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Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB OC Hynix Memory 30+ Mh/s

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I had the chance to make a quick mining hashrate test on Sapphire Nitro+ Rx 580 8GB GPU (thanks to Novan), after few tries and a bit of research i have found the best timings for this card, at least for now.

I know a lot of you guys were waiting for this post but i was really busy testing other cards from 500 series and also building frames for rigs.

The max hashrate i could get is 30.2 Mh/s on Ethereum and on dual 30 Mh/s Ethereum, 870 Mh/s for Decred and 300 Mh/s on Pascalcoin, with 130w – 150w power consumption.

So like i said, those are some quick/fast tests via teamviewer, didn’t had the chance to play more with the settings or bios for too long, but we god some good results, i am pretty happy with. For sure there is still room for improvements (if not hashrate then maybe power consumption) but at least this is a good start.

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Let’s get started

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Mining Performance Review

Like always, to not make any confusion on card, here is the exact model for this tutorial

1 Tools and Software needed

NOTE: I already did a similar tutorial for a RX 470 4GB and i will link some points there to avoid writing the same thing over and over again!

IMPORTANT: Before starting to make any bios modification, install and combine AMD Drivers and do not restart, start atikmdag-patcher.exe and apply the patch (if needed), after this you can restart the pc. If you don’t this the GPUs wont work with the new modded bios flashed.

2 Backup OC BIOS

3 Switch BIOS

4 Backup “Silent” BIOS

Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks!

5 Download BIOS

Important, this BIOS is for Hynix memory only! Check your memory with GPUz software

You can test both versions, basically the V1 should use less power than V2, but you can test both with same settings and compare the results. No undervolt was applied in bios, you must do it from trixx, msi afterburner or claymore miner.

6 Flash BIOS with ATiflash

VERY IMPORTANT: Always extract ATIflash to C:/atiflash folder and place the ROM file that needs to be flashed in the same directory
6 Claymore 9.3 + underclock + undervolt

  • Download and extract Claymore miner
  • Right click on start.bat fileand click “Edit
  • Paste the following code: “EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool -dwal SUPRNOVA_USERNAME.WORKER_NAME -dpsw WORKER_PASS -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850” (replace details with yours)
  • save,close and run start.bat

If you are going to use my claymore miner code then there is not need to start Sapphire Trixx or MSI Afterburner to make changes on clocks or undervolt. With this settings added, claymore miner can give same or even better results than Trixx or MSI.

However if you are going to use Trixx or MSI Afterburner set the following vales

  • GPU Clock: 1150 or 1130
  • Memory Clock: 2150
  • -mV: 100 or 150 (for msi -100 is max)

Power draw (dual mining only)

  • GPUz: 90w – 95w
  • From wall: 130w – 150w


  • Ethereum: 30.14 Mh/s
  • Ethereum + Decred: 30 Mh/s and 870 Mh/s
  • Ethereum + Pascalcoin: 30 Mh/s and 300 Mh/s

Full 6x GPUs rig should draw around 1100w with this settings!

That’s it guys for the first 500s GPU tested by me, I hope this will be helful for many of you.

Also let me know what are your results for hashrate and power draw for a full rig, very important if possible to attach screenshots.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Bart

    Maybe this was answered already but why Claymore 9.3 and not 9.4?

    • The test was done few days a go, 9.4 was released today.

      • Daniel Rubio

        Can anybody help me i searcht for 8 hours the right timings for MSI RX580 Gamming x 8GB ive test everithing….have some one a idea…is Hynix Memory

        • Haythim Nouira

          hi i have same card like you what strap did you change please? 1:… or 2:…. and from where to where did you copied please?
          this is my configuration
          i copied from 2:1750 to 2:2000 and 2:2250 overclock 1150 memory clock 2080 i get 26,3 mh, if i set more than 2080 on memory clock pc crash.

          • Sam33

            Hello i want To know How do you do for upload the new bios in the ethos Os i have rx580 limited édition samsung memory ? Please help me thanks

  • Fábio Soares

    Please help me, make a tutorial of this for the same nitro + 8g card but with samsung memory.

  • Fábio Soares

    What should I do for the one who has samsung memory?

  • Sim

    Hello Ciprian!
    How to convert “-cvddc” and “-mvddc” value from Trixx to EthDcrMiner64?
    For example with the RX470 8GB i’m using -96mV…. Is the right value: stdby value – 0.096?

    • Kürşat Konak

      No. They are only OFFSETS, check from GPU-Z to learn your real /mcvddc. For example Trixx says its -150Mv, but in fact it is 850 (1000 – 150), then put 850 as a parameter to miner.

    • Hi, -cvddc 904 and -mvddc 904

  • Fo

    When building a 6 GPU rig with these, how do you overcome of the 8+6 pin power connector issues? I don’t think even a 1500W Corsair PSU has that many connectors/cables.

    • AleraKira

      My RX580 Sapphire Nitro+ runs exactly the same as my RX480 Sapphire Nitro+ both using only an 8 pin. This seems to be correct as with a wattage of 100W, the card is pulling 150W from the 8 pin and 75W from the PCI-E 3.0 slot which is enough to power it even when overclocked due to the BIOS changes.

      Hope that helps and maybe Ciprian or someone can add onto or correct me!

      • Fo

        Thank you for your response! So is the 6 pin connector solely there to 1) provide some extra support for the motherboard 2) extreme overclocking? I know it is not designed that way by AMD. Even the sapphire site says it’s optional (found it just now) so I wonder what they were thinking.

        • AleraKira

          Yeah it seems that way, when a GPU is running normally with clocks up to 1411 or higher, the extra power is needed to keep things stable otherwise you can get BSODs and shutdowns.

          Interesting that it says it’s optional though!

      • kkourmousis

        I having 1 single GPU and I was wondering if there is any point on disconnecting the 6pin. Will it save me any power?

        • AleraKira

          It doesn’t look like it saves any power at all, probably just helps to stabilise the loads across several lines.

  • Damac


    I have sapphire rx580 4gb oc with hynix. Can i use this guide to bois mod or there are different setings for 8gb and 4gb edition. I know that different settings aplly for samsung or hynix memory.

    • Hi, it wont work with 4gb version, send me your rom and i will modify yours.

      • Damac

        Thank you for help,

        Here is link to original Rom from card Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ OC 4GB:

        • Mörszöl

          Hi guys,
          I also have Sapphire rx580 Nitro+ with 4 Gb Hynix mem.
          Can you share with me your modded rom?
          Thanks in advance!

          • Rafael Arismendi

            Please I have 2 of them, (Sapphire rx580 Nitro+ with 4 Gb Hynix mem) please send me the Bios too 🙂 I going to appreciatte.

          • Filip Grzejszczyk

            Did you get it? Please send to if possible, thanks!

          • Morphias Morphias

            Hi Filip,
            i also send you an email with my request to get your bios for 4Gb cards 🙂 thx a lot

          • João Rocha

            did anyone get the modded bios?

          • Morphias Morphias

            no 🙁

          • shabir shad

            did u get Sapphire rx580 Nitro+ with 4 Gb Hynix mem) Mod
            if U have please share me

          • Filip Grzejszczyk

            Hi guys, did you get it?

        • Filip Grzejszczyk

          Hi, did you get it? If yes, could you share, please?


          • Mario Passendorf

            Thanks for tutorial mate

      • Filip Grzejszczyk

        hi, I downloaded couple of ROMs and I really messed up (I have sapphire nitro+ rx580 4GB hynix mem) amnd Hashrate fell down from 24 to 12 after using file for 8gb uploaded by Jaro two days ago in the comments. Then I created my own rom by copying 1:650 to 1750 and 2000. now it is back to 24. What would be the best thing to do?

        my original rom:

        also, i tried another one of my identical cards after the 12MH flop and it was 12MH too.

        my email:

        • drx3brun

          Which editor did you use to modify this images? Thanks.

          • Filip Grzejszczyk

            used atiflash

          • drx3brun

            Thats for flashing. To edit the image you need Polaris Bios Editor. Problem is there is plethora of versions/forks of the original one and I am getting on which one exactly people are using to edit images for RX580’s.

      • Cougar

        well, did you do it? i need this too. thanks.

        • Damac


          I got working rom for Sapphire RX580 Nitro + 4GB Hynix on another site. For now Im testing it few days and its working OK. Test results with Claymore dual miner are around 28MH/z at 70W use (cpu-z), GPU temparature from 49-52 degres and 17% fan speed.

          I didnt do all the steps that are mentioned here to apply new rom. I only enabled silent bios, and create backup of original rom with AtiFlash and then apply this new rom. Reebot computer and thst it.

          I added in batch file for Claymore to use a bit higer memory and cpu:
          -cclock 1100 -mclock 1950

          Link to this new rom:

          • Cougar

            is this hynix ram?. can you adress the site too? thank you.

          • Damac

            yes its hynix. here you go:

            there are roms for almost all GPU-s for mining

          • Cougar

            well poorly efected and resets itself. mh now 26 mhs

  • ridwan

    Help me sir, I have powercolor rx570 4gb with hynix vram.. but i can only reach 21 mh/s with modded bios and overclocking, I use timming 2:1500 copy to upper then I use 2:1625 copy to upper, but no effect, It seems my vram type is hyinx and elpida (EDW4032BAB and H5GC4H24AJ).. Can you give me the solution please!

  • Bart

    Hi Ciprian,

    I have new rig with 6 x SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB (luckily all with Hynix mem),
    after this guide on dual mining i get constant 178MH/s reported and 170-220MH/s effective Hashrate. All cards running 60-65C with ~80% fan. Thanks alot for this guide

    • awesome 🙂 have fun !

    • Pingi Pongi

      Hi Bart,
      i have question about settings for sapphire rx580 nitro+ 8gb/4gb Hynix…
      I have above 4gb and 8gb card, and i have flashed 8gb with Jaro’s rom and Anorak rom. Now after my Trixx modification -> on 4gb i have set cclock 1100 and mclock 1950 and on 8gb – cclock 1130, mclock 2150 -> in claymore 8gb has 29.998MHs and my 4gb has 27.966Mhs, but…..8GB has 138W and 75°temp, 4Gb has 111W and 73°temp. Do you have any settings for Trixx, so i can lower power consumption and temperature?
      Thank you!

      • Bart

        Hi Man,

        I’m not really sure as I didnt use trixx for any modifications. I’ve just applied V1 bios from this article, and then recomended settings in claymore (-cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850). I had my cards go up to 75C but it was really hot day outside, and ambient temp was really high.

  • kkourmousis

    –I just read your article and I am tempted to try your BIOS files. I have 1 RX 580 8GB Nitro+ and I am currently @31.8MH/s solo mining, drawing 145w from the wall. I am using Claymore v9.3 to mine and I am at 0.9V, 1150 on the core and 2250 on the memory clocks. I may give it a try with your 2 BIOS files in order to see if I can go even further :p

    1 question though, I did not backup my “Fast BIOS” because the switch is inaccessible inside my rig. Since I am not going to switch to “Fast BIOS”, nor I am going to flash it, do I have any risk of “losing” the “Fast BIOS” if anything goes wrong with my “Quiet BIOS” Flashing?–

    • kkourmousis

      EthDcrMiner64 Parameters:

      -ewal 0x5aE201f4d6d548929881405Dfa8615d35641a794.main
      -epsw x
      -esm 0
      -estale 0
      -mode 1
      -asm 1
      -dcri 9
      -cclock 1200
      -cvddc 900
      -mclock 2250
      -mvddc 850
      -tstop 85
      -tt 65
      -fanmin 25
      -fanmax 100

      31.8MH/s Solo mining @ 140w from the wall
      System consumption with the GPU off the rig: 85w

      PS, feel free to tip in the above address
      If you tip me, don’t forget to tip the author of the article! He is da real MVP

    • Let me know the results! thanks!

      • kkourmousis

        I had written the results but I am new in Disqus and I didn’t know that editing my post would make it be detected as spam…

        So here I go again :p

        For starters, Both of the BIOS files, as well with the one I was already using, all have the same memory straps. V1 indeed appears to have some power modifications which should end to a bit lower consumption.
        So far I have the same (maybe a couple of watts lower). I think I noticed a couple of “spikes” in the power consumption, but I will have to leave it running for a lot more than 5 mins to have a safe consumption.
        It appears that V1 is not worse than V2, but I will keep testing it to see if it is any better.

        As for my early results:

        Solo mining EthDcrMiner64 Parameters:
        -ewal 0x5aE201f4d6d548929881405Dfa8615d35641a794.main
        -epsw x
        -esm 0
        -estale 0
        -mode 1
        -asm 1
        -dcri 9
        -cclock 1200
        -cvddc 900
        -mclock 2250
        -mvddc 850
        -tstop 85
        -tt 65
        -fanmin 25
        -fanmax 100

        31.8MH/s @ 145w from the wall
        System consumption with the gpu OUT OF THE RIG: 85w

        DUAL mining ETH+DCR EthDcrMiner64 Parameters:
        -ewal 0x5aE201f4d6d548929881405Dfa8615d35641a794.main
        -epsw x
        -dpool stratum+tcp://
        -dwal .
        -esm 0
        -estale 0
        -asm 1
        -dcri 28
        -cclock 1200
        -cvddc 900
        -mclock 2250
        -mvddc 850
        -tstop 85
        -tt 65
        -fanmin 25
        -fanmax 100
        -mode 0

        ETH 31.7MH/s, DCR: 880MH/s @ 175w from the wall
        System consumption with the gpu OUT OF THE RIG: 85w

        The only thing is that I seem to have some trouble stabilizing the Dual mining ETH hashrate. 80-90% of the time is 31.75 but I have seen it drop to 31.1 or even lower for 1-2 print outs. That and the +30w on dual, will keep me sceptical the next few days

        • Hi, well done:) butnyiu should lower to 1130/2150 , the power draw is a bit high I guess.. have you tried already ?

