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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 / 1050Ti Mining Performance Review

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With the recent shortage of AMD GPUs, many people started to look for Nvidia alternatives.

While few miners would invest into Nvidia GPUs half year ago, times have changed and now even serious medium-sized mining farm owners is considering those GPUs.

In this article I will review GTX 1050 / 1050Ti performance, which are two GPU models that came to replace the old GTX 750 Ti and the GTX 950. Both new GPUs have the Pascal architecture and share many things in common; that being said, there are some crucial differences between them too.

Common Ground and Differences

Both are the first two NVidia GPU models that are manufactured using 14nm technology. This means that both have great overclocking potential. The only thing that limits overclocking is the TDP.

Either model can be used to mine a number of algorithms, some of which can be rather profitable. I will get back to it in a minute.

Now, the main difference is in the VRAM size. GTX 1050Ti comes with 4GB VRAM, which makes it suitable for mining Ethereum. On the other hand, the GTX 1050 comes with 2GB VRAM, which means that it has no value for ETH mining whatsoever. Back in the day, when the DAG file size was less than 2GB people could use 2GB GPUs to mine ETH, but those days are gone.

In fact, according to calculations, in a couple of months 3GB GPUs will stop working for ETH mining too. But I won’t get into that here.

GTX 1050Ti Specs

  • Graphics Processing Clusters: 2
  • Streaming Multiprocessors: 6
  • CUDA Cores (single precision): 768
  • Texture Units: 48
  • ROP Units: 32
  • Base Clock: 1290 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1392 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 3504 MHz
  • Memory Data Rate: 7 Gbps
  • L2 Cache Size: 1024K
  • Total Video Memory: 4096 MB GDDR5
  • Memory Interface: 128-bit
  • Total Memory Bandwidth: 112 GB/s
  • Texture Rate (Bilinear): 61.9 GigaTexels/sec
  • Fabrication Process: 14 nm
  • Transistor Count: 3.3 Billion
  • Connectors: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Dual-Link DVI
  • Form Factor: Dual Slot
  • Power Connectors: None
  • Recommended Power Supply: 300 Watts
  • Thermal Design Power (TDP): 75 Watts
  • Thermal Threshold: 97° C

GTX 1050 Specs

  • Graphics Processing Clusters: 2
  • Streaming Multiprocessors: 5
  • CUDA Cores (single precision): 640
  • Texture Units: 40
  • ROP Units: 32
  • Base Clock: 1354 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1455 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 3504 MHz
  • Memory Data Rate: 7 Gbps
  • L2 Cache Size: 1024K
  • Total Video Memory: 2048 MB GDDR5
  • Memory Interface: 128-bit
  • Total Memory Bandwidth: 112 GB/s
  • Texture Rate (Bilinear): 54.2 GigaTexels/sec
  • Fabrication Process: 14 nm
  • Transistor Count: 3.3 Billion
  • Connectors: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Dual-Link DVI
  • Form Factor: Dual Slot
  • Power Connectors: None
  • Recommended Power Supply: 300 Watts
  • Thermal Design Power (TDP): 75 Watts
  • Thermal Threshold: 97° C

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Mining Hashrate and Performance

There is a lot of info on the web about the mentioned card models. While most reviews are legit and real, you might see a huge difference in numbers when it comes to hashrate. It looks like hashrate depends a lot on the miner version. Make sure you keep an eye on the review date first!

Another fact that seems to affect hashrate is the type of miner you’re using. Some people noticed that EWBF performs better than Nicehash when it comes to zCash mining.

As it happens with most GPUs, hashrate is also affected by the type of VRAM used, which is defined by its manufacturer. So far, it is certain that Samsung memories usually perform slightly better than others.

Finally, some users speculate that 6-Pin models boost better. While I couldn’t prove this right or wrong, it might make sense. If you see any other review, I strongly encourage you to check that.

GTX 1050Ti

Here are some working configurations you can try:

Setup #1 MSI GeForce GTX 1050 TI GAMING X 4G Mining Performance

Recommended Hardware for 6x GTX 1050 Ti Mining Rig

Stock performance, mining hashrate and power consumption


Stock clocks

  • GPU / Memory stock clocks
  • Mining Hashrate 11.9 Mh/s on Ethereum
  • 40w

Mining Ethereum Only with Overclock (Claymore Ethereum miner)

MSI Afterburner

  • Mining Hashrate 14.6 Mh/s
  • Clocks +150/+1000
  • Power Limit 80%
  • Power draw from wall 55w

start.bat file for ethereum only: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -tstop 80

Dual Mining Ethereum Decred / Siacoin with Overclock (Claymore Ethereum Miner)

start.bat file for ethereum + decred: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool -dwal USERNAME.WORKER-dpsw WORKER_PASS -tstop 80

start.bat file for ethereum + siacoin: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal SIACOIN_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -dcoin sia -tstop 80

