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Genesis Mining Added Monero (XMR) to their Cloud Mining Service

Genesis Mining is a company that sells mining hashrate to their customers. They offer different plans that allow you to mine crypto currencies without actually owning a miner.

Genesis Mining might be an interesting alternative to purchasing coins on your own. Depending on your goals and circumstances, this kind of plan might be the most profitable option. Once you sign in to the plan, you will obtain Monero (XMR) no matter how high or low is the price of the coin. This is something that you might use on your advantage.

Monero Cloud Mining Review

Genesis Mining offers a fixed hashrate for two years. The contract price reflects the amount of hashrate you get, though you get up to 6% discount when you purchase the bigger packages. The lowest stake is $34 USD for 30 Mh/s; the highest one is $2900 USD for 2700 Mh/s. There is also an option to choose anywhere in-between and even up to 10.000 Mh/s for $10.440 USD, though the discount does not get higher than 6% after passing the 2700 Mh/s mark.

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As with most Genesis Mining packages, the 2 years contract includes electricity and maintenance fees, which means that there is only one payment required.

It is always advisable that you make your own calculations. As for today, the ROI of one of Genesis Mining Monero plans is about 16-18 months, but the price of most crypto coins (including XMR) varies daily. Those plans might or not might work for you depending on what you will do with the coin. Most people purchase Genesis Mining plans to get Monero (XMR) and then profit by trading it like stocks.

Dynamo Package Profitability

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Monero Cloud Mining Review
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