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Best Windows Setup, Configuration, Tweaks For Mining

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Since i received lots of question about my windows configuration , version or drivers, i decided to make post about it.

Although there is not that much to talk about, but i think those settings are very important and a must for each mining rig, if you do other things that are not found here, post them in comments and ill update!

This windows configuration can be applied on any type of altcoin mining like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Zclassic, Monero, PascalCoin, Expanse, Ubiq, Decred etc..

Here is how i tweak my windows for a mining rig!

Windows Installation & Configuration for Mining Rig


  • Do not plug the Ethernet cable to your mining rig while windows installation or after that
  • Plug only ONE GPU in the PCI Express 16x slot with usb riser
  • I have always used 120GB SSD drives (you can use bigger, there is no restriction)
  • Always used just one partition C: (if you have a bigger SSD like 240 then you can create additional partition and use it to “mine” Storj)

Windows version for Mining Rig

Motherboard and Bios

Depending on what motherboard you will be using, some of them needs some BIOS modifications to make it work properly with USB Risers or anything else. For this, i will take as example “Biostar TB85” and “Z170Aย  Gaming Pro Carbon

For Biostar TB85 i had to do the following BIOS modifications :

  • Set CPU fan control to auto, it was 100% all the time
  • Set PCIe Speed from Auto to Gen1
  • Last thing was to modify “Restore on AC/Power Loss“, set it to “Power On” or “Last State” (if power goes off and after a while is back on, the rig will start automatically)

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Windows 10 Registry Tweaks For Mining

  • Once windows is full installed and booted for the first time i always run theย Windows 10 Registry tweaks for mining.bat file!8gZzjQaa!Dt4wE0WEo8nZkui_-cAAXL4mb4YlO6CJgFZTXKq9pnQ (i am not disabling everything, just things that i think wont be needed, windows update, cortana, crash reports etc..)
  • Back Up Your Registry or create a restore point
  • Run in administrator mode
  • Once everything is applied, restart the rig
List of Tweaks

Stop Windows Update #DoubleCheck

  • In RUN type “services.msc“, the services page will be open
  • Search for “Windows Update
  • Click “Stop” if status is “Live” or “Checking/Running
  • Select “Disabled” on “Startup type
  • Apply & Restart
  • Do it again and make sure that it is disabled
  • Also if you want you can disable more services..

Increase Virtual Memory

  • In search type “This PC“, right click on it and choose “Properties
  • Then click on “Advanced System Settings
  • On “Advanced” tab where it says “Performance” click on “Settings
  • Click “Advanced” tab
  • At the bottom you will see “Virtual memory“, click on “Change
  • 1. Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  • 2. Check “Custom size
  • 3. In the “Initial size (MB)” type: 3000 (or directly 16000)
  • 4. In the “Maximum size (MB)” type: 16000 (or more like 20k)
  • 5. Click “Set” , then “OK” and “Apply
  • Restart the rig

Power Plan and Options

  • In search type “Power Options
  • Click on “Show additional plans
  • Select “High Performance” plan
  • Then still on “High Performance” plan, click “Change plan settings
  • Select “Never” on all four selections for “Turn off the display” and “Put the computer to sleep
  • Click “Change advanced power settings” and look for “PCI Express” -> “Link State Power Management“, make sure it is set to “OFF“, usually it is but better to check on that
  • Restart the rig

Before to continue further, please share this ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

AMD Driver Version and Install/Uninstall

I usually test the rig with this two driver versions!

VERY IMPORTANT: When you want to try a different driver version, use Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode to uninstall the current driver, it will erase every track of previous video driver, download here:

Basically this is it.. ill update this post once i have new configurations! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy mining!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • t. Troll

    You are simply the best. Better than all the rest.

    • Hehe, thanks! watch out for the next article about mining rig!

  • t. Troll

    I need to say again how great you are, saved me hours of work. Respect

    • Thank you! Happy it was helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Josip Gracan

    tnx for the guide, can I use newer drivers or are these the best one? i have a rx570

    • As i know for that you will have to use the latest ones..

  • Sim

    “Plug only ONE GPU in the PCI Express 16x slot with usb riser”…
    Can I use HP DL380 G5 with :
    – 2x PCI Express x8
    – 2x PCI Express x18
    and 4x USB Riser (v006 or v007) ?
    The 4 GPU will be external to the rack and connetted/powered by external Power Supply.

  • Sim

    I’ve a question… is it better:
    – two PC with 3 GPU
    – one PC with 6 GPU

    • Hi @disqus_simsim:disqus , i personally prefer 6x rig, is the same having 3x rig ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sim

        Tnx @ciprianpt:disqus !
        I’m testing with two HP server (with only 3/4 PCI-E free) and USB Riser to external GPU.
        Why you wrote: “Plug only ONE GPU in the PCI Express 16x slot with usb riser”?
        Thanks again!

  • JP Ks

    how big is the influence on mining when you’re using a 6GPU Miner with Windows as an everyday PC? Is it possible to surf, watch movies and game during the mining process? How slow would the mining be during that time?

    • Hi, well the mining hashrate will fluctuate and maybe there will also be some system hangs or gpus, not sure 100%, anyway i don’t recommend that, try to make a dedicated machine for gaming and one for mining, at least create the mining rig with 5 GPUs instead of 6 and use the 6th card for your gaming pc..

