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Meet VOISE – A New Altcoin Based On a Decentralized Music Platform

No, this is not a typo. It is spelt “Voise” and it is a new decentralized music platform that is aimed to promote and monetize the music made by independent artists. According to their claims, artists obtain 100% of what they earn.

Yes, there are many other music platforms on the web, but Voise is different since it is uses Ethereum blockchain system. In order to achieve that, the Voise team released a new coin called “Voisium”. Voisium is a brand new cryptocoin aimed to make transactions safer and decentralized.

Voisium (VSM) is based on Ethereum; as for today, 160 VSM are created per 1 ETH. The max Voisium capacity is 100 millions VSM or 575.000 ETH.

I checked their platform website ( and it looks like the developers know their job. Even in its Alpha state of development, Voise already counts with many talented artists; from what I checked, the site has all the potential to become a place where one can find some amazing music and support their favorite artists.

Voise offers two different types of payments – some artists post paid music with 30 seconds free previews, while others post free music and allow donations. The suggested price per piece of content is 1 VSM.

Voise will also support an escrow soon and ill allow people to make payments in classic currencies. However, it will encourage and reward those users and artist who use crypto currencies. Also, one of their next steps is to implement the new coin in popular exchange sites.

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How to Profit with Voise

Voise is definitely a great place for musicians and music lovers, though common folks like you and me can benefit from this project as well.

As any new project that is aimed to serve a big auditory, Voice requires a lot of supporters and followers. This is where you and I can contribute. Voise launched a bounty program for those who spread the word about the new project.

Since the platform is linked to blockchain, the reward is given in tokens too. From what I saw, the reward is quite worth it.

– The main amount of Voisiums (up to 120,000 VSM) is assigned to the Twitter campaign. Anyone who has a Twitter account can participate. All you have to do is to mention @voiseit
Then, you simply fill this form:
Your reward will be based on the amount of human followers you have, as well as other factors.

– Another 960,000 VSM are assigned to the Press campaign. To claim your share of VSM, all you have to do is to create a webpage and/or blog post about the project. Then you fill this form: where you mention your webpage and ETH wallet. The reward is based on how relevant your content is.

30,000 VSM are assigned to the translation bounty; anyone can apply to participate in the translation of the website to their mother tongue. The reward is 320 VSM per language.

– You can also apply to the Signature bounty, where you will be rewarded for using their signature in the bitcointalk forum, as stated here:

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Final Thoughts

I’ve checked all the info I could find about Voise and from what I see, this project has good prospects. The team looks solid – they have a plan with details about every step they will be doing; their plan goes from the Alpha state of the project all the way to the final version.

Their representatives are active in the bitcointalk forums too – they answer questions, post updates and behave on a friendly and transparent way. As for now, I haven’t noticed a thing that would ring the alarm bell.

I believe this project is worth it, and I plan on supporting it for now. If you think this interests you, then you might want to join the campaign too, since the sooner you get started, the more you can achieve.

I will also keep you guys updated about any new stuff I find out about Voise. What are your thoughts about it?

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates!

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