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AMD Polaris Driver Fix Confirmed

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Mining cryptocurrencies involves a number of risks. One of them is that mining difficulty increases every day, which negatively affects ROI of any mining gear you own. Only a psychic can tell in advance how profitable a GPU or ASIC will be in, say, a month. In addition to that, cryptocurrency value fluctuates a lot. For instance, the past month Ethereum price almost halved, which made many people ponder whether they should switch to a different cryptocurrency.

In addition to all the risks of mining, some months ago many community members became concerned about their RX 400 and 500 cards losing Ethereum hashrate. This happened because in order to mine Ethereum, cards have to process the so-called DAG file.

Over time, this file increases in size, which puts additional stress on the GPUs. Once the file reaches certain size, some GPUs are no longer able to hold it within their VRAM, which renders those completely unusable for Ethereum mining.

It looks like Polaris-based GPUs have some architectural issues that make them lose Ethereum hashrate in proportion to the DAG file size. The bigger the DAG file becomes, the slower Polaris GPUs mine.

In my first post about the issue, little was known about the causes, and I honestly believed that we are dealing with an architectural problem, rather than a software one.

However, some days ago Claymore posted that this hashrate drop is caused by BIOS flaws, and that AMD is working on a fix. Back then it was uncertain whether that was a rumor.

Yesterday, Claymore confirmed that the BIOS fix was released by AMD.
Finally I can test and confirm that AMD has fixed the issue with slowdown at high DAG epochs for Vega/Polaris/Fiji cards. They are going to release new drivers in a few days.Claymore

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This is indeed great news for those of us who enjoy mining with RX 400 and 500 GPUs. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the latest driver releases. You can find them here:

RX 400 drivers

RX 500 drivers

Upcoming version supports Vega and fan management for latest drivers, so the only thing you need is to wait a couple of days for new drivers from AMD.Claymore

Once the new drivers are released, make sure to first test them on one GPU before applying them to the rest of the rig. I also kindly invite you to share your results in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • franc0x

    This new driver gonna fix the issue that don’t allow windows to work with more than 5 rx 580 Cards? i have this mixed driver that you post here

    • It will work with 6-8 cards 🙂

      • franc0x

        Great news! XD

    • asian_dapper

      This driver doesn’t have anything to do with your issue that you can’t get 5 cards to work. Lots of people, actually most of them, have 6x GPUs running smooothly, including me.

    • Saul

      In my experience from running 4 rigs, the issues almost always is with MB and using BTC specific MB (like ASRock BTC Pro and Biostar TB85, TB 250) resolve such problems. Made a huge mistake with my first rig and used Gigabyte MB, which has 3x PCIe and 3x PCI, but that piece of shit MB refuses to run more than 4 GPUs!

      • Michael Reid

        3x pcie? and you want it to run 4 gpu’s? where are you plugging in the 4th gpu?

  • Gogo

    Do you guys think that its worth/profitable to buy a rx 580 4 GB card at this time? They have a good price. I can get it for about 300$.

    • Dr Robert

      good price? few month ago was 200$, and eth was 350$ and also less hash difficoulty

  • Seventh

    The new driver not working. (17.7.2)
    Hash rate doesn’t change and you can’t undervolt your GPUs.
    The temp and fan speed also not detected by claymore 9.7

    • Alex

      Check the release date for the 17.7.2 – it says “7/27/2017”
      The drivers, mentioned in this article will be released in a couple of days.

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    Amd launch a bios or drivers? work bios mod?

  • Ayoze

    Ohh thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayoze

    looking forward these new drivers

  • Thulani Manabe

    my hashrates has dropped badly in the last few weeks, i am using driver 16.10.3 when I load 17.4.3 or 17.6.2 my gpus fails to display and i am on windows 10 – 64bit

  • PieterSielie

    This is really amazing. Should get another year out of my rigs now.

  • franc0x

    Someone already use this new driver on RX 580? how is working?

    • asian_dapper

      It’s not even out to general public yet.

  • andika

    this driver 17.7.2 is this the latest and the best?

    • asian_dapper

      The latest and the worst.

      • Alex

        17.7.2 was released the 7/27/2017. 17.7.2 is definitely not the release Claymore was talking about

        • Saul

          I used 17.7.2 on a mixed rig (2x 580 + 1x R9 290X) and had lot of issues and while none with the driver released early July (July 7th…I think)

  • Mark

    Is this for Linux as well as windows? The drivers only seem to be for windows.

