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Pinidea ASIC X11 Miners Review

The idea of creating an ASIC miner for DASH became popular in mid 2015; since then, several ASIC miners for X11 algorithms saw the light of day. I already reviewed a popular brand of Baikal miners, and today I’d like to say a word or two about the Pindiea series.

Pinidea is a small Chicago-based company composed of coders, engineers and cryptocurrency experts.

They started to work on their own ASIC X11 miner two years ago. One year later, they were able to create their first DR-1 miner that could be connected to a device via USB.

The DR-1 was announced in January 2016th, and it enjoyed a growing interest among the DASH community since then. However, the first miner was delivered to the end users by ends of April 2016.

The reason of the delay was mostly caused by the way Pinidea was focusing on quality, rather than on quantity. According to the feedback of users at the forums, Pinidea wouldn’t process more shipments that it could handle. This meant that Pinidea was focusing on working with few customers until their units would arrive from China.

While people loved such responsive customer service, this approach limits the amount of units that can be sold simultaneously, and Pinidea miners constantly run out of stock.

As for today, Pinidea official shop offers four different types of miners:

ASIC X11 Miner DU-1, DR-1, DR-2 and DR-3

The difference in price is huge, and it looks like the newest design has the best price/performance ratio. The profit per month is calculated using Cryptocompare with an estimated electricity cost of 0.10$/Kwh.

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ASIC X11 Miner DU-1 Reviews

ASIC X11 Miner DU-1 review

  • Price: ฿ 0.10823290 ($112.13 USD)
  • Hashrate: 9M(+-5%)
  • Power: 7W (connects through USB)
  • Profit per month: $ 7.73
  • ROI: about 14 months

ASIC X11 Miner DR-1

ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 review

  • Price: ฿ 5.41164510 ($5582 USD)
  • Hashrate: 500 MH/s ±10%
  • Power Consumption: 320 W ±10%
  • Profit per month: $ 437.32
  • ROI: about a year.

ASIC X11 Miner DR-2

ASIC X11 Miner DR-2 review

  • Price: ฿ 4.32931608 ($4485 USD)
  • Hashrate: 450 MH/s (+-5%)
  • Power: 335W
  • Profit per month: $ 387.63
  • ROI: about a year

ASIC X11 Miner DR-3

ASIC X11 Miner DR-3 review

  • Price: ฿ 2.16465804 ($2242.52 USD)
  • HashRate: 600M(+-5%)
  • Power: 345W
  • Profit per month: $ 524.10
  • ROI: about 4 months

You can get the miner from sites like eBay, though it’s up to you to decide whether the sellers are trustworthy.

It is obvious that the newest DR-3 is the only viable option so far. The way they keep releasing new models speaks well of the company, as well as the way they tend to care about the final user. Or that’s what people say in the forums.

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Final Thoughts

  • Among the pros, I can list that the DR-3 is a great ROI with relatively low power consumption. No wonder why the DASH community went crazy as soon as the miner was released – people would buy it even when no one was certain whether the miner is real at all.
  • The miner is quite silent, peaking at 55Db at one meter.
  • Pinidea proved to be responsible and friendly to customers. The team is accessible via Slack Chat.
  • There are cons too, though. The main one being that as I already mentioned, those miners run out of stock constantly. As for today, the official website states that none of the miners are in stock. If you want to buy one, you probably should contact the company directly.
  • Secondly, the miner interface is far from being user friendly. It features the CGminer (Windows/Linux/Raspbian), which requires you to type in the commands manually. It is not too hard to learn, but it takes some time to get used to.
  • Finally, none of the miners include a PSU, though a generic 350W one should be enough.
ASIC X11 Miner DR-3 Review
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  • Assembly and Set-up
  • Hashrate
  • Power Consumption
  • Noise
  • Price
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