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Upcoming Ethereum Hard Fork

As most of you know new hard fork will be finished today at block 2463000 expected to be reached on Tuesday October 18th 2016 PDT

During the last couple of weeks, the Ethereum network has been the target of a sustained attack. The attacker(s) have been very crafty in locating vulnerabilities in the client implementations as well as the protocol specification.


While the recent patches have led to an overall increased resiliency in the client implementations, the attacks have also demonstrated that a lower-level change to the EVM pricing model is needed.


For many users, the most visible consequence is probably that they are having difficulties getting transactions included in blocks, and full nodes are facing memory limitations in managing the bloated state.

The fork introduces changes to help protect against the recent DOS attacks on the network. The fork is expected to go very smoothly with the DOS-protected fork quickly becoming the dominant chain while the old vulnerable chain quickly dies out.

HOLD your trades or transactions while hard fork is in process.

For more details check Ethereum Blog FAQ post

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