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AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard Review

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The AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ is the successor of the famous AsRock H81 PRO BTC, which is one of the best rated motherboards for mining. AsRock announced that the H110 Pro BTC+ will be available in the second half of July, which is really great news for those of us who are looking to assemble big GPU rigs.

Why the hype?

People look after the H110 because its predecessor, the H81 is still considered one of the best and sought-after motherboards for mining. I have talked about it before on this blog.

Did not have trouble setting this up, it just worked.”

Indeed, with so many people having trouble to make work all the GPUs they installed on their motherboards, the H81 is indeed a step forward.

AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Specs

If AsRock will stay loyal to the quality of their first mining MoBo, then we can expect the AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ to be a true game changer. I just hope that they will not run out of stock as fast as the H81 did.

  • Supports 7th and 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Processors
  • Supports DDR4 2400/2133
  • 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 12 PCIe 2.0 x1
  • Graphics Output: DVI-D
  • 7.1 CH HD Audio
  • 4 SATA3, 1 M.2 (SATA3)
  • 4 USB 3.0 (2 Front, 2 Rear)
  • Intel® Gigabit LAN
  • Onboard Power On / Reset Button

AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Review

What about Mining?

The specs we just saw say a lot about how the card performs when it comes to mining. Let’s take a closer look on what those speak mean to you.

First of all, you will be able to assemble one 13-GPU rig instead of two 6-GPU ones. This is convenient in many ways:

  1. You save on components. Really, you avoid purchasing an additional CPU, RAM module and HDD.
  2. You save space.
  3. Convenience. It is way better to have everything unified than having to tweak and monitor two separate rigs.

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Secondly, while you probably won’t need more than one SATA and RAM ports, the way the motherboard features more than one of each will help you to re-sell it the day you decide to make a break from GPU mining.

Last but not least, little details like the onboard power on and reset buttons make this board a little bit more convenient to use in a mining rig. Since you won’t be using a traditional PC case, having the buttons right on the board is rather useful.


Being able to install 13 GPUs in one single motherboard is good, until you realize that nothing comes for free. While what I am going to mention are not really cons and are definitely not AsRock’s fault, it is good to keep those limitations in mind when making the choice between 6- and 13-GPU mobos.

First of all, due to the recent Ethereum mining boom it became almost impossible to purchase new GPUs that would be good for mining.

This new motherboard could be a true revolution half year ago, but nowadays finding a good motherboard for sale is easier than a good GPU.

The situation won’t change until people lose interest in Ethereum mining. The release of new AMD and Nvidia mining edition GPUs might be a favorable contribution too. Personally I think that the lack of GPUs is a temporary situation rather than something we will have to live with. Consequently, if you will have the chance to get your hands on an AsRock H110, it would probably be a good idea to get one or two.

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The second limitation is all about OS compatibility. You guessed it right – Windows 10 causes trouble once again. This time, it is confirmed that as for today, Windows 10 does not accept more than 8 GPU’s of the same architecture. The only way you can run your 13-GPU rig under Windows 10 is by having a mixed set – I’m talking about 8 AMD GPUs and 5 Nvidia ones, or something similar – you get the idea.

However, ideally you might want to switch to Linux, since it does not have those limitations Windows 10 has.

Claymore Miner limitations. If you are going to mine Ethereum, you might want to know that Claymore might crash if you assign more than three AMD GPUs to mining. The solution is to launch Claymore in several instances and assign 3-4 GPUs to each of them. Claymore got a 10 GPU limit though, so you’d have to assign the other three GPUs to mine zCash or other currencies.

Again, those limitations are not AsRock’s faults. I’ve listed them here so you could have a clearer picture on what possible issues you might face by building a 13 GPU rig and how to solve them.

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In Conclusion

The H110 Pro BTC+ seems to be a nice upgrade to the existing H81 PRO BTC. So far, it looks like the H110 is as solid and trustworthy as its predecessor. This is indeed good news for the mining community and will become even more relevant once mining GPUs come back to shop shelves at normal prices.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • monoreviews

    x1 slots too close to each other. they can cause short circuits from x1 riser naked parts. bad design. biostar implementation is much better.

