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How to Run 6 or More RX 570 / RX 580 GPUs on Windows 10

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Since with the new RX 500 series, you must have installed latest drivers to be able to run and mine correctly. But there is a problem, beside of Linux there is (was) no way to run more than five cards with one rig, the 6th or 7th card were not recognized at all because of some driver bug.

After many tests, someone tried a strange mix of drivers and for some reason it worked.

GrinI was able to get 6 x RX-500 series running on windows 10 x64. After two days the stupidest thing I tried worked.

So If you are struggling running 6 cards at once here is what you should do to fix it

How to get 6 RX 500 series GPUs to run together on Windows 10 for Mining Ethereum, Zcash, Monero etc..

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Tools and software used

1 Clean PC from previous Drivers

  • Run DDU and select to uninstall current drivers in safe mode
2 Extract Drivers

  • Run 17.5.1 driver file and extract the files, skip the installation
  • Run 16.11.5 driver file and extract the files, skip the installation

(if for some reason you have problems running the cards with 16.11.5)

3 Copy drivers

  • Once extracted both driver versions, go to extracted files of driver version 16.11.5 C:\AMD\WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-16.11.5-Sep13\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B306709 and copy everything
  • Then go to driver version 17.5.1 C:\AMD\Non-WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.5.1-May4\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B313823 and paste the files that you just copied from 16.11.5

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

4 Installing mixed drivers

  • Go to “Device Manager
  • Right click on any GPU from “Display Adapter” tab then click on “Update Driver Software
  • Choose “Browse my computer for driver software
  • Select the WTA6A_INF folder from 17.5.1 driver version “C:\AMD\Non-WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.5.1-May4\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B313823” and click “Next
  • Wait for a few seconds to install the driver
  • If you get a Windows security warning just click on “Install this drivers software anyway
  • That’s it, restart your RIG and then check again Device Manager,you will see all GPUs installed

Start mining 🙂

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Ed Stewart

    Any idea why Pixel Clock Patcher wasn’t required? I had to use it with current drivers for my RX 470s.

  • Yuchen Feng

    Anyone tried with 5 AMD card and 1 nv card?

  • Rafael Pinhao

    Why dont try to use ps4 for mining? My ps4 is collecting dusty in my room xD And ps3 is the same 😀

    • Wow Janíx

      Simple, bcoz PS3 does less than 1 Tflops, when a single Rx 570 can do more than 5.1 Tflops.

  • Mujuu

    Only 5 cards in my Device Manager. What should i do now?
    5 cards mining without any problem @Ciprian V

  • Bart

    Do you guys have 6 or 7gpu rigs working properly? I’ve installed 7 x MSI Gaming X 4GB RX 570’s, flashed the bios, hashrates not that great, maybe need a bit of tweaking but the biggest issue is stability – claymore just turns off after 3 hours max, sometimes 15 minutes…been struggling with it for a few days now and have no idea what else to do :/

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Valerius

    Hey guys, I am planning on building a mining rig. Since the RX470 are hard to find on the internet I am wondering if I can get a similar hash rate (ca. 180 MHz if OC and modded) with other cards. the RX 5xx seem usable, but I can, from what I do know, only use 5 of them simultaneously.

    To get around this issues, is it possible/suboptimal in any way to use different brands(XFX, ASUS, Sapphire, etc.) of the rx 470? is there a major difference or cause i.e. errors if I do so?


    i tried with both files 16.2 16.1 and it didnt work, any other suggestions?

  • Alexander Stephani

    i installed my 6 x rx 570 sapphire nitro+ with the newest amd driver and all works fine without a workaround 😉

    • Can you share more details for the crowd ? Like what PSU, Mobo, Bios, cloks, power usage ? thanks!

      • Alexander Stephani

        hey there,

        no problem tomorrow i post my hole installation etc. step by step.

        good night


      • Alexander Stephani

        yesterday ive posted all infos about my rig and how it works with 5 rx 570’s but it appear only a few minutes then it is away….
        its a big text….
        in my disqus profile it appears but not here…..
        can you help me to post this text here without getting away ?


        • Is here somewhere.. i did not deleted it..

          • Alexander Stephani


            did you can read them now on pastebin successfully ? 😉


          • Yes, awesome.. good work! any pictures? 🙂

      • Alexander Stephani

        so i posted it on pastebin
        because my text is to long….
        my hardware and how to get 6 rx 570 work without an workaround

        • strange, didn’t found your comments.. have you deleted them?

  • can u provide me the links at amazon to buy all requirements for 7 GPU mining ring , include the CPU case ill keep it all the ring inside

    • Brandon

      you should not be mining at all

      • Sébastien

        Agree 😀

  • Sonny Karan

    Happy Sunday, building my second rig. what CPU do you recommend with ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX Motherboard?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Yuchen Feng


    • flavio

      i use g3900 and it works well

  • Dendy Oktavian

    Anyone can help me? I have mobo Asus H170 Pro Gaming and 6 Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB, max slot only 3 GPU, what should i do for using 6 slot? T_T

    • Dendy Oktavian

      Help me please…

      • have you updated bios ? try chaning pcie speed to gen2 what cpu you have ?

