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Minebox Has Been Officially Launched

It’s been some time since Minebox team launched mass production of their Minebox units. Some days ago, the first ten units were shipped to customers.

It took some time for the devs to complete and test the software plus design and start manufacturing the hardware, but the wait was worth it.

The day the units were shipped, the Minebox NAS (Network Attached Storage) went online for the first time. The same day, they’ve announced the LIVE Beta mode too.

Since Minebox is still rather a small company, they can only manufacture up to 10 units per day. They’re trying to improve the rate so customers who have preordered the hardware can start to profit from it as soon as possible.

Those of you who have preordered your Minebox units will be the first ones to step on the arena and will definitely enjoy the most benefits. Minebox Team started by manufacturing and shipping the 8TB models first. The 16TB ones are the next in the queue.

Batch Two

People who have preordered their Mineboxes will receive units from batch one. That is the batch that is being manufactured now at the rate of about 10 units a day. Once the orders are fulfilled, Minebox team will start manufacturing Batch Two.

You can join Batch Two by clicking here: (

About Minebox

Minebox IT Services GmbH is a small company located in Austria. They’re partnered with SIA to make decentralized cloud storage accessible to everyone. The company manufactures Mineboxes – pieces of hardware that include hard disk drives for data storage and an integrated circuit with the required software to automate P2P data back up and storage.

By owning a Minebox, you can mine SIA coin for profit while enjoying decentralized cloud storage of your data.

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In Conclusion

I’m glad that yet another product for a blockchain-based solution has been successfully launched. Pre-ordering gear from small and starting companies can be risky sometimes, which is why I’m glad that people who invested into Minebox got their products as expected. Decentralized cloud storage is the future and companies like Minebox do a great job by pioneering new technologies and working on ways to help people get into the new system.

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