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How to Re-Sync Lux Wallet and Upgrade to Mercury V5 (Lux-Qt v5.0.2 Mercury)

Here is a quick one people!

Luxcore team have successfully hard forked at block 299500 and Mercury V5 was born when block 300001 was reached, once with that new wallet and miner software was released by the devs. I found on discord channel that many of you have problems syncing the new Lux Qt wallet (currently Lux-Qt v5.0.2).

I decided to make a short tutorial regarding this, explaining to everyone step by step is very time consuming. If you have questions please comment below.

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I also had problems running the wallet on the first run but after some reading i found the solution 🙂

Here it is!

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How to upgrade Lux Wallet 4.3.1 to Mercury V5

  • Download latest version from 216k155‘s github for Win, Mac or Linux:
  • For this tutorial i will use the windows version
  • Extract the content on desktop or in any folder you like

How to re-sync Lux Wallet V5.0.2

  • Open windows explorer and paste %appdata%\lux then press enter
  • You will find a bunch of folders there, you will have to delete all files except the wallet.dat and backups folder
  • Download the following and extract its content in %appdata%\lux
  • save and exit

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

If you followed this exact steps then you are ready to go, run lux-qt.exe and wait for the sync.


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