        • Dendy Oktavian

          i have latest bios for mainboard, Intel G4560 T_T, ok… i will try to change speed pcie

          • Dendy Oktavian

            Now the maximum is only 4 Gpu, if I install the 5, the error code 12 appears in device manager, what should I do? Is it its mainboard capacity?

          • The drivers are combined right ?

          • Dendy Oktavian

            yes sir

          • Jeff Huff

            Enable 4g decoding in the bios

          • Dendy Oktavian

            it’s work sir… thank you :*

        • Dendy Oktavian

          I give up … maybe its mainboard does not support 6 GPU for RX 580, as a lesson for all do not use mainboard Asus H170 Pro Gaming with RX 580.. LOL

  • Maguary

    Anyone with success on 8 GPUs?

  • Zulekha

    Hi can you please urgently advise us.. we are using the Asrock Z270 Killer ZLI motherboard and trying to use 6 rx580+ using windows 10 and these drivers but nicehash only reads 3 cards

    • All the cards are visible in device manager? If yes, then there must a NiceHash glitch or settings.

  • Conxelar

    Hi thank you for this guide, im stucl at step 4. After running DDU and rebooting into windows I cant find my GPU inside device manager umder display adapter. It just shows the onboard graphics card. Anyone know how to resolve this? I have moved the GPU between the PCI-E slots.
    6x RX580
    BTC Pro h81
    Side note woth the latest drivers I can mine at 22-25MH/s without dual drivers. But im just hoping your guide can push me further.

    • Battal

      Reset you board bios, disable the onboard gpu or install one gpu on main pci and connect it to your display then you’ll find it on devices list, just make sure one gpu is connected to pci and cabled to the display .

    • Mike Clifford

      use the view tab then show hidden devices

  • Mike

    I’m having issues with GPUs 5 and 6 losing h/s. All with modded bios running at approx 29mh/s to start but 5 and 6 start losing h/s after a few mins.

  • Mike

    I have 6 gpus mining with claymore miner. After a few minutes the h/s of gpus 5 and 6 start to drop. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • That sounds like it could be a PSU issue. Will MSI Aferburner tell you what power the cards say they are pulling?

      For me slightly overclocking the memory brings a lagging GPU back up to speed. For instance I was (with 7xGPU rig) getting 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 19, 12 … and then overclocking memory brought them all up to the same level.

      Just make sure you are supplying enough power. I am using two PSUs.

      RM1000x – powering motherboard, CPU, HDD, 5X GPU
      RM650x – powering 3xGPU

  • Daniel Forsythe

    I have 4 gpus rx480 with Windows 10. The system only recognizes 3 of them, I can not find a way to solve it. Someone can help me?

  • flavio

    hello Ciprian thanks for your great job. I want to share my experience with this tutorial with combined drivers.
    in fact i got my 8 gpu working on a asus a270 prime. By the way i had different problems installing drivers in that way:
    1 claymore setting are unusable i can’t set cpu and memory clock and voltages.
    2 if i make a wrong setting (too high ram clock or too much underclock, the driver doesn’t reset them to stock value so you have to set them in windows safe mode (i think because wattman not installed). using drivers 16.11.5 and patching them with atikmdag i got claymore setting working but so tricky to install all 8 gpu. i also am thinking to leave windows to ubuntu because the 8 gpu windows limit.
    for my other rig with 470 i used 16.9.2 drivers that works just well

    • Hi, yeah.. there may be some problems running it this way, try on linux maybe you will get better results.

  • E_

    Looks like driver update 17.5.2 may have fixed this issue.
    “The primary display adapter may sometimes appear disabled in Radeon Settings while driving a display from the linked adapter in Multi GPU system configurations.”

    Was curious if anyone can verify this?

  • Bitcoin Spendovic

    I have Asrock 990fx extreme4 with 5 pci,i tried today with six cards with 1 to 3 pci adapter ….working about 5 mins,then restart but windows cant start.Restarting many times,but same thing,no winodws,As just i take out one gpu and restart,everything works fine.Any solution??Tnx in advance

    • Maschine

      Same here. I was able to get the 6th card working by mixing drivers but was pretty unstable and finding lots of invalid shares. Any ideas?

    • Max XU

      Mine is Gigabyte 970-DS3P and I can mine with 6 cards (7 or more it’s black screen) Tried enable IOMMU controller?

  • Nicolas

    Only : AMD Drivers 17.5.1 & AMD Drivers 16.11.5, Works ? Claymore’s advises : Catalyst v15.12 !
    Thank you in advance.

    • Yes, will work..

      • Nicolas

        Ok thank you 🙂

  • Saul

    Hello Cyprian: can you please advise as how to run multiple 6x 580 rigs at home? Here in North America, circuit breakers are rated at 15 amps, so you can only run 1 rig per room and thus multiple rigs have to be in different rooms, which can be a pain from management point of view, as you have to run ethernet cable in every room and noise/heat not limited to one place. Have you run multiple rigs? Will love to learn about best practices from you! Thanks!

    • I think the best practice is to rent a space with good circuit, or to build a little space like a garage and make a new electricity contract with better power and circuit connection. Usually in apartments you cannot store more than 3x rigs..

