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1stMultiAlgo Monero RandomX Miner


  • AMD Mtherboard
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 550-850W PSU (depends on gpu model)
  • 120GB SSD
  • PC miniTower Case
  • 4-5 120mm Fans

For questions and more details find me on Discord:

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1stMultiAlgo Monero RandomX Miner – the Top Performance Miner You Always Wanted

As usual, the current cryptocurrency market keeps having its ups and downs. GPU mining isn’t as profitable as it used to be back during the crypto boom. To give you an example, a powerful mining rig made with 6x GTX 1080 Ti GPUs can make on average $1.5/day (considering electricity costs $0.1/kwh) and building such a rig will cost you around $6,500.

While still somewhat profitable, GPU mining is being quickly replaced by CPU mining thanks to the new RandomX algorithm, introduced by Monero and adopted by quite a few other coins such as Epic Cash (EPIC), DinastyCoin (DCY), YadaCoin (YADA), DERO (in process), LuxCore (LUX), Loki (LOKI), Wownero (WOW), ArQma (ARQ).

The pros of CPU mining are quite obvious. Compared to GPU rigs, CPU rigs:

  • Are way cheaper to build
  • Consume considerably less electricity
  • Produce less heat and noise
  • Can be equipped with GPUs and HDDs to mine several coins simultaneously

The 1stMultiAlgo Miner is, in my opinion, the optimal solution for any of you who would like to get into crypto mining. It’s a hybrid CPU/GPU/HDD miner that represents the best modern crypto mining has to offer. It offers unmatched freedom, flexibility and extensibility, all of that at the best prices found on the market.

1stMultiAlgo RandomX Miner Specs*:

  • AMD Motherboard
  • CPU (of your choice)
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 550-850W PSU (depends on gpu model)
  • 120GB SSD
  • 4/6/8/10/TB HDD (optional)
  • 1 or 2 Video Cards (optional) **
  • PC miniTower Case
  • 4-5 120mm Fans

(*) The exact brand of each component might change depending on availability but the specs will remain the exact same as listed here. You will need at least one graphics card on your mining rig since modern AMD CPUs do not come with onboard graphics.

(**) The GPUs I offer are from my own mining farms. They are in good state – they have been mining in a monitored environment in optimal operating temperatures. Recently I had to reassign part of my farm to other purposes so I don’t have the room for all the miners I have, which is why I am selling the surplus of cards.

stMultiAlgo PROS:

  • Freedom: You are not confined to mining one single algorithm
  • Extensibility: The CPU and GPU can be upgraded in the futures
  • Modularity: Can add more HDDs
  • A 3rd GPU can also be added, if needed

1stMultiAlgo Miner Current Profitability (according to WhatToMine)



(remember to add your electricity cost, that was not included because that differs)


The earnings on Storj or Sia depends a lot on your internet connection, the faster it is the more you earn. On the bright side, hard disk drives do not consume that much and they do not interfere with other mining processes.

  • Storj check here (run a bandwidth test if you don’t know what numbers to input there).  According to their calculator, a host with a very fast internet connection could earn up to $90/month for renting 3TB of space. Storj Review & Storj Earnings
  • Sia storage pricing – While not a straightforward as Storj, your earnings still depend on your internet connection speed. Hosts with better connection can set higher prices, as well as tend to receive more contracts from renters. Sia Review & Sia Earnings 

The Process

  • after we will receive payment for your order, we will start building your miner
  • we will configure your miner for most optimal mining
  • small instruction provided with miner
  • mining rigs usually are shipped out within 2 weeks after payment cleared

Plug and play

One of the main issues that prevent people from getting into mining is the insane amount of tweaks and configuration one has to do to be able to start earning cryptos. If that’s your case too worry not, here at 1stMiningRig we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we proved our community that we know our craft.

We’ve been assembling, configuring and fine tuning mining rigs for almost 4 years now and we know how to make your rig perform at the best of its ability. Here’s how it works:

  • We start building your rig from scratch as soon as we we receive the payment for your order
  • Once we have everything set up, we will fine tune your miner to mine as fast as it possibly can
  • You will receive a small instruction with your miner that will cover the few steps you will have to take to start mining
  • Mining rigs are usually shipped within 2 weeks after the payment is completed


Shipping costs are not included in the final price. Once the miner is ready, shipping costs will be calculated and paid separately. We’d love to offer you free shipping but sadly, for now, we’re too small to be able to offer you this feature.

For questions and more details find me on Discord:

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