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Monaco Card Review – The Visa Card Revolution

Cryptocurrencies are evolving. There was a time when blockchain algorithms were in development – a number of new currencies were emerging, countless developer teams were working on different crypto coins trying new algorithms and trade styles.

That’s what kept the crypto community busy for the last decade. Since then, cryptocurrencies proved to be viable alternatives to fiat currencies. Now it is time to make cryptocurrencies available for everyone.

As I reviewed before, this year welcomes us with at least two more projects that are aimed to make cryptocurrencies mainstream. They all solve important issues that prevent common people from enjoying the impenetrable safety and low fees of cryptocurrencies.

Now, while those projects are good, there’s still one issue left that has to be addressed, and Monaco Cards are here to do what is has to be done.

Monaco Cards as the New Visa Standard

Back in the day I used to struggle a lot because I haven’t had a Visa Card. Online purchases were a pain, since sites like Amazon only accept either Master Card credit cards or Visa debit/credit ones.

Now, after I invested into cryptocurrencies, it became even harder to purchase from some online web stores. As many other cryptocurrency holders, I had to use online converters and pay the fees.

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Monaco Cards are a game changer

Monaco is the new and only cryptocurrency VISA card that allows you to fund it either with Ethereum or fiat currencies and use it as a normal VISA card. This is the perfect bridge between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. When I first read about it, I was amazed, because this is something that should be done a while ago. It’s about time.

Besides that, Monaco VISA Card also allows you to enjoy fiat currency exchanges with the best rates possible.
This also means that any money transactions you do with the Monaco VISA Card have zero cross-border fees.

What Is the Target Audience?

In other words, who can benefit from having a Monaco VISA Card?

  • First, people who have Ethereum  and want to have an easy way to spend them in real world products. Honestly, with this new card, you will have the chance to spend your ETH in virtually any shop in any country. You won’t depend on exchangers anymore!
  • Secondly, fiat currency users who want to avoid the unnecessary currency exchange and cross-border fees. Monaco VISA Card removes any borders when it comes to shopping online in foreign currency.
  • Finally, business owners who have suppliers in foreign countries. Monaco VISA Card allows you to enjoy the best inter-bank exchange rates. Monaco App finds and uses the best rates for you. Again, no one else did that before.

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How Trustworthy Is Monaco VISA Card?

Honestly, Monaco VISA Card sounds a bit too good to be true at first. Monaco aims to solve one of the most important issues we, cryptocurrency holders, face. I had my share of doubts too, so I kept learning about the company to figure out whether they are worth my trust.

As a result, I found some data that made me believe that Monaco VISA Card is worth both my time and its own review here on my website. Here are some of the facts that persuaded me to trust Monaco:

  • Professionalism. This is the impression I got after navigating through their website and reviewing the materials they provided. Monaco has a comprehensive whitepaper that describes all the features, conditions and terms of work (you can get it here: A well-thought website and Bitcointalk thread add to a good first impression too.
  • Transparency. The Monaco team talks openly about the issues they face and how they are overcoming them (Here’s an example:
  • Monaco team is active on Bitcointalk forums – they answer questions almost in real time.
  • Monaco is connected with eight of the top 10 international foreign exchange banks, which allows the company to keep the perfect exchange rates, as stated before.
  • They have a back-up plan for MCO tokens. 30% of MCO tokens are locked in a smart contract, and will be held as reserve tokens.
  • Physical cards will be produced by Gemalto, a well-known and trusted international company and card manufacturer.
  • Monaco complies with KYC/AML regulations by being partnered with Thomson Reuters World-Check.
  • Monaco ID verification is developed by Jumio, a company that delivers cutting-edge digital ID verification services and technologies.
  • Last, but not least, Monaco VISA cards will be processed by a level 1 PCI DSS compliant MasterCard and Visa processor.

The list could go on and on. There are other important facts that make me trust Monaco. Some of the data can be found in their whitepaper.

How Can You Benefit From It

The target audience for Monaco VISA Card is rather big. If you’re like me, then you are probably interested in reaping the benefits of owning a Monaco VISA Card. The card still got to be issued, but the pre-launch token sale is on and will end pretty soon – the 17th June, 2017.

There are two ways of getting MCO tokens:

  1. The first way is by going to and purchasing the tokens. MCO pricing depends on the amount of tokens that were already sold. They only accept ETH as payment.
  2. The second way of benefiting from MCO tokens is by participating in their bounty program. There are a number of ways in which you can take part in it. Some of them include: Following Monaco on Twitter, writing about them in your Blog/Website, help them translate the publication and whitepaper to your mother tongue, join their Slack group and use a signature, among others.

More details can be found here:

 In Conclusion

To be honest, when I first find out about Monaco, my mind was blown. It took me a while to get rid of the idea that “this is too good to be real”. Monaco Visa Card will see the light of day soon; I believe that it is real and that it will be one of the most important breakthroughs in the cryptocurrency world. This is something that should be done a while ago and I’m glad that there is finally a team of people who is getting the job done.

Make sure you do your research and take part in the campaign as soon as you can, since both the sale of tokens and the bounty program are ending soon!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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