    • Greenlee

      Best practice would be to hire an electrician to put in the circuits nessecary to run the load. No workarounds on this one.

  • Marco Poles

    Hi Ciprian, using only one RX 580 with bios modified, the steps that you describe to install the driver manually works skipping amd bios check? If no, when it is necessary to apply atipixel clock patcher to skip bios check?

    • with this combined drivers bios verification is not needed..

  • Hello,
    I tried installing 8 gpus(6 RX580 and 2 RX480) on ASUS Z270-P with intel G4400 processor, 4 Gb RAM and HDD. But windows 10 Pro is only detecting 3 of my cards, and 1 intel graphics. Unable to detect the other 5 cards. I have enabled 4g decoding and set to Gen2. Has this or anything similar happened ? Any idea why so and is there a fix?

    • Ayoze

      Same problem for me. Testing new things during days and no solution. Did you solve it??

      • Paul Angus

        I have this same issue on the same mobo with RX570’s. Only three are running, the fourth is either not recognised or Windows does not boot. Running Win 7 64

    • jtb93

      set it to gen1 not gen2

  • Jacob Shively

    Hey Ciprian and friends. I am currently running x6 of the Gigabtye Aorus rx 570 4gb on windows 10 with my mother board being a Biostar TB250-BTC. I’m having driver issues and having windows see all my cards. I have tried mixing the two drivers that you described above. My problem is that windows will not allow to to update my driver through the device manager. It just says that the “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” is the most up to date. I can force an installation through the setup of the driver but that only allows me to apply the driver to 3 of the 6 cards for some reason.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Once again I can’t say enough how helpful you guys have all been.

    • Hey @jacobshively:disqus , for TB250 you will need to update BIOS first (check cd there is a bios update utility that can be done directly from windows), after go to bios and enable mining mode for 6x gpu. Once you do this, it will recognize all gpus!

      • Jacob Shively

        Hmm I updated bios and have miner mode enabled and it looks like I’m still getting 3 out of my 6 cards having an error in my device manager. The other 3 are fine with the mixed drivers hack and are seen by claymore but I’m still missing those three cards with an error. They are displaying error code 12. (“This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use.”)

        • have you increased virtual memory ?

          • Jacob Shively

            Yeah I had them set the 3000 and 16000 that you outlined in your windows configuration tutorial. I went ahead and bumped them up to 16000 and 20000 and still did have the error.

  • Jacob Shively

    I currently have 6 Radeon Aorus rx 570 4gb cards. I am running these on a Biostar TB250 – BTC Mobo and on windows 10. My problem is that I can only ever get windows to see 3 of my 6 graphics drivers. I feel like have I have tried everything at this point. I have tried the modified driver hack with every combination possible. I’ve tried the 16.11.5 with 17.5.1 driver hack and every combination of such that I can download. All of these options I still have only 3 of my 6 cards shown.
    In my mobo I’ve got all of my pci slots set to gen 1. My motherboard also has a “Mining mode” option. I’ve tried that both enable and disabled. Still no luck. I’ve seen some other posts talking about enabling Gen 4 encoding but I am unable to find any such option in my mobo bios. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sharfin

    I have 4 rx 570 running but when I connect another 470 the cards are not detected.. l trtried installing 470 driver aand also tried the combined driver method but no solutions yet.can anyome help me

    • Bug My Android A$$

      probably u would have found it.. it has to do with the bios settings, in MSI, you should enable above 4G mode.

      • asd

        hey is there any option for enabling 4G mode on this card? Msi 990fx gaming, i cant find it on bios. :/ i am running 4 envidia cards, got them working but when mining for several hours an error of windows appear, saying an error about envidia drivers. it dosnt shut the miner but it stops mining until i click “ok”

  • Brant Caldwell

    I having a issue with add my second card. It is a msi rx 580. It is not showing up in the device manager. Does that mean it is doa?

  • Sukma PM

    and then how to install wattman (amd setting)?

  • When you paste in the 16.x files into the 17.x folder, do you replace the 17.x files or simple add to them?

    I keep hitting the issue “windows has determined the beat driver” and it won’t let me go ahead at all. Also I have noticed that the folder names B306XXXXX are not the same with the downloads one can get from AMD now.

    After many failed attempts, I just double clicked and ran the 17.x installer and my pc then recognised three GPUs and claymore runs fine with them. But add in the fourth GPU and the pc won’t boot, it gives an error similar to “BIInitializeLibraryFail”

    What do you think I should do?

    • Sean Kermath

      Same questions here

    • Hi, i just updated the driver versions, copy from 16.x to 17.x and replace them 🙂

  • Chris Smith

    Anyone tried this with 17.6.2 yet?

    • 17.6.2 works without mixing!!

      • Robert A. Grigsby

        Is there anything gained from using the 17.6.2 over the mixed one?

        • Pros and Cons, perhaps. Using an official single driver package is simpler, but maybe needs the pixel patcher if you’re using custom vBIOS.

          Using the mixed one, I was never pleased with the idea, as I just didn’t understand why it worked. Might be just fine, though.

