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Crypto Mining to Help UNICEF Save Human Lives in Syria

While most of us mine for profit, we also know that mining is crucial to keep the cryptocurrency-based financial system on float. By mining, we basically do some sort of social work. Today, we’ve got an opportunity to employ our gaming and mining rigs to contribute even more to society and help those who are in real need.

UNICEF is raising funds to help people in Syria and it invites everyone with a GPU to help them raise funds through mining.

Unlike Charity-aimed ICOs, this opportunity allows you to contribute to a good cause without the need of buying tokens or spending money directly. This opportunity is about changing your mining wallet address to one mentioned below for at least a day and mine some coins to help UNICEF’s mission in Syria.

Why Syria?

If you have the mentality of giving back, you probably have already checked which charity organizations accept cryptos. There are thousands of countries and world organizations that needs your support and could benefit from your contribution. That being said, Syria definitely stands out of the crowd.

According to UNICEF, Syrian children have been suffering in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. We are talking about more than 8.3 million children that have been struggling to get their basic needs fulfilled for seven years now.

Besides those children, there are 13.5 million people in Syria and bordering countries who are in need of vital emergency and those numbers keep growing. The conflict is taking a huge toll on the population and it’s time to act fast in order to prevent more human beings dying from thirst, hunger and diseases.

Syria needs your help because no one else seems to care enough about the worst humanitarian crisis that is going on on the planet right now. Apparently, few people are aware that there are so many homeless children dying on the streets of Syria. Charity organizations that work in Syria need financial help and here is where you and I can help.

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UNICEF is doing a lot to help millions of people in the area in the following fields:

  • Water and hygiene
  • Education
  • Children’s protection
  • Health

Their priority is to support those children who live in the most dangerous and hard-to-reach areas.

How You Can Help Today

UNICEF is calling out the gaming community to give them a helping hand. Every gamer and mining rig owner is welcome to set up their GPUs to mine for UNICEF’s ETH wallet. All of those funds go to help those who are suffering the most from the conflict in Syria and bordering countries.

Those of us who have mining rigs can simply change the output address to the one by UNICEF, which is:


Those of you who are gamers can install the Claymore miner and mine as much or as little as you see fit. After all, the good thing about mining is that you can make a change without investing a lot. Just follow those three simple steps.

You can also donate by credit card or PayPal, or directly send ETH to UNICEF’s wallet address:


Personally, I will switch all of my mining rigs to mine for them for a couple of days. This will not make me bankrupt and maybe this will save a life somewhere on the other side of the globe, who knows. I invite you to do the same.

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How to become a Game CHAINger

If you already have your Claymore miner configured, you can simply just replace Ethereum address “0x29165d4a5eE555b3B47FA7d4772f35FE41dB2769

Please spread the word to fellow miners and gamers. Let’s make this world a better place.

Important note: For those of you who are gamers and would like to mine for UNICEF, make sure you clean/vacuum your GPU before starting mining. Ethereum mining will make your GPU run at 100% for hours non-stop, so you better make sure beforehand that your heatsinks are clean and nothing is obstructing the airflow.

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