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AsRock Phantom RX570 4GB & 8GB – New AMD Mining GPUs Coming Out Soon!

It has been announced today that AsRock is releasing four new RX 570 series GPUs that are designed to be used exclusively for mining.

Apparently, not only NVidia is planning on increasing GPU production to fulfill the growth in demand caused by the mining community. AsRock also sees an opportunity to increase their sales by releasing three more RX-based models. The Phantom Series feature several gaming GPU models, though according to Coindesk’s conversation with one AsRock America employee, the focus is on the mining ones.

Three of the mining GPUs come with 4GB of RAM and one with 8GB. They have the same RX570 GPU with the difference being in the memory chip manufacturer and memory specs.

We all love our RX 570 / RX 580 because of their exceptional performance for mining. Back in the day, we thought that AMD Vega will be the next big thing for mining from AMD, though apparently we will have to keep mining on our 570-580s for now. Luckily, we should expect new batches of those cards hitting the shelves soon, as stated on AsRock’s website.

Unlike the GeForce and Asus RX 5xx cards, AsRock’s ones will come with dual bearing fans, which is one of the main selling points for us miners. According to the chart, the cards will include one fan, not two. Hopefully one fan will be enough to keep the card cool when working 24/7.

Another feature is that the cards will support the Adrenaline drivers. Coincidentally, recently those have been updated by AMD to perform better with cryptomining (making them perform as good as the blockchain ones)

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In Conclusion

Those cards will be hopefully a good addition to our Monero mining rigs. I am not sure about Ethereum though, since Bitmain has already sold all of their Ethereum ASICs to the public. If you want to participate in the movement against ASICs for Ethereum, make sure you follow this link and cast your vote on GitHub.

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