          A different way to say it – I don’t see a benefit to the mixed driver over the official, at this point.

          It depends on what you’re doing – I’m prepping 4 more rigs spec’d for RX 580s, and a single driver package would be easier to support, I suspect.

          • Robert A. Grigsby

            Sounds good. I think I’ll stick to the mixed version just for the fact of the time I expended to get the rig up and running. For the next one I’ll take the easy way out. Or the correct way, which ever way you want to look at it.

  • Pavel

    Hi, thank you for this guide. I’ve 6 RX580 running. But Trixx or Afterburner doesn’t work. Both shows zeros and I can’t set anything else. Any help?

    • i guess something went wrong, uninstall the drivers with DDU, and use the new drivers that i just added. let me know the results.

    • Msta Hackintosh

      Hi both of those drivers are from different dates to the one in the article, would you happen to have the same ones by any chance? I’ve been trying everything but Windows wont let me manually install any AMD driver….It just says “an appropriate drivers is already installed” and the best I can do is 3 GPUs recognised by installing the latest AMD Crimson driver…..

      • You must uninstall the existing drivers. Please research DDU.

        • Tommy Tran

          does mixed driver means RX580 of different vendors or does it means mixing RX570 & RX580 cards together

  • EthMiningNoob

    Hi guys I just set up my first mining rig and I’m having some issues with getting it running. I was able to get windows 10 to recognize the first three ex480’s, but the 4th has a little yellow “exclamation” indicator. When I plug in the 5th and/or 6th gpu’s, the system won’t boot. Running updated bios on Asus z270-p prime. Can anyone help me get the kinks worked out?

  • kruthikv

    Hey guys!!
    I have 3 RX 580 working properly. The minute I add a RX 470 the drivers just keep crashing. I have bios modded all the cards and they all work fine individually.
    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  • BREAKING: AMD 17.6.2 drivers will support at /least/ seven RX 580s, without driver mixing. To be specific, I am running:
    * Windows 10
    * MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
    * Intel G3900
    * 4GB 2133 ram
    * 7x Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB (11265-05-20G)
    * Non-WHQL AMD Driver 17.6.2
    * Modified BIOS from here:
    * Claymore Dual Miner v9.5 – ETH/DCR

    I did use the Pixel Clock Patcher, but in transparency, I did not try without it, so I do not know if it is necessary.

    Non-WHQL driver available here:

    Running for 2 hours now, at 29.4Mh/s ETH, 885Mh/s DCR per card.

    • Update: I didn’t like the stability, so I tuned it down to 1100/2120, with a dcri 30, resulting in 28.8E and 865D. It’s been up for 17.5 hours now. I think I’ll be tuning the dcri down more, but that’s subjective, really.

      • 1140m/2130c dcri 30 has been running for 24 hours now, producing 29.2eth/875dcr…

        • Michael, please would you break down these numbers you posted? I see everyone saying they’ve got 11XX this and 2XXX that, and I think you’re referring to memory clock and core clock, but if there is some way you’d be able to make it idiot proof, could you share please?

          • Hi Alistair, I think this site is better for giving you the answers than anything I can type here. And trial & error is a fantastic teacher.

          • OK, thanks. I’ve read loads of these guides and have now enabled a couple of 8 GPU rigs. But I haven’t touched bios and haven’t worked out best approach to overclocking to tune for performance. So can I ask a more specific question of you? What is 1140m, what is 2130c and what is DCRI30?? Any chance you could share a screenshot of your MSI afterburner setup?

          • Ok, well, I don’t use MSI Afterburner at the moment, and do all my clocking via the vBIOS directly (programmed with Polaris BIOS Editor) or via Claymore configuration files.

            1140c = 1140 core clock
            2130m = 2130 memory clock

            ** my apologies, I mis-typed the m and c earlier, and have corrected.

            DCRI is a claymore configuration variable, referring to the intensity of the secondary coin, typically Decred (therefore, DCR Intensitiy). It affects your ether (primary coin) mining speed based on how intense the miner works on the secondary coin.

    • Carlos Antonio

      fake, drivers 17.6.2 will not work with more than 4 vga without a mod

      • Umm, what? What mod? I specified everything required above. What proof do you think you need?

        Uptime is 67+ hours @ 29.2Mh/s per GPU, on seven GPUs.

        • Carlos Antonio

          i have a 5 gpu rig, i have tested the driver and only recognized 4 gpu the 5 gpu is code 43. i have not tried the pixel clock patcher

          • You only need the patcher if you want to use modified BIOS in your GPUs, btw.

            Anyhow, make sure you have your motherboard BIOS set up properly, with PCI channels set to Gen 2 (at most), and 4G Decoding enabled.

            Neither of these things have to do with the driver version, but you will need that done to support more GPUs.

            It sounds like you had five GPUs working before. Generally, I’ve had the most success reinstalling all the cards (with a new driver) with 4G Decoding disabled and only one card installed – then re-enabling 4G Decoding and then adding all the cards back in.

          • Carlos Antonio

            where is the 4G option ?

          • It depends on your motherboard, but generally in the PCI area.

      • Also – if you don’t even know how to enable 4G Encoding, please edit your “fake” – that was unnecessary.

