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The End of Dash: Antminer D3 – Review

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We are used to the thought that X11 algos are mined with equipment which speed is measured in Megahashes per second (MH/s). As an example, the legendary (and expensive) Baikal Giant-A900 Miner delivers 900 MH/s and is considered one of the best (if not the best) Dash ASIC miners so far.

Now, what if we could get our hands on a piece of equipment that hashes 15 times faster for the same price? Is this a dream?

Yes it is, and it is called the Antminer D3. Recently, Bitmain announced the release of a new miner that is meant to become a game changer. As a result most of us who are mining Dash will no longer be able to do that.

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I will get to that in a minute. Let’s first take a closer look at the Antminer D3 specs:

  • Hash rate: 15 GH/s X11 (±5% variation)
  • Power consumption: 1200W (at the wall, with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp).
  • Dimensions of the miner: 320x130x190 mm
  • Price: $ 2.699 USD, power supply not included in the package.

15 GH/s equals to 15.000 MH/s. If we had to use Baikal’s Giant-A900s to achieve the same hashrate, we would have to get about 17 of those, which would cost us a whooping 39.000 USD!

What Does That Mean?

Many agree that the release of the Antminer D3 is going to kill most of the Dash ASICs we got in our mining farms. Bitmain’s new ASICs will raise the mining difficulty to a new level. While ASICs like the Giant A-900 will keep hashing the way they did before, the amount of DASH coins we will get per day from them will probably be reduced 10-15 times.

What About the Gold Rush?

Many people got excited about the ROI of the new Antminer D3. By hashing 15 GH/s, the ASIC produces about 6.500 USD per month. This means that as for today, the ASIC got one week ROI. But this won’t last long. Once the first batches of the Antminer D3 will be shipped, the mining difficulty will experience a steep increase, which will affect profitability too.

Do you remember what happened with Bitcoin, when the first ASICs were released? Well, eventually same thing will happen with Dash. We gotta upgrade our equipment in order to remain in the game.


Jul 24, 2017 Mining Profits

October 3, 2017 Mining Profits

Where to buy!

AmazonOfficial Website

Batch 4 – Late November 2017

Batch 3 – Early November 2017

Batch 2 – Late October 2017

Antminer D3 19.3 GH/s X11 ASIC Dash Miner
List Price: $2,500.00
Price: $1,199.00
You Save: $1,301.00
Price Disclaimer

Batch 1 – Late September 2017

In Conclusion

The Antminer D3 is available for preorder. The first batches will be shipped in September of this year.

Is it worth it? We will see. One week ROI is of course temporary and we will know the real numbers soon. However, if you want to keep mining Dash, then the D3 is definitely a must. The sooner you get it, the more chances there are that you might get some extra Dash while the network difficulty is still relatively low, compared to what it will soon become.


Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Lucian

    When the first batch was available, i calculate the profit for Antminer D3 and was about 8000usd/month – of course when i tried to by it it was already sold out:), few days later when i checked again was about 4500usd/month, now is 6500usd/ month – so it is going down and up an so on, the tendency is down.

    Dash difficulty is up by 4.20 times in 3 months. So assuming that the shipping date for next batch will be maybe 15 October and we will get the Antminer D3 with courier lets say 1st of november so in 3 months and 1 week, if the difficulty goes up again lets say 5 times till 1st of november and given the above facts from this article – i am skeptical that we will get ROI bellow 6months. What do you think about this?

    Sorry for my English:)

    • yeah.. I agree with thsy.. anyway it will still be a good investment from my point of view..

      • Odina Uchiha

        i want to ask you what do u think? is possible truth on this website? LINK REMOVED

        • I wont trust it 🙂 best way is to buy directly from manufacturer.. also when as payment is btc only..

          • Odina Uchiha

            Thx,i will make preorder from manufacture,is only in china?is can be somewhere in europe?

          • Pablo Garcia

            also they don’t honor the warranty if you didn’t buy from them directly

    • Manuel Casara

      yes , you are right..

    • BenRickert

      You are exactly right.

    • desp0

      What a lot of people tend to be forgetting is that you also most likely have a value increase of the coins you mine..

      I’m always laughing when I see posts on bitcointalk from 2014 when people said: “Nah man, mining with my home machine costs me too much and only gets me 0,05 BTC per day (at the point in time worth few bucks now 225$)

      In my opinion it is all perspective and on what you plan to do with your investment. I don’t need to ROI within 15 days because I initially did the investment with money that was not intented for something else.

