GAMING X?

    I got these cards with Hynix memory and I can’t even get them stable to 28 mh/s.

    First, I used the 2nd set of straps (because 1st set is only for micron/samsung) and when I put the 1500 to all above timings my card really messes up big time even with below average 1150/2100 MSI afterburner settings. (~24 mh/s)

    Secondly, I tried it with 1750 straps to the above timings and it runs 28 mh/s but really unstable also at around 1150/2100

    Can you send the bios mod or explain to me what straps u changed to get this card 30-31 mh/s?

    Once again so much appreciation for all this knowledge and help (also from others)!!


    • Hi, i did not yet tested this card 🙁 cannot find where to buy it.. send it to me for tests 😛

      • Jimanio Jimanio

        lol, ouch.. thats a painfull one. But you said you know for sure it can run 30 mh/s right? cause normally it is just 2nd set of straps from 1500 to 1625-1750-2000-2250 right?
        (or if all else fails like 1625 and up or 1750 and up)

        We talking about the same card aye? —>

        • Copy from 1750 to 2000 and 2250 that’s it 🙂 1150/2250, should do the trick!

          • Jimanio Jimanio

            Ah alright, have you tested this yourself now or is it a guess? Isnt 1750 straps only for micron and samsung… because I got Hynix. And only the 2nd set of straps right?

            On another forum I saw programmers tweak different modded biosses to actually get this card to work 30mh/s+ stable. So will try one of those as well.

            Wil post both results tomorrow. Once again thanks alot!!

  • Gezi Murat Yeneroglu

    Asus Strix ROG 570 22/28 Mh for ETH,110w, cooling not good as 470s goes to 75c but Asus 470s runs at 66-70c. Very good writing, thnx

  • Sardor Islomov

    I have choice, which one is good Rx 480 or Rx 580

  • Fuad saba

    Any difference in hash rate between the ROG-STRIX-RX580-O8G-GAMING and the

  • Vinicius Bolonha

    Does anyone have the biosmod of the Rx 570 Aorus 4gb?
    Or do you have some tutorial to do?

  • Marcos Vinicius Scholl

    Hello, I bought a Radeon Rx 580 Gaming X Msi, I would like to know if there is any 1stminingrig tutorial that I can follow for the Bios Mod of this board.
    Is the same Bios Mod for all RX 580 8gb? Your work is very good, help many people ! I’m grateful.

  • TP

    I flashed both graphics card but one is stuck at 24MH/s while the other is at 28MH/s… Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
    Both cards are RX 570s (exact same cards)

    • what clocks ?

      • TP

        This was a problem because I plugged a 6 pin cable on a 8 pin slot. Assuming PSU is sufficient, the issue can be fixed with a 6 to 8 (6+2) pin adapter 🙂

  • Rizza Roberto

    Hello again… can you help me to see if my GPU is dead? Thanks!!!
    In the device manager says error 43 (windows stop the device because have a problem). I try just wuth only this gpu but nothing. I also try with just 2 gpus but nothing. I try the card in another rig but nothing.

    • driver version ? used pixel patch ?

      • Rizza Roberto

        i use your mixed drivers (6 gpu rig). I have other 2 rigs with the same config and they work good. I also try to put this card in another rig but the same. I try pixel patch but nothing. I try to get the bios from another same card and put on it but nothing. The strange thing is that when i open atiflash the problematic card do not say RX580 like others but POLARIS 10. I’m going crazy. I can send back to amazon but the problem is that for sure they have not another card to send to me and i need it.

        • hmm flash back original bios, uninstall drivers with ddu, reinstall combined drivers.. test with ati patch if needed.. usually not..

      • Rizza Roberto

        Sorry for my english!!!

  • Pierre Lebeau

    Hi , is thé lepamax bron 1000 psu good enough for 4 graphics cards ?

    • yeah.. should be ok

      • Pierre Lebeau

        well no XD i cant power my gpu there is not enough slots

  • Gaato

    hi man. This tutorial works for this two GPU???????


    MSI RX 570 4Gb DDR5 GAMING X

    Best regars!

  • Imran khan

    Can i use Sapphire rx470 3x and sapphire rx580 3x GPUs in one rig.. i mean can i mixed with different model in one rig? Can any one explain me?