    • Luis Gimenez

      It is working also for other cards like Powercolor RX580 8giga??

      or only for Sapphire?

      Thank you

      • No reason why it shouldn’t work. The driver only cares that it is AMD Radeon RX 580.

    • Jason Dela Cruz

      Hi @mi@CultureAuto:disqus how is it going w/ your 7x Sapphire RX 580 Plus?

      will try to install AMD 17.6.2 tonight. hope that my 6th card will be installed properly…

      • The driver seems to be working fine.

        • Jason Dela Cruz

          Cool! used the new driver that you shared… fresh install my 6gpu and added a new one.. seems to me that the risers that i bought are the reason behind error while installing the new GpU. Got my RIG running now.


          Any advise in modding Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 4gb Hynix? got mine hashing @25.5 under 1150/1900

          copied strap 1:1500->1:2000 & 2:1500->2:2000

          did i miss something?

  • Gologuzan

    i am trying to put six rx 560 on one rig.
    i am using asrock pro btc r2
    and win 10.

    when i plug 6 cards without driver, in device manager i get 5 microsoft basic display adapters. and can’t move further. have tried to change cards, risers, and places, but one by random always stay undetected.

    can i get all 6 cards to be seen before i install actual drivers?

    • In your motherboard bios, have PCI 4G support disabled.
      Install one card in x16 slot by itself, install the driver.
      Shut down, install the rest, turn on 4G support.
      Boot up, open Device Manager and watch as the cards install. Don’t touch anything while it’s working. It can take a while.

      • THPQT

        Would this work for RX 580 too? Been having a problem with these for a little bit now.. its frustrating and its the same Mobo. I will try the single installation too and post results.

        • Yes

          • Religion is Cancer

            Where is the 4G encoding setting on the Asrock Pro BTC?

  • Gologuzan


  • Robert A. Grigsby

    What is everybody finding as the best program to mod the bios of their RX580s. On line it says that Wattman only works for the RX4xx models. Thanks.

    • Wattman can change settings, but it’s not a BIOS editor. Polaris BIOS Editor is what you’re looking for. Please read a LOT and make sure you have the right version of PBE for your card’s version and memory type.

  • Msta Hackintosh

    Hi there Windows wont let me install the modified driver it just says “the correct driver is already installed”. Also I cant find the same links as you have here, the closest I can find is drivers that were released on different dates. May 4th and November 25….I have tried installing the latest AMD Crimson driver but only 3 GPUs show up….Hardware is MSI Z270 SLI Plus with 6x Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580….
    Thanks heaps….

    • Sounds like you need to run DDU again and make sure you get back to the stage where Device Manager shows ‘Microsoft Basic Display’ or something like that. And then try again with the mixed drivers. I had the exact same issue, and re-running DDU fixed it.

  • Deregtz

    None of the bios posted here works for the latest version of the Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8gb Hynix… Please someone make a new bios for us.
    Here my original bios file:!cnYGFTrT!vNVTWBdbJCbthpd8rswLdzNcz0teugdVRie6Cyu0gBM

  • jose

    Hi Ciprian. Im successfully runing 6 RX580 thanks to this information, just have a little problem. Im triying to use MSI afterburner to underclock de GPU core and set the fan speed a little bit higher, but the afterburner does not recognize properly any of the 6 RX580, same for Sapphire TRIXX, I can see them in the software but there is no information of any sensor (Voltage, fan speed, temperature) or possibility of tweak. Thanks in advance for your help

    • Go to settings and check the two settings to unlock voltage 🙂

      • jose

        hi there again. now i am able to use the afterburner properly (i unistall trixx), now im runing my 6 x RX580 sapphire in a msi z170a pro gaming carbon. the system is very unstable, i have restarts every 2-3h, sometimes the screens goes black and the PC just freeze, other cases the system restart properly but i lost communication of 1 card, any possible solution? im currently using drivers as discribed in this post, bios version 1.7, 4G decoded enabled, Gen1 on PCI, win10 64 bits, claymore 9.7

        • jose

          update: finally i almost have my first 12h of stability everything is running perfect, using recent newest drivers of amd (17.7.1)

          • Battal

            Hey jose did you use the new driver as stock or did you mix it with the old 16.x.x ?
            How many cards are you running on 17.7.1 version ?

          • jose

            hi battal. currently running stock 17.7.1 driver version. Runing 6 RX580, getting 1+ soon, im confindent that this 7th card can be inserted into the system without problems. Everything runs very smooth.

          • Battal

            That’s good news for me,, Thanks 🙂

          • Tommy Tran

            Jose,did you still have to set “enable” the “4G encoding” in MB bios for it to recognize 5+ cards?

          • jose

            hi tommy. yes, it is essential to enable the 4g encoding, and of course to have windows 10 UEFI to make it work

          • Alex!