  • Pacman

    Do we need to mod the bios? Or is it possible to just underclock and undervoltage via Claymore?

    I guess we do due to timing?

    • You will have to flash this bios to have that results.

      • drx3brun

        Is it enough to just edit the images with Polaris Bios Editor in order to force the undervolting? Sorry for asking trivial question, but i do not have any Windows machine available to test this out atm.

  • Grant Southey

    Hi – went through everything and so far so good – but the trixx doesn’t report the gpu clocks/thermals etc. – gpu-z neither. only hwinfo shows it.. plugged into main 16x and second card in next 16x (xfire disabled) – tried afterburner to see as well..nothing. any idea on how to get secondary gpu(s) to report/listen to trixx?

  • Paly Juonk

    Hi, can I get the modified rom for rx 580 4gb oc with Hynix too? coz I’m using 4gb version card.. pls.. tq

    Here is link to original Rom from card Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ OC 4GB:

  • Grant Southey

    Got the GPUs finally reporting and sitting at 28.8mh/s (each) bios V1 (something with setting the mobo to igfx and plugged dvi into main 16x pci gfx slot) – 124w power though 🙁

    I can see and set fans etc. Finally. I tried the settings (claymore as in article) – machine tanked, had to pull out power and turn of psu for a few minutes. Luckily it returned to normal.

    Any idea on how to make the gpus purely secondary and see/set set the clock speeds and voltage etc. I don’t have space to use the other pci card ( or to swap to risers )

  • Haythim Nouira

    it’s work for 580 8gb gaming hynix?

  • Paly Juonk

    Hi, can I get the modified rom for rx 580 4gb oc with Hynix too? coz I’m using 4gb version card.. pls.. tq

    Here is link to original Rom from card Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ OC 4GB:

  • Nomin-erdene Purevjav

    When I tried to flash BIOS which is downloaded. aitflash responds Cannot erase ROM. Do you know why this happen. My backup file was 256kb but downloaded files are 512kb.

    • Christian Gloor

      Hey, I have exact the same issue. Any solution? I have the exact same Screen on GPU-Z. Thx for help. Beacause i get only 28MH/s. only 94% Controller Load. Any idea?

    • Jaro

      Same here, and my backup file is like yours, 256kb while the downloaded are 512kb

    • Jaro

      I just found the solution, the 534k is not good for us we need to use the same but with 256k I tried to copy the first time but not successful, I just found out that it was because of the version I downloaded of Polaris Bios Editor, I’m about to upload the 256k modified bios v2 here for everyone, wait for it.

      EDIT: here it is, this worked for me (spent all the day to do it):

      If you find it useful you know what to do:
      ETH: 0x40c94475615efdedf1b42e4974b8ff5e1d9d2219

  • Alexandru Savu

    I can t use this bios …

    I have 580 nitro + limited edition …any suggestion . I-ve copy
    2-1750 to 2000 and 2200 ..this is all i found on internet …improve from 20 to 27

    • Jaro

      Have you found a way? I’ve just bought 2 extra 580 nitro + but the only one available was the Limited Edition

      • Alexandru Savu

        yes. mail me at ( subject BIOS with caps so i can see it and i send u bios for this LE card ) cheers

        • Jaro

          ymail or gmail?

  • Neil

    Hi Ciprian,

    I am only a few weeks into mining and thoroughly enjoying it. Your site is tops, well done.

    I have tried v1 of your bios and I am getting 30.1 Mh/s (not dual mining)

    Gpu: 1130
    Mem: 2150
    Gpu Temp: 53
    Fan: 49%
    Power Draw: 78W
    VDDC: 0.8375

    The clocking and under volting are done via Claymore’s config and this is running on windows 10.

    Could this be done in Ethos ? I know that you cannot undervolt in Linux, however if you are using Claymore in Ethos and apply the command lines options ” -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 ” would this work ?

    Alternatively, would it be wise to modify the bios further to achieve the same results ?

    Thank you.

    • Hey Nei, i did not tested in but it should work yeah..

      • drx3brun

        Unfortunately underlocking with Claymore doesn’t work with Linux, the options cvddc/mvddc have no effect (as stated in the docs). The only resonable way is to hardcode the values in the Bios. I am currently looking into this, and will probably try to modify the bios on next weekend.

        • Bossman

          Well i would want to know how to do it, otherwise ethOS is useless.

  • Driton Beha

    I just ordered 6 RX 580 Sapphire nitro+ and i noticed that pcie power port is 8+6 pin, do you have any idea what power supply should i use so that i can power up these cards.

    Does this PSU work?
    Corsair hx1200

    Thanks !

    • Hi,

      Connect with the 8 pin only, ill recommend evga 1300w or 2x evga 750w

      • Gaurav

        More is always better

      • ifeanyi

        hi ciprian compliment of the is your mining factory going…please i modbios of my car and am getting 21msh….i have twist the msiburner settings and only 21.300 was stable..though i did not switch off the vbios switch or is there anything i need to do and if i try to increase the memory clock much,the screen will go blank as i discovered its the limit i can go which is 2080 which will be drawing upto 135 power on each card.I am just testing with one card…please see the pic (rx580 hynix memory 8gb…subvendor powercolor…. (copy strips….2:1750……to 2:2000……….2:..2500..)

        • Hi, this BIOS is for Sapphire GPU only.

    • Gaurav

      Yes 1200W PSU is more then sufficient with 6 RX580, make sure do undervolt from Trixx or MSI Afterburner for saving more power

  • Miloud ait brahim

    i dowload the 2 drivers today and when i try to Combine the AMD Drivers i receive the message that there 129 item with the same name. should i just rename this items any adea?

  • Ivanov

    I just have one question. What are the bios settings for rx570 strix 4GB?Or if you have rom file for this card it will be great.


  • kkourmousis

    Do I have the option of setting GPU Clock, Memory Clock and voltages directly into the BIOS so I will not have to use TRIXX, Afterburner or the Claymore settings?

    I am asking because I would like to keep my gpu without a monitor on it but I can’t OC my card without an active screen.

    I have a dummy plug on my hands too (which I made :p), I haven’t tried it on my mining PC yet ( I don’t know if there is any risk)

    • Grant Southey

      I think I have a similar issue in that if I don’t have the mining gpu active to screen I don’t see or am able to control fans. If I set OC, it bombs the machine..

      • kkourmousis

        Yeah exactly the same with me. + i claymore clock adjustments have no effect

        • Grant Southey

          What I want to know is how your memory clocks are at 2250 and 1200 core? This default? Or how did you change them?

          • kkourmousis

            Just in case you are actually asking how to change the clocks:

            To change them you must use overclocking software like MSI Afterburner or Sapphire Trixx OR you can tell your miner to do it, if you use claymore. Claymore Dual miner accepts parameters that can alter your gpu’s clocks and voltages, just like those OC softwares would do.

            Now that we got that out of the way, I am guessing your question is “how did I changed them without an active screen”. The answer is I didn’t :p I have a screen plugged in. Without a screen Catalyst drivers don’t let you OC.

            That’s why I am asking @ciprianpt:disqus if such thing can me done directly into BIOS, so I won’t care if Catalyst don’t let me OC the card.

          • Grant Southey

            I did that. Machine bombed. Had to unplug everything before it would restart.. 🙁 your gpu plugged into main 16x slot?

          • kkourmousis

            yes it is on the main pcie

            you did what? modded and flashed a BIOS with OC clocks and undervoltages? well I guess that answers my question :p

          • Grant Southey

            I modded the bios ( went from 22 to 28.8 – thanks @Ciprian) but the last steps of setting the clocks and voltage doesn’t work – machine stalls with white screen or won’t boot until
            I unplug everything..

          • Grant Southey

            Seems the -asm param and not running trixx same time sorted it. Whoot! Power is down from 125/140 to 75/75 (2 gpus)

            Next issue is that one gpu runs at 31.8 and the other at 28.8 still – clocks etc all the same for both cards. I wonder if the difference in ASIC Is the cause.. 4% diff

          • Sam

            How can you get this done? After modding my sapphire rx580 8gb bios with copying 2:1750 to 2000, 2250, and adding claymore parameter “-asm 1 -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850”, i can only get 27MH.

            can you state which bios you use and what parameter you use?

            Thanks a lot.

          • Grant Southey

            I used the bios from this post, and 2250 mclock, cclock 1200

  • Dendy Oktavian

    Do I have to save every GPU’s default bios?
    If I forget to save ori silentBIOS, what should i do sir? can i copy from other GPU with same type?

  • Rafael Arismendi

    Hello Ciprian V.

    Please help me, I have 2 of them, (Sapphire rx580 Nitro+ with 4 Gb Hynix mem OC 1411) anyone may help me please send me the Bios to this card 🙂 I going to appreciatte.

  • Jamuha


    Does this guide work with Sapphire 11266-09-20G Radeon NITRO RX 580 8GB GDDR5 DUAL HDMI / DVI-D / DUAL DP with backplate (UEFI) PCI-E Graphics Card
    /not plus version/? I have 6 RX 580 8GB

  • Jaro

    I’m stuck at the last step too. Cannot erase ROM from ATI Flash

    • Andrey Zyazin

      Got same problem on 5 cards and 1 card is ok. 5 cards with 256 kb bios and if I trying to flash bios on them I got Cannot erase ROM from ATI Flash.

      My silent 256kb bios from rx 580 nitro+ 8gb Hynix 01-20g if needed

      UPD: i did’t understand it earlier but i also had same problem on rx 480 nitro+ 8gb (01-20g) this is copy of 480 256kb rom

      • Jaro

        Hi Andrey I just found the solution, the 534k is not good for us we need to use the same but with 256k I tried to copy the first time but not successful, I just found out that it was because of the version I downloaded of Polaris Bios Editor, I’m about to upload the 256k modified bios v2 here for everyone, wait for it.

        EDIT: here it is, this worked for me getting 30mhs now (spent all the day to do it):

        If you find it useful you know what to do:
        ETH: 0x40c94475615efdedf1b42e4974b8ff5e1d9d2219

        • Andrey Zyazin

          what gpu/mem clocks you are using?
          -mv ? How many wats cat eats?? Is it all same ?

          • Jaro

            All the same as V2 of this Blog post

        • Pingi Pongi

          Hi Jaro,
          i have question about settings for sapphire rx580 nitro+ 8gb/4gb…
          I have above 4gb and 8gb card, and i have flashed 8gb with your romv2. Now after my Trixx modification -> on 4gb i have set cclock 1100 and mclock 1950 and on 8gb – cclock 1130, mclock 2150 -> in claymore 8gb has 29.998MHs and my 4gb has 27.966Mhs, but…..8GB has 138W and 75°temp, 4Gb has 111W and 73°temp. Do you have any settings for Trixx, so i can lower power consumption and temperature?
          Thank you!

          • Jaro

            Yeah this happens because my romv2 uses the rom V2 of Ciprian V. (he states that the v2 will use more energy) I was hoping that using this I would get over 30mhs as I’m using more power, but after trying to create a romv1 I noticed there is no difference, I still reach 30mhs and I use 130w while with the v2 I used 180w, so I reflashed all the cards to the V1, you can try to download the one of Ashley Forrest, maybe that’s the V1 I’m talking about, if you need I will try to upload my v1 later. Good luck

          • shabir shad


            do U have Mod BIOS for sapphire rx580 nitro+ 4G With Hynix Memory. please Share/send me
            thanks a lot.

        • Sam

          Excellent, it works.

        • Glen Pittock

          Hi @disqus_4TFQEeciJi:disqus!

          Thanks for uploading your ROM. This is the only ROM I could manage to install on my 11265-01-20G 20GSapphire Nitro + RX580 8GB Hynix without ATI Flash crashing or saying ‘Cannot erase ROM’

          But it the cards only output 27MH/s maximum on Genoil or Simple Mining Claymore.

          Do you have any idea what could be causing this or suggestions to get around it?

          I’m happy to make an ETH donation to anyone that can get my cards ticking at 30MH/s

          Thanks in advance!

        • Chris Smith

          Thanks for the upload I have been looking for days to up my rate on my sapphire nitro+ 8g special edition. I tried manually adjusting timings but for whatever reason this does better with current dag difficutly I am upto 28.5 mhs vs the stock 22 mhs. Thank you for the huge help.

        • Robert Rayman


          i have 11265-01-20G card

          i try to flash best bios for Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ 8B with Hynix H5GQ8H24MJ – I flash it with bios switch taken to dvi side – its ok ?

          What i do wrong ?

          After flashing and restart i have black screen – no signal

          then i turn back to oryginal bios


          Please help me 🙂

          Standard bios 20 Mh/s :((

      • Ashley Forrest
        • Ti

          Hi, Ashley! I got 6 Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8gb (Hynix) on my rig. So I flashed all cards with settings from your rom. I’m using ethminer-0.9.41-genoil-1.1.9. And now I got unstable Mh/s (like 30+30+15+15+30+15). Watch on screenshot, Afterburner settings also there.

          Miner settings:

          setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
          setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
          setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1
          setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
          setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100

          ethminer -G -t 6 -F –farm-recheck 200 –cl-local-work 256 –cl-global-work 24576

          Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

          • Ashley Forrest

            Hey, have you set your paging file to at least 16GB? If you have try using the claymore miner. 🙂

          • Ti

            Pagefile = 22 Gb.
            Claymore miner (in eth-only mode) now shows stable hashrate on each GPU; total hashrate =178 Mh/s.