    • Alexander Stephani

      i think it works

      but i don’t know… ordered today 4 rx 580 8 gb special edition in blue and put it together with 2 rx 470 nitro+ 4 gb when they arrive

  • Yhonico Alam Ch

    Need help, i just bought 6 RX470 and they’re hashing at 19mh/s per card,
    i try this method and its not working, even worse I can’t overclock it,
    i try using apps like msi afterburner but all of the option is grayed
    out, how to fix this, my card is powercolor with hynix memory

  • Simon Hersche

    Hi there,

    Is it really true that the RX 570 4.0GB can deliver 29+Mh/s with modded Bios?
    I need to know in order to decide which card I should buy. I’m planning to build my first ETH 6 cards rig. I’m thinking about ordering one of the following cards:

    SAPPHIRE RX 570 Pulse ITX, 4.0GB for $210.
    SAPPHIRE RX 570 Pulse, 4.0GB for $210.
    SAPPHIRE RX 570 Nitro+, 4.0GB for $230.
    SAPPHIRE RX 570 Nitro+, 8.0GB for $260.
    SAPPHIRE RX 580 Pulse, 4.0GB for $230.
    SAPPHIRE RX 580 Pulse, 8.0GB for $275.

    If it’s true that the RX 570 Pulse 4.0GB can deliver 29+Mh/s, I think it’ll be my choice, since the RX 580’s can only put out marginally more (30-31Mh/s). I’m greatful for advice and suggestions.

    • Hi, i already answered to your questions 🙂

  • Aserehe Heresea

    hi all, can anyone help me ?
    i have msi rx 570 gaming x 4 gb wwith elpida memory and i already search all forum that moded or OC only got max 25 mh/s
    i already copy straps memory from 1:1500 to 1:1650 – 1:2000 and 2 :1500 to 2:1650 – 2:2000 but still same

    • Hi, you copied wrong. Copy from 1:1500 to 1:1625, 1:1750, 1:2000.

      • Aserehe Heresea

        Also same can’t throught 28mhs

        • You will have to set -dcri , if you are mining ethereum only add in .bat file -dcri 1 , if you are mining eth + dcr add -dcri 23 and if you mine eth + sia then set it to -dcri 17

  • Hernan Diaz

    hi, thanks for the blog is very usefull, but i have a problem that cant find an answer.
    I buy reciently a xfx rx 580 and out of the box it’s give me aprox 13Mhz for Eth and in 180HZ for Zcash, i tried differents drivers (all oficial, download from msi) and i’m mining in minergate.

    The gui doesn’t work, download DAG and then crash, in some cases restart windows, (also tried in ubuntu). I only can mine from console and get a low hasrate, as i said before (13Mhz for Eth and 180Hz for Zcash).

    Can somenone have an idea?, maybe i need to change the bios?, to night i will prove with another pool, maybe is that

    • try mining with claymore, minergate is not that optimized.

  • Facundo Sacovechi

    Hello guys can someone bring me a BIOS for my RX 570 saphire ? Thanks you guys

  • Gurpreet Singh

    I bought 6 MSI RX 580 8gb GamingX GPUs, and surprisingly they give only 22.3 MH/s per card. My Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8Gb on other rig give 24.5 MH/s.
    I read some comments and they say cards give 27-28 MH/s. What is wrong with my cards ? 22.3 MH/s is way too less and moreover they costed me very high because of shortage of cards.
    Please suggest.

    • You will have to edit the BIOS for each GPU to achieve that hashrate

      • Gurpreet Singh

        Thanks for the reply! Can you suggest me a link to a “stable” mod bios for MSI RX 580 8gb Gaming X cards. I tried to overclock it through MSI Afterburner, but after few minutes of mining, it crashes. I badly need one stable bios, mainly because I bought these cards at high price, and without editing bios, even my ROI would take a long time. I don’t expect the cards to run at 27 mh/s or 30 mh/s, just 25 mh/s is sufficient. Thanks in advance.

        • You will have to copy straps from 1750 to higher and that’s it 🙂

  • Robert TilleyJr

    Hi, I have a RX580 8G, Red Devil Golden Sample. I am looking for straps for the 2200 and 2250 timing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now I have: 777000000000000022CC1C00106A6D4DD0571016B90D060C006AE70014051420FA8900A0030000001B11333DC0303A17
    –in the 2000 and 2250 timings.