            Hola Jose., que tal? Im the same place like you, I have 4 cards 580 rx 8 GB and im using the drivers of this guide. but i cannot use msi afterburner because freezes everything, Trixx is working a little better, but only can modify the values of the first graphic card, the rest are working with the volts, clocks.. as they want. I had problems with the WattMan of AMD if i install the amd drivers like a normal user. any work around for this situation ? Asrock h81 pro btc 2.0, 8 GB ram, Win 10 x64, claymore 9.6 and 9.7. The system is totally stable, but only the first graphic card is working at 30Mh/s and the rest with the normal values at 27Mh/s

          • jose

            Hola alex, todo bien :). Well, seems like w AMD Whattman issue, which i had a while ago but no that “heavy” (it didnt freeze my PC). So what i did was to uninstall the driver with DDU and uninstall Afterburner. Them, i reinstall the driver but with the “personalization” (or whatever :P) option, and choose only the AMD driver for display (in this way the wattman is not installed). After that, i installed each GPU 1 by 1. Finally (and its very important) after all GPU are properly installed, i installed the Afterburner. Hope that it works for you. Just for curiosity, are you overclocking those RX? those values of 30mh are kinda high, be aware that overclocking can create system unstability, in my case i run at 28mh with 1100 Core clock and 2100 Mem Clock, all good so far

          • Alex!

            Ey que pasa tio :), Finally the step of installing ONE BY ONE all the cards was the trick, becasue i did everything ok but not this step. So I uninstall the drivers, reinstall them on the first card and one by one connecting all the cards and now everything works perfect and all the sensors are ok 3 of them mining in 30 MH/s. I need the add2psu in order to use 2 psu and the other 2 extra cards.. but like this im happy, Thank you so much for answering me. Muchas gracias por contestar tio. un saludo

  • bang hasyim

    Hi, Thx for your guide, but i still have small problems which i cant resolve, already tried everything accept changing motherboard or update mobo BIOS, or re installing windows 10 pro. My system are : mobo gigabyte ga-z270x-ud3 (6 pcie), 4 gpu (2 radeon rx580 pulse 8GB, 2 rx580 nitro+ 8GB), 4 pci riser, windows 10 os, 400GB HDD with 120GB space set for systems. when i tried 2 gpu not using pci riser it works fine, pulse and nitro, nitro and nitro, pulse and pulse, more than 2 gpu with and or pci riser wont work, sapphire trixx cant detect gpu clock, mem clock, and or fans. all driver Id try , 4 gpu detected as usual, but without the fan speed control, it will hang just a few seconds . and hash rate is 27 (with bios mod). probably someone could give me an advise to solve this problem… many thanks before

  • Luigi Pellecchia

    Hi thanks for the info. but I have an issue i did a test with one of my radeon rx 580 red devil and for some reason is only mining at 4 mh per second and msi afterburner cant control the fan speed. do you have any idea of what am i doing wrong ??? thanks

  • deju

    This was a life saver thanks! As a side note; My windows 10 was stating I had the latest drivers installed and only optioned a windows update when attempting to manually install. To bypass this I had to selected “select device from list” then the “have disk” option. Select the inf from the parent folder and then install as above. hope this helps anyone having similar issues 🙂

  • Tommy Tran

    Hello Everyone, looking for some expert advice cause im about to beat my head against the wall : ( have spent countless hours and for the life of me, cant figure out how to get windows to recognize 4+ gpu’s ( have 7 total)
    I have MSI Z170A Gaming M7 board ( updated to latest Bios 7976v1I )
    7 Gpu’s RX580 mixed type.
    Dual linked PSU = 1500 watts
    installed AMD drivers 17.5.2
    If i boot the machine with 4 cards attached ( with 4G encoding in “Disabled” mode/ PCIe slot=auto), it will work.
    If i go in bios and “Enabled” 4G encoding, it will not boot, just hung in black screen.
    I even set to Gen1 at first, same black screen issue
    Then set Gen2 afterward and still unsuccessful, stuck forever in black screen and will not boot to windows.
    tested each cards individually and all worked fine, so no riser issue.
    I even reinstalled windows 10 in a last ditch effort but still same issue.
    Please need help badly. thank you

    • Bre

      Still not find solution?

  • Danush

    MSI AMD RX 580 3 Detects out of 6 ( error code 12 displaye for remaning 3)
    I have literally tried everything , enabled 4G kindly help me with issue
    Motherboard : MSI Z170 A PRO
    4GB RAM

    ( When I enable 4G Decoding Enabled i see a black screen on reboot)

    • Bre

      Still cant find the solution?

  • Alain Mardirossian

    Anyone knows if we still have to mix drivers or AMD fixed the issue with the new 17.7.2 versions….?

    Link for AMD driver realeased July 27 2017 version 17.7.2


    • no need to combine, use latest drivers.

      • Alain Mardirossian

        Weird …i tried only the new driver 17.7.2 without mixing and it only detects 5 out of 7 cards.

        Gona have to mix tonight!

  • Mit

    Hi Thanks for this guide, I stuck with 6 GPU Working on Windows 10 Creators Update. Have connected 8x Sapphire RX580 8GB OC Limited Edition with BIOS Mod it is running stable with 27.4 MH/s on each GPU.