      And you’re still 10 times better off just buying directly from manufacturer like Bitmain, Baikal etc than investing into some shady cloud-mining fuck where operative and management cost eat up all your returns.. But each to his own, good luck everyone 🙂

  • Manuel Casara

    CRYPTOCOMPARE Has the difficulty level hash wrong
    Calculations are wrong with a good 70%

    Here you find the correct data …

    And you have to estimate the hash in two months when you have the miner in your hand.

    • Manuel Casara

      now cryptocompare is correct,,, but remember to estimate the hashrate and difficulty in two month minimun

      • BenRickert

        ….and it will double every two weeks if not faster.

        • Cosmic Tino

          DAsh overflow until antminer D3 is released..

      • Raimond Barbaro

        How do I do that with Cryptocompare manuel?

  • Christian

    Why is this being charged at $11,000 on ebay? Is that really 8000 dollars inflated? SMH and it’s for preorders too

    • Danny Lee

      Yes I only paid 1450 each for mine from bitmain. the ebay prices are Nuked.

      • Renan Souza

        will bitmain release new antminers?

        • Louie Salemme Jr.

          Renan, are you looking for D3 miners?

        • Danny Lee

          sorry i missed this Yes Bitmain has S9 up forsale right now

  • Lucian

    Today another batch sold out in about 1.5-2 hours. I was lucky and i made an order for 2. They ship with DHL, Fedex or UPS. Which one you recommend?

    • nice.. ill go with dhl

      • Lucian

        I already made the choice when i place the order: Fedex – and that it was because DHL and UPS were about 340usd, Fedex 240usd, so a big difference. But i think it will not be a problem to change the courier if i send them an email and ask for that and pay the difference.

        Normally i’ll choose the fastest – because i can mine the difference in price in that time. My intuition was also DHL.

        I will search for opinions on internet and maybe change the courier to another later.

  • Odina Uchiha
    • Lucian

      2 times more power(more money), with 62.5% of Antminer D3 electrical power consume. Looks like a dream, but the price is like a nightmare:) – 9999USD + taxes(custom duties) + power supply price + courier price = about 12500USD…:)

      Another : you must order minimum 5(today was like this) of them.- that means about 62500usd – calculated like above. Who has this amount of money?:)

      Few days ago it was minimum 3(from youtube).


    Which PSU Should i buy for this, can i use a normal psu

    • Ill recommend their PSU, or ask them for the best alternative..

  • BenRickert

    In two months by the time they hit the racks DASH difficulty will be 6 million or greater. By December 10 million.

    • Daniel Zet

      etherum difficulty has growth from 1 May until 1 July (3Months) from 338T to 1500T. I think we can expect the same is going to happen with dash (so about 5 times in 3 Months).
      It would mean: if we get our Antminers D3 in 3Months it will be mine about 5 times less then now.
      so 40$ (status today = 200$ a day) in the first month after delivery….
      second month 30$
      third month 20$

      And then comes BITMAIN with their new devices like “antminer D3+” (which prototype as I suppose already exist) that will mine about 2 Times faster as D3 a we wiil get (maybe) only ROI and 5$ a day. The Bitmain will be more reach but we will be the same poor idiots.

      • you, I like you!! true words.. thanks:)

  • john

    just bought the antminer D3 ASIC from
    I know, the price is higher but i don’t want to miss the DASH train.

    • Nicolas

      Miner4all is legit ?

      • dont buy from there… buy only from official source.

        • Ahmed Mohsen Hassan

          u mean bitmain official website store? i saw many bad reviews ppl paid with no confirmations actually iw as goin to preorder from bitmain coz the price was too competitive is round 1600$ but when i saw many ppl complaining i quit the idea
          from where do u suggest i shld buy some trusted online stores supports shipping worldwide

          • Pablo Garcia

            I bought directly from Bitmain and they shipped on time before. Paid via bank wire, therefore you have proof and can recall if they don’t perform

          • Stefan Cudby

            buy from bitmain directly dude… lots of scams around for mining machines

  • Kongfish

    So, if i purchase a Bailak Giant+ today and get it by ??? 10 days?? Get it hooked up and hashing, and I ordered the bitmain D3 and get it???? When? And i get it up and Hashing at that date it arrives, How much Dash would i have Hashed by the Giant+ to the time i got the D3 whenever that would end up being roughly? Because, if the hashrate difficulty starts increasing, what will i actually be getting on the day i get to start mining? How do the two different miners compare based on these facts? As of 30 minutes ago Bailak said theyll ship a giant + in three days from payment received? Anyone gt this one figured out yet?