          • Ashley Forrest
          • Ti

            Well here’s what I did:

            1. Flashed vBIOS on all cards with factory ROM from here:


            I used one with 1450 MHz core clock instead of other one with 1411MHz.

            2. Then I started experimenting with
            memory straps:
            – Flashed 2:200, 2:2250 timings with strap from 2:1750 timing (Hynix memory) didn’t raised hash-rate at all;
            – Flashed 2:1750, 2:2000, 2:2250 timings with strap from 1:1750 timing (Samsung memory) raised hash-rate a bit (27-28 Mh/s).

            3. Finally I flashed 2:1750, 2:2000, 2:2250 timings with this strap:


            (It’s from Caprian V’s ROM and it’s ONLY FOR HYNIX MEMORY. I didn’t find out from what videocard this timing is… If someone knows, please, share)


            4. Then I used MSI Afterburner…
            After hours of tuning and monitoring I’ve found settings that gives stable 30 Mh/s rate on each card in ETH-only mining mode (total rate = 180 Mh/s) with 100-110W consumption and no any errors. Here they are:

            core clock = 1180 MHz
            mem clock = 2150 MHz
            core voltage = -66

            That’s it. I’ll be glad to hear your advises.

            From very first day one of my cards is showing strange core voltage and temperature values (in all apps):
            ~0.8V instead of 1+V, and ~42t instead of 50+t.
            But hash-rate on this card is fine. Any ideas?

          • Arnie Hill

            I love you dude. This totally worked. Getting 29.8

          • Ti

            Ok, guys. I continued my research in search of a best bios parameters. So here’s the REALY BEST ONE (Caprian V., sorry dude…) vbios rom I made myself for Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8Gb Hynix memory.

            256Kb version:


            512Kb version:


            Some details about that ROM:

            1. I took factory bios as a basis.

            2. Modified 2:1750, 2:2000, 2:2250 timings. Used this timing:


            (By the way, this one is from Sapphire NITRO+ RX 480 4Gb Hynix memory)

            3. Modified GPU and MEMORY sections as shown on screenshots:


            4. Finaly, in MSI Afterburner set:

            core clock = 1150

            mem clock = 2150

            That’s it!

            I tested this in ETH-only mode using Claymore’s miner v9.5. Here’s my config.txt:


            Next, some statistics.

            You can see everything on screenshots:


          • Hey @disqus_8LuuwzNkwH:disqus, looks good 🙂 but what is the power consumption of your settings and why is this better? 😀

          • Ti

            From wall: 120-125W

          • trainmission

            @disqus_8LuuwzNkwH:disqus Now i try this bios , its only update bios ? thanks for sharing !

          • wizkid

            With your settings it is 155 only GPU Power, so the wall is even higher.

          • Ti

            100% you made mistake somewhere…

          • wizkid

            @Ti I used your mod directly, and copied your config as well. It won’t go below 137 now.

            See the screenshot below:


          • Ti

            You’re using dual mode, although I said that I used eth-only mode for testing.

          • wizkid

            @Ti Yes I know but even in solo mode it goes down only to like 108W. Any suggestions?

          • Ti

            Man, 120-125 from wall – is a fine result.

          • wizkid

            These are not numbers from wall. I get 135-140 on GPU so likely much higher on wall.

          • Ti

            You said that you get about 108W on gpu in eth-only mode. So from wall it’s about 120-125W.

          • Brock Huffaker

            This is awesome! Thank you so much! I was able to get out of the 21Mh/s zone with this. I do have one question that maybe you or someone else might (hopefully) be able to assist. I updated both my RX580 8GB Hynix cards once by one and got them hashing at 30Mh/s. But then when I plug them both in one hashes at 30 and the other at around 4. Using the Asus Prime Z270-P and have changed everything to Gen2 and enabled 4G decoding. Any thoughts?

          • Ti

            Try Gen1

          • Brock Huffaker

            Thank you! That seem to have done the trick. Now to hook up the other 6 :). BTW is it normal for temp, clock, voltage readings to be blank if you boot with your monitor using onboard graphics? I run Claymore and do not get any temp or fan updates and the fans seem to not even be pushing.

          • Brock Huffaker

            I spoke too soon :(. This thing is super unstable. Rebooting and crashing. This is crazy. It works just fine with one card. I’m hoping to get an 8GPU rig up and running. I’m failing so far :/

          • Nicolas


            Thank you very much for your configuration.
            Do you have any update for us ?

            Best regards ! 😉

          • wizkid

            @disqus_8LuuwzNkwH:disqus do you have email or something where I could contact you? Can send you a tip as well for helping.


          • Ti


            send me email, and I’ll send you my whatsapp.

          • Und3r74k3r

            Hi. I have some errors with this config. GPU 3 Hangs in OpenCL and GPU 4 OpenCL error cannot write buffer for DAG. I try some parameters but same result, nothing. You touch voltages in Claymore miner?

            I have 30 mh/s 🙂 Thanks.

          • Moisés Rojas

            I think that the problem is in windows, beacuse your bios isn´t signed. Or maybe Memory virtual at 16GB fixed the error. Or other problem, if is possible somebody over that.

        • Tonny Ma

          this is by far the best bios i’ve come across. @ash@disqus_DjrSVzMOWI:disqus do you have any other bios for any other cards? thank you so much!

          • Ashley Forrest

            No worries mate, this isn’t mine though, all I did was copy the one from the tutorial into a 265kb bios 🙂 no I don’t have any others, I have no idea what I’m doing!

        • Glen Pittock

          Hey @disqus_DjrSVzMOWI:disqus,

          Thanks for your upload! I gave it a shot but my computer freezes when I click ‘Program’.

          Any idea what this could mean?

          Currently the best I can get is 27MH/s with @disqus_4TFQEeciJi:disqus’s ROM, which he gets 30?

          Thank you for any feedback!

          • Ashley Forrest

            Hiya, it will freeze for everyone, just be patient and give it 5mins 🙂

    • Ashley Forrest

      I did exactly the same but it worked. here’s my 256kb rom:

      (RX580 sapphire nitro+ hynix)

      • Jaro

        thanks~ Wish I was good at waiting haha

        • Ashley Forrest

          You’re welcome 🙂 yeah I spent like 6 hours trying to get it to work?

      • Tim Tharratt

        Thanks Ashley, this is working well. I’m new to all this, prior to the BIOS and these updates the GPU Fans where always on. I didn’t pay enough attention before, but I guess everything is running cooler with these settings?

        • Ashley Forrest

          No worries mate, so am I aha! Yeah the gpu’s will run cooler because they are running at lower core clock speeds and are being undervolted. The credit goes to the guy who wrote this tutorial though, I have no idea what I’m doing when it come to changing the bios memory straps!

      • Sam

        Thanks Ashley. It is the best bios I use for my card. What did you modify to the bios? Rather than change 1750 to 2000 and 2200, what else did you do to make power consumption lower? I can only get 27MH if I do it myself

        • Ashley Forrest

          You have to run the code he gives in the tutorial when you run claymore. Don’t bother with afterburner.

        • Ashley Forrest

          He did’t change any settings other than the memory straps in the bios 🙂

      • yong

        hi Ashley, i have download modify the bios with your file, but i only manage to get 28mhs, how to get 30mhs?

        • Sixsevenzero

          I was also stuck at 27 Mh/s on my Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB 256kb rom.
          Here is the new one for 29.5-30 Mh/s
          Running on afterburner -66 Core -30% power 1150-1200 Core clock, 2240 Memory clock. Runs stable no problems

          • Grant Southey

            How many cards in your rig? 6? I can’t get 6 more than 2175 mclock

          • Sixsevenzero

            I run 6 cards on the rig. But only one of them is Nitro+ 8GB runs perfect at2250 even.

          • yong

            hi, i cant go for 29.5-30mhs
            what else setting you have done?

          • Sixsevenzero

            Were you able to get my BIOS to flash? Only settings are important are the core clock and memory , other settings are for lowering power

          • yong

            yes i able to flash with your bios, my core clock is 1130 and memory is 2150

    • Sixsevenzero

      I was also stuck at 27 Mh/s on my Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB 256kb rom.
      Here is the new one for 29.5-30 Mh/s
      Running on afterburner -66 Core -30% power 1150-1200 Core clock, 2240 Memory clock. Runs stable no problems

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    This is the model reference? “11265-01” that recommends this or Pulse ?

  • S@E!D
    i install 6 rx580 on my system . win 10 Enterprise . 1 card random not show pixel fillrate and texture fillrate . how can fix this ?
    driver installed this methode :

  • Codrat

    I have a Gigabyte AORUS RX580 with Hynix memory. The default ROM doesn’t have 2 series of straps. In Polaris, only 0: appear.
    Link to it:

    How should I proceed in modding this? I tried copying the 0:1500 line to 0:1625, 0:1750 and 0:2000 but the GPU crashed upon running the miner.


    • Codrat

      I copied the straps from 1750 over 2000 and 2200. I managed to get it stable at 26.5 ETH, 480 SIA. 1100 gpu, 2150 mem, 975mV, dcri 18. Anything above that leads to crashes. Disappointing compared to the same GPU and Samsung memory, but better than stock values.

  • Ashley Forrest

    Great tutorial thanks for this. FOR ANYONE THAT ‘CANNOT ERASE THEIR ROM’: If, like me, the bios rom wouldn’t flash or would only flash some cards, here’s what to do:

    1) Download polaris bios editor (This version will read the memory correctly)

    2) extract polaris bios editor anywhere.

    2) Open the rom that wouldn’t flash from polaris bios editor

    3) Also open the rom you backed up on polaris bios editor.

    4) Copy all the values in the rom that wouldn’t flash into your backed up one. (ie 1:2250, 1:500, 1:1750, 2:2200 etc.)

    5) save the bios as a new name, not to overwrite your backed up bios

    6) Flash with the bios you just made from your backup bios.

    – the reason this works as the one on this page is 512kb but the one you have just made is likely 256kb.

    Hope I helped.

    • Ashley Forrest

      Note – only do this if you have an rx580 nitro+ with hynix memory and the bios provided still won’t flash.

  • Grant Southey

    Random question – would GPU ASIC quality affect mh/s? Both are clocked the same but on has 2mh/s less. Only difference I see in HWINFO is a 71% vs 67% ASIC.. identical cards.. should be the same?

    • Yeah, the asic quality does the difference.. supporting better overclocking and undervolting..

      • Maguary

        Better ASIC = better undervolt? Or the opposite?

        • yeah.. better asic.. better performance..

  • Pavel

    Hi, I copied v1 bios to my rx580 nitro+ 8g and it gave me 30.02mh, thank you a lot! My rest of GPU is sapphire rx580 nitro+ 4g (elpida). I modded BIOS (just copy 1:1500 to 1:1750, 1:2000 and Trixx 1360@1050, -100mV, 1750@1920) that gave me around 28,5mh. Do you have any idea how to change it? One of my GPU sapphire rx580 nitro+ 4gb has +29mh. Is any chance to avoid trixx on startup and keep all settings because I need to change every time manualy voltage?

    • Grant Southey

      Its not ‘keeping’, but you can Use the start.bat for claymore to pass the cclock mclock params etc. Remove trixx windows startup setting – you can even set per gpu 🙂 good luck

      • Pavel

        Thx Grant! Can you show me example how should be look this file? I tried to add this options to .bat, but not working. How to set voltage and other parameters for each GPU separate?

        • Grant Southey

          As per the settings from this article point 6 above or

          @ below 🙂 I am appreciative of both 🙂

          ( I did find I had to have a card plugged into the Main GPU and -asm set as per the readme )

  • Cesar Augusto

    could this bios work for a XfX 580 8gb GTR (hynix memory) card as well or does it have to be the same brand (a saphire)?

  • Zulekha

    Hoping someone can please help! The motherboard we are using is the Asrock z270 Killer SLI

    8BG DDR4 Ram

    Intel Celeron processor

    6 Sapphire nitro+ 8gb RX580 cards


    We have tried using windows and ethos but are having the following issue:


    We are able to mine with 4 cards no problem but the moment we install the 5th carad it bombs out two cards and only three become available


    The error we are getting is insufficient system resource

    Not sure if its the motherboard?

    • Daniel Rubio

      You must go in to tje bios and enabel 4GAbove….

      • drx3brun

        Also make sure you patch the bios to the newest version.

  • Daniel Rubio

    Anybody a idea to becomme the msi rx 580 gamming x 8gb with hynix faster?

    I test every strip…1500 to 2000 1625 to 2000 an up to 2250 ,1750 to 2000 and so on custem mixes….but this card want go higher…????

    • SteveG

      so far with msi rx580 gamingx 8gb card (Hynix memory), I’ve only been able to get a slight increase by copying 2:1750 to 2:2000. With that change alone, I increased from 22.4mh/s to 25.3mh/s. I would love to get at least 27mh/s out of them.. anyone else able to do better? please share.

      • Haythim Nouira

        copy 2:1725 to 2000 2250 and coreclock 1250 memoclock 2080 you will get 26,3 mhz.
        this my problem too i can’t go more, and if i set memoryclock more than 2080 pc crash!

        • Haythim Nouira

          Ciprian any suggestion please?

          • Hi, have you tried copying from 1:1750 to 2000 and 2250 ?

          • Haythim Nouira

            hi, but this modification to copy 1:1750 to…. it’s not for samsung memory? i have hynix memory, it’s not copy from 2:1750 to….. ? and for my timing strip i have just 1:1750 and 1:2000 after that 2:400 2:….. i don’t have 1:2250 thanks.

  • Jaro

    Hi Just would like to know if I can use the same way for the RX580 Nitro+ LIMITED EDITION? I’ve just bought 2 of these, but not certain if I can use it, from what I know the only difference is one bios and the colors isn’t it?

