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Ethereum: Everything You Need To Know About Mining Rigs

Hello everyone… (be aware, my English may hurt your eyes :/)

I completely new in cryptocurrency world. Actually a friend of mine introduced this to me.. in the last 2-3 weeks i read everything about this. Right now i am only doing trades on an exchange website (ill talk about this in a new post) where i have earned couple of hundreds :D. Ethereum is the only coin i am working with.

While reading etehreum’s forum the Mining subject increased my curiosity and after few days i decided to build my first rig (2-3 GPU’s for start). Since i am not at all a tech guy, the forum helped me to choose the best parts (hope so) such as Motherboard, GPU (video card), CPU (processor), RAM (memory ram), PSU (power supply), HDD/SSD (hard drive), cables and cases for a medium/high budget rig.

There is no website/forum where you can find a full A to Z/step by step guide/tutorial for beginners (at least i did not found one, just partial) that can cover everything from choosing the rig parts, installation, windows/linux installation, software setup to mining process… this is why i decided to create this specific blog..

So basically in the next posts ill talk about the following

  1. Choosing the parts
  2. Build the case
  3. Parts installation
  4. OS installation
  5. Setups

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Ethereum Mining Rig Part 1 (choosing the parts)

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