    I tried: 777000000000000022CC1C0031F67E57F05711193FCFB60D006C070124081420FA8900A0030000001E123A46DB354019
    –in the 2250 timing, and can get to 2250 without an issue, but the mh/s is lower than I can get with the previous config. My thought is If I had slightly tighter timings, in the 2250 range, I could get the most out of the card. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Pingi Pongi

    Hi everybody, does anyone has vbios mod for Sapphire rx570 8gb nitro+ and maybe cpu/mem clocks…

    Thank you for help!

  • Laurenţiu Derecichei

    Salut @ciprianpt:disqus cum te pot contacta pentru niste intrebari ?

  • Tjiu Tjien

    When u try Powercolor AXRX red dragon 570 4gb ? I have too much T,T.

  • Mike

    Hey Ciprian / all,

    Got a bit of an issue here. I have 2 Sapphire RC570 8GB Nitro+ cards. Out of the box I’m getting 23-24 MH/s and up to 26 with overclocking to 2160.

    Pulled out one of the cards and followed the video above – no issues and got 29 MH/s without issue. Swapped out the cards and performed the BIOS mod on the 2nd card – no issues. Combined both cards and things went down the toilet. Windows detected problems and AMD Settings wouldn’t launch, miner gave No OpenGL – no AMD cards detected. Swapped out cards, reinstalled drivers – no change. Had to resort back to original BIOS to get them back to working at 23 MH/s.

    So now that we’re back to square one, ATI Flash won’t launch – unable to read ROM, and AMD settings don’t seem to affect both hashrates – just one. So I can get one card to hash at 26 MH/s but the other stays at 23 regardless of settings.


    • Hey @disqus_kcxq3YsbiJ:disqus , what is the driver version.. is the combined or the latest? Try applying the patch for bios signature, it should work.. let me know!

      • Mike


        Driver was the latest available from AMD – I actually had to run the installer a second time when I added the 2nd card originally. I also ran a clean install and reinstalled the same driver over again. I also ran the patch during the BIOS mod (each time) as well as after both cards were introduced to the system.

        • Sorry for the delay..Still with problems ?

          • Mike

            I haven’t re-tried a BIOS mod since this post. My concern is making the BIOS modifications again on multiple GPUs and needing to re-apply the original. Does it matter that this is for Sapphire?

          • Mike

            Update: I’ve re-applied the BIOS mod and applied to all 3 cards. At the first reboot, 2 cards I was able to overclock to 29 MH/s but the 3rd remained at 24. The PC crashed/rebooted and now I have one card running at 29 MH/s and the other 2 fluctuate between 22-24. I’ve dropped the clock memory to 1000 and it dropped the hashrate to 18 MH/s. I tried to increase it again to 2150 and it still refused to get past 24 MH/s.


          • Mike

            I tried to reply to this earlier but I don’t see my post….

            I have re-applied the BIOS mod and I now have 3 580 cards all with the same BIOS mod. One card is hashing at 29 but the other 2 cards are hashing at 24 MH/s.

            I’ve tried altering the overclocking on the other 2 cards with no change in the hashrate. Help?

          • Have you also tried to set the clocks from miner file ?

          • Mike

            How do you mean? I’m currently using Awesome Miner rather than using the CLI Claymore. Awesome Miner requires a paid version to allow access to those other features.

            I can try the CLI options if you assist with the syntax 🙂

          • Mike

            Couple items….

            Downloaded Claymore Miner and ran it with the following statement:

            EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x446~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~40e137110.cdnminer1 -tt 80 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2130

            See screenshot – it ran for a bit at 23.x MH/s then AMD/Radeon Settings showed an error and said it went to defaults then the miner went to 0 MH/s for GPU 0 and the other 2 ran at 27.x MH/s

            I did remove the variable GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 – had to do it in Awesome Miner as well

            Each time I tried running Claymore the PC blue screened.



          • Since it is Micron memory, you should lower mem clock to make it stable.. Micron doesn’t handle high OC as the Samsung or Hynix ones..

          • Mike

            Hi Ciprian,

            Here are the clock values set in Afterburner:
            For the Micron cards: 1240 / 2150
            Hynix: 1100 / 2200

            What I found interesting was changing the Core Voltage slider in Afterburner didn’t change the power consumption as shown in GPU-Z

            I’ll drop the memory a bit and test – update to follow.

          • Mike

            Hi Ciprian,

            The saga continues….

            I actually got the rig humming along nicely by dropping the memory speeds as suggested – unfortunately they were only hashing at about 28.5 each but I took it.

