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How to Mine Electroneum (ETN) with AMD & Nvidia GPU / CPU

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Hey people, is time for 1stminingrig to get back on track πŸ™‚ Past few weeks I was super busy setting up the workshop and I didn’t really have the time to create new content. However, now that the workshop is up and running, it is finally time for some fresh tutorials.

I’ve been thinking of starting by posting a tutorial about how to mine Electroneum both with CPU and AMD/Nvidia GPUs. In fact, one of my rigs has been already mining ETN for some time now and as for today, everything looks pretty solid.

What is Electroneum and what does it do?

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain, as well as a fully-integrated mobile platform. Its main aim is to become a Bitcoin alternative with a couple of improvements, as well as a user-friendly platform where everyone can mine, trade and transfer the tokens without the need to have any prior tech knowledge.

The Coin (ETN)

In my opinion, Electroneum has got what it takes to soon be considered a viable Bitcoin alternative. Here are some of its already existent features worth mentioning:

  • Its transaction speed and security are as good as Bitcoin’s (and some even claim that Electroneum is safer than Bitcoin)
  • It can be stored both on the cloud and in offline wallets
  • Its team of developers is rather impressive. Comprised of professional engineers, entrepreneurs and marketers, the team behind Electroneum makes me believe the project is all but a money grab.
  • It can be easily mined from a phone or any other device

In Brief, Electroneum coin has a lot of similarities with Bitcoin, though it is based on its own blockchain. While that alone is great, the selling point is in its platform. Let’s take a look at it:

The Platform

Electroneum platform is the meat of the project. Thanks to the unified mobile app, users can now mine, trade and send/receive ETN easily.

Electroneum token holders will be able to spend those in online markets, as well as on gaming-related products. Thanks to instant microtransaction support, Electroneum might quickly become the second most used cryptocurrency for online shopping.

All of this makes me believe that Electroneum is a coin that might increase in value over time. In this tutorial, I will explain how to set up your Electroneum mining rig.

Let’s get started!

Hardware used
Software and Tools used for this tutorial

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How to mine Electroneum (ETN) with AMD & Nvidia GPUs

Create wallet address

First of all you will have to create a wallet and the fastest way is to download the app (you can also mine ETN on your smartphone)

  • Download Android APP or create an account on official website here:
  • Download IOS APP (coming soon)
  • Once installed, create an account and then go to “More” (inside the mobile app) button and you can use my referral code as a “thank you”, the code code is: FE4D38 , or scan the QR code.

To find your wallet address go to Wallet and tap “Receive” button, your address will popup.

Download the miners
Mining Hashrate, Overclock & Power Consumption
  • Core Clock: 1200
  • Memory Clock: 2150
  • Core Voltage: -96
  • Hashrate per GPU: 750 H/s
  • Total Hashrate: 4,500 H/s
GPU Profitability

The profitability can vary based on current price, but take a look to monthly volume :). Hurry up and mine a few thousands so when the price will increase you will see the real profits!


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CPU Mining

This is great for personal laptops or gaming PC πŸ™‚ I made a quick test with my gaming laptop, Asus ROG G75WV, it is a bit old but still running strong πŸ˜›

I decided to use EasyMiner by SUMO, it may not have the best hashrate but it is the fastest way to start mining with your CPU.

  • Download Sumo Easy Miner:
  • Click the Add Pool button to start mining
  • Fill the popup with your details and hit the start button, check images
  • important: make sure you check the temps once in a while

That’s it for now, ill update the post once new miner versions are released πŸ™‚ thanks!

You should check one of my ready made mining rigs 1stMiningRig G6 Power Mining Rig RX 500 Series, great for Electroneum mining πŸ™‚Β

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Lionel Fontaine

    I shoot more with a RX 570 4go than you. Either 980 h / s for 115w you can further deepen your research and your tests

    • What can i say, you are a beast πŸ˜› in my tutorial i am using rx 470 4gb. and this is just for demonstration purposes.

  • Lionel Fontaine

    In your list of used components, you mention RX 570 4g, in the screen you show it’s a RX 470 …

  • Lionel Fontaine

    To undermine in CPU you simply have the software that supplied Electroneum “ElectroneumPoolMiner”

  • Lionel Fontaine

    A rig of 6 GPU RX 570 4g, can do 5820 h / s for 690 / 700w

    • Artur Kosicki

      share your secret then πŸ™‚ im actually getting 4480 h/s

  • Tim Swoveland

    There instructions for the Nvidia mining (even with the mircosoft download) does not work. Still get a dll error! Mining on Awesome Miner no problem, something wrong in their instructions.