  • Robert Ilić

    well, this “new” driver is very bad. more badly then all before him. The problem is that RX 480/580 4/8gb, not hash rate that all ppl who get 29-31 Mh/s talk about it. my question is: “who knows how to, step by step, make rx 580 4gb hynix to give 29-30mh/s” i have tried 20-30 versions off older drivers, mod vga bios, windows, linux, lost over 10 days of try, with no efect, the has rate are still 24mh/s. the strange thing is that no afterburner or trixx can do anything or the claymore. no undervolt or overclock efect at all. last thing is that the cards are locked for modifing. realy need help here, like a said i have tryed many things with no success.

    • RiDD

      Hi, you connect HDMI to motherboard or to 1st GPU?, try if gpu-z detects (GPU Clock, Memory) and (Default Clock, Memory), if not, connect HDMI to 1st GPU and then use afterburner,..

      • Robert Ilić

        1 more problem: after flashing vga bios mb beeps after reboot, and whatever i do the beep wanna stop until make IGFX primary, sometimes win boots and after loading vga driver get black screen and all frizes. yes tried mobo vga, gpu-z detects all vga cards and all info of it, when connect rx580 on monitor there is no boot just beeps(vga memory error)

    • Dennis
  • RiDD

    Hi, new unofficial beta driver (, topic says that tomorrow there will be official amd release of this driver….

    • Jason Dela Cruz

      seems like they are pushing their GPU’s to 2200 mem clock.. my only question is, is it stable? some one also tried to benchmark to DAG 199 and his Hashrate didnt drop.. (hope its not a bug in claymore miner or something) looking forward to AMD’s official release… Great post @ri@ridd84:disqus thanks

    • I wont trust that source until AMD release their official release..

      • Jason Dela Cruz

        i agree. i noticed that some files are created July 28 whereas the new AMD Driver was released July 27, so i was thinking that this are modified but unknown individual and not AMD.. “Maybe” (i did not install the driver by the way) downloaded – scanned and extracted. thats all.. better to follow Claymore’s post

      • Pauline

        Hi all. Any official update on the release ? Couldn’t find anything on Google and got a rx 470 itx pulse discount ending tomorrow (188€ each)

    • RiDD

      Hi all, I’m crazy, finally I installed driver and AB440Beta16, and it works!, I have 6x Sapphire nitro+ RX 570 4Gb in Win10, now I get 1,2 mh/s more for each GPU

      • Jason Dela Cruz

        Hi, tried to last night to one of my Rig (using different wallet). and it seems that my hashrate increase 7%. Reported and effected hashrate.

        this is my first 13mins of using the card, i am currently dual mining SIA @-dcri 12

        Eth hashrate didnt decrease, not if im going to do -dcri 15 above. it seems that this driver squeeze to much power out of GPU as my rig shuts down using -dcri 20-30

        using it at your own risk. create a new wallet instead of using your main.

  • Alex

    Are the Drivers released now? I can only find the ones release on the 27th but this article has been written on the 31st of July, so it seems that they are still working on it, right?

  • Catalin

    It’s the Crimson 17.7.3 that we’re waiting for right?

  • Rohit Dhaka

    The new 17.7.3 drope my hashrate , i test yesterday in my 2 rx580 one give me 26 mh/s and 2nd give me 4mh/s this driver whorst for me. After install that driver my rig didn’t restart ( hang) today i m going install again window 10 .
    Sorry for bad eng.

  • N Oost

    Still no release right?

      • Kelvic Mendoza

        Hello my friend, I have a problem, i build a rig with this setup
        MB: MSI Z270-A Pro
        SSD: 60 GB
        RAM: 4GB DDR4 Crucial
        VGA 6xSapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 580 8GB GDDR5 (Especial Edition)
        SO: Win10 Pro
        PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2 80+ GOLD
        I Start mining ETH But the average Hashrate is 22H/s, When I understand that it should be 25H/s, I did not modify the BIOS, or OC, or anything like that, They are standard, this is normal? Or should I do something?

  • markgladden

    Well, I can’t undervolt for very long. Wattman keeps losing it, and until Claymore updates his miner, it’s a no-go. Zero value in mining at 140watts gpu-only when I was getting 89watts with undervolt.

  • joe

    So which driver version is good and stable? I installed the latest 17.7.2 and now windows don’t detect all my 6 cards. Just yellow signs. I never thought that AMD mining is a big headache, it crashes every day with the minimal oc setting. My 1080ti running non-stop for months. I read from youtube that the new official driver for miners from AMD will not work with flashed bios cards too.

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