    * Windows 10 Creators Update
    * ASUS STRIX Z270E Gaming
    * Intel G4650
    * Toshiba Q200 EX SSD 240GB
    * 8GB DDR4 3000 Vengeance
    * 8x Sapphire RX 580 Nitro OC 8GB GDDR5 (Hynix)
    * Non-WHQL AMD Driver 17.7.2
    * Modified BIOS from here:
    * Claymore Dual Miner v9.7 – ETH Only Mode
    * PSU – Cooler Master V750 (750W) + 1250W Great Wall (80P Gold)
    * Riser – 006C Version
    * 1x M.2 SATA to PCI-E

    windows only detecting – 6 GPU, while connected 8 GPUs on RIG, #4 and #7 GPU not detected. #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #8 Working well

    MOBO BIOS have set for Gen2 PCI-e and 4G Enabled.

    GPU #0: Ellesmere, 8192 MB available, 36 compute units

    GPU #1: Ellesmere, 8192 MB available, 36 compute units

    GPU #2: Ellesmere, 8192 MB available, 36 compute units

    GPU #3: Ellesmere, 8192 MB available, 36 compute units

    GPU #4: Ellesmere, 8192 MB available, 36 compute units

    GPU #5: Ellesmere, 8192 MB available, 36 compute units

    ETH: GPU0 27.501 Mh/s, GPU1 27.499 Mh/s, GPU2 27.505 Mh/s, GPU3 27.500 Mh/s, GPU4 27.496 Mh/s, GPU5 27.496 Mh/s

    • Umm not really sure.. have you tried with latest drivers ? maybe simplemi ing or ethos will fix everything:)

      • Mit

        I have get it work with 17.7.2 and replacing new riser cards ver009s

        Disabling bluetooth and usb3.1 and hd audio in bios

        All 8x rx580 detected and working normal since 5hrs


  • Ken

    Hi, thanks for article. I’m setting up a rig, MSI Z170A SLI plus motherboard, with (6) MSI RX 580 Armor 4GB version. I only have 3 of them as I had to order them from different amazon retailers. The other 3 should be arriving soon I hope. So I have the system running with 3 cards. I have pcie settings in bios to gen1 (I tried gen2, didn’t change), also enabled the above 4G, etc. I used the mixed drivers, flashed the bios’s with Anorak’s MSI RX 580 Armor 4GB OC Hynix powersave-1500 Rom. (I have hynix ram). My settings are 1150gpu, 2000mem. Base system runs about 57 watts at the wall. With 3 cards, i’m running about 460 watts at the wall, so approx. 134 each card at the wall. GPUz shows 78 watts GPU draw. I can’t change the power in AB, (I have checked all of the voltage check boxes), i have to use trixx and set it to -100. I tried -200 and it froze. I might see if i can get a little lower. My cards are only dual mining ethereum at 23.4 and sia at 700. Before flashing bios, I was at 20-21. Can’t go any higher on memory speed or artifacts start coming on the screen (around 2020 or so). Thoughts? or do i just stick with what i have?

  • Mirno Hoogendonk

    Is this possible with the R9 GPU’s. I got 12 of them and I want to use these on a H110 BTC+ motherboard.
    Does anyone know if it’s possible to combine 8 of these GPU’s with 5 RX GPU’s??

  • João Batista

    Holly shit! i’ve been around my rig for the past few days and finally I did it! I’ve tried different combos of drivers but the ones which worked for me were driver versions 17.4.3 and 16.10.1. I just copied paste the files inside the “PackagesDriversDisplayWT6A_INFB307644” to “PackagesDriversDisplayW76A_INFB313057” and updated that fucking video driver!
    Booted with only one GPU at first to recognize it, after that I went berzerk and connected all 6 of them! And waddya know, it did recognize all 6 and up and running!

    I have an Asus Prime 270-P
    Intel Celeron 2900
    4gb ram
    6 rx570 4gb

    I did run ddu unintaller before trying this combo 😉

    • awesome, I still use those from tutorial to combine 🙂

  • André Furtado

    Trying to install the new blockchain drivers with this technique… ANyone had luck?

  • ameen

    I tried all steps.. still only 4 out of 6 RX580 GPU is detected by claymore miner

    And the hash rate is 25mhash for 4 rx580 and other 2 rx580 is not dedecuting .. but it is shown connected

    Using WIN 10 64 bit and claymore miner

  • Asad Ali

    i have B250F motherboard and installed 6x xfx rx580 8gb oc+ cards and drivers are 17.7.1 and new nicehash miner software can someone tell me pls how this work

  • JayB1742 I have six RX580 8GB Hynix with Modded Bios but I can’t get Afterburner to unlock core voltage it just stays greyed out. I’m on Afterburner 4.4.0 beta 16 and crimson relive 17.8.2. I tried the above method but that gave me even less functions in afterburner. What am I doing wrong here?

    • Path to Greatness

      go into afterburner settings and check the “unlock voltage controls”

  • chuck r.

    Well I have been pulling my hair out for several days now with BSOD video scheduler internal error. I have Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8 gb cards on a asrock mb. I am running current amd drivers, have done the delete drivers, install drivers many many times. 1 card works great but as soon as I put another card in, Windows sees it, Radeon sees it and says correct driver is there, GPUz sees them and lists correct driver but start mining and BSOD. whatcrashed says ati driver causes the error. Any suggestions?