    • Wesley

      Buy a crystal ball from ebay. LOL

  • Pablo Garcia

    Hello, I have ordered 2 D3 units and now i need to start looking for a mining pool, which one is the most profitable overall?

    • Charles Magno

      Hello Pablo, please, call me on telegram
      @charlesmagno, I have a pool to present especially for you and your Antminer D3.

    • malaikat maut

      have u started ur mining sir?

      • Pablo Garcia

        not yet my D3s will not arrive until sometime in November ’17

    • Leighton Kappen

      Same here, i have 2 S9 on BTC with Slushpool….Not got a clue what pools/wallets to use !!!

      • Pablo Garcia

        I have 4 S9 and use Kano pool. Consistent payouts and easy to setup no problems whatsoever

        • Leighton Kappen

          I should of been more clear mate, i’m fine with S9’s but CLUELESS when it comes to D3 units…..Going use Dash Electrum wallet, but not got a clue on pools ???

          • Pablo Garcia

            I wrote to bitmain customer support and they told me that they will start a Dash mining pool prettty soon so we will be able to mine with them at least until something better is available

          • Leighton Kappen

            Thanks Pablo, i have searched on Bitcointalk BUT they are still all using GPU’s the top one is only 900mhz, i know difficulty is going to rise sharply, but want to get themup/running asap mate !! Not bothered with Altcoins for YEARS !!!! I do hold XRP…

          • Etin Ometoruwa


            There are lots of good pools to mine DASH no need to wait for AntPool

            For everything DASH start here all questions on Pools have been asked and answered :

    • Etin Ometoruwa


  • cristian
    • Este destul de clar, o mare teapa! Nu mai posta surse necunoscunte, poate cineva cumpara de acolo..

      • cristian

        @ciprianpt:disqus Pour moi, ce n’est pas clair, c’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai demandé, Vous pouvez expliquer la diferencia? merci.

        • Sorry, because of your name i thought that you are Romanian too 🙂 anyway.. i was saying that based on the price they really look like scammers, don’t post untrusted sources 🙂 thanks!

          • cristian

            So, how can I get a d3 from bitmain? right now is not possibble

          • Pablo Garcia

            send them an email requesting to be notified when they become available for pre order

  • Merlfy

    Hello, So i’ve contacted a chinese seller on alibaba and he’s willing to sell me one for 2650$ for 1-15 nov batch, includes psu and shipping, so as you’re a professional miner, for how much time will this rates stay? and i’m sure they’ll drop in novemember but what are your speculations, how much will they drop in the range of 3-4months? could the miner make 60$/day after 2-3months? thanks for your reply in advance

    • Ahmed Mohsen Hassan

      my advice to u if u gonna purchase from alibaba just contact the help center nd give them the seller info to check if he supports secure payment ( dat the payment wont be released to the seller till u get ur item ) or not coz dis price is so tricky even warns buyers from dealing directly with the sellers

  • Van Dinh

    1 MH/s is 1,000,000 (one million) hashes per second. 1 GH/s is 1,000,000,000 (one billion) hashes per second. 1 TH/s is 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) hashes per second. 1 PH/s is 1,000,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion) hashes per second so S9 still bester ?how come D3 make more money than S9 ?

    • You are making a confusion here, S9 is a Bitcoin ASIC miner working with SHA-256 algo only and D3 is a X11 algorithm miner, like DASH for example..

  • Ahmed Mohsen Hassan

    actually there is something weird i don understand i know when the difficulty rises it effects mined coins nd lower ur coins nd profit nd when it rises it doesnt lower back again the weird thing is i checked dash on cryptocompare for the past days in the morning the profit for 15gh/s nearly making 6200$ and at night it drops to round 3200$ nd in the next morning returns back to round 6000 nd keep doin this i dont really understand what is goin
    hint the price nearly the same !!!

    • Etin Ometoruwa

      All of these miners X11 can mine other coins so people mine different X11 coins each day. You may want to look at the Global Hash rate lies your answer. There may have been a significant increase in the hash on the network.

  • Alexander M

    Question: You are all focusing on an increase in the difficulty of the Dash coin. All right, I agree that this will happen. But what is with other X11 coins, that are partly more profitable to mine than Dash?

    For example: At the moment I would rather take the Cannabis or the MonetaryUnit coin to mine. So the increase in difficulty should be spreaded among all X11 coins? What do you think?

