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Best Mining Hardware Deals October 24 2017

Here it is guys #2 best deals post, as promised 🙂 Don’t forget to check the main guide for best mining rig hardware for Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Ubiq, Expanse, Hush, Zencash, Zcash Classic etc..

So.. here are the best deals i could find for October 24, 2017! Enjoy 🙂

Motherboards for mining

ASUS PRIME Z270-A can support up to 8x GPU Motherboard. 7 PCI-e slots by default with one M.2 adapter.

  • 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8)
  • 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (max at x4 mode)
  • 4 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1

ASUS PRIME Z270-P can support up to 8x GPU Motherboard. 6 PCI-e slots by default with two M.2 adapter.

  • 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 mode)
  • 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (max at x4 mode)
  • 4 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1

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PSU – Power Supply Unit
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2Corsair RM750x

Amazing PSU, i recommend 2x PSU for 6x GPU mining rig, you can also use them for 8x GPU rig but only if you have a good undervolt, or you can go with the EVGA 850w G2.

Here is a rig build with this PSU:

Nvidia GPUs for mining

Here is a full review about GeForce GTX 1080 video cards:

Very important: GTX 1080 cards are not that good for mining ethereum it can get around 20 Mh/s only, i recommend to mine ZCash, Zencash, Hush, Zclassic, Komodo etc.. Soon good for Bitcoin Gold mining 🙂

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AMD GPUs for mining
MSI RX 580 GAMING X 4G Gigabyte RX 470 4GB G1 Gaming

Gigabyte Radeon Rx 470 G1 Gaming 4GB GDDR5

Memory RAM
Kingston HyperX FURY 4GB 1866MHz DDR3

Kingston HyperX FURY 4GB 1866MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM – Black

USB Risers
6x Pack

ASIC Miners
AntMiner D3

AntMiner D3 17.5GH/s X11 ASIC Dash Miner (Batch 1 – Late September 2017)

That’s it for today 🙂

have fun!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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