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How to Spot Memory Types for RX 470 / 480 (Hynix, Elpida, Samsung, Micron)

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Looking to buy RX 470 or 480 for your mining rig? As everyone knows now that the best memory type is the Hynix (31 Mh/s) then comes Elpida (31 Mh/s), Samsung (28-29 Mh/s) and Micron (bios cannot be modded, maybe 22.xx Mh/s and that’s it, send it back).

I am going to help you to understand how to spot what type of memory the cards have by just reading the serial number on the box.

Very important to know is that this serials may be available only for Sapphire models, another thing is that this is not yet confirmed 100% so i am showing you what i got till now, this results are reported from different users.


Memory types for Sapphire RX 470 or RX 480 starts with

UPDATED Friday, June 9, 2017

  • Hynix A1637, A1640,  A1648, A1630, A1715, A1721, A1718
  • Elpida A1641, A1637, A1638, A1643, A1712
  • Samsung A1645, A1636, A1647, A1700, A1650, A1639, A1644, A1706
  • Micron A1610, A1701, A1707, A1702

RX 500 series

  • Hynix A1714
  • Elpida
  • Samsung
  • Micron A1718

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Note that the above information is not the case and 100% sure, i just added all the serials from different sources.

(A1637 and A1641 may also be a Samsung)

A am trying gather as many reports as i can and update the list here with memory types.

For example, i got 3 Sapphire Nitro+ OC RX 470 4GB, serial A1641 and have Samsung memory.

Please commend below your serials code and what memory type you have.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Agustin Alvarez

    My gpu is A1644 hahahaha what would it be?

    • YaCoin Ben


  • flavio

    i got an A1700 one. i confirm is with samsung ram

  • Martin Macak

    Got Samsung memories on RX 470 4GB, ram OC to 2100 (1500 strap) without problem, 30,4-30,6 MHs ETH…

    • That’s great.. i was about to use 1500 strap too but not sure yet, are the cards stable ? Dual ?

  • Robert Gaming

    Hey what speed do you get on msi rx 470 4gb armor cards? because they used to reach mv 0 power limit 0 1150/1925 @ 27.3 Mhs, and now they struggle to reach 1150/1850 (even 1750 in some cards) even when setting mv to 30 and power limit to max they struggle to work @25-26.5 mhs, this have been happning since like 2-3 months, I had modded over 367 gpu, but only the latest 70 gpu re bothering me with those issues (even when changing brands and versions ( xfx, msi, asus, sapphire, gaming, armor, nitro etc.)

    • Hi @robertgaming:disqus, i never tested the armor version :/ what about 1150/2100 or 2150, with 1750 straps, have you tried lower straps?

  • flavio

    by the way seems trixx can’t set gpu and ram setting correctly connectic gpu by riser.
    it was ok connectig directly to pcie 16x. now i’m using riser ver 007s it this helps.

  • alex o’

    1701 is Micron 🙁

    • Ouch 🙁 send it back..

    • can you post some hashing results?

      • alex o’

        24 on stock BIOS (SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 480 100406NT+8GOCL 8GB). Will update BIOS later (need to figured out “GPU hangs in OpenCL” of one of the GPU (or riser?) first)

    • alex o’

      Seems like I speak to fast. Micron, that what GPU-Z tells me before I installed AMD drivers, Now though, it shows Samsung.
      Is there any other, more reliable, tool to check memory brand? (GPU-Z is also bugchecking very often)

  • 1127sacchin

    A1638 is Elpida 🙂

  • babaganoosh52

    A1630 GPU-Z claims it’s Hynix

  • Előd Czakó

    Got 6 cards with A1707 all stuffed with the MICRON shit.

  • Somebody know what card/brand to buy with Hynix/Elpida/Samsung memory for 470/480 8gb version also 4gb no shit Micron.

    Cause i bought a saphinre nitro 470 8gb with shit micron memory (24mhs with overclock but i can’t edit memory timing), then i sent back, thanks Amazon.

    Cause i need to buy 8 gpus i can’t waste my money in shit micron.