Mining ZCash (EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner)

start.bat file for zcash: miner –server –port 3333 –user WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME –pass x

Profits (ZEC price $240)

Nicehash Mining Hashrate and Profits
  • Lyra2REv2 (ccminer) 12.8 Mh/s = 0.00034073 BTC/Day
  • DaggerHashimoto (ethminer) 13/5 = 0.00053488 BTC/Day
  • Decred (ccminer) 0.994 GH/s = 0.00031271 BTC/Day
  • Lbry (ccminer) 0.100 GH/s = 0.00031802 BTC/Day
  • Equihash (excavator) 154 H/s = 0.00040952 BTC/Day
  • Pascal (excavator) 0.35 GH/s = 0.00013184 BTC/Day
  • X11Ghost (ccminer) 2.5 Mh/s = 0.00016773 BTC/Day
  • X11Ghost (ccminer_alexis) 4.5 Mh/s = 0.00031178 BTC/Day

Setup #2 – eVGA FTW Edition 1050Ti

  • ETH: 14.063 MH/s (Claymore 9.3 – ETH)
  • Core Clock: +125 MHz
  • Memo Clock: +750 MHz
  • -40% on Power (setting at 60%)
  • zCash: 170 Sol’s (Nicehash Miner
  • zCash: 189 Sol’s (Zec Miner 0.3.3b)
  • Power Draw: 65W

Some other users claim that they were able to push the 1050Ti up to 16-17MH/s for ETH using Nicehash However, they haven’t specified what exact overclock settings they used (“a bit of overclock” isn’t descriptive enough). Therefore, I’d take those claims with an ounce of salt.

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GTX 1050

Most people consider the GTX 1050 a waste of money. It is understandable, considering the craze for Ethereum mining we see nowadays and the fact that 2GB GPUs cannot participate in the ETH mining fest anymore.

What about zCash? Here are some numbers:

zCash with EWBF 0.2.0b

Mining Performance and Overclock

  • 138 Sol’s with stock settings;
  • 155 Sol’s with the following:
  • Core Boost +190
  • Memory Boost +280
  • Power Draw: <50W

Note that EWBF Zec miner 0.3.3b might give slightly better results.

As per today, the ROI of a GTX1050 for zCash mining is about 3 months, with the condition that that electricity cost is $ 0.1 per KW/h.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti in stock

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC
MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC

6x GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mining Rig Monthly Earnings

Ethereum Dual Mining Decred
  • Ethereum hashrate: 85 Mh/s = $245/Month ; ETH 1.14 mined/month (1 ETH = $ 242.39)
  • Decred Hashrate: 852 Mh/s = $20
  • 6x GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Power consumption: around 400w
  • Power Cost per Month: $29
Ethereum Dual Mining Siacoin
  • Ethereum hashrate: 85 Mh/s = $245/Month ; ETH 1.14 mined/month (1 ETH = $ 242.39)
  • Siacoin Hashrate: 852 Mh/s = $21
  • 6x GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Power consumption: around 400w
  • Power Cost per Month: $29
Zcash Mining Rig Monthly Earnings with 6x GTX 1050 Ti
  • ZCash hashrate: 1,050 Mh/s = $180 ; ZEC 0.8739 mined/month (1 ZEC = $ 240.00)
  • 6x GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Power consumption: around 400w
  • Power Cost per Month: $29

In conclusion

Due to recent stock shortages, Nvidia cards are becoming a decent alternative to AMD ones. Besides stock issues, it is inevitable that AMD most popular mining GPUs – the RX 4xx and 5xx series – will lose up to 35% of their ETH hashrate in the next 3-4 months. Nvidia cards, on the other hand, should remain strong for a while.

If you however are not enthusiastic about mining ETH, then you probably might want to check the dedicated AMD cards for mining we reviewed here not long ago.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • prem prince

    Im using zotac gtx 1050ti 4gb OC card.
    Using about 5 cards getting 15.5-17mhs per card using nvidia optimised ethminer. Using oc settings of +900 Mem and no changes in remaining settings, getting about 16mhs . It’s stable. By using new optimised nvidia ethminer , I’m able to get 25mhs for gtx 1060 GPUs. It’s 3 MHS extra compared to Claymore.
    But anyway good info to share .

    • Didn’t had time to test with different miners.. but you made me curious and ill try now 🙂 thanks! Btw.. what is your driver and windows version ?

      • prem prince

        im using the latest 384.76 and win 10 64 bit

        • Darius Darius

          could you please show your ethminer config?

          • prem prince
          • Aliff Naim

            for the 1060,please can u tell me what is the model and the oc setting?