            Then I got hit with Ransomware…

            I got the rig rebuilt and re-flashed the cards’ BIOS but now I can’t get Afterburner to work for the life of me. I’ve uninstalled Afterburner, used the driver uninstall utility in safe mode, re-installed everything and still no go.

            None of the sliders will move – they’re kinda greyed out. I even dropped to one GPU – still nothing.


          • what is the driver version ?

          • Mike

            Latest – 17.7.2 – same as they were before.

            I tried earlier versions but they didn’t seem to install the driver correctly and Windows never detected the card as AMD.

          • Mike

            Hi Ciprian,

            Doesn’t look like my last reply made it through. I installed the latest Crimson 17.6.2 on both rigs – neither of them allow me to change Afterburner settings. On the one rig I thought it was due to having an RX 580 and an RX 560 in the same rig but then the same thing happened in the main rig with all RX 570s.


          • Mike

            Crimson 17.6.2

          • Mike

            Hi Ciprian / fellow miners,

            So here’s another update….

            System setup:
            Windows 7 Pro – fully patched
            Latest Crimson AMD driver installed – less AMD settings
            Using MSI Afterburner to set overclock speeds/saving profiles
            2 x Sapphire Nitro + 8GB (Micron) cards connected to mobo
            1 x Sapphire Nitro + 8GB (Micron) card connected via USB riser
            1 x Sapphire Nitro + 8GB (Hynix) card connected via USB riser

            Applied Anorak.Tech’s BIOS mod for power saving for the Micron cards – copying 1750 straps forward. The Hynix card I had to do manually.

            Individual testing shows 28.5 ish on the Micron cards and 26.25 on the Hynix.

            Issue – system continually crashes. The few times I witnessed it, Windows claimed a driver error and settings were reset. This initially just affects one of the cards but it eventually makes the miner restart and the system reboots.


          • Hi, have you tried to lower the memory?

          • Mike

            Memory Clock speed you mean? I think its sitting at 2100 right now (on the Micron cards) – will check tonight.

      • Mike

        Sorry – thought I replied already. I downloaded the latest from AMD. I actually had to re-run the installer when I added the 2nd card. The patch exe was run each time for each card. As I mentioned, the first card was hashing very well at 29/30 MH/s but when both cards combined were in the box, I couldn’t run them. Additional issue though – I though about trying to mode the BIOS on both cards while both were installed in the box – but I can’t even run ATI Flash app now.

      • Mike

        I did apply the patch – driver is 17.6.2. I should also mention I had a typo in my original post – I’m running 3 cards, not 2. I also disabled sync across cards in Trixx and disabled CrossFire in AMD settings. That seemed to allow me more control on at least one card. What’s weird is changing the clock speed on 2 of the cards have no affect at all. Now if I drop the clock speed to say 800, then my hash rate drops to 18. But otherwise it never gets past 24 despite having the same modded BIOS as the card hashing at 29.

  • Kianvash Ghahari

    Hi guys, I am deciding to make a rig for mining with 5x 570 gpus(in my city there is only asus strix 4gb brand and i live in iran so amazon or ebay noy reachable but on the other hand electricity price is almost 0 in dollars, 0.001$) , I need you guys to tell if it is still a good time to mine ethereum and if I have a good chance to get back my money(maybe even dual mine with claymore) , because I have to borrow the money from my dad and give it back after 6-7 month and in my country it would cost about 3000 bucks.
    The reason I ask this is because they say ethereum is gonna be pos so we wont be able to mine it anymore, and I dont know any other altcoin to mine with the rig Im gonna buy to be able to get back my money. I REALLY hope you give me good news.

  • Umar Nazar

    Really quick question , anyone.
    I am able to find H81 pro BTC v1.0, not v2.0 , should I buy it or go for v.2,
    what is the difference.
    I have been searching hard online but couldn’t find an answer.

  • Pav

    Hi Ciprian,

    Sorry to bother again!

    I have MSI Radeon RX 580 Hynix 8Gb, currently I have copied down the straps from 2:1750 down to 2000 and 2250, and from my stock of 22.5 on claymore, it went up to 24.3. After overclocking the memory to 2100, Im able to reach a hashrate of 26.2, but anything above that my rig restarts.

    Can you suggest anything else I could try? Should I copy the 1:1750 straps down as well? Also perhaps try a completely modded ROM? Or is this the max I should hope for?