    • drx3brun

      I tested both images on LE version, there are no differences in results from regular Nitro+.

      • Jaro

        Nice thanks for the info! I bought the limited just cause it was the only one available for few minutes ?

        • drx3brun

          I think there is no difference aside from the flashy vents.

          • Jaro

            I confirm, no difference~

  • Bdon

    So I missed Step 3 and accidentally flashed over the main BIOS. The card still works fine but I’m having trouble flashing anything on top of it now. ATIWinflash says “VBIOS image not found.”

    Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? I saved both stock ROMs successfully (both 512kb and 256kb GPU-Z versions) nothing is working for me atm. Windows 7 64-bit Sapphire Nitro+ 570 4GB Hynix.

  • E_

    I have the XFX RX 580 8GB with Hynix memory. I imagine that it’s probably not a good idea to flash this BIOS on it?

    Forgive my ignorance, but in theory I should be able to achieve the same result just using Trixx if its going to work, right? It feels safer to play with it that way first before locking anything in the BIOS.

    • Nope, this wont work with your card, try to manually modify the bios of your card comparing the differences with this one.

      • E_

        Thank you Ciprian. I applied the settings using both Trixx and the Start.bat command for Claymore. My power usage dropped from ~135W to ~75W (reporting from GPU_Z), but my hashrate dropped from ~22.5 to ~19.2GHs. So after a lot of playing around, I ended up just lowering the mV by 150 (Trixx). This maintained the ~22.5GHs but dropped the power usage to ~90W.

        I haven’t tried the dual BIOS install yet. I’ll try that this weekend. Hopefully that will help increase the hashrate a bit. So far nothing I do will increase the hashrate past 22.5GHs… which is a bummer considering that 1stminingrig was able to achieve ~30.1GHs on a similar card… So hard to get ahold of these cards right now, was just happy to get this one. :-/

  • Inf0Men

    Yay finaly i could get my Gigabyte Radeon Rx 580 Gaming 4GB Hynix 31.5 Mh/s using 1500 timings mem clock to 2180 and core clock to 1240, temp stable at 63-65C at 70% fan speed with -50 undervolt using 125W.

  • Maguary

    Awesome vbios, but is there one for Samsung memory?

    • Didnt got a card with Samsung memory yet 🙁

  • drx3brun

    Thanks for the great post! Is there an easy way to modify those images in order to undervolt the cards? I am using this images under Linux and there is no easy way to change the voltage and the cards are using over 200W with those settings. Claymore undervolting doesn’t work under Linux (as stated in the docs). The author suggest the only way to achieve that is to mod the bios. Thanks for help!

    • Yeah.. the undervolt can be done via bios modification directly.

      • drx3brun

        Which software should I use to edit those images. Polaris Bios Editor?

      • drx3brun

        Any chance you could provide some information on where to find some tips/guides on that? Having hard time to figure it out, as there seem to be no straightforward guide.

  • Diki Arch

    Hi, Ciprian.
    I would to ask you about Nitro+ card. That card have 1x8pin +1x6pin power Connector. Do you use only 1x8pin? or extra 1x6pin must powered too?

    • Hi @dikiarch:disqus , i use the 8 pin connector only.

  • RobJ

    hey CiprianV thanks heaps for the guide helped me out massivly i have run into a problem i had 4 cards hashing at 30 with cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 but i changed cclock to 1150 was working fine at 30.2 but now for some reason it was crashing i reinstalled GPU drivers its working fine but 3 cards are hashing at 28 and 1 is at 30 do you know of a fix?

    • RobJ

      all good CiprianV re flashed the bios and they are all running at 30Mh/s is the 1150 alright to run on and i was just unlucky?

  • Adrien Forest

    Hello, i need some help from you guys or Ciprian, i have a HX1200i and H81 pro btc r2.0 and ofc RX 580 nitro+ 8gb.
    First of all when i saw that RX 580 needed 8 + 6 pin i was frustated because the hx1200 have not really 8×8 pins but 4 cable 6+2 x2. I saw too late in this thread that you could just plug the 8 pins (i tried with other cable from other psu but i fried my H81… Because those cable where indeed 6+1 pin gpu side but only 6 pin psu side. I fucked up hard on this one 🙂 )

    First question :

    Why dis you removed the hx1200i from your post about best 2017 hardware ?

    Second question:

    As i saw in comments you can just plug the 8 pins on rx 580, But can we use the hx1200i cables that are doubled? I mean one cable for two cards ? 6+1 and 6+1


    What is the best mobo beside h81 for socket 1150 ?

    Best regards guys and if you can help me out i will be happy as larry !

    • Hello @adrienforest:disqus, The HX1200i was recommended for the rx400 series, since the 500s consume a bit more power i decided to switch the psu with 1300w from evga which is better because it also have more pcie cables (but this is not a problem).

      Since the HX1200i have only 4 PCIe cables splited, you can power two GPUs with one cable each and the rest of four cards with two pcie cables, two GPUs per cable.

      Attach the 8 pin connector only, it will work just fine.

      Very important is to downclock to 1130 and undervolt the cards as much as you can like directly from claymore: -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

      • Dendy Oktavian

        evga 1300w not available in my country… so i use 2x evga 750w T_T

  • Stamatis Athanasios

    Has anyone bought a RX 580 pulse 8Gb that had a micron memory?

    I have already 2 nitro 470 8gb but with micron memory and I cannot change the bios.

    Thus I do not want to face the same problem with the 580 pulse.

    Thank you for your time!

  • WMK

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I’ve managed to successfully flash the cards, they are all stable at 28.3MH/s.

    The only problem I’ve encountered is that temperature is NOT displayed, neither in TRIXX, Afterburner or GPUz.

    Any idea how to get the temps to be displayed properly? Thanks!

    • Grant Southey

      I found I had to have a monitor connector (DVI) attached to the main gpu (AMD one).

      • WMK

        Thank you, this indeed worked. After connecting a display through HDMI to the main GPU temps were displayed properly.

  • jasrockett

    Hi guys
    I’ve got 12 x Safire RX 580 Nitro 8GB cards on order for myself and a friend. They’ll be in the shop in 8 days.
    I’ve got soooo much to learn but my main concern atm is the brand of ram on the cards. It looks like it should be either Samsung or Hynix from what I’ve been reading. Is that so and if so is there a code on the packaging or card that will tell me before I pay for them.
    Thanks in advance for any information

    • Those cards should have Samsung or Hynix mem..

  • Antoni


    Is this card different with “SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB”?

    • eltimmo

      No, looks same, one in this web page

    • Dendy Oktavian

      it’s Limited Edition sir 😀

  • eltimmo

    Hi, I’ve done this and am getting 30Mh/s at low power. Had a few stability issues when claremore closes or I shutdown Windows 10. It will just hang with a coloured or black screen and fail to shut down. This was solid on the latest drivers with claymore 9.4. Wondering if this is drivers or claymore related, any help would be welcome.

    • Hold the Zucker

      Hi eltimmo, I have the same problem with two Sapphire nitro+ rx 580 8gb. I start mining but after some random time my rig freezes and I have a blueish screen. (not the blue screen of death)
      Do you have any suggestions? I’ve followed all the steps correctly. 🙁

      • eltimmo

        I haven’t fixed it, I think it will be driver related. Its caused by all the animation and crap on the start menu. As it’s stable for mining, I just use the command prompt to do stuff. It’s been up for weeks with no issues

  • Juan M.

    I have follow this steps and cannot find a way to overclock the GPU. I have flash the GPU bios and I know they work because I tried it on a friend rig and they hash 30M/Hs. How ever when I connected to my rig is only giving me 27 M/Hs and I cannot find a way overclock and under volt. If I have my rig on for more then 30 min it shut down b/c I believe it consume more power then the PSU is capable on providing. Another issue is that when it’s mining a temp status usually show up every once in a while but right now when I start Claymore’s it does not show the temperature. I cannot find a way to determine at what temperature the card are running at. I tried installing trixx that it still does not show me the temperature of the card and cannot overclock which this program.

    Hardware the I current have
    EVGA Supernova 1300 G2
    h81 pro btc r2.0
    Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 580 8GB GDDR5
    SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State
    Kingston HyperX FURY 4GB
    Intel Celeron G1840 Processor – BX80646G1840

    When I connected everything I ran into a problem which was that I could not find a way to boot the OS using the GPU. The way that I solve this issue was by going into the bios and enable the on-board card as primary card. Then I was able to install the driver for the GPU’s by using the embedded graphics card on the board. I have tried enabling external graphics cards as primary but I still get stuck in a black screen if I do that. I’m that sure if that causing this problem.
    also I’m now getting this error when I start the miner
    GPU5, OpenCL error -4 (0) – cannot create DAG on GPU
    GPU4, OpenCL error -4 (0) – cannot create DAG on GPU
    GPU1, OpenCL error -4 (0) – cannot create DAG on GPU

    Can someone please help.

  • Cristian

    Hello, will this also work on the 4G version¡

  • Maguary

    4x RX 580, but some cards dont accept ” -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850″ and dont change clock, someone know why this behavior?

  • Grant Southey

    Anyone else getting many memory ‘errors’ but mining doesn’t give rejected shares. Mining is fairly stable at 31.7 Mh/s and 590 Mh/s SC?

    • Ronny Schwarz

      i only get out 30.1 Mhs
      How you get 31.7 Mhs at dual mining? only with the v1 bios mod? or have you done more?

      • Grant Southey

        Mclock 2250, cclock 1200 🙂 memory errors though, dropped it to 2200 and 900mv – more stable, little to no errors – 31.06mh/s

  • Gunner

    Do I need extra power cable if I have 6 nitro+ and an evga 1300 ? Thank you

  • atila

    My Hynix bios is different from all of this post, please modify my bios?

    Thank you!!

    Your bios is and my bios is

    • what bios editor are you using ? if yiu gpu is the same as this one with hynix mem then you can flash this bios.. since you have bios switch will not be a problem if something fails..

  • Ioan Lazăr

    hello guys this is the best tutorial ever. I just started to build my first rig, i have two of this cards with Hynix memory, now i’m running with stock settings, i want to edit my bios but i polaris is showing some strange values in timing column and i do not know how to identify the values, can someone give an hint? here is the image
    Thanks a lot for your time.

  • Ercüment Ünal

    I applied this method to 4 cards 2 weeks ago. Yesterday cards dropped to 30.2 to 29 what is the reason for this

    • checked dcri ?

    • Dendy Oktavian

      same with me 😀

  • Stefan Nonchev

    I tried overclock/underclock with claymore on my 6xRX470 but it says: failed to set new effective memory clock for gpu
    Does anyone know if these options should work with RX4xx cards or are strictly for RX5xx ones?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anastasios Selalmazidis


    is the model Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB Nitro+ (11265-01) different that the card in this post ?

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    I just received rx580 nitro +, but my bios is 256kb, in the rx480 I edited the timing but here when I open I receive error that should be bios of 512kb
    My bios Hynix
    sorry my bad english

    • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

      I just found this editor,SRBPolaris it seems that if it shows well the data of the bios of 256kb SBRPolaris,
      However the Polaris bios editor 1.4 I think it does not correctly display some parameters.
      Sorry my english

  • Sir Saint

    I’ve got a 6 card rig, all Sapphire Hynix 8gb 580s running v1 of your bios. I did have a single 256kb bios one, but I just modified it to match your v1 (although I only undervolted, trixx overclocks only went 0-100). I’m not able to get any of them over 28.1mh/s. Temps are around 75deg and power draw is around 118w per card. Any ideas?

  • Hold the Zucker

    Hi guys, I have a problem with two Sapphire nitro+ rx 580 8gb.
    I start mining but after some random time my rig freezes and I have a
    blueish screen. (not the blue screen of death)
    Do you have any suggestions? I believe I’ve followed all the steps correctly but any little thing may help.

  • Jan Vlček

    I couldn’t erase ROM so I downloaded some .rom files in discussion.
    It worked fine for solo ETH. I got about 29,5 Mh/s.
    But when I switch to ETH+Sia, then it is only 23Mh/s + cca 650Mh/s.
    Where could be problem?

    • Backup original BIOS of your GPU and edit it

      • Jan Vlček

        Friend told me to put -dcri 17 to command line and now I have 29,5Mh/s + 500Mh/s:)
        +-96W in GPU-Z

  • trainmission

    I did everything that was in the tutorial but I’m getting 27mhs dual speed, I’m trying to pull a bit more but it blocks constantly.
    Thanks 😀

  • asian_dapper

    Very promising results here!

    I, on the other hand, have an Asus Rx580 Dual OC 8GB with Samsung memory. I have custom ROM and used Trixx to get 1260/2025/-100mV but it only gets me 28.3 Mh/s tops with no memory errors. GPU-Z says it’s consuming ~120w of power.

    Help! I want to get that mythical 30-31Mh/s too! 🙁

    • The hashrate maybe low also because of dag epoch, have you tried to test adding -benchmark 1 ?

  • Grant Southey

    Are you able to do anything with this Bios?

    I don’t seem to be able to get any more than 29 and have to put it at 925mv else it bombs..

    Hynix Nitro+ 8gb like the article with Hynix mem

    • The hashrate maybe low also because of dag epoch, have you tried to test adding -benchmark 1 ??

      • Grant Southey

        Will try that and see. What is odd is that my 2 card rig has the same cards (512k bios though) and it gets 31mh/s each at 900mv

      • Grant Southey

        other post didn’t seem to come through.. will try that, however – the other two cards I have with the 512k bios currently get 31 each at 900mv consistently.. not sure if the voltage or memory straps are wrong on the 256k bios.. sent one is original.