  • Trav

    Nice to see Electroneum getting some love! I just finished setting up my 4x miner. ETH + DCR on the GPUs and Electroneum + Monero on the CPUs

  • Sebas

    Thanks for all the tutorials Ciprian! Merry christmas and happy new year to all!
    I’ve reconfigured some of my rigs to EVN with good results, I think its a good idea to get some coins for long term.
    6 x Sapphire RX580 SE, 5040 H/s, 650-700W
    8 x Sapphire RX580 SE, 6703 H/s, 900W

  • Isaac Myers

    Does this work on Linux?

  • Isaac Myers

    How do you do it on Mac

  • haris abu salma

    Thanks for the tutorials Ciprian! My questions, how to mine ETN with multiple rig? Can we just go with that config for every single rig?

  • Danish Harpa

    thank you so much. now the price is double. since you post this article.

    • no problem πŸ™‚ keep mining it πŸ˜›

      • Danish Harpa

        do you know how much i can earn in a day or how many hast rate it wil show. if im using the last Snapdragon 835 Processor in my smartphone?
        Thanks as always.
        Your’e my legend. πŸ™‚

        • No idea πŸ™ didn’t tried it yet πŸ˜€

  • Bonobob

    salut ciprian, it seems to be more advisable than ethereum ?!

    • It could be πŸ™‚

      • Bonobob

        i did some cpu mining just for fun, used same Pool name and URL/port as you and put my adress from, but the wallet is still empty after almost a day with 200 H/s ?! is that possible for a coin with such low value ?

        • Wait for the confirmations..

          • Bonobob

            few transactions rolled in today, since im running a way lower Hashrate than you are showing in your example above it seems resonable.
            thanks and forgive me my impatience <3

          • Great! what clocks are you using ?

  • kacang putih

    hey Ciprian, can I use same xmr-stak-amd (preconfigured) from you for RX580 8gb rig? πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your tutorial πŸ™‚

  • Eugene

    Our first pool – ELECTRONEUM (FEE 0%):
    Right now it’s only useful for guys(or for a group) who can make block per day. And It’s not needed to share your income with others.
    Join ) And check!

  • Edy F Teguh

    Thanks for the tutorial, i have some questions..
    Currently i’m using RX 580 + GTX 1070 + GTX 980 Ti with ethdcrminer to mine DBIX.
    The speed is 29MH for 580, 31,3MH for 1070, and 22MH for 980 Ti.

    1. On step 2,do i need to run both programs if i want to mine ETN using my configuration ? Or is there a way to run both cards to mine ETN ?
    2. i’ve tried to mine ETH using those cards but the GTX 980 Ti only get 12MH/s, do you know why the 980 Ti can’t get the same mining speed as when it mine DBIX ?

    Thanks in advance, sorry for my poor english πŸ™‚

  • Ovidiu Matei

    Doesn’t show the hash rate, only new block detected.. etc.. but the GPU is burning :). look at the pic. Is it alright? Also, did you said that it takes some time to sync with the ETN wallet ?

    • Hi, press H on keyboard to see the hashrate.

  • Granny

    For nVidia GPU ETN mining, there is a better miner than XMRminer, the XMRig miner.
    It supports CUDA 8 and 9 (xmrminer supports only CUDA 8).
    It can be found on github or as a direct link on “hash vault pro” pool site (no advertise intended). It has more stable and bigger hash rates, and has been updated more recently than xmrminer. Also has better stats, it shows you even the power drain by your GPU (no need for extra smartplug :)). It’s very accurate, I have also a smart plug and I can compare it. You have also options for pause and resume mining.

    My results with both miners, on 1 GPU:
    -GPU Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB OC miniITX;

    -Aorus OC utility: core +100, mem +500, power +90, temp 83, custom fan 20%-40C, 100%-70C (I’m not an expert :)).

    With XMRminer at easyhash pool, CUDA 8, I get: 459H/s, t 51-53C, power 61-62W.
    With XMRig at hashvault pro pool, CUDA 8, I get: 474H/s, same temp and power.

    With XMRig at hashvault pro pool, CUDA 9, I get: 481H/s, same temp and power.

    I think you can use any miner on any pool, didn’t test it. Also, I think hashvault pro pool is a bit better than easyhash pool, from the stats that I saw on their websites… more miners and bigger hash power. I repeat, I’m not an expert, I’m just a begginer. Do your own research.

  • amercado3

    My i7-5820k has a hash rate of 370H/s with a 70% load and I believe it’d be around 200W power

  • Brody James

    I’ve started mining with my 1060 with these instructions in the “stratum+tcp://” pool…how long does it actually take until the electroneum appears in my wallet? How do I know how much I’m earning?

  • Robert Cimino

    Thanks for the awesome post. I just built a 6 GPU rig and set it up for etn. After installing the ccminer I was having trouble getting it going, kept saying stratum delayed retrying. Is there a fix for this, probably windows defender?

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