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DAO soft fork is close – 16 July

Ethereum wasn’t designed to fight the system, it’s a technology and not a political statement.

As you well know about the DAO attack that happen while a go, i made a post with full details here. The soft-fork should be applied on 16 July, this what “they said”, but still we cannot find an update anywhere regarding this.

Here are some useful updates that i found

The pull requests are there. The patch to parity was updated 2 days ago

The current result of the voting process is available at and All votes are weighted by the hashrate of each miner that has voted.

There’s no news. I believe the date is the 21st, though, although I seem to read a different date every other day. I think you can plan on ETH slipping each day that goes by without some definitive news on what’s going to happen. Even when that happens, which will likely be an announcement of a proposed hard fork, the uncertainty of whether the fork will be actuated by the network will likely keep ETH volatile until this whole things is over, one way or another. Just my take.

If you don’t know what soft-fork, hard-fork and what are the results of them check this article, everything you need to know can be found there:

In his first interview since attacking The DAO, Wanker shares his thoughts on the attack.

Are you with or against fork ?

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