    • What is the memory type of the gpu ? Have you also tried 1: ?

  • Christoffer Abrahamsen Miranda

      Is it possible to send me bios asus expedition radeon rx 570 oc Hynix / 4gb

  • Andrea Armani

    I have a rx 570 msi armor oc what could be a good overclock level for have a stable system ?

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    thank you for your help

  • Hello everyone.
    Ethereum: stock 22.4 Mh/s ; bios mod + oc 30.5 Mh/s (dual)
    What do you mean (dual)?

  • Michele Costa

    Hi, i desperately need the original bios ROM for the RX 570 4 gb PULSE with MICRON memory, somebody have it? also the modified one it’s ok….

  • Michele Costa

    Hi there! I need your help! I’ve lost my bios of the RX 570 PULSE 4 GB with MICRON memory!! Can somebody help me?!? I need the original bios or also the modded one.. thanks!

  • Alexander Gabriel

    Salut, esti cumva roman ? Am o idee interesanta. Ti-am citit posturile si vad ca esti foarte documentat. Vreau sa iti cer niste pareri sau chiar mai mult daca o sa ti se para interesant ce am de spus.

    • Salut, da.. scuze de intarziere 🙂

      • Alexander Gabriel

        Stai linistit.
        Initial am crezut ca nu vrei sa vorbesti romaneste si mi-ai sters comentariul… nu il mai vedeam 🙂
        Incerc sa pun la punct un proiect legat de minat. Ce am in cap nu exista. Crezi ca am putea purta vreo conversatie undeva, cumva, candva ? Ti s-ar putea parea interesant.

        • Da desigur, lasa un numar de telefon prin pagina de contact.

          • Alexander Gabriel

            Te-am contactat si ti-am lasat numarul

  • jonidimo

    what about the 295×2 and the 390x?

  • Alan Dike

    Have xfx rx570, seeing 27.2 memshifted , 2100, 1150. Roughly 115 watt according to gpuz.

  • Mike

    Hi Ciprian,

    Have a new mining rig could use your / the group’s help with.

    Cards are MSI RX 580 – no Gaming/Armor etc. Original BIOS only has 0:400 thru 0:2250 timings – no 1:xxxx or 2:xxxx.

    I’ve attempted copying 1750 to 2000, 1500 to all others, 1625 to 2000 etc. I get varying results with stock hashrates (IE without overclocking with Afterburner) – best one so far is with 1750 copied to 2000 and I get 24.09 MH/s. The moment I attempt ANY overclocking with memory or core clock values, the hashrate drops to 19.x MH/s

    Is 24 the best I’m going to get with these cards? Is it possible to use another BIOS (one with 1:xxxx and/or 2:xxxx timings) with these cards?

    Side note – doesn’t look like the power consumption can change either – unless that’s another BIOS mod?


    • Greg Stoll

      Same card Same problem do you have 4gb are 8gb ? Most I get in like 23.8 on a 4 gig I get like 25 if i change to -dcri 20 in claymore and I’ll output 400-450ish on decred the only thing I have found out good about this card is when you brick it like I did it has a duel bios that you can switch next to power connector 😂😂😂

  • 0rb1q

    Please confirm working drivers , OC, Bios for MSI RX 580 8GB Samsung.
    Is it stable 75-80W and ~30 MH/S ?

    I can buy rig of 6GPU and I don’t want to have problem with Samsung drop hashrate.

    Thank you.

  • djminer

    I have the Sapphire Pulse RX 570 ITX version with Hynix memory ?I would like to flash the BIOS , Ethereum: stock 20.4 Mh/s ,need the driver and how moded the bios and oc to get Ethereum: stock 28 Mh/s.
    thank you

  • Vince

    Has anyone had any luck with VISIONTEK RX 580 8GB OC? I cannot achieve over 23Mh/s. I’ve modified BIOS timings similar to other hynix memory guides found on this website which gave me an extra 3Mh/s. I’m on Windows 10 and driver version 17.7.2. I’ve been tweaking for a week now…

  • willieb85

    Is this also to do with ethos system? Same following and download for bios and overclock ?? Gigabyte 570 4gb hyixx memory i have.. now 22 mhs

  • Hussam Alyaghshi (HMY)

    I have RX 580 8Gb, but I never reach 25 mh/s! Why and what I should to do?