    My target it is around 30 mhs with 470/480 better 470 cause less power require.

  • Menyon

    A1650 in box .. and gpu-z claims it’s Samsung

  • Deathrid3r747

    A1639 is Samsung according to GPU-Z

  • Marvel Developer


  • Rata Muerta

    I have A1646, someone knows the memory type?

    • It can be a Samsung or Elpida.. bu not sure 🙁

    • Gaato

      rata muerta, pudiste determinar que memoria era? tengo la misma placa

      i have the same GPU, can you determined wich memory has?

  • JustAGuyFromANeighbourhood

    A1712 = Elpida, latest batch @ April 2017

    Update list … all 7 cards i got start with A1712 … all Elpida.

    p.s. Good job

    • thank you!

    • Marvel Developer

      470 or 480? sAPHHIRE?

  • Marvel Developer

    @ciprianpt:disqus I GOT RX 470 4GB NITRO , A1644 IS A SAMSUNG

  • Jack Woodward

    A1636 (Samsung?), But tells me on GPU-Z it’s Elpida?

    Does this mean i’m rocking 8gb memory on a 4GB card?

    • well you can say that 🙂

      • Jack Woodward

        Can you elaborate? I mean I very well might just flash my memory to 8gb when 4gb is the irrelevant.

        • Let me know if i understand, your gpu has 4gb ?

          • Jack Woodward

            Correct; the Sapphire RX480 4gb

          • Jack Woodward

            Correct, the Sapphire Nitro+ 4gb. double checking the box, confirmed the SN as A1636

  • Jason Ramberg

    I have a A1713 what is tha?

    • Have checked with GPU-Z ? Please let me know what it is!

      • Jason Ramberg

        It said unknown. Thats why im here. Or maybe i dont know how to tell yet.

      • Jason Ramberg

        It’s Elpida(gpuz). polaris bios editor won’t work on it even tho it is supposed to. The timings box is empty.

    • robert l

      Hey mate,did u managed to flash your cards with those A1713 memory(elpida) or still no luck with openning with Polars?

      • Jason Ramberg

        Still no luck but i expect more ppl with this card will want to flash and the dev will fix it, but when i dont know.

        • robert l

          thx on reply mate,i really appreciate it as i had oportunity to buy some cards but was suspect issue with cards with this memory serial isnt solved yet,your comment saved me from stucking with the cards on 22 mh/s actually…

      • Have you guys tried the new polaris bios editor? check my post here:

  • Jan Kratka

    what is A1635? :-))

    • hynix or elpida maybe? 🙁 not sure.. just let me know what it is please, thank you!

  • Joe Tebbett

    Just got an A1702, was expecting Micron based on this page but turned out to be Samsung! Have heard from other people that serial numbers don’t always coincide with RAM types as well so worth checking before returning!

    • Yep, sometimes does not coincide but i guess 80% – 90% of the cases the numbers were correct, but like i said this is still a lottery 😀 You were lucky !

      • Joe Tebbett

        Just got two more A1702 RX 470s in, both Samsung again! Might be worth adding go the list!

  • Gezi Murat Yeneroglu

    Sapphire rx 470 A1715 is hynix

    • Thanks!

    • Garage Bilişim Teknolojileri

      Bios swicht olmayan sapphire rx 470 4 GB a1715 hynix bios a sahip bir kartım var ama bios mod bulamıyorum.yardimlarinizi rica ediyorum

  • Enghel Paez

    I just got 6 Sapphire Nitro RX 480 OC 8GB. They have a micron shit memory. A1712. I am really pissed off….

  • Sim

    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8G DP OC… A1706… I will turn on tomorrow morning ….

    • Sim

      A1706 … is Samsung! Happy! (@ciprianpt:disqus pls add to the post)
      ETH rate is 24.468 Mh/s without any mod/overclock

      • Added, thank you!