  • Luis Gimenez

    Hi and thx so much for your guide….I read all and have only one question,

    it is ONLY für Sapphire or also for Powercolor RedDevil for example?

    I have RX580 8Giga HYX but not von Sapphire, only from Powercolor, but normal the have the same Memory from HYX, or?? (in these case)
    Thanks another time

    • Hi, yes only for sapphire, this model only.

  • Bossman

    Hello everybody, i have been reading whole thread and i find it very inspiring and helpfull. I have been able to get from RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB (11265-01-20G) Hynix memory such stats:

    EthDcrMiner (solo mining)
    28,700 – 29,100 taking 78-79 wats
    30,500 88-90 wats, got same mh results with dualmining ETH+DCR but mining uses about 103-112 wat

    Wattage usage is from GPU-z since i am waiting for my wall meter.

    Undervoltage and cclock/mclock done only via EthDcrMiner commandline
    I have done bios mod and copied 3straps from V1 bios to 1750, 2000, 2200 from this post. I am on newest AMD drivers, Windows 10

    What do you think are thoose results good ?

    There are two matters that are problem for me. After i upgraded bios or reinstalled drivers now i don’t recall what was first I can’t use Stixx, AMD Wattman or MsiAfterburner in regards to setting different mem and gpu clocks, cant even undervolt. In the second i press apply it always hang. Does anyone know what could be wrong ?

    So i have purchased ethOS since i know well Linux. But i read that i can’t undervolt RX580, and core clock and memory clock does not change mh at all when i experimentate (only 3memory straps bios mod had helped in anything there).

    I have heard that this changes can be done only via bios Mod. Does anyone have done it via bios or know any FAQ how to do it ?.

    I like to use ethOS bcoz there are some advantages for me to use it, for example power usage is smaller than on Windows when i compare same settings.

    Sorry for such long post, i hope it will find his answers 🙂

    • Hey @disqus_dIHgUFJx4n:disqus , have you tried to undervolt directly from miner, on windows? like -cclock 1150 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850, if system crashes change from 850 to 875 or 900, play with the settings till you find the sweet spot for each GPU, most people think that if the gpu is the same model, also should reach the same overclock… THAT IS SO WRONG!! Best way to get the best of your GPUs is to test one by one.. 🙂

      • Luis Gimenez

        How i can change the voltage for each grafic card? In the claymore are the voltage value for all cards:( thx

  • Mike

    Can i flash this V2 Bios into my MSI Armor RX 580 8gb Hynix?

  • Minh Dieu

    Can someone please share with me a rom that can do 31 hash rate. i have rx 580 nitro oc 8gb hynix thankyou in advanced.

    • This is the best you can get 🙂 also consider the hashrate drop on ethereum for rx series.

  • Adrián

    Can this work for the 4gb model? is the same but only with 4gb

  • sam

    Hi Can i use These bios Files for 4 Gb version

  • Peter

    @cipr@ciprianpt:disqus , Hope you can help. Desperate

    I’ve search far and wide online but can’t get any help on Sapphire nitro+ 570 8gb Hynix gpu’s.

    I got 21mh/s on stock and now managed to get it up to 24mh/s by copying 1500 straps and Afterburner but not having much luck. Been a week of struggle. Hope you can help

    • Copy 1750 to higher.. it will work 🙂

      • Peter

        Thank you very much for your reply. But i’ve tried and only getting 22mh/s but with 1500 i at least get 24mh/s. Thats the best. I see a few people with these cards on different websites and no one can get more than 24mh/s.

    • Joe Mc

      Same problem here, I simply cannot get better than 23.x on ETH only, 22.5 on dual ETH/SC. Changing the mem clock has zero effect. Why would that be?

  • Brj Ng

    I have little issue with my rig Sapphire NItro+(5 GPUs), I am using Asus Z270-A, Intel Pentium, G4400 (LGA1151), 8G DDR4, Corsair 120gSSD, 1000Watt PSU.
    I got all up and running with all 5 cards show in the devices manager. When start Ethereum software it shows 4 cards running at 22Mh/z and 1 card (GPU0) running at 4.8Mhz. If I run 1 card at a time then all the cards showed 22Mhz. Put all the card back then 1 card at GPU0 showing 4.5MHz, please help me how to troubleshoot this issues.
    I did try to user version 1 flash file but I also get the error “Cannot erase ROM” something like that.
    Please help
    Thanks so much

  • Daniel Zet

    is someone using this bios on simple mining OS? i am using power stage 3 and 1175/2175. stable about 24h then restarts…. 28,6mh on DAG#136. how about you guys? 7 x rx580nitro = 1115W

    • erlendfr

      To me that sounds like your core has just to litle power. Try bringing it up 10-20 mV.

      You can also try tro bring the core clock abit more down to about 1130-50.

      Heat can ofc be a problem aswell, I try to keep my cards around 50-60 C. Should not generate that much noice if your eth only mining.

      Also the mem voltage shouldnt be lower then 0.9mV ,the memory dosent really affect your power consumption that much anyways.

      Hope it helps!

      Buy me a bunny:

      BTC: 18gCGprKqkC2oxSACWvPsuvVSAZ3ttDG2K
      ETH: 0x3E9Aecd1A44A7298Cb3d87294DC649454D58CbC5
      LTC: Lc41pT1JJJomfPN83vybPAprggrPAf1w62

      • be good and don’t ask here for donation, please 🙂 at least do it in private

    • Mariusz Machnio

      See below screen shots taken from my SMOS. For now it is 3x Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX580 8GB (HYNIX) with own moded BIOS (2:1750 –> 2:1750, 2:2000, 2:2250 timings).

      Stable 29.1MH/s since 2 days.

      • Daniel Zet

        Hi Mariusz and thank you for your reply.
        What power consumption do you get with this Settings.

        I have actually with DAG 138

        1250 2150 (3) 199,5 Mh/s 1113 W
        1150 2150 (2) 193,2 Mh/s 1045 W
        1175 2175 (2) 196,5 Mh/s

      • Daniel Zet

        Hi Mariusz and thaks for your reply.
        What power consumption do you get with this Settings ?

        i have 7x RX580 Nitro Hynix still with this modded bios and :
        1250 2150 (3) 199,5 Mh/s 1113 W
        1150 2150 (2) 193,2 Mh/s 1045 W
        1175 2175 (2) 196,5 Mh/s 1060 W

        but I could not get it working stable on memory clock 2200 and more .. also on power stage 4. That’s why I’m using max 2175 mem clk.

        but maybe with my original modded bios (i have it already on bios “Position 2” flashed 🙂 ….. did you also tried power stage 3 with the same clocks? I am afraid that with your Settings and powerstage 4 I will be need 1300W !!

  • erlendfr


    Seen alot of ppl having issues with geting some juice, so I hoped I could be a helping hand. This is a dual mining setup, but should work fine with single mining aswell.

    SapphireRX580+Nitro(Hynix)MOD.rom —–>

    My results so far: ETH: GPU 29.423 Mh/s – DCR: GPU0 970.964 Mh/s

    These are my seting for the RX580 Nitro+ 8GB Hynix mem.

    Use at your own risk ofc.

    Using the ClayMore Dual miner 9.7, with these setings in the run bat:

    -etha 0 -dcri 33 -r 60 -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 40 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 970 -mvddc 950

    (This will: Set your miner difficulty. 60 min miner reset timer. Temperature
    miner stop 85 C. Temp target 65C, Min fan 40%, Max fan 100%, Core clock
    200 MHz. Memory clock 2250 MHz. Core volt 970 mV, Memory volt 950

    * I dont use MSI afterburner, Trixx or any other program for anything but the -10%
    power limit.
    * This is ofc in addition to the minig pool and wallet setings.
    * All commands in your run bat has to be in one line of text.
    * I run a 60 min miner restart command, as I see a tendency of speed droping when
    the miner works for too long.

    Coppy/paste of my claymore 9.7 dual miner log:

    18:24:10:475 3d4 ETH – Total Speed: 147.931 Mh/s, Total Shares: 222, Rejected: 0, Time: 01:00
    18:24:10:479 3d4 ETH: GPU0 29.423 Mh/s, GPU1 29.603 Mh/s, GPU2 29.643 Mh/s, GPU3 29.662 Mh/s, GPU4 29.600 Mh/s
    18:24:10:482 3d4 DCR – Total Speed: 4881.722 Mh/s, Total Shares: 535, Rejected: 4
    18:24:10:486 3d4 DCR: GPU0 970.964 Mh/s, GPU1 976.885 Mh/s, GPU2 978.227 Mh/s, GPU3 978.834 Mh/s, GPU4 976.812 Mh/s

    Any questions, just ask!

    Buy me a bunny:

    BTC: 18gCGprKqkC2oxSACWvPsuvVSAZ3ttDG2K
    ETH: 0x3E9Aecd1A44A7298Cb3d87294DC649454D58CbC5
    LTC: Lc41pT1JJJomfPN83vybPAprggrPAf1w62

    • Vu Vu

      can you share you link download file again , your link dead

    • Ari Sudana

      Hy erlendfr, thanks for you explain your mod bios, that so great, i was test your bios and get same hashrate, but i want ask, what for we need make miner reset every 60 min?,that’s effect for speed?,

      • erlendfr

        I have observed that the hash rate
        seems to drop abit (1-2 M/hash) when the miner has been runing non stop for hours or days.

        There is no problem to increase the timer, or remove it all together.

    • Gunner

      How can you put -10% in gpuz ? thank you

      • erlendfr

        You dont 🙂 For that you can use afterburner or Trixx etc.

        There is a command for it in claymore aswell, you can find it in the “README.TXT” file in the claymore Main folder.

        • Gunner

          Ok, thank you, but did you notice gpu memory errors with this config ?

          • erlendfr

            So far its stable and error free.

            But as known, there are small differances between GPU’s.

            You should have some leaway on the mem voltage, but you can set it to 1000mV if you are geting errors.

            If that dosent help, pull back the mclock and cclock abit. You shouldnt notice to much of a performance drop.

            It dose take abit of time to fine tune the system.

            In fact you should do these steps for each GPU, and not set all at once to get max performance with these timings, or any others for that mather.

          • Gunner

            ok, by the way, thank you for this very helpful informations. Can you tell if my process to set my cards is good : Plug 1 card, lunch claymore with your settings. Plug the second card(keep the first plugged), lunch claymore with your settings and so on. Am I wrong or its the good way to do it ? If not, can you resume the process.

            still thank you !

          • erlendfr

            You dont have to unplug your cards, its abit if extra work tuning single cards with the claymore config files. But if you read through the read me file in the claymore main folder, its well explaned.

            Im not 100% if I remember correct, but, if you have 4 gpu’s, you would set card number two core voltage with: -cvddc 970 0,1,0,0

            card 1: 1,0,0,0 card 2: 0,1,0,0 etc.

            You can select two or more with:

            Card 1&2: 1,1,0,0 Card 2,3&4: 0,1,1,1 etc you will get the point.

            So I would create a config file for every card, and when I’m done, coppy paste the configs in to a main file.

            Hope I explaned it well enough 🙂

          • Gunner

            well explaned, thank you. But it seems like the settings dont apply to my gpu, maybe driver or something like that. Can I overclock all of my cards when I’m plugged into my MB ?

    • disqus_FztFmWtDED

      Hi, my gpu crashed after flashed and run your setting, when I set -mvddc 1000 only, no crash but the hash rate running 23mh only, pls help

    • Mit

      Hi, i am using your bios on Nitro+ Rx580 8GB GDDR5 (Hynix) stuck at 27 Mh/s on claymore 9.7 using ETH Only mode. pls help !!!

      • Mit –
        It looks like you need to update the GPU core to 1200 and GPU memory to 2250. Your power draw also looks high. Add this to your start.bat to set all three:
        -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 970 -mvddc 950

      • erlendfr

        As someone else pointer out, it dosent look like the oc settings have kicked in. Recheck your config file.

    • Bert

      Hey, I used your rom and so far I am really happy, I get around 28-29 MH 🙂

      However, strangely my memory clock does not stay at a constant 2200 Mhz. It seems to be jumping between 1000 Mhz and 2200 every couple seconds. Do you have any idea why?

      • somali

        Did you manage to sort out any solution. After flashing to Bios off erlendfr, I also seen oscillation of memory clock b/w 2250 and 1000. its not just that. Hashing also oscillated between ^~29 and 14 (halved).

        need help

        Using Sapphire RX580 N+

        PS (Running into all sort of issues.
        0. Core Clock & Memory, both showing Zero.
        1. Trix wont work for me, whatever I put in by using the slider, cannot verify thru GPU-z. Only using for Fanspeed
        2. Afterburner cannot specify at all.

        formatted pc to refresh install everything. I am in deep S***t.)

        • Bert

          I haven’t found any solution just yet, but I think it has to do with ULPS -> AMD power management. It cuts the power when it thinks the GPU is idle and boosts again for work. You can turn that of with regedit (google it) and in Trixx, but it changed nothing for me. I think I will have to re-install drivers perhaps it works then. For now, I set up my miner with ubuntu because I wanted to check if it still happens there. In Ubuntu I have stable clock and also stable hashing rates, but they are somewhat lower than my max on windows even with the same OC parameters

          • Bert

            I think I figured it out. If you define the clock speed, voltage, fan speed etc. in the start.bat file, there seems to be a conflict with AMDs wattman. That causes the fluctuation. What worked for me is to remove all those parameters and go with -esm 0 -estale 0 -mode 1 -asm 1 -etha 0 -dcri 17 only in my start.bat (after the usual eth address, pool etc.). Voltage, Fan speed and clocks I configured in wattman in the AMD Radeon Settings, Gaming, Global WattMan settings.