  • Hal2001

    Question from a Noob.. I got 2 RX580’s working in a ‘rig’ build around a B250 Gaming K4 Mobo from Asrock using SGminer-GM v5.
    successful testing I bought 3 additional GPU’s. When placing the first
    of these in the setup using risercards the new GPU is not recognized.
    updated drivers and toyed around with the BIOS settings (combinations
    of Tolud & PCIE gen 1-3, auto. No succes. The original GPU’s are
    mining great. The new ones are still not working.
    Any suggestions or a usefull walkthrough on the B250 Gaming K4 with multiple GPU’s would be appreciated very much!!

  • Hal2001

    Hi, Thnx for the suggestions made 🙂 Seems my B250 Gaming K4 mobo does
    not provide options to change this 4G decoding setting (or I overlooked
    However, after enlarging pagefile settings in OS &
    installing newest GPU drivers the system runs & RX580 GPU are all five
    Next issue: when running my miningscript the system freezes. It did run with three GPU’s.
    I will try adjusting the PCIE settings. Any (other) recommendations? Current setting: Tolud 3.5 & PCIE all auto.


    i have problem with Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 Hynix memory cards. I am getting extreamly low out box hash rate only 18-19 Mhs. Even over clocking also does not changing hashrate.
    I am using claymore dual miner with Ethereum+ Decred. When i use Ethereum only mode, hash rate increase little bit ( 20 Mhs) but not much.

    No BIOS moded. Just brand new cards. I have seen many people mentioned that normaly RX 570 gives around 22-23 Mhs out of box. Am i doing someting wrong? Can anyone please let me know any solution to this problem? I am relatively very new to mining.
    Really appreciate help

    • What driver are you using ?


        I am using ” Crimson 17.11.1/Win7 64 drivers.
        Today i tried to mod the bios and still the same results, even with moded BIOS.

  • ben ismail Wassim

    Hello again everyone,

    I was trying to overclock my RX 580 4 GB Elpida GPU but no improvement at all in performance.
    I have noticed that whatever I do the core volatege never changes and is always locked at 0 mV. Any one had this issue please and can help me ? ?

    • Have you unlocked voltage control from settings?

      • ben ismail Wassim

        yes but I have no controle on the Core vol

  • Johnny_P

    Good afternoon,

    I buy two types of video-cards for mining:
    1. Gigabyte Aorus Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 256bit;
    2. Gigabyte Aorus GeForce GTX 1060 Xtreme Edition 6GB GDDR5

    Based on what I read on this blog, I can conclude that AMD video-card offer more better performance than NVidia (I refer here strictly to my video-cards types). In this moment I have only 2, but the next month I will buy more (3 from each type) because my rig will contains at the end 8 video-cards.

    What is unclear for me: where I can found (or how maybe) the processor producer for my cards ? How I read along of my research Samsung processor is the best for mining.

    I waiting with higher interest your feedback with advice or remarks.
    Keep in touch.
    Kind regards.

    • Hi, you can check that with GPU-z

      • Johnny_P

        Thank you for feedback @ciprianpt:disqus
        Unfortunately, I forget to specified that as system operation I will use Linux (Ubuntu).
        But how I can know/found a way in which to discover before to buy an video-card their memory producer ? (ex. Samsung, Hynix, and so on …)

  • Icaro Naser (mokuro89)

    How do you know how much can you undervolt the gpu? can I keep lowering till crash? should undervolt or underclock be done first? would like to squeeze the max economy on energy here out of my RX570 Pulse . thx

    • Hi, first set the clocks, underclock and then do the undervolt 🙂 yes.. until crashes 😀

  • Jaime Peñuela

    good please I need help me I have a rx 580 gaming x 8 gb memory samsung and only I vote 22 mh / s I understand that I should vote 29 or 30 mh / s but I can not find the solution I hope your prompt response

    • Hi, is this MSI ?

      • Jaime Peñuela

        yes is this msi why?

      • Jaime Peñuela

        yes is this msi

    • Dane Hooper

      I rolled back AMD drivers from current online ones to “Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23”
      Went from 24-25Mh/s to 28-30Mh/s (Overclocked Ram & Underclocked Freq Core Mv) on Claymore Miner.

      Sapphire RX580 Nitro + Micron Ram.

  • Paulo Almeida

    Not correct. i Have Pulse at 2250 only drains 130W not 250W fakes specs

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