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Innosilicon A4+ Review – Scrypt ASIC Miner Confirmed?

There is some news for those of you who have recently preordered Innosilicon A4 Litecoin miners.

According to its official website, the company is about to release a new ASIC – the Innosilicon A4+. The miner is not available for sale directly. Instead, it is offered as an upgrade for those who have already pre-ordered their A4’s.

The upgraded version of the miner apparently features about 10% improvement in power efficiency. The new miner is still on development and will be shipped in November or December of this year.

Innosilicon A4+ Specs and Pricing

Since we are dealing with a prototype here, the final specs of the miner are yet to be confirmed. As for today, in order to preorder the A4+, they ask you to pay 70% of the miner cost upfront.

Innosilicon stated that “The remaining payment will depend on the final spec of the miner before Oct 7th

What is the price, though?

First, it is worth mentioning that the MOQ (Minimum order quantity) is 3 units. There are some people who are doing a group purchase on the forums, but it is up to you whether you’d like to trust your money to someone.

Innosilicon announced that the final price of their miner will be calculated based on its final hashrate. Consequently, they have posted a price calculator formula, rather than a price tag. The A4+ will be priced $5.36 per MH/s.

If we take into account the hashrate value we know so far, we get this result:

5.36 x 550MHs = $2948

If you have already paid $1500 USD per miner for your A4 ASICS, then you’ve got to subtract the price of the A4 from the one of the A4+. Or that’s how we understand it.

Multiply it by three and you get an idea on how much you’ll have to invest.

It is also worth mentioning that people who will do a USD bank wire transfer will enjoy the best price. Innosilicon does not seem to upgrade the price of the miner in BTC or LTC, which means that the cost for 3 units might get to $10k USD or more if you pay in crypto.

People are confused about this formula; I am writing this based on all the info I could get. Do let me know if you think that the formula requires some corrections.

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As for today, the first tests of the A4+ prototype gave some nice results for Litecoin mining. The average hashrate is 550Mhs at 750W. According to profit calculators, we get a solid $533 USD/month. This is of course a rather inaccurate calculation since difficulty will jump up once the miners will be delivered to the customers.

The A4+ can be compared to the BW-L21. Both models output 550 MH/s, with the BW-L21 pulling 200 Watt more off the wall.

Is the upgrade worth it?

Why not sticking to your A4 instead? The Innosilicon A4 Dominator is indeed a great miner too. It outputs 280 MH/s with a power efficiency of 1.5W/MHS. The A+ got a 1.37 W/MHS efficiency, which is slightly better on a low scale, and can make a huge difference when multiplied by 550 and then by the amount of days it is supposed to mine.

However, it is still unclear whether you’ve got a choice to begin with. People who have preordered their A4’s complain that they still have not received their A4’s; instead, Innosilicon announced this A4 to A4+ upgrade.

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Taking into account Innosilicon’s track record, I am prone to think that the company is facing some technical difficulties right now, which makes it delay the shipments and behave on a weird way. I am still far from believing that Innosilicon scammed their customers by any means. That being said, time will show what is really going on.

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In Conclusion

As for today, the Innosilicon A4+ might be a great option since it is apparently less expensive than similar models by other brands. If the A4+ is really a thing and if its price will be around $ 3000 USD per unit, it might become yet another sought-after ASIC.

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