          • somali

            Worked for me too.
            But problem with the Wattman is that after an every reboot, have to reconfigure the Clock and Memory (imagine you have a 13 GPRUs’ rig) or is there a way to save the profile and autoload it everytime the PC reboots.

            Providing the clock parameters in the Start.bat wasn’t bad after all since it takes care of re-configuring part probably we need to recode?

          • Bert

            AFAIK there is no way to save settings in wattman, yet. :-/ it’s a pain in the ass to be honest and I am “happy” that I only have to deal with 2 GPUs. I don’t have to enter the values after every reboot, though. only if the system crashes. wattman then goes back to default settings. my advice would be: try to find a stable configuration and just leave it running^^

          • This worked for m too, if I tried OC from claymore settings was unstable and the memory clock fluctuated. Ended up using Trixx instead of wattman. 29-30 Mhs stable at around 110W from GPU.
            I wonder if we can put all settings in the BIOS, seems possible.

          • Bert

            How did you make trixx work? Whatever I try, I can’t control my GPUs with that -.- neither does msi afterburner work for me. only wattman

          • Not sure, it’s very odd, some settings seem to work for me with Trixx but others not. Memory Clock and Core Clock is putting +100 on GPU-Z of what I input. Voltage limit display fine, undervolt seems to be fine too. I’ll try wattman to see if I can do better fine tunning

    • Slavko Klincov

      Hallo there, thanks a lot for eveything here.i use LUBUNTU 16.04. and i
      buyed 2 of the nitro+ RX580 Special Edition 8GB, 256 bit,(with blue
      lights inside/Pretty cool looking :)) and at the beginning i only had
      21 MGH/s on claymore 9.7. eth only! Than i tried yours @erlendfr:disqus and it didn´t work for me, just 27 mh/s ! now, big thanks to Ashley Forrest , i have 28,5.
      so, is there any possibility to get to the magic 30 MH/s ?
      I would realy like to get those 30 and of course to donate for help?
      i have some sort of feeling that, when i change clock and mclock that there is no increase or change of mh/s!
      Ciprian V. I realy don´t know why, but yours didn´t also work out, well it worked but i am just getting with V1 26 / with V2 27 mhashes.
      Ashley Forrest thank you a lot again, i realy don´t understand, what´s the difference here, but the best until yet.

      • erlendfr

        I’m sorry, I havent tried mining with any Linux distro, so my knowlage is limited. Tho I do know there. are issues with the drivers, the newest once to be spesific. For starters try googleing for the correct drivers to use.

        If that dosent help, start from scratch and build your own oc setnings.

        I would suggest starting from cclock 1100, cvolt 850, memclock 2000, memvolt 1000, and step up memclock to your satisfaction.

        Do remember all these setnings are intertwined, so if your geting 29mhs at 2200mhz memclock, increasing coreclock by 10mhz can give a bigger bumb in hashrate the higher mem clock. Same goes for voltage aswell.

        All I can say is, experiment. Make small addjustments and see what the resulting outcome is. If you lose hash on clock increase, try uping the voltage etc. You will figurer it out eventually ☺️

        • Slavko Klincov

          ok, i´ll try uping the voltage, thank you 🙂
          Do you know, what settings claymore use, when you don´t set cclock and mclock in config ?

    • exxis

      so i get around 27.500 ETH and DCR around 900 is there a way to improve or better, why do you get 29 mh/s with the same settings any suggestions?

      • globalb2bsolutions

        Friend, I’m not getting even in Kh/s using sapphire-nitro-rx-580-8gb,

        Can you help me me.

    • Cyril

      hI @erlendfr:disqus
      wIth same card, same config i got 24;6mhs max…

    • Yuvraj Didwania

      hey!! i tried using your setting but i am still stuck at hash rate of 22.5. Not able to go above 22.5. what am i doing wrong. kindly guide. I am using the same GPUs. RX 580 sapphire nitro + 8gb

  • Brj Ng

    I am around 28.5Mh to 28.8Mh ..never reach 29 or 30 and the power is so huge 130w-140w each gpu? anyone have the modded bios to share? I need 256k bios version for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580, 8g Hynix memory …thanks

    • erlendfr

      If you are runing the claymore dual miner you can add:

      -fanmin 40 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 970 -mvddc 950

      I prefer to use the config file of the claymore miner, as I get alot more stable results from that then Afterburner/Trixx etc.

      Thats my setings for the Sapphire RX580 for dual mining, and keeps me at about 100-110W per card.

      My ~ avg. rates: ETH: GPU 29.423 Mh/s – DCR: GPU0 970.964 Mh/s

      If you just want to mine for ETH, I would go down to ~ -cclock 1130 and addjust the -cvddc down as far as its stable. You should at least get down to about 80-90 watts per card easly.

      But check out my post a bit down the list. Sort by newst should bring it up abit.

      The bios isnt anything ground breaking, just the standard 2:1750 –> 2:1750, 2:2000, 2:2250 timings.

      Buy me a bunny:

      BTC: 18gCGprKqkC2oxSACWvPsuvVSAZ3ttDG2K
      ETH: 0x3E9Aecd1A44A7298Cb3d87294DC649454D58CbC5
      LTC: Lc41pT1JJJomfPN83vybPAprggrPAf1w62

  • Robert Ilić

    Hi, have a 6x sapphire Rx 580 nitro+ 4gb/hynix and whatever i do cant get over 24Mh/s on any card, did not tried any of offered VGA BIOS because is not 100% same as on my cards. i did flashed VGA BIOS manualy. strange is that even msi afterburner or sapphire trixx not give any result or claymore attributes. Its like cards are locked for overclock.

    • Hi, What is the driver version ?

      • Robert Ilić

        latest 17.7.2, i tried combo also the same efect

    • Slavko Klincov

      try to copy from 1:1600 to end, (last 4 with 777) worked for me for 28 mh/s.
      Still not getting to the 30. (for Samsung Memory)

  • donanimcetin

    hi. i need mod bios for sapphire rx570 nitro+ oc 4 gb with Hynix memory. if you have share or send me please. thanks.

  • Geniom

    Thanks you so much for this detailed tutorial!
    What if you have a mixed cards mining rig ? In my case I have both rx 580 and r9 380x. It would not work to set the overclock via claymore since it would apply the same settings on every GPU in the rig correct ? If so, what would be a solution for a complete optimization ?
    Thanks for the help!

  • Illan Zed

    I’m using the V1 bios with core@1250, vram@2250 and -100mv
    Performance is awesome (31,5 ETH solo or 30,2 eth+sia)

    But I draw 1600+ watt at the wall… Seems way too much… Any suggestions ?

  • Slavko Klincov

    Hallo there guys, you are realy amazing with all your posts and realy thank you.
    I am using LUBUNTU 16.04. and i buyed 2 of the nitro+ RX580 Special Edition 8GB, 256 bit,(with blue lights inside/Pretty cool looking :)) and at the beginning i only had 21 MGH/s on claymore 9.7. eth only! now, fuckin big thanks to @disqus_DjrSVzMOWI:disqus , i have 28,5 with 1200/2150 clocks, and 970/!
    so guys, is there any possibility to get to the magic 30 MH/s ?
    I would realy like to get those 30 and of course to donate for help?
    i have some sort of feeling that, when i change clock and mclock that there is no increase or change of mh/s!

  • Ionescu Doru Marian

    Hello !
    For 580 nitro + 8gb.
    I did everything I needed, and finally I did not manage to write the modded hinyx bios.
    1- bios backups,,,,ok
    2- drivers overwrited and installed,,,,,ok
    3- atiflash with modded bios in the same folder,,,,ok
    4- writing new bios,,,,,FAILED ( CANNOT ERASE ROM )
    Somewhere, something is wrong.

    Do you want end can, help me ?
    Can you send me rom, which runs you 30 MH Eth, and could be writen

    • Slavko Klincov

      Downlaod polaris bios editor from jaschaknack, should work.
      you just are using 256bit for 512bit or in the other way.

    • Mariusz Machnio

      I had the same issue for same card. Finally, I did BIOS modding by myself, just changeg 2:1750 –> 2:1750, 2:2000, 2:2250 timings. Now I have stable 29.1MH/s since a 2 days.

  • exxis

    Hey there one question about the RX580, everything is working the last days, i build a testrig to see if and how everything is working and upgrade later, currently iam running one Sapphiere RX580 Nitro+ (not the limited edition) with you bios, it has the hynx memory so should be no difference.
    This morning the pc crashed and restarted (its an old AMD A6 Series A6-5400K 8 GB DDR3 and a 700W PSU) after the restart i tried to check what caused this but after opening the bluescreenviewer it crashed again.
    Could this be because of the old CPU or some error with the GPU and the drivers? As i said for the last few days i had no problem, currently after i waited a few minutes its working again.
    The GPU has 53°C at full load, so the temps should be no problem,

  • Robert Ilić

    ok ppl, just wanna say that Sapphire Nitro+ RX580/4gb/Hynix is a hell for mining, lost over 3 weeks, and NO positive result for mining, just wanna share with u what i have tried:
    1. MB bios flash done it (Biostar TB250-BTC) 710 ver, miner mode on
    2. Win10+ati 17.7.2 driver (the onlyone who can see 6 cards)
    3. VGA Bios flash (couple mods NO EFFECT with any know mod, lost so many hrs)
    problem is that whatever u do with the vga bios, driver (tried 20 or so) not SEE IT,
    in some mod’s mb wont boot at all, need IGFX maste for it.
    4. For vga bios flash used polaris v1.4 and 1.5 for RX5xx cards, change 1:1500 to
    1:2000, and 2:1500 to 2:2000, and make same combo, left 1 stipes untouched just 2
    5. For undevolt and overclock used MSI afterburner (useless), trixx (useless) and with amd watman partial succsess.
    6. With a claymore miner, give some parameters for overclock and undervolt no result
    just got some results on vent and temp stability.

    The major problem is HOW to make driver to see vga bios mod, actualy modded, used atikpatcher, with no efect, used it wit combo of any driver ppl tell me that will work still no efect.
    If anyone have a similar problem or the same and have a solution for it please explain here HOW TO MAKE IT TO WORK, thx for reading this 🙂

    • Hey Robert, I made this card to mine 30.5 Mh/s on 130 dag test.. i will also post a tutorial soon 🙂 btw i am still using the combined/mixed drivers.

      • Robert Ilić

        ok thx m8, cant w8 for it, bit down last couple days here, donno what to do to make this cards to work better, cheers !

  • Az


    In step 5, it says to load the bios, however i’m unable to do so. The error i get is “Cannot update Rom”

    Current setup:
    ASROCK H81pro
    CPU – G1840
    RAM – Hyperx DDR3 4GB
    PSU – Corsair HX1200
    SSD – Corsair force series LS560
    GSU – SapphireRX580+Nitro(Hynix) 8GB
    OS – Win 10 Pro 64Bit
    ATIFlash version – 2.74

    Thank you

  • jns coaching

    Dose it work for RX580 4GB?

  • Eliot Mason

    Will this work for the Special Edition Graphics card also?

  • Ariel Orozco

    Hi! Does it work also for the Special Edition version?

  • Gonza Barberis

    Hi, i had no problem modding my rx580 strixx. But with the nitro+ rx580 8gb I get 21mhs out of the box and when I try to modd the bios this is what the timming values look like and Im stuck here!

    • Rodrigo

      use polaris bios editor 1.6

  • y. emre

    does it work for SAPPHIRE RX 580 NITRO+ 8GB SPECIAL EDITION
    (turquoise one) ?
    best regards.

    • Nope..

      • y. emre

        Thanks for reply Ciprian..thats sad to hear 🙁 I am about to buy 12 of them for very very good price, do you know any rom or similar mod to hit 27+ mh/s for ethereum? Thanks in advance..

        • Only if you edit their original bios 🙂

  • Vlad


    Any chance we can get a tutorial/rom for the rx 580 nitro+ Elpida memory?


    • I only had Samsung and Hynix :/

      • Vlad

        No worries, mate! Cheers!
        I guess I have to figure it out the hard way. Trial and error 🙂
        Anything I should be aware of so I don’t brick my card? 😀

        • Send me the rom 🙂

          • Vlad

            It’s an Sapphire 580 Nitro+ Elpida. I’ve already copied the 1750 straps to 2000. Do i need to bother about the other straps if I will be running it at 2000+.

            I’m just trying to get the basics of it. Should I run it at much lower frequency and copy the other straps? And how do I need to change the GPU frequency in regards to the vram frequency?


  • Brad Rands

    I’m about to pull the trigger on components for my first mining rig, and wonder the dual mining performance & power consumption difference from the sapphire nitro+ in 4gb and 8gb, anyone have experience testing both?

  • disqus_4HpwpsPdE5

    Hi everyone
    I’m in need of help. I have myself 4 x VisionTek RX 580 8G OC (hynix). I’ve tried several different BIOS mods found on this site but the best I can achieve is 25Mh/s. There seems to be nobody here that has my exact graphic card. Any help to 29+Mh/s would be greatly appreciated!

    • Have you tried modifying the original bios ?

      • disqus_4HpwpsPdE5

        Yes. I couldn’t flash your V1 or V2 bios mods so I opened them, noted the changes made and created my own. Those changes got it from 21Mh/s to max 25. I tried with firmware 17.7.2 as well as 17.9.1. Right now I only have 1 of the video cards connected. Please let me know if you need more info. Appreciate the assistance

        • hmm.. what timings did you used?

          • disqus_4HpwpsPdE5

            -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 and -cclock 1150 -mclock 2150
            tested on both of your V1 and V2 bios mods

            GPU only draw is stable at 62W. Maybe more juice will do the trick? Sorry I am very new at this so I’m not sure what settings I need to change.

