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Asus Mining RX 470 4GB – The New Mining Standard

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If you’ve been long enough into GPU mining then you are more likely in love with the RX 470s. It is a pity that soon the RX 4xx and 5xx won’t be as profitable for Ethereum as they were, but good news is – not long ago Asus announced a decent replacement that will bring GPU mining to a new level.

As any other company, Asus loves to make bold claims, so why won’t we take a closer look at the new Asus Mining RX 470 (MINING-RX470-4G) and see what the fuzz is all about?

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Mining RX 470 Specs

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the card won’t be available to the end customer until July. The release date still got to be announced, as well as the final price. However, we do have an idea about the price and the power consumption since the new GPU is based on the Radeon RX 470.

The Mining RX 470 is basically a Radeon RX470 without the DisplayPort or HDMI connector and a couple of tweaks.

Just like its predecessor, the Mining RX 470 features 4GB of GDDR5 and 2048 stream processors, as well as 926 /1206 MHz Base/Boost clocks, respectively.

However, its simplified output system will probably mean that the card will cost less than a classic RX 470, which will positively affect the ROI. The fact that the Mining RX470 is meant for miners only will probably further reduce the price of the card, since it won’t be bought gamers; less demand usually means smaller price tag.

Superior Cooling System

While we all spent the whole night raiding enemy bases or fighting a dragon with our friends at least once, gaming GPUs are still not meant to function 24/7. Gamers do take a break from time to time and GPU manufacturers design their products having that in mind.

Now, a normal mining rig will function at full load for months non-stop. This is an important thing to consider since not all GPUs can handle this pace. The GPU part that is ruined first after months of continuous usage is usually the cooling fan.

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Having that in mind, Asus equipped the Mining RX470 with dual-ball-bearing fans, which are meant to have a twice longer lifespan, compared to a traditional sleeve-bearing mechanism. This innovative system further reduces friction and prevents lubricant from drying out. We can expect Mining RX470 fans to be more silent too, which is great news for home miners.

The Mining RX470 fans are also dust-resistant. They are compliant to IP5X, which means that they won’t accumulate dust as fast as other fans. Sounds like magic? Well, it is not. What happens is that the design of the cooling system shapes the air flow on a way that it keeps dust away from important components. Dust is a great issue when you mine at home where you have no way of keeping the air perfectly clean.


Build Quality and Easier OC

Asus also claims that the Mining RX470 are “…built using premium Super Alloy Power II components that enhance efficiency, reduce power loss, decrease component buzzing under load, and lower thermal temperatures for unsurpassed quality and reliability

We still have to check whether this is true and how this will affect the build quality of the GPUs. Personally, I’m more than fine if they make the new mining GPUs the same way they made the classic RX 470s. Build quality is important, but I really hope that their new manufacturing technology won’t impact the final price of the product.

According to the manufacturer, the Mining RX470 will feature a utility called ‘GPU Tweak II’, which is meant to make overclocking easier by having an “intuitive and visual” interface. While the idea sounds great, I do believe that experienced users will still prefer to employ modded BIOSes and custom utilities to tweak the card. GPU Tweak II might be a great tool for beginners, though.

Where to Buy!

Final Thoughts

Do I think that the Mining RX470 will be as groundbreaking as the classic RX470? Not really. The main and most obvious reason is that the RX470 can be re-sold to gamers, while the Mining edition is basically an ASIC – once the profitability drops down, no one will ever want to buy the card from you. The card does comes with a gaming booster tool and a DVI port, but the absence of the HDMI port makes the card of little interest for mid/high end gamers.

On the other hand, if the Mining RX470 price will be right, then we will be probably dealing with an economic GPU that can be used to mine ETH and other profitable GPU-based algos.

Do you think that the Asus Mining RX 470 (  will be a better alternative than NVidia’s GP106-1d00? Please share your opinion in the comment section below:

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Nika Kandiashvili

    Good news. thank you

  • QuadraQ

    This is definitely better than the Nvidia model, since it does have SOME improvements for mining, and at least the one DVI port. If they require you to buy them in lots of 24 like the Nvidia model though, it won’t help home miners. I’m hoping they will sell them individually or if they MUST sell them in groups, then I hope they sell them in groups of two or six. Of course the biggest issue will be price. I hope AMD prices these at $150-200 each, perhaps with a discount when you buy multiples.

    • Totally agree 🙂

      • autogenie

        I hope they can deliver to the big demand right now. We currently have over 400 cards on order – waiting for delivery. I believe there will be huge orders for these cards and many cancelling existing orders 🙂

        • Daniel Alejandro Castrillon De

          Good morning, where did you order it? I am trying to buy a few ones but Newegg only sell 1 per customer. Thank you!