    • super thanks

      Perhaps slide a piece of teflon sheet in between each? But then again, not everyone has teflon sheet lying around. : ) Teflon is both extreme high heat and high voltage dialectic. This board only $129 and showing up now @ egg today..Had to go for it..

  • sk

    Does more than 8 GPUs (of any config of AMD + NVidia) work on Windows 10? Reports suggest Windows 7/10 can only support 8 GPUs max.

    • Yeah that is true… linux will be the best choice here.

    • Krunoslav Vrabec

      I got h110 BTC+ with 13GPUs, 8 nvidias and 5 amds. Runing windows 10, 2 instances of claymore 1 for nvidia, 1 for amd and everything works stable and solid as a rock.

  • Charles McPhail

    If you setup this rig with 13 GPUs you would need 2 PSUs, right? Please correct if i’m wrong, but a standard home outlet in the US is 15 amps, 120 volts, max of 1800 watts and then the breaker trips. I’d like to build one, but i’m hesitant because of this issue.

    • yeah you need at least two PSU, I made one with 4 PSU 🙂 I’ll post the tutorial soon..

      • franc0x

        What Linux version you guys recommend for mining?

  • Krzysztof Wołk

    Hi !! Is it possible to install 14th GPU using M.2 to PCI-E adapter ?? It works for my ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming but does it work with this MOBO ? I am imaging 7x RADEON and 7x NVIDIA

  • Ryan C

    Habe you tried ethos? I heard the mix of AMD & NVidia is working on ethos as well, but do not know how. Is any file required to edit when setting the mixed GPU? (e.g. globaldriver in the local.conf)

    • Hi, yes.. i will post the tutorial this days.. i tested it only with 13 gpu nvidia..

      • Georgi Tukanov

        I also tested with 12 nvidia p106-100 + 1 amd rx 560 but I have a problem with the afterburner and gigabyte nvidia p106-100 i tried with asus drives but it is unstable. With up to 3, 4 cards, the driver works with Gigabytes Overclock tool but with 12 cards can not be overclocked

  • M P

    Im having problems with detecting 1 rx580 gpu. Do I have to put it the full pcie lane? before i put the rest on the smaller ones? Or do I have to do any modification on the Bios settings?

    • Brock Huffaker

      One GPU doesn’t play well with this board. I have the same problem.

  • zerohero

    would an i3 CPU be fine for 13 GPU’s? Usually they use the PCIe lanes on the CPU and that is where the limitations usually come from.

    • Sawadee

      Shure … because … all 1151 cpu having 16 PCIe Lanes … and you need 1 per slot 😉

    • Mark Mullen

      a celeron processor is fine. Cheapest u can go with

  • Kang Zai


    Bought this board recently but having issue on it, when it i connect more than 3 gpu it will stuck at the start up and showing a pop up “please connect your 4 pin power”. Then i do it as requested there are 2 molex 4 pin power slot at the board itself which label “Pcie power 1 and 2” after connect the 2 4 pin molex power from PSU, it unable to boot up. Would like to know how to by pass the “please connect your 4 pin power” which stop the windows startup?

    • Sawadee

      just press N

      • Kang Zai

        keyboard is not respond. i heard only ps2 keyboard will work. Now im plug my pcie card on the board directly at pcie x16 slot. other 2 on pice riser, then the issue solve

  • NDioWealthAmp

    Is it possible to plug a USB wireless keyboard or only PS/2 ? Thx

  • Mark G

    Hi, very nice mining compendium, thank you for all the work. In the article above you mentioned a windows 10 limitation: “Windows 10 does not accept more than 8 GPU’s of the same architecture.”
    Is that still the point and is there any fix or workaround available? I am using the ASRock H110 Pro with 9x NVIDIA Gigabyte GTX 1070 and it looks stable under Win 10 but Claymore freezes during GPU initialization but I have no problem when I am using 8x NVIDIA and 1x AMD GPU.

  • ContikiDangar

    Can an Intel Core i7-8700K CPU work with this motherboard?

  • ContikiDangar

    Another question, can this motherboard support XEON CPU chips?

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