          • Have you also tried with higher mclock ? max is 2250

          • disqus_4HpwpsPdE5

            Yes but unfortunately it didn’t make a difference in speed and it crashed the pc. I’ve tried adjusting the mclock and gpu clock through claymore as well as through Trixx with no luck. I also started from scratch using 2 brand new Visiontek rx580 8G OC GPUs. I’m almost convinced that these Visiontek cards cannot achieve 29+Mhs

          • Hmm.. can you share gpu-z screenshots?

          • Mehmet Budak

            hi man i read you on forum i yesterday start for mining i buyed 1070 1 card but it 612 usd and mhs 31 with oc i saw here people doing with it rx 470 /580 but it look hard for me to moded i dont know much tecnical and this rx more cheaper what i can do can you give me idea becous i want make a ring

          • AMD rig is cheaper than Nvidia, also AMD video cards performs better in dual mining. I personally prefer AMD RX580 series

  • Jonathan H.

    Hi !

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your great tutorials !

    When this post was created, the drivers version to combine were :

    Combined AMD Drivers 16.11.5 + 17.5.1

    Today, the driver versions are updated : Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2 and 17.9.1

    Should I combine these 2 drivers now ?

    Thank you !

  • Dwayne

    I keep getting cannot erase rom. Any idea why or how to fix this?

  • globalb2bsolutions

    How can I find HASHRATE for sapphire nitro+ rx 580 8gb GDDR.

    After I setup everything, Can I convert this Mh/s to other coins like XMR or ByteCoin

  • globalb2bsolutions

    Hello Friends,

    I have purchased sapphire-nitro-rx-580-8gb-oc-hynix.

    Does it really give 30 MH/S with XMR Mining along with other coin.

    Thank You

  • Nyikos Csaba

    hy there!
    I have an sapphire nitro + 570 8Gb.
    in polaris editor i have just 0 timing strap. no 1: and 2: I have from 0:400 to 0:2250 strap. I copied from 0:1750 to 0:2000 and to 0:2250 strap.
    At stock this card has 21 Mhs. Whit this modifyng 24.8 and with my overlocking: -96 Voltage, 1150 GPU clock and 2130 Memory clock has 26.4. No more.This is the maximal what I can reach.Have u any idee to increase it? Or another timing,Thank you!

  • Joaquin

    Hello. I have a sapphire rx 570 nitro + 8gb memory hynix , is the same bios ? Thanks

  • Rafinhaa
  • أنس جبيهي

    hi man , i do every thing for SapphireRX580+Nitro 4gb (Hynix), it still give mt 22.6 mhs
    where is the problem thx for you

  • Jonathan Von Engeln

    I get 28MH/s with the version 2 of this file on my Sapphire RX580 Nitro +

    Should be getting 30 right? Any suggestions? Memory is at 2150Mhz. 8GB Hynix.

  • John Dhoe


    Small question about a bug on my rig.
    After a while (totally random…) 10 minutes, 1 hour…) My rig freez.
    Claymore is frozen and won’t answer.
    I have 4 Rx580, a power supply of 800w (consolidated for 4 cards displayed to the surrounding of 600w).
    Windows update is disabled, windefender is configured so that it does not take into account claymore.
    In claymore I disabled the watch dog.

    In addition, my hrate is not fixed, he spends 120 m/hs to 80… 120-back…
    I changed the version of Claymore, but nothing changes.
    I also conducted a complete re-installation of the system but without success…
    Do you have any idea ???
    Thank you !!!!

  • amin 3

    i have only 8 pin pcie cable can i use it with sapphire rx580 8gb nitro+ without connecting 6 pin pcie cable as i have only 8 pin pcie cable for ethereum mining only with claymore v10 with configuration -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 900 -mvddc 900


    i have problem with Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 Hynix memory cards. I am getting extreamly low out box hash rate only 18-19 Mhs. Even over clocking also does not changing hashrate.
    I am using claymore dual miner with Ethereum+ Decred. When i use Ethereum only mode, hash rate increase little bit ( 20 Mhs) but not much.

    No BIOS moded. Just brand new cards. I have seen many people mentioned that normaly RX 570 gives around 22-23 Mhs out of box. Am i doing someting wrong? Can anyone please let me know any solution to this problem? I am relatively very new to mining.

  • ben ismail Wassim

    Thank you very much for the this awesome tutorial.
    I have a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 4GB 256 kb Elpida. Out of the box hashrate was 20 Mhs. After doing the BIOS mod, I jumped to 22.5 Mhs. I tried to tweak a bit my gpu with Afterburner but I don t see any improvement. I still believe that I am not reaching the full potential of card. Any help please ? I made sure I am installing the latest AMD drivers. If I am not providing all needed information please let me know.

      • ben ismail Wassim

        Hi Ciprian,

        I am using the the blockchain compute drivers. I believe that my issue is an overclocking one as whenever I change clock memory and GPU memory I don t gain almost any additive hash rate. What I have noticed is that myvoltage isn t changing as in all the screenshots of Afterburn that I have seen. I am always stuck at 0 mV eventhough I unlocked the core voltage option in Afterburner.


        • What do you use to oc the cards?

          • ben ismail Wassim

            I was using Afterburner and Trixx.
            I found a VBOS in Anorak for my cards and now I am at 30 Mh/s. I believe they tweaked the OC parameters in the modded bios. I think for 4 GB elpida that s the only way to overclock as I had no success with OC softwares


  • Giuseppe Pistorino

    where I find bios mod for Rx 580 Sapphire nitro+ 4g?
    I have two cards with Hynix and one with Elpida

  • Phil

    Hi Ciprian, I have finally received some of these cards. Can I confirm that you still recommend the Bios you have listed? To get started I will probably just use Nicehash as I already have some GTX1070 cards on my rig (so will end up with a mix) and assume that the benchmark will sort out the most profitable coin to mine. With a mixed card rig, what is your recommended setup?…2 miners one for the AMD cards and one for the Nvidia, or a single miner? Also, if you had more time would you underplot the card in the BIOS or would you leave to do in Afterburner? Thanks!

    • Hi, if your cards have Hynix memory then yes, the bios is still good to be used. If you are going to mine on Nicehash with AMD i guess daggerhashimoto dual will be the best option. To get a better undervolt while mining with nicehash, you will have to do it directly from bios because you don’t have control over the miners there..

      • Phil


        I previously had a small system with 2x GTX1070 (both hitting 31.5mh/s) and overall power draw at wall of 260w.

        I installed 2x RX580 and have flashed them with bios from this site V1 that contains no undervolt…the standard 24mh/s increased to 28mh/s but the power draw at wall has increased to 650W! I’m not sure how this is possible.

        I’ve heard that 80-90w is possible on these RX 580 cards with 31mh/s.

        I am using Nicehash Legacy but trying to apply undervolt only with Trixx etc. seems problematic and I see no reduction in power at the wall. I’m not sure TRIXX it’s even working properly. So, if I can build in the core clock, mem clock and undervolt to the BIOS, then I can hopefully do away with using Trixx or Afterburner etc.

        If what I am asking above is not possible, then, I may have to use claymore and put the settings in the .bat file instead. It just suits me at the moment to have everything mining together in Nicehash and getting paid in BTC.

        Hope someone has some advice or a recommended setup for my rig with 2x NVIDIA cards and 2x AMD cards?

        Thank you.

  • Игорь Аристов


    install and combine AMD Drivers..

    “combine” ?

    What it means ?


    It’s the best bios rom for the card that you use? Or You use better one ?

    It’s Very old post (May 24, 2017)

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Nitr01

    I just added a RX 580 Nitr0+ to my dual card rig along side my RX 480 Nitro 4GB and now both cards only run at about 15 Mh/s. I’m using the v2 BIOS on the 580 and setting the other settings via Afterburner 4.4.0 beta 18. Any suggestions on how to decrease the watt which is drawing about 144 watts on the 580 alone and increase the MH/s? I was getting 24 Mh/s from my RX480 prior to adding this card.

  • dimos13

    @ciprianpt:disqus Hello, I have a rx580 nitro+ 8gb Hynix memory and I’ve try everything. I’ve started with 20mh/s and the best I could get is 24mh/s. I think something I am doing wrong but I don’t know what it is. any ideas? thank you

  • Ioan Lazăr

    i just made a fresh install on my rig , plus i added 2 extra GPU’s. In the last period my hash was going down from 29 to 23/24. I followed your instruction and i changed the driver with the blockchain version and was amazing, now i have 31,5 MH/s constantly in dual mining with SIA. Most of the setting are parameters in claymore.

    you are doing a great job.

    2 x sapphire nitro+ rx 580 8Gb limited edition (old gpus)
    2 x sapphire nitro+ rx 580 8 GB (the new ones).
    Hynx memory on all 4 cards.

    PSU: corsair HX1200
    CPU: intel celeron
    SSD: samsung
    RAM: corsair 8GB DDR4
    MB: asus z170 pro gaming

    But unfortunately i can not run my RIG with more then 3 GPU’s the motherboard crashing and it seems that is a well known problem (shitty).

  • abhinay pachhapur

    Hi, I am planning to buy MSI RX 580 8GB GAMING X instead of SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB. Has anyone tried MSI cards?
    @ciprianpt:disqus Any suggestion. Please let me know. Just starting with idea to build one. Let’s see where it takes.


    • Hi, Those cards are great 🙂

      • dimos13

        which rx580 is the best for mining?

  • Bryan Godfrey

    Hey @ciprianpt:disqus

    Thanks for the great tutorials, the bios has been working great for my 2 Hynix GPUs, but I just had another one delivered today, Sapphire rx 580 8gb but has Micron Memory.

    Anyone have any modded bios for Micron? I’ve found a few online but they crash constantly, and cant get over 28Mh/s

    • Hey @bryangodfrey:disqus , never had one with Micron.. that’s so strange.. never thought they will do that.. can you send me the rom so i can try to mod it ? or teamviewer session ?

      • Bryan Godfrey

        Hey Ciprian, I ended up using the new version of the PolarisBiosEditor ( and it has a one click patcher. After doing so, GPUz started reading my Micron memory as Samsung memory. I really don’t know why, but it seems to work now. I’m now able to get 30.5Mh/s at 1130/2100

        • Maybe there was a glitch on your system, or something else.. i’m sure this cards don’t come with Micron mem.. but who knows 🙂

  • peter


    Thanks for these settings. I have increased my hashrate a bit, but I do not reach 30 by far. I can bump it up with these settings to 26 max. and that is without the MSI afterburner settings. As soon as I touch something the hashrate drops significant.

    The only thing that increases the hashrate a little is to put the memory frequency at 2250 (increase from 25 to 26).

    I have the following set up:
    – asrock motherboard H81 pro btc R2.0
    – FSP AURum PT series 1200w (Platinum)
    – intel Pentium cpu G3260 3.30 GHZ
    – 4 GB Ram
    – 2 Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX 580 graphic cards

    In MSI afterburner I have still the standard settings for GPU frequency (1300 and 1410 for status 6 and 7), the voltage on automatic. As soon as i change something here the hash rate goes immidiatly down.
    Memory frequency I have put on 2250, which increase the hashrate (+1 Mhash)

    I use claymore miner latest version.

    Does anybody has an idea why I have such a low hash rate? Is there something wrong with my set up? Are my card of poor quality (without ROM change they ran at 20.5 Mh/s).


    • dimos13

      i have the same problem bro, and I cant get any better from 24

  • Nitr01

    I’m using the same card and getting 30mhs but my GPU undervolt with MSI afterburner stopped working. Any suggestions? I tried fully uninstalling the AMD blockchain driver and MSI.

    • Try undervolting from .bat file directly.

      • Nitr01

        I tried that but when I pass the params from the batch card it affects my secondary card and crashes. I have an RX580 Nitro+ and an RX480 Nitro in the same machine. Here is what I’ve been using to start that just stopped working. It never has passed properly to the second card.

        EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal *.workerx -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal * -dpsw x -dcoin lbc -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

        • try this: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal *.workerx -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal * -dpsw x -dcoin lbc -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1150,1150 -mclock 2200,2150 -cvddc 850,900 -mvddc 850,900

          • Nitr01

            This didn’t work. My second card ignores the params and when I try to set the cvddc or mvddc my system crashes out the driver

    • Brock Huffaker

      Linux and Windows will both set a floor of 950mV no matter what you set the mV in the rom file. To undervolt you either have to mod your voltage table which I have done before and do not recommend as I don’t see how it is better than just using MSI Afterburner to undervolt. For your issue with undervolting. Make sure you RX series card has stock bios/rom that has the mem strap mod and also the mV set to 950 across the board for mem and core. Then use this version of MSI AB –!ovYz1CpR!rXZgt7_kg-q769LhtXULJmu9C7pzIOLEcqXtEDDobG4

      • Brock Huffaker

        Also, I tried SMOS (Linux) for a few weeks but am back using Windows as the power consumption is more and the hash is about 1 MH/s slower. And you have to do the voltage table mod to your card using the hex editor for it to take in Linux. In Windows using MSI AB undervolting to 850mV I am at 80-85W per card at 31.5MH/s.

  • Vlad Constantin Lupu

    Hello, Ciprian. You have a great site, helped me a lot to start building my first rig. I have build a 6GPU Saphire 580 nitro+ special edition mining rig, moded the gpus with your bios, and i`m using you claymore miner config.I tried with 1200 and 2250 but my video driver crashes and the computer reboots. I now have put 1150 with 2100 and the same thing happens. Do you think my OS is the problem or what should I try? I`m running windows 10 64bit. Was thinking about ubuntu/ethos/pimp or something like that. Thanks for you time, and I`m waiting for the replay. By the way, I`m also from Romania.