      • Bart

        What are you getting after flashing bios? I have also A1706

        • Sim

          Hi @BaSeUK:disqus
          With the @ciprianpt:disqus tips my A1706 get 29.150Mh/s

          • Bart

            Yeah, I’m doing very similar, at the moment it’s 28.850Mh/s but will test further, have you used vdrop+ or v4.rom? May I ask you for your gpu/mem clocks, mv and power please? Has it been stable?

            All the best

          • Sim

            Firmware “v1” from the post of Ciprian (manual mod. copy timings from 1500 to 1625, 1750 and 2000) / GPU 1150 / MEM2000 / -96mV -> 76W (47°C) and 28.5Mh/s.
            Moving -dcri to 16 or 8 it get 29.15Mh/s (mono mining).
            Stable.. only sometime it show “incorrect share”.

  • Marcos Reis

    I want to know if I can unlock 8gb on my rx 480 nitro +4gb , gpu z says it is elpilda.. If not, can I flash it into rx 580?

  • OJ J

    A1706 Samsung RX470 nitro+ OC 8gb, April 2017

  • peteirl

    I had a friend locally purchase 12 Sapphire 470’s and 480’s today, we used this guide to avoid cards with micron memory, but there were several that had serials not listed here. I will update on Thursday with the memory and serials of all cards purchased. If you have a Micro Center near you, and are looking to purchase, definitely check their inventory. They allowed my friend to go in the back and look at the backstock for cards (after he ruled out several Micron cards on the floor). Thank you for compiling this list and hopefully it helps save future headaches.

    • Big thanks @peteirl:disqus, let me know what your friend got. Although all this numbers are by users reports, some may be wrong.. but we had some nice and precise numbers..

    • Rui Almeida

      Hi mate, where i can find that list ? I’ve got A1710 cards, i dont know if i should keep them or return?

      • peteirl

        The list is posted above, unfortunately A1710 isn’t posted, nor is any of the cards I bought an A1710. Check if the store you bought them from has ‘no question’ returns with zero restock fee. If so, just open it up and test it. Its going to be difficult to order online and get the memory numbers. I saw a post on reddit (i think r/ethermining) from a Newegg rep looking to assist rig builders with parts. It might be possible to have him check before you purchase, but unlikely due to warehouse seperation. It’s a pretty big lottery if you cant walk into a brick and mortar store, best of luck with your search.

        • Rui Almeida

          Yes i would Love to check that list too!

    • peteirl

      NITRO+ RX480 8GB (11260-01-20G) – A1712 – Samsung (tested x2)
      NITRO+ RX470 8GB (11256-02-20G) – A1630 – Samsung (tested x1)
      NITRO+ RX470 8GB (11256-02-20G) – A1638 – Samsung (tested x2)
      NITRO+ RX470 8GB (11256-02-20G) – A1632 – Samsung (tested x1)
      NITRO+ RX470 4GB (11256-01-20G) – A1642 – Elpida (texted x1/3 untested)
      NITRO+ RX470 4GB (11256-01-20G) – A1635 – (to be tested)
      NITRO(nonplus) RX470 8GB (11256-17-20G) – A1645 – (to be tested x2)

      This is what I’ve got so far. I’m waiting for another motherboard to test the rest of the cards, I will update when it arrives.

      I was wondering if anyone can help me with undervolting/overclocking/stability. I’ve BIOS flashed each of my cards, and they seemed to be stable when tweaking one by one. When I assembled my rig with 6 cards, I get common modded VBIOS startup issues (long BIOS startup, can’t access BIOS, long startup time for windows) that go away when the BIOS switch is set to default. I just have a few general questions about proper timings/voltages and driver stability. Basically I think my timings are fucked and I’m not sure how to set them permanently stable and the proper program to do it (WattTool, WattMan, Trixx?). Is there a proper order of operations to tune these things? I’ve read tips that suggest checking GPU-Z for 100% memory usage and certain voltage thresholds to lookout for, but I’m not exactly sure if what I’m doing is correct.

      • Hi, thanks for reporting 🙂 What bios have you used for your cards?

  • Rui Almeida

    Hi all.
    This thing of memories aply to