    • Good point 🙂 if i would get a D3, i wont mine Dash for sure 🙂

      • Etin Ometoruwa

        When you see the difference in daily earnings between DASH and MUE and even new kid on the block ONIX you may change your mind. Some days it up to $50 usd more than DASH.
        The closest estimate for mining earnings on a day to basis is:

        • MasiGaHo

          I dunno man, ONIX sounds like a brilliant idea but more digging it looks fishy. It’s like something Maduro created to help fund his government. it just sounds too good to be true you know.

          • Etin Ometoruwa

            I am inclined to agree with you about ONIX. Mined it for 12 hour with an asic miner IBelink 10.8GH got lots of shares on the pool but not one coin was paid. its 2 days and I am waiting.

  • Leighton Kappen

    Hi Guys, i have x2 D3’s on order and have ONLY used S9’s/Slushpool, with an Electrum wallet…..I have been on BCT but can not see much help on pools/wallets etc…Anyone advise…Slushpools has a GREAT interface, is there anything similar for DASH ??? Cheers

  • Jaki Custodio

    Hi I have available slot for atminer D3 and the ETA is on nov. 1 to 15.

  • Leighton Kappen

    Anybody know of p2pool scanner for dash, to find nearest/,most efficient pool ?

    • Etin Ometoruwa

      Yes I mine with them.

  • JePe

    Seems that the most profit right now is in selling these D3’s…
    If it is/was so profitable, why are people buying these things by the douzan, and selling them for twice the price (while you could make that proffitt within 2 months or so … and keep getting more money…).

    I am curious though… this mining seems ‘a good reason’ to invest, but… all they other mining methods.. ehm,… lot of hassle for only a couple of bucks a month…. for instance, why are people still buying GPU rigs? takes almost a year to even get your money back from the investment…

    • Etin Ometoruwa

      I have the IBelink DM10 (11GH). On day one of my mining in August I made about $130 mining DASH. If I mined DASH today( exactly a month)I will get $99. Initially It took 3 days to get 1 DASH now its about 5 days mine 1 DASH so expect to see the roi take longer. I would not recommend anyone buy D3 miner above cost price.

      • WZSucks

        I think if you can get a d3 between now and early october, for no more than a little over $4k you should be okay. It will give you almost all of october and all of november to mine which should at present rates get you back your roi plus a little on the side. But Etin is correct in that time is rapidly running out.

        • Etin Ometoruwa

          If you must get the D3 get it directly from BITMAIN as it $1450. You stand a better chance of breaking even. DR-100 (38GH), DM22 (22GH) are all shipping out about now. I expect there will be some major falling out of people who expected to make the amounts projected months ago.

  • Andrei Similea

    hello anybody can give me a tutorial how to mine dash with antminer d3????

    • Salut Andrei, ai un D3 si ai intalnit dificultati la configurari?

      • Andrei Similea

        Salut nu am inca, sunt in cautare sa cumpar dar vroiam sa vad inainte sa cumpar daca e usor de configurat . Am gasit niste tutoriale pe youtube si din cate am vazut eu e destul de usor doar te conectezi la fiecare in parte si le pui pool si le faci setarile. Ce nu am inteles eu daca exista ca un linux gen simplemining ca sa le ai pe toate.

        • Nu stiu daca exista asa ceva, dar trebuie sa faci setarile la fiecare in parte dupa care le poti supraveghea din pool direct.

          • Andrei Similea

            tu ai testat vreuna sau ai vazutcam ce productie are real??

          • nu am testat, dar daca calulezi cu cateva calculatoare o sa iti dea cam acelasi rezultat

          • Andrei Similea

            am calculat si am vazut ca e destul de ok rezultatul final :)) asa ca o sa vad daca gasesc sa cumpar . Ms de raspuns

          • Bogdan Mircea

            Salut. Poti cumpara direct de la eu astept sa ajunga dupa 20 nov. Daca aveti ceva sfaturi as fi recunoacator

  • Adidas Adaidas

    Does anyone get something from Agobooks Antminers? I think they are fake but they prove me on mail that it is all right!

  • Filipi Raupp

    Is there any data on efficiency at a temperature close to 40°C / 104ºF / 313,5K ? In Brazil it is common in the summer, so we need to calculate if an air conditioner is feasible.

    • Serge Campeau

      I am affraid that you will need to shut down your miner at this temperature unless you have a very cheap electricity cost.
      This does not make any sense.
      Mining is for cold places, sorry.

  • Adidas Adaidas
    • Ma cam indoiesc, am incercat sa dau de ei de cateva zile si nu am primit nici acum un raspuns concret.