    • Salut @vladconstantinlupu:disqus , ai incercat sa modific undervolt-ul ? Sau sa incerci fiecare placa pe rand cu aceleasi setari pana o gasesti pe cea “baguita” ? 🙂

      • Vlad Constantin Lupu

        Mersi de raspuns. Nu am incercat, oricum dureaza cateva ore pana apare problema. O sa incerc initial cu undervoltul modificat si dupa sa le scot pe rand sa vad care e cu problema. Tu ce recomanzi, windows sau ceva linux?

        • Eu prefer windows..

          • Vlad Constantin Lupu

            Bun, merg atunci pe varianta asta. Am o situatie ciudata, eu folosesc o sursa njoy + o sursa hp de 1200W. Cu sursa njoy alimentez placa de baza si raisere, si cu cea de 1200w placile video. Am observat ca mi se incalzesc cablurile care duc pana la raisere. Ai patit asta? Initial le alimentat cu mufele SATA si adaptoare, dupa ce am citit despre cablurile sata ca nu tin destul amperaj am bagat cablul PCIE din sursa cu prelungitoare pentru restu de placi. Ai patit asa ceva vre-o data? Ma gandesc sa cumpar alta sursa, ce sursa de 500-600W ai recomanda? Cred ca e foarte importana grosimea si calitatea firului folosit de cei care fac sursa. Mersi

          • Salut, daca se incalzesc nu este ok deloc, recomand sa nu o folosesti pana iti iei o alta sursa mai buna. Eu as merge pe ceva de la EVGA sua Corsair cu certificare gold, nu am avut nici o problema pana acum cu ele. Legat de risere, alimenteaza-le direct din cuablurile sursei, renunta la adaptoare daca poti, mergi pe vers 007 cu 6 pini sau 008.

          • Vlad Constantin Lupu

            Am risere 006C cu mufa pcie cu 6pini. Am pus alimentarea pt 5 risere la sursa HP de 1200W, i-am mai lipit 5 seturi de fire pt mufele pcie si s-a mai blocat doar o data, dar dupa mult mai mult timp si nu sunt sigur daca a fost update de windows sau nu, ca am gasit pcul ruland ceva windows update assistant. O sa comanda luni sursa EVGA de 500W si o sa o folosesc impreuna cu sursa HP de 1200W. Din sursa de 500w voi alimenta doar placa de baza, hddul si 1 raiser.

            Apropo, ai incercat sa minezi electroneum? E nou si am vazut ca are un roi foarte bun. Ce parere ai despre el?

          • Doar ce am trecut si eu un rig pe el sa vad cum merge, pare ok.. insa trebuie sa citesc mai multe despre proiect!

      • Vlad Constantin Lupu

        Tind sa cred ca problema era legata de temperatura din camera. Era foarte cald si apareau probleme. Ieri noapte am lasat geamurile putin deschise astfel incat sa fie racoare si a mers fara probleme toata noaptea cu 6 placi.
        Inca ceva, am o sursa njoy de 650W si o sursa de server de 1200W, acum am observat ca firele de alimentare pt risere se incing foarte tare. Acest lucru s-o intampla la orice sursa? Ce sursa imi recomanzi in combinatie cu sursa profesionala de 1200W? Mersi!

      • Pascu Ciprian

        Salut @ciprianpt:disqus , am o placa care nu e stabila cu OC sau cel putin nu am gasit o varianta “castigatoare” pt. ea, dar care pare ca ruleaza fara OC si nu se blocheaza, are rost sa mai incerc variante de freq GPU/RAM undervolt ? e posibil sa gasesc o varianta in care sa fie stabila sau o trimit in service ?

        • Salut, este vorba de nitro+ rx 580 8gb ?

          • Pascu Ciprian

            Da e vb. de rx 580 nitro+ 8 GB OC , am reusit sa stabilez cat de cat placa cu setari diferite de celelalte dar acum imi da eroare “OpenCL call exit” cel putin nu mai blocheaza tot sistemul o sa dezactivez watchdog daca nu reusesc.

          • Ciudat, are aceeasi memorie ca si celelalte ? Ai incercat sa o testezi singura pe rig sau prin comanda -di ? Poate ii trebuie un anumit mem clock 🙂

          • Pascu Ciprian

            Salut @ciprianpt:disqus , are aceiasi memorie Hynix, am incercat si singura pe RIG in jur de 3-4 ore si tot nu merge in aceiasi parametrii singurul lucru care a adus un plus de stabilitatea a fost cresterea voltajului acum sunt la 950 si tot imi da eroare “OpenCL call exit” dar cel putin nu mai blocheaza sistemul, se restarteaza claymore si merge o perioada. Nu am incercat comanda -di , o sa ma uit acum in readme sa vad ce si cum. Multumesc.

          • Pascu Ciprian

            Salut @ciprianpt:disqus , cred ca am reusit sa-mi rezolv problema, cred ca OS-ul intereactiona cu claymore in ce priveste GPU#0 indiferent ce placa era GPU#0 avea probleme dupa ce am activat din BIOS VGA onboard ca principala totul a decurs normal. Ruleaza de mai bine de 24 ore stabil fara nici o problema, merci pt. sugestii , faci o super treaba cu, tine-o tot asa !

          • Ma bucur ca ai reusit, bv 🙂 succes la minat! Multumesc!

    • Pascu Ciprian

      Salut, @vladconstantinlupu:disqus si eu intampin acelas gen de probleme si am incercat toate variantele de frecvente GPU/RAM undervolt 850, 860, 875, 900 cu aplicare din claymore, trixx, afterburner cu diferenta ca eu am Sapphire 580 nitro+ 8 GB OC, ajung sa cred ca e o problema cu driver-ul beta pt. blockchain, o sa incerc si varianta veche de driver combinat sau chiar simplu sa vad daca este vreo diferenta, oricum asta e cam ultima varianta pe care o mai am de incercat pe windows.

      • Vlad Constantin Lupu

        Salut @Pascu Ciprian. Cu driverul normal, fara blockchain o sa ai viteza mult mai mica. Eu incerc sa identific daca nu cumva este doar o placa cu probleme, cum m-a sfatui Cirpian V. Cum ajung la o concluzie o sa postez aici.

  • Jason Lopez

    Is it normal to have a stock of 19 mh/s in a msi rx 580 armor 8gb OC edition?
    Can you help me with the OC.

    • Kostya Zamurnyak

      Hi. I have the same problem,but in stock 15 hm/s. My cards Sapphire rx 580 nitro

  • Capiskabul

    Hey Ciprian, i don know if you could help me with this, or heard anything like this before. I have my 6 sapphire 5x 580 8g rig, i did everything to oc them like you did and it worked splendid for some time, it suddenly crashed one day and when i restart it, all the cards where suddenly at 21,9 or 22 mh/s, i tried reinstalling windows drivers etc, even changed to stock bios and it goes down to 17mh/s. I dont know if this ever happened to anyone and know how to help me

    • Kostya Zamurnyak

      Hi.. I have the same problem… but I bouth new 6 cards and have in a stock 17 Mh/s

  • Kostya Zamurnyak

    Hi all! today i have bougth 6 videocards Sapphire RX 580 nitro blue. Before I had one r9 380x which give me 20.5 Hh/s of Etherium. I planned to get with 6x RX580 rig with 160-180 Mh. But right now this videocard give me only 15 Mh in stock. So i have found you post and have updated bios on my new videocard. so now i have riched 23.8 Mh/s of Etherium. but somethig is wrong.. Pls check the screen:

    I can’t belive that this is mazimum of my new videocard( sorry for my English, I am from Ukraine..

  • Raunak Singh

    Dear All, I’m not getting more then 26 MHs using sapphire-nitro-rx-580-8gb.

    please help me anyone . I try many BIOS mod.

    • have you used this one ?

      • Raunak Singh

        Yes i used this bios mod.

  • Xristo540

    I got a sapphire nitro+ rx580 with micron memory , any idea how to mod the bios on this card?

  • Give PeopleChance

    I’m unable to flash your mod, it told me that can’t erase ROM it’s a 256KB

    • can you send me the rom please?

      • Give PeopleChance

        Currently i’m using Sixsevenzeros Bios Mod but when i set to 1130 , 2150 one of my Sapphire RX 580 Nitro + 8GB Have memory error after running about 5hours the PC Crashed. i think i lost my Stock ROM….. as my card isn’t flash by me. Running on 1100, 2150 also gave me memory error

        • I need the original bios :/

          • Give PeopleChance

            ah… i don’t have my original silent bios… What can i do now?

          • Give PeopleChance

            I only have my original Bios file the one before switching to silent bios.

          • Give PeopleChance

            @ciprianpt:disqus Please help me I had this machine for almost half a year already yet still unable to really mine Till 2 proper Ethereum coin..

          • email me!

          • Give PeopleChance

            What is your email?…

          • Give PeopleChance
          • can you contact me by email ?

          • Give PeopleChance

            I have send you a email already, my email address, I’m from Singapore our electric bill is expensive 0.2020… 🙁 and still unable to really mine anything to clear my cost…

          • Give PeopleChance

            Hi i have send u an email already please help..

  • super thanks

    Sapphire NITRO+ RX 570 4GB I could have sworn I saw 110V somewhere here? I am hitting 151watts with modded bios, tried undervolting but only hashrate changes!… : (

    • It should get 110v, i also have 100w – 110w

  • Nick Diejei

    Both your Bios ver 1 and ver 2 give me cant erase rom…. i put back orginal and tried again same error….put back another mod i had and it worked but cant seem to load your bios mod for some reason with ati

    • Nick Diejei

      I have rx 580 saphhire nitro 8gb se cards with Hynix memory 12 of them

    • have you checked the size ?

  • Actionman

    hi i have the same card with Samsung memory.
    Any one have the bios file plzzz??
    i try to make it my self but i only get this result

  • Bonobob

    Hello Ciprian,
    i am wondering how easy and how fast this can be undone, and what would be the needed steps.
    regarding the BIOS switch, which is (hopefully) left in the left
    position towards hdmi cable during the flashing with a modded BIOS right



    (sorry for multiple posts, this is where it belongs 😉 )

    • Bonobob

      right now this boostes my card from below 20 to 30 MH, you are a genius!
      i read the newer article where you describe mining electreum rather than ethereum, is it better ?

      • I am mining it, i guess it will be ok 🙂

    • Just have to flash back the original bios and everything is undone 🙂

      • Bonobob

        The original bios, so you would turn the pc off, flip the oc switch back into its starting position to the right, reboot and use atiflash to load the .rom image you saved first, the Sapphire580OC one ?

  • Bonobob

    i was wondering since the Hashrate goes up that much, does this BIOS flash also increase gaming performance?

  • ahmed

    here is my results with duel mining using Sapphire Rx 580 8 gb but Samsung memory is it OK?.

  • Bonobob

    Another question, does this Bios itself does already something to sort of destabilize the GPU in normal (not mining) activities?
    As far as i understand you set the low Volt and diffrent Clocks only when you start claymore, still i experienced 2 blue/greenscreens already and had to restart.
    Once during mining and one while i was playing LoL (i did reset the radeon driver from computing to gaming mode for that tho)

  • Kapitán LoFiho

    Hi, I have 6x RX 580 Sapphire nitro+ (4x hynix and 2x Samsung) on win 10. Have eth 29mh/s + sia around 600.(Im used afterburner GPU Clock: 1150 and Memory Clock: 2150 on hynix).

    But i thinking about buy a ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT for 16 these cards, thats mean i must use EthOs. But if I use ur claymore I have on EthOs 27,4Mh/s and sia around 300.

    Do you know How i can make 30mhs and 600, please? or same like i had on windows ?
    Beacuse i want take rigs a 150km far to me and I need some control of it. (Team viewer or smthin).

    Thank you

  • Ahmed Hassan


    I have 6x XFX RX 580 with hashrate around 29.5 ! after i modded the BIOS

    their temperature is around 70-75c with fan around 40-50%

    is there a trusted program to reduce the temperature ! and I haven’t done any overclock for them yet ! is it recommended to do so ?

    Thanks in advance

    • You will just have to increase fan speed 🙂 and set core clock to 1150

  • Piotr Marciniec

    hi ppl, I am struggling since couple of days, tried numerous variations but I do keep receiving total inconsistent results. I got sapphire rx 580 nitro+ 8gb, unfortunately both cards are micron ones. anywaays i follow all the steps, basically copied straps in bios 1750 up to 2000, there is nothing above. set clock to 1130 and memory to 2150, H/s as per ZEC mining in claymore varies from 190H/s to 250H/s. once or twice I managed to kick in into stabile mode for 1250 and 2200 for over 30hrs with 310H/s. but ones restarted its not working any longer ;/ additionaly looking at GPU-Z I see that memory clock fluctuates from 300-1000 to given value eg. 2200. I read that i need to set power managemtn into manual mode, but it didnt helped either. its pissing mi off so much, in two days another 2 cards arrive but I cannt even make this one card working ;/ string from the strap is as follows


    • Hi, AMD cards can reach up to 300 H/s, around 280 H/s stable.

  • Kapitán LoFiho


    I have a two question please 🙂

    1) today im install my rig on ethos 1.2.5 with 6x Radeno rx 580.
    and i make nice 183 Mh/S on 960w. I was very excited, but i make few restarts and have a 180 Mh/s on 1080w. I used your claymore + globalcore 1200
    globalmem 2200, globalpowertune 3 .

    Do you know how i can take back my super watts, please ? 🙂

    2) I have 4 hynix and 2 samsung card, do you know how i can overclock every card each ? on claymore ? bcs now its samsungs cards worse, but ussualy is better.

    Thank you very much.


    • Hi, try adding this values -cvddc 850 -mvddc 900

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