          • prem prince

            I’m using zotac gtx 1060 3gb mini , oc settings are
            Power – 60%
            Core – +130
            Mem – +550 (stable – 23-24mhs)
            – +900 ( unstable – 24-25mhs)

          • Aliff Naim

            appreciate it prem prince. tqvm .

          • prem prince


          • Senrab Nala


          • tequen

            You can mining two coins at a time?

          • prem prince

            No, it’s not possible in this new Miner. But anyway your getting high hashrate, so it is like getting extra income when compared.

          • tequen


        • thank you!

    • Meine Seiten

      for the 1050 ti , please can u tell me what is the model and the oc setting?

      • prem prince

        I’m having zotac gtx 1050ti 4gb Oc dual fan edition.
        OC settings are
        Power – 100%
        Core – 130
        Mem – +850
        Use claymore v9.7, pretty stable by giving 15mhs.

    • Vincent Herrera

      What was your hashes/s at stock and what was the voltage at stock of your zotac cards? And what where the hashes/s and wattages when you overclocked? thank you

      • prem prince

        I’m getting 12mhs in stock with power usage of 60w, and when overclock’d it is giving 14.5mhs with power usage of just 40w

  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Hi, i am new in Mining topics, Can you please share the full build for this Rig? Thank you!

  • ninja01

    I am unable to connect more that 4 of these on my motherboard.
    I have figured out what is causing this.
    only the first 4 pcie slots work. its like the last 2 slots dont get enough power or something. because the sistem does recognize the other 2 that are not working.
    I am using ETHos and tried claymore and ethminer.
    do i need to configure bios or something?
    i am using MSI Z270-a pro

    • What motherboard do you have ?

      • ninja01

        MSI Z270a pro
        i just updated the bios and it didnt help.
        when running 6 radeon gpu’s it runs with no problem

        • ninja01

          I managed to get 6 working with some bios modifications 🙂

          • Battal

            Just enable 4G decoding, and set the pci to x1 in the bios .

    • Ravi singh

      z270 can hold as many as 6-8 cards if you have pcie express.

  • Edo Beatz

    Hi to all

    ZCASH mining

    i have rig with this 3 gpus

    2 x Msi geforce grx 1060 gaming x 6gb
    Overclocked goes 640 to 670 souls

    1x asus strix geforce gtx 1050 ti OC 4gb
    Overclocked koes 181 to 191 souls

    Total is 840 to 868 ..
    Thank you

    • Payam Persian

      Hi Dear!
      You must be installing this windows on your old windows by auto run.

      Best Regards.

      • Edo Beatz

        Thanka for reply .
        I use windows 8.1
        Im happy with this hashrates i plain to buy more gpu in future .

  • Dendy Oktavian

    If i have 6 1050ti, what PSU is used? While the PSU 750w only has 4x 6-8 pin 😭

    • ninja01

      1050 ti doesnt need PCIE. infact it doesnt even have the pins on the card 🙂
      its powered through motherboard only.
      i overclocked mine a bit and they take around 62W each which is really low.
      the GPU at max only takes about 75W so i would take a 600W+ PSU.

      • Dendy Oktavian

        ok thank you very much :* 😀
        But I look at Gigabyte Windforce OC 4G, there is 1x 6 pin, if not installed is it okay?

        • If it has a 6/8 pin then it requires power to it. There are molex to gpu adapters that can power both sata risers (better than molex) and gpu’s.

  • Jose Diaz

    I have a question.

    is poosible mine UBIQ with gtx 1050 2gb? Because in the page of ubiq coin show the dag works for 2gb for 6 years.

    let me know if someone make the test.

    sorry for my bad English.


  • ninja01

    I have overclocked the asus nvidia 1050ti OC 4gb in ethos with ethminer.
    This is my config:
    globalminer ethminer
    maxgputemp 80
    globalfan 95
    stratumproxy enabled
    proxywallet 0x..—
    globalcore 1450
    globalmem 4504

    but i only get 14.05 hashes…
    temps are still below 60 degrees.
    Can i go higher?

    • You can try it, if it cannot handle will freeze 🙂 but mostly that’s the best for this type of cards..

      • ninja01

        Its ok-ish. But i want to hit the 15+ hashes with this gpu.

        • Prashant Kushwah (Raghu)

          bro need your help regarding 1050ti mining rig can u email me on raghua19@gmail.conlm
          pls thanks in advance

      • ninja01

        Ok I managed to hit 15 hashes (14.9-14.95 to be more exact) and will probably leave it at that. because when i went higher i did recieve 16 hashes+ but it was very unstable. only 3 cards worked out of 6. some had hashrate below 10 and some above 16.

        I have used globalmem of 5800 when this happened.
        so now i am using globalmem 5000 and core is @1400.