      • JP Ks

        Okay, thank you very much for your reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dan

    Will the mining rig also work on Windows 8.1? or is it best to mine on Windows 10?

  • Christian Ulirsch

    I am setting up my rig with 6 Rx480s, and the board sees all of them; however, the driver oftware is only installing on 3 of them and the rest have “error 12, insufficient resources.” What does this mean and what do I do?

    • What driver version are you using?

      • Christian Ulirsch


        Could it be that I don’t have UEFI Windows?

        • Christian Ulirsch

          It seems also that the driver is not installing on the 3 GPUs which say code 12

  • Martin reyes

    On ethos can I change the miner pool? Or do I have to use the one they pre installed?

    • Abcedarian

      Of course you can change it. You just can’t change the address that comes pre installed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yavor Petrov

    After doing these tweaks i cant run anything from windows+r … why?
    I cant put anything in startup folder now.

    • Have you applied y with everything ? try control panel “startup”

  • Abcedarian

    Norton anti virus is one of the options when loading the bios for for the Z170a. You can tell Mr Norton to let you run Claymore and he will let you do it. But he stops you after you get 1 share. Must think you are a bot or something.

    tl;dr don’t load Norton Anti Virus

  • Martin reyes

    When do I plug in the Ethernet port during the configuration? I assume I will have to pre download the wind tweak bat file on USB to configure.

    • i plug in when I finish to install and drivers.

      • Martin reyes

        Any anytime do you update windows?

  • Martin reyes

    Is there a way you monitor the status of the mining rig? Remotey, cause I don’t see a need to keep it plugged in to a monitor

  • MrOli3000

    Hey Ciprian, So i’ve followed this setup to the T once and have one rig running wonderfully. I have now setup a second which runs on one GPU but as soon as i plug in another, on starting the mining, it crashes. All cards run by themselves, but if ANY 2 cards are run together it crashes. Initially i saw that a windows update had been done but i put a fresh install of the OS on and still have the same problem. Any ideas? I dont think it is a hardware issue. Im using driver 16.9.1 which i know works on my other rig, windows 10.

    • So if you add the cards one by one it those will work ?

      • MrOli3000

        Tried that. They still dont work. One card runs fine. Add another (Any other card) and its detects all the cards fine but then as soon as the mining starts the PC crashes.

  • Kelvin Nguyen

    Thank you for the tutorial.
    I have one question: is using Windows for the mining rig better than ethOS ( which you also introduced?

    • Right now i prefer windows than linux.

  • Steve

    How to connect 10 rig in 1?

    • Not sure if understand your question, what exactly you want to do ?

  • Alain Desjardins

    For anyone having problems with File Explorer and Unspecified Error related to disabling Quick Access:

    This post fixed it for me. Basically:

    The quick solution was to change the default view of File Explorer from Quick Access to This PC. Go to Control Panel, File Explorer Options and change the “Open File Explorer to” option to “This PC”. Then you’ll be able to open File Explorer.

    You’re welcome!

  • Cesar GR

    These modifications are similar for H81 Pro BTC R2.0? This MoBo supports W10?

    • For H81 not need to modify anything.. it is plug and play.. as for the windows 10 yes, similar settings.

  • Rommell Maluto

    Whats the config if iam using nvidia cards? And should i install latest drivers of mobo?

    • will post that soon

      • Rommell Maluto

        Thanks will wait your instruction for nvidia gpu cards.

  • Kunal Tater

    Hey dude is it possible to mine ETH on windows 10 with 6 GTX 1060 on a single mobo? I basically need to know does windows support 10 GPUs

  • Daniel Zet

    what about MOBO , chipset and other drivers ?

    • depends on those, for example when i used h81, h97 annyversary, tb250, tb85 etc.. i never installed their drivers or anything like that… only bios update for tb250..

  • Stรฉphane Drรฉan

    I would like one tuto for configure one plug hdmi for teamviewer please.

  • Mike Szostech

    I used your windows tweaks for my rig, easy to do and worked awesome – thanks so much!

  • Benjamin

    Great tutorial thanks Ciprian !
    I have one question though : is it recommended or not to install an antivirus for a mining rig ?

    • Nope.. i never install one, i also disable the defender ๐Ÿ™‚

  • techansaari

    Hello, I am building my rig with 5 nvidia 1060 gtx, each time windows skip 1 card or 1 card starts giving 2 mh/s speed while others are working fine with 16 mh/s.

    • rigfarm2

      I’m having similar problem… but in my case on the same graphic cards they work 2 MH/s speed only.. Any advice? Thanks

      • Logger Alarm

        Had the same problem with the same exact cards running claymore. I saw somewhere that i needed to upgrade to the windows 10 creative update version and 30 minutes later i was mining at 22 per card

    • tried uninstalling drivers with ddu and install again latest ?

      • rigfarm2

        I’ve done that but didnt help ๐Ÿ™

  • Guigo Nunnes

    Hi Cirpian

    First great post. I’ll do all this things on my Rig.
    I have 32gb of memory – do you think its necessary set the virtual memory to 16gb??


  • Seng Yong Lim

    I’m mining using 3 x Asus RX 550 4GB with nicehash miner. The driver keep crashes. I tried the 2 driver above and also the default.. Any suggestion?

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