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Cryptocurrency Now Allows Real-World Asset Purchasing – LAToken Review

In 1stminingrig, I mostly talk about how to mine cryptocurrencies. You can find my reviews on BTC mining gear, DASH ASICS and GPU rigs. That being said, in this article I’d like to change the topic a little and talk about an interesting way to invest the mined cryptos.

Some people sell the cryptocoins they mine straight away. Others invest the mined funds into ICOs and projects that allow them to build additional streams of income.

If you are the kind of person who is rather picky on where and when to spend the mined cryptocoins, you might be interested in this new project that will allow you to get the most of them.

Meet LAToken, a platform that allows you to invest and trade real-world asset tokens by using crypto.

If you’re already trading assets in real life using fiat currencies, this project will definitely grab your attention. Otherwise, it LAToken might be a great way to get involved into this activity. After all, LAToken allows you to multiply and monetize your crypto coins, so why wouldn’t we take a closer look at it?

What Is LAToken

LAT stands for Liquid Asset Token. LAToken is a relatively new platform that allows asset owners to make their real-life assets liquid, tokenize them and sell them in shares to investors. Those can be:

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities
  • Works of art
  • Antiques

Investors can acquire partial ownership of the assets, which opens many interesting opportunities for the average person. Say, you always wanted to invest in real estate, but you never had the means to do so. Now, thanks to LAToken, you will be able to get partial ownership of the asset.

Why LAToken?

Liquid asset trading originated in real life, so why would it migrate to the blockchain? Some people, when they read the news that yet another area of the market is going blockchain, think that this happens merely because blockchain is the new black. “Cryptocurrencies are built on hype alone and Bitcoin is a bubble” – they say.

Truth is there are some reasons why blockchain makes liquid asset trade better for everyone. To better understand the benefits, let’s quickly list the issues modern asset markets face:

  • High transaction costs – traditional asset markets have many mid-men and third-parties involved.
  • Low transparency
  • Capital control
  • Lack of free markets – as a common person I am not allowed to own private equity or major shares, as well as I cannot buy partial shares of certain real estate properties. This lack of flexibility prevents me, as an individual, to invest into some of the markets and exchanges. Basically, the classic system is fully-functional only for VCs and Angel Investors.

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LAToken addresses each of the mentioned issues and adds some additional benefits worth mentioning.

  • High transaction costs – By being based on blockchain technology, the LAToken platform allows P2P trade without the need to have any middlemen.
  • Low transparency – the whole selling point of blockchain is transparency and security. No more centralization of trading operations.
  • Capital control
  • Lack of free markets – The whole idea of LAToken is to give the individual the possibility to trade assets freely and openly.

The additional benefits are:

  • Possibility to leverage up to 50 times
  • Trades open 24/7
  • Token value linked to prices of shares, commodities and real estate ETFs
  • The platform already exists and is operating. It allows people to trade tokenized shares of big companies, commodities such as gold and oil, and soon real estate ETFs, as well as art.

LAToken for People

The project aims to give trading opportunities to three groups of people:

Cryptocurency holders

Whether you are a miner or not you might be interested in adding LAT tokens to your crypto collection. The value of those tokens is linked to prices of real assets (debt, equity, real estate, commodities and works of art). Only few other cryptocurrencies enjoy such solid links to real life products.

Real-Life Asset Owners

LAToken gives you an opportunity to trade the liquid assets you own and profit from them. The platform makes it easy for you to find crypto holders and turn your assets into tokens or even fiat money in no time.

If you own illiquid assets such as penny stocks, ownership interests in private companies and art and antiques, you can tokenize them, then to sell those by fractions. You might enjoy 10–40% liquidity premium.

Real-Life Asset Investors

You can turn your ETH into LAT tokens and use those to trade tokenized assets. The platform provides you with all the required tools to do so. I will detail them in a bit. If you’re already trading on NASDAQ, you might want to switch to LAToken since it offers lower transaction costs and better availability.

LAToken Platform Components

By signing in to the LAToken platform you get access to the following four key features:

LAT Marketplace

In the marketplace you can explore the different investment opportunities, check the price of different assets and have a clear picture on the modern asset marketplace, prices, offer and demand. The marketplace also allows you to see the valuation of different assets over time and participate in the ownership of the properties that interest you.

LAT Wallet

A place where you can safely tokens and ownerships of different tokenized assets.

Back Office with NAV and Risk Management

This is a crucial tool for those of you who are into investing into property tokens. By giving you access to the risk profiles of different assets, this tools allows you to calculate how much we can safely invest into different opportunities and what are the risks involved.

Trading Terminal

Through the terminal you can invest into different types of equities, such as shares of Amazon, Google, Apple and smaller companies.

On the other hand, if you are selling an asset, the terminal allows you to purchase insurance and other instruments to attract more investors. Your assets can be accessed and managed through this terminal.

Again, the platform is already open and legally compliant. You can register on it today.

Ahead of the Game

What about LAToken’s competition? The idea of making a blockchain-based asset market is not new. Projects such as Bitbond, Digix and Proof offer the same features as LAToken, or is that so?

I will not spend a lot of time here comparing the platform to its competency. I will just mention that LAToken is the most advanced and complete platform so far. While most of the others are stuck on the concept creation stage, LAToken offers a functioning product, wallet and back office.

Only three other projects have a working blockchain with only one of them having also a working marketplace. That marketplace however is focused on property only, not allowing people to trade other assets such as commodities or debt.

Quick tokenization of assets is also something no other platform offers. You can get on the LAToken quickly and easily, as long as you meet the legal requirements and sign all the required documents online.

More about LAToken Team

From what we know so far, LAToken is eventually way ahead of its competency. There is also one more reason why I believe LAToken got the potential to keep being the number one in the field.

Usually, the difference between an ICO with a real product and a scam (or unsuccessful ICO) is the team. Most projects that fail are being developed by small teams of 4-6 people. In fact, four-people teams are almost the norm for the average ICO nowadays.

LAToken is different. Their team is big and is composed of experienced professionals in the field. If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ve probably noticed that I often use the adjective “team of experienced professionals”. This is mostly because I do not bother reviewing ICOs that have a small or inexperienced team to begin with; especially when it comes to serious projects such as the creation of an international asset trading platform.

If we take a look at their ‘team’ section, we can find a list composed mostly of all-stars. You can see that most of them are CEOs, CTOs and Co-Founders of well-known companies. Some of them are LAToken team members; others are financial or legal advisors. You can check their LinkedIn profiles for more info.

All of the mentioned makes me believe that LAToken team got all the knowledge and expertise to fulfill their promises and create a leading multi-asset tokenization application. I mean, they’ve already created a working platform you can use today – their claims are backed by real work.

As for today, LAToken also enjoys the following:

  • 7 Paying banks
  • 25 Paying investors
  • 10000+ Home equity loans processed
  • 12000+ Loans offered within last 6 months

It is now a matter of time until the platform grabs the attention of serious investors.

LAToken team is doing the right steps to attract those investors. For instance, the team will hold LAT Blockchain Economic Forum in New York on October 31 — November 1. Major industry players are going to participate in the forum where, along with the LAToken team, they will “discuss a roadmap for the exponentially growing crypto economy.” (Click here to learn more).

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How Can You Benefit from It

LAToken definitely opens new horizons for both traders and cryptoholders alike. Blockchain technology already enhanced many different areas and activities, and now it is time to revolutionize the asset trading market too. Asset tokenization will allow you to get the most from your assets and enjoy a new-gen trading experience.

If you’d like to enjoy those benefits, you might be interested in getting your hands on some LAT tokens. There are two ways you can do that:

  1. By creating an account on and posting your first asset on sale.
  2. By taking part in the coin offering and purchasing LAT tokens. As for today, 1 LAT = 0.0014 ETH

The second option is rather interesting since there is an 8% discount on the token that will last until October 10. After that, the price will be still at discount, though probably at 6% or less.

In Conclusion

Personally, I think that LAToken has a huge potential. The team is doing their job and they eventually put their money where their mouth is. As for today, they’ve got a working platform that is becoming more popular by the day. Things will more likely speed up even more after the forum, so I conclude that LAToken is here to stay.

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