    • LiteBit

      Even if they would sell them in lots of 20 or 30 … I would be willing to buy a lot through my company (I’m a business owner, IT Consultancy and reseller) and resell them

      • Acácio Da Rosa Florentino

        Well, good for you that you have a company in the first place. But the ones that need more attention and, of course, financial support are the ones that haven’t even money in their pockets. I really hope that we, low-profile miners, won’t have to deal with another centralization like what happened with Bitcoin mining.

        • Hi, I actually meant, using the fact that I can buy a lot as a company, with the purpose to resell the cards to low-profile/enthousiast/hobby miners.

          • Acácio Da Rosa Florentino

            Hi. Now it sounds MUCH better. (:

          • Hannibal Smith

            How much would you estimate the markup + shipping per card?

          • I’m not sure yet, there are many factors to consider (costs and effort to get them, where to get them, etc…)

  • sherl0ck3d

    Great article thanks!

    But isn’t this GPU also affected by the hashrate drop through the increasing DAG size in the future?

    • Hannibal Smith

      Yeah they’re real late to the party. PoW at end of year and a DAG size over 4GB. Basically, it’s for shits and giggles with other me-too daggerhashimoto coins.

      The NVIDIA one would have been a real killer if they had based it on the 1070. The 1060 just isn’t the sweet spot between hashing and power.

    • Chris Smith

      You guys forget that there are other profitable coins to mine that are not Eth.

      • THANK YOU! Ethereum took everyone’s minds.. this is what is say to everyone.. ETH is not the ONLY coin waiting to be mined.. maybe it is the most profitable for GPU mining.. but soon it will switch to POS and the dag file will be history..

        • Chris Smith

          No problem. Thanks for making this awesome site and your awesome open air rig cases!

  • Анисов Александр

    sell 9 pieces of Antminer S9, one costs $ 1300, if you buy immediately 9, then I’ll give you cheaper

  • Versace White

    “The card does comes with a gaming booster tool and a DVI port, but the absence of the HDMI port makes the card of little interest for mid/high end gamers.”

    I always see this written in articles like this. I would consider myself a fairly heavy gamer and I always use DVI due to the fact it plays with 144hz monitors. I would never use HDMI for MY PC gaming. Am I missing something here?

  • Seán Thorburn

    These are the worst mining cards I have worked with. They come with Hynix memory (the worst) and are extremely unstable and difficult to overclock. The fans are slow by default and if you don’t manually increase them, the cards overheats (when overclocking). These cards are also extremely sensitive to thermal throttling. I don’t think ASUS did much research before building a mining card. It seems like they just stripped a normal low budget RX470 of all the non-essentials, added slow ball bearing fans and a couple of left over scrap components from other cards. I wish that I had never bought them. Rather buy the MSI mining cards. (and I am an ASUS fan and supporter)

    • I did not had the chance to test one, can’t find any where to buy one just for test 🙁 can’t help too much.. can we do a teamviewer session so i can check it ?

    • danystatic

      Are you talking about the NEW ASUS RX 470 built for mining cards?

      Many information about building a rig… and cant decide what pieces to buy… i can not test buy and test them all.. .hell cant buy and test any…

      Have to be sure before I buy

  • Larry Weng

    They finally hit the market! Getting great speeds and performance on them so far. You can find them on amazon…for now:


    Must have card for miners Buy it at

  • Imre Csoka

    I would love to know what the hash rate is of this card against epoch 144 for example.
    I just get 23 mh/s on my powercolor RX 470 with 4gb of ram using a mem speed of 2100 and core clock of 1126.

    I expect this card mines the same?
    I want to make sure i dont buy something and i am not happy with it because it mines much slower.

    • This should do around 29-30 mh/s.. never tested it.

  • DeadPoet

    Hello there,

    i some how managed to get some Asus RX 470 4gb mining edition for cheap hopefully they will be getting delivered in a weeks time but i was trying to search on the internet about hashrates but i couldn’t find anything and i end up here so i wanted to ask has anybody got any information about this card ?

    My configuration.

    Asrock H110 Pro Btc+
    Intel G440
    Corsair 4gb DDR4 2400 mhz
    WD 120 GB SSD
    Corsair RM1000X gold

    Please share any guide/share info on the same.

    Thank you,

    • Hi, i was able to get around 29,5 mh/s on ethereum with those.. but the thing is that i didn’t really had the time to play more with the card 🙂 it is an ok GPU anyway, should do the work!

      • DeadPoet

        Oh okay thats great i was expecting 25 mh/s, could you help me to mod the bios ? Like at what speed you were running the cards on and by which miner ?

        • Send me an email, i will get it soon. I just tested again and i got 30.5 🙂

          • DeadPoet

            That would be really really great man.


            Thank you,

          • Aлександар Максимовић

            Can you help me to mod bios for asus rx 470 4gb mining?

  • fipik com

    Hi, I am newbie. Can you please let me know that investing in Rx 570 4Gb is still good at this point when DAG file / Memory size is increasing day by day for ETH ? Or I will have to go with 1060 6gb ?

    • 570 4gb are still good, 1060s are even better

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