        Interesting fact is that the Woltage per GPU increased only by 1 or 2. so its now @63-64W before it was 61-62W.

        I think this is the best i can get for now. the temparature is hitting from 61 to 70 degrees when its around 25 degrees outside
        before it barelly hitted 62 degrees mark.
        Maybe when it ll be colder outside i ll play around a bit more.

    • Henry Velazco

      Hi I have a Gigabyte GTX 150 TI 4 GB in ethos has 15.8 mh/s with this config:
      globalminer claymore
      maxgputemp 85
      stratumproxy enabled
      proxywallet 0x..
      flags –cl-global-work 16387 –farm-recheck 200
      globalfan 85
      autoreboot true
      custompanel YOURNAME
      globalcore 1400
      globalmem 4580

      I am trying mining two coins in ethos but I haven’t success, If you are mining with two coins could you show me the “claymore.stub.conf”

      • Wae Chan

        Hola Henry… Veo q tienes “autoreboot true” en tu configuracion… Me podrias explicar un poco que hace ese comando? Cuando le hace reboot al rig?

  • Alexandru Hasegan

    You said: “Power draw from wall 60w”, but on the wall picture is 100watt or 103 watt.
    Is that correct? or I miss something?
    Is that 40watt power usage for the rest of the computer?

  • Tim Mcrae

    Thanks for the great site Ciprian V.! Excellent! I would like to build a rig with the 1050 TI but I am cautious about buying 4 or 6 GPU’s without full knowledge. Without power connectors I see the GPU’s are powered through the PCI connector (motherboard). Can I use the PCI duplicators with this GPU (3 or 4 risers from one PCI slot). Will the duplicator (and the one motherboard slot) be able to pass the power needed for each GPU?

    • Hi, i just added a list with recommended hardwares.. thanks!

  • Wae Chan

    Hello Ciprian V.! Thank you for making this amazing site, its been really helpful!
    I have a little problem with my ethos 1.2.5 rig, it has 6 MSI Geforce GTX 1050ti on a Gygabyte Z170X-UD3, Celeron G3920 @2.9 GHz, 4GB RAM, EVGA G2 1300 PSU…
    The 6 cards are extremely stable mining eth at stock 12.5 mh/s… Except for one card, it randomly “crashes”, it can mine 10 minutes, 1 hour or 10 hours and then it “crashes”, stops mining, temp 0 C, 0.00 h/s… I reboot the rig and it starts mining fine and then after a ramdon period of time the same card “crashes”…

    What do you think it could be the problem? Bad riser? One Molex cable for 2 risers? One SATA cable for 2 risers? Do you think flashing lga1151-flasher could solve the issue? Thank you in advance for your response, im waiting for your answer because i really trust in your knowledge!!!

    • First try to switch gpu place with another one, if the new gpu from same slot crashes then try to change the riser. Also if the other gpu crashes again means that this gpu cannot handle OC and you should lower it

      • Wae Chan

        Hey thank you for your answer! Now im getting 15.5 mh/s per card, mining only ETH on ethos, using ethminer and globalcore 1400 and globalmem 4400… Do you think its posible to get an extra 2-3 mh/s by changing powertune to 80?

  • Cata Cata

    hello Ciprian.
    does 4 1050Ti can be used all with pci risers(powered) from a 650W ( without that 6 pin video pins connected?

  • Ahmed Shousha

    hello , i believe im late , just wondering when i do the math in cryptocompare how many coins i`ill get , by using 85 m/hs , 6 gtx gpu 1050 ti , only 4.7 per year , is it got harder already , and there no point to mine using 1050 ti , cheers

  • mODrmODZ

    12-1050ti OC maxing out @ 190-188/ea Sol/s stable Zcash EWBF drawing 87w/ea Cheap cards push em to the max and easily replace when they die😂

  • A great article! With that said; any new miners reading this should understand that in the last 6 months, since this article was published, the diff has gone up substantially. While a 1050ti “might” be able to hit the hashrates posted, it now requires 250-300mh/s (depending on the day) to mine a single ETH per month. This is why nobody can get their hands on 1060 6g cards now. IMHO: They are the best hash to power cards by far. Unfortunately the mining world has discovered this fact as well, pushing the prices crazy high. When they are available it’s only for a few days or even hours.

    You’d be better off building a 6x 1060 3g rig (over 1050x )which will churn out 110mh at the moment. The window for 3g card mining is closing (DAG too big) next year though.

    • MasiGaHo

      That’s true, but you can use 1050’s for newer coins. So I have a strategy where I mine my 6 GTX 1050ti on any new coins that’s getting announced. I have my 2x 6x GTX 1060 6 gb on other coins and my 5x 1070s on ETH. It’s all about strategy.

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