  • MasiGaHo

    I was able to grab one of these in time for batch 4, but the mining difficulty is increasing each time. Now I’m wondering if they’re going to be profitable at all. Any thoughts on how much these will be making in early Dec?

    • Davor

      As for last month mining difficulty increased by 400%, if it keeps rising that way, until you get it in December it would be mining almost nothing and falling each month even more. This text on 24.7 had estimate of 6500$/month, now 2 months later is 1200$(5 times less), until december we can expect 200$/month, 2 months later 40$, and you can throw the miner then without geting 500$ back from 1500$ miner. People stupidly buy these not understanding simple math 🙁

  • Martin Ilončiak

    Antminer D3, november batch for sale for cheaper than Amazon or Ebay prices. E-mail me:

  • dipflo

    the profit on these machines are falling by the day… if a miracle doesn’t happen with the bitcoin price come Dec… these machines aren’t gonna be worth 5hit… you gonna mine for 2 weeks trying to pay it’s electric bill… meanwhile BITMAIN mine on these machines months in advance making multiple ROI’s before releasing their (sometimes) faulty hardware to the public… I bought a D3 for $2600 and its currently making $30 a day if im lucky, I suppose according to Jihan Wu who ROI’d on my machine’s batch in only 12 days, expects me to be happy with the scraps… If you are looking to make money in crypto there are much faster and less stressful ways than mining.

    • Yasir Mughal

      Damn. So how do you propose to make money other than mining?

      • dipflo

        I only got into this whole bitcoin thing in July this year, I spent $2000 on Genesis Mining, and then went ahead about bought a D3 of my own which I eventually sold at a slight loss because I wasn’t happy with the declining profits. If you want to know of a very passive and stress free way to earn check out bitconnect: – you basically lending out your money and earn daily interest and then you can reinvest, so it becomes interest on interest. If i took my original $2000 I threw at Genesis and put it with Bitconnect it would have ROI’d already in 90 days, but as it stands I have another 2 months to go before ROI… on top of having to deal with decreasing profits due the bitcoin difficulty that keeps increasing, like that last near 20% increase which was ridiculous.

        • Yasir Mughal

          Nice. I’ll check out Bitconnect.

  • Digital Networks

    Get you Antminer D3, L3+ and others here all major credit cards accepted

  • Daniel Eusebiu

    Ciprian v. Ce moneda sa mai poate mina cu d3 sa fie profitabila in acest moment ?

    Does anyone know what other coins can we mine with the d3 so we can get so profit?

    • Salut, din ce vad as recomanda sa ramai tot pe Dash.. e f mica diferenta acum.. sau nicehash.

      • Daniel Eusebiu

        Ciprian un nr de tel sa ma ajuti cu una alta ?

        • salut, prin email este mult mai simplu pentru mine 🙂

    • Lore

      Te duci pe, dai coininfo si bagi x11 in search apoi order by rating

  • Hermie Delicona

    I have 11 D3 units it came on last October 23 batch…….honestly S9 and L3+ are way better than D3 in profits…..Am only earning around 1000 USD in every 15 days and its going down more…….just this few days it was little better since Bitcoin is up and Dash was around 420 USD……. am so worried for the electricity bills… mining on Granatgas pool….by far the most profitable of all…..I tried everyone else already but has very low profits… those D3 on Nov batch good luck to you all…….D3 was a disaster… my wallet is Exodus….today this wallet is becoming also very expensive if you try to exchange your Dash to BTC…..all is fucked……

    • Sorry to hear that @hermiedelicona:disqus 🙁 .. keep it up and mine as much as you can, have you also tried nicehash? maybe is much more profitable and you are paid directly in bitcoins…

      • Hermie Delicona

        Nicehash its the lowest payout, the only pools so far is the GranatGas-Pool….payout in Bitcoin….mining with D3 is no more at all.

  • Hwgeek
  • Irvin X

    I started Mining but then I joined BitConnect and get daily interest to live on. Typically 1% Daily of what you invest. So for every $1000 you get $10 a day. Why buy a miner for $4000 That is just rough because you actually make more and can reinvest and compound what you make. Click the link below to check it out and use my referral link to be added to my team.

  • Kep Kepngn

    d3 mining Kingcoin now.

  • Chris Cassar

    this dumb article caused me so much problems man.

    • Chris Cassar

      I got a D3, of course never bothered to switch it on as got t end november. Any creative ideas what can be done with this machine apart from non profit dash mining?!

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