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Zumminer – The All-In-One Wallet of the Future

The world of cryptocurrencies is intricate and rather confusing for people who are not exactly tech savvies. While blockchain-based currencies are safe and decentralized, it takes time for the average person to learn how to get involved into crypto.

Zumminer aims to solve this issue by making it easier for everyone to store, exchange and mine cryptos. At first glance, Zumminer is a cryptocurrency wallet with some additional features. If we look deeper, we realize that Zumminer is more like a complete toolset where the wallet is just one of the numerous components. Here is what Zumminer is:

  • An online crypto wallet
    – Supports multiple cryptocurrencies
    – Option to store funds in USD
    – Enhanced security through multi-sig technology
  • Three layers of log-in protection
    – E-mail authentication
    – 2-factor auth through SMS
    – IP address white listing and verification
  • Cloud mining (soon)
    – Invest into mining hashrate or into mining equipment to get the most profit
    – Zumminer farms feature now-gen mining equipment that allows them to offer competitive rates
  • Investment opportunity
    – Get up to 0.33% a day on investment
  • Platform with access to online support 24/7

More about Zumminer

Our services will make the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining more accessible and understandable!

In fact, most of Zumminer services are already up and running. You can create a wallet at Zumminer and start enjoying most of the features today. You can also profit from investing into the company. Let’s take a closer look at the options:

Four Types of Mining

Zumminer offers four ways you can use their services to mine crypto. At the end of the day, all of their four services are basically the same – they allow you to invest money to get a stream of passive income in exchange. However, each of the mining modalities is unique and is aimed to different groups of crypto investors. Let me detail each of them:

Classical Cloud Mining (soon)

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Good ‘n’ old cloud mining – Zumminer aims to be an all-in one solution, which is why I am not surprised that they offer the option to their customers. According to their whitepaper, they will allow users to invest small amounts of capital into cloud mining to get some passive income. People who want to invest bigger capitals are invited to check the other options.

As for today, the cloud mining service is under development. Those of you who would like to invest into the company (the option below) will have the chance to get alpha access to their cloud mining services, once those become available.

Users who want to invest a certain cryptocurrency and get paid back in the exact same coin are invited to check this option out. PoW mining allows users to bypass fiat and multiply their cryptos directly. This option is meant for those of you who are somehow acquainted with the crypto market and mining. As for today, they are planning on offering ZCash, DASH and Ethereum mining plans.


Investing in Zumminer Mining Farms

There is also an option to invest into Zumminer’s mining hardware, rather than in hashrate alone. Users are welcome to invest into new hardware for Zumminer farms and get a decent share of the profits from mining. This option is aimed at the average investor who does not have the possibility to own a home mining farm (we all know that mining equipment is noisy, hot and requires free room space).

Zumminer decides which coins to mine and helps you to get the maximum profit from the newly acquainted equipment. That being said, the company will offer investors some courses on mining, so they can have a clear picture on what is going on and how the farm works.

As for today, the forecast of investment profit for the accounting period is between 23% and 33%, depending on the investment period. It can be 92, 183 and 274 days.

Creating New Mining Farms (planned)

Zumminer also offers their users the possibility to purchase entire regional farms through crowd funding. Zumminer creates the farm and then common folks can use the Zumminer wallet interface to raise funds and buy the farm. After that, all the profits go to the shareholders. Decisions on the farm gear and mining strategy, among others, are made through votes. The impact of your vote is proportional to the amount of shares you own.

It is also possible to create a new token to facilitate the trade between farm co-owners.



In Conclusion

In brief, Zumminer is an all-in-one centralized solution for decentralized services. It allows anyone to store, exchange and multiply their cryptos without the need to have any prior tech knowledge.

The concept of Zumminer is very interesting. Cryptocurrencies are here to take an important place in the world economy and our daily life. They might even partially replace fiat currencies, but only after they become mainstream. Since far from every human being on the planet is a tech savvy, projects like Zumminer are a great addition to the world of cryptocurrencies. The easier it will be for people to store, manage and mine cryptos, the quicker those will become mainstream.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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