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PURK Is Now Live! 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing the Purk Button on Your Site

You are probably wondering what this new ‘Purk 5’ button on the right sidebar is. It’s a new cool addition to 1stMiningRig and here I will be talking why I’ve installed it and why you might want to do the same. If you want to explore Purk from a miner’s perspective, I invite you to read this article before.

Purk in 60 Seconds

As a content creator, you are probably looking for ways to monetize your work. You might have dozens, or hundreds of loyal followers who wouldn’t mind supporting your site. There are different solutions to that with ad banners and Patreon being some of those. The issue is – none of the aforementioned are decentralized nor accept cryptos.

Here is where Purk can help. There is a lot that can be said on this project but I will try to make it brief for you.

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  1. One Click Donations

Purk allows you to receive anonymous and untraceable donations from your visitors. In order to set Purk up, you have to get a wallet compatible with Purk and insert the Purk button code in your page template.

In order to donate, a visitor will have to have either the official Purk or the Simplewallet open and have the required funds. The donation process is instant and is performed with one click. There is no copy-pasting of addresses involved and nowhere to be lost.

  1. Great Coin for Miners

If you’ve been following my site for some time you know what’s up with GPU mining. After some of our most favorite coins got conquered by ASICs, it is getting harder to find the right currencies to mine. PURK is one of the new-gen cryptocurrencies that are immune to ASICs. Combined with fast block time and smart pools that distribute difficulty depending on mining hashrate, Purk looks very promising for GPU miners.

As we all know, the more people mine a coin, the more decentralized and secure it is. By actively mining and talking about the coin, miners also help it to become more popular and reach more people.

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  1. Active Community and Developers

The Purk project is transparent and the community is taking an active role in its development. The bitcointalk, reddit, discord and github sections are busy – there is constant interaction between devs and users. As always, this is a good indicator and personally I am optimistic about this project.

  1. Better than Steem?

In my previous article I have been comparing the two in-depth. Both have a lot of similarities, though the differences are too big to remain unnoticed. I believe Steem is a great platform – there is a reason why it enjoys such a huge popularity. That being said, the way Steem belongs to one single blogging platform can also be limiting in some aspects.

You see, by not being attached to any single website, Purk has the flexibility to implement features Steem can’t. Steemit developers have conceived Steem as a means to give Steemit an edge, while Purk is a stand-alone tool that does not favor any specific platform. This is the reason why Purk devs are working on creating amazing stuff like the Purk Pay Plugin that will allow use Purk to pay for goods and services, among others.

In brief, I believe that each of the mentioned platforms has its own purpose. Purk has got its own niche and in the near future, it has the potential to include even more features Steem will never have.

  1. Simplicity

Yet another feature that has motivated me to go Purk, rather than Steem. Again, I’m not saying that Purk is necessarily better than Steem, though it is no secret that the former is way simpler to understand and use. I know more than one respectable bloggers who have had a hard time understanding what Steem and all of its components are. Purk is the complete opposite. It took me a minute to wrap my mind around the project and another minute to set up the wallet and install the button on my site. It is that easy.

In Conclusion

As a cryptocurrency miner at heart, I am glad to see yet another ASIC-resistant coin emerged; as a blogger, I am definitely taking advantage of this new opportunity and I’m quite proud to be one of the first folks out there to implement the Purk button. Here is the website if you want to know more:

Disclaimer: This is not financial advise, I am not a financial advisor, this is for educational purposes only. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency please do your own research and invest at your own risk, 1stMiningRig is never liable for any decisions you make. 1stMiningRig may receive donations or sponsorships in association with certain content creation. 1stMiningRig may receive compensation when affiliate/referral links are used.
Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates!

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