    • Can i see your .bat settings or msi ?

  • Sébastien


    is this post still updated? Because i tried recently with these version:
    – Non-WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.10.3-Oct27
    – Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23

    I copied the content of Blockchain (because better mining results) to 17.10.3 folder, but still the 6th graphic card is not recognized.

    Thanks for the help

    • Hi, you will have to use this one Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23

      • Sébastien


        Without mixing anymore?
        Because if I don’t mix it’s not working (only 5 are recognized and working) and if I mix it ( and I know I mix it correctly since I see this red pop up appearing) it’s not working either.

        Thanks very much for your help

        • Yes without mixing the drivers, what motherboard do you have ?

          • Sébastien


            I Have a special which is made for mining: asrock 110 pro btc+.
            This is my configuration:

            MB + CPU : Asrock 110 Pro BTC+ Intel Celeron
            Graphic Cards: Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 x 8 (5 running fine for now)
            SSD 250b in LEGACY mode (not UEFI yet because then i need to reinstall everything).

            MB Settings: All PCIE are on GEN1
            Main graphic card is on board
            The famous “4G Encoding” option is not available in my bios (don’t see it anywhere).

            Thanks for the help

          • Hi, try changing the slot for the non recognized gpu…

          • Sébastien

            Thanks! That was the trick indeed!
            Thanks very much!

  • Hugo Cardoza

    Hi all, I am newbie at mining. If I mix 2 Sapphire Nitro+ 470 and 2 Sapphire Nitro 470 (without “+”) , can I flash Bios? Will my rig work stable or not ? I need your opinions !

    • Yes, those can be modified..

      • Hugo Cardoza

        Thank you !!

  • 0rb1q

    is it working also with blockchain amd drivers(23aug, …) and which one to mix ? thank you.

  • Richard Vaan

    I got 7 GPU mining rig working already for many months ( 5X RX580 and 2X RX480 …all cards are 8 GB.Intel G4400 on Motherboard Z270-A).I did install as it shows here mixing AMD drivers 16.11.5 and 17.5.1,also using Claymore V10….But right now i am getting about 20-21 mh/s per card and cant add any other card.Any advice how to improve my rig?

  • Dr. Robert Morrin

    Using a Asrock H81 Pro BTC R 2.0 this did not work for me.

  • Mitchell Berthelot

    So here is my dilemma, I am only seeing 5 GPUs on my 6 GPU (Sapphire nitro+ Rx580 8GB) mining rig in the device manager. So while I can update the drivers for my 5 current GPUs, I can not get the 6th GPU to appear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using an Asrock H81 PRO BTC R2.0 motherboard.

    • try reseting bios for the motherboard, what drivers are you using ?

      • Mitchell Berthelot

        I have tired the newest drivers, the mixed driver in this tutorial, and a few other standalone drivers that people have mentioned worked in the comments. Once I get back from out of town, I will try resetting the bios.

    • Mit

      Had same issue on windows, you can try to replace riser card with version 009s. it will work upto 8 xSapphire nitro+ Rx580 8GB

      • Mitchell Berthelot

        Hmm, that might be my issue. I am currently using version 007. I’m out of town until Wednesday so it’s currently just running with 5 GPUs. I think I might look into upgrading.

    • Ryan Holmes

      I am similar with many here…only 5 gpu’s running and getting dismal performance. I’ve had the system running with all 8 gpu’s before, but had to reinstall OS after trying to tweak OS and bios using ALL listed tweaks, bios links, programs (MSI undervolt/oc at -100v/1350-2200, DDU, ATI, etc).

      I’ve tried the AMD driver “fix” to no avail. Had to revert to putting 2 cards into older desktop and those are jamming at 21/26 mh/s. Original miner (110) shows all 6 cards in device manager, but disabled #6 (which is the one connected to video/monitor).

      Asrock +110 mb
      4 gb ram
      4 Sapphire Nitro + 8gb
      3 Red Devil 8gb
      1 Red Dragon 4gb

      Running latest AMD driver as well as the 16.6 and 17 version drivers loaded/hot patched. I’ve also tried the beta-blockchain driver and hot patch.

      • Mitchell Berthelot

        What fixed it for me was checking each GPU individually. I did this by disconnecting every GPU from my rig and then just connected one GPU. I booted up the rig and checked the device manager to see if my computer was recognizing the GPU. After doing this for each GPU I found a bad riser. I ended up replacing all of my risers with version 009.

        After I did all this I found this site to be super helpful for over clocking and under volting my GPUs. My rig is now running at 180 MH/s!

  • Ramu Belide Hey can you help me ?I have 6 rx 500 series graphic cards, When I start miner, it throws error saying,
    at leats 16 gb of virtaul memory is required.
    open cl intializing
    Ellesmere , 8192 mb available . 36 units complete.
    I increased virtual memory but that dint help, I unplugged five of them that dint help either

  • Ahmet Ahmeti

    @ciprianpt:disqus Hello, I have rx 580 pulse 4gb, but the sixth gpu doesnt recognize,
    i have installed driver: Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23
    motherboard Asrock h81, win10 x64
    is there any method to configure in msi afterburner (1180/2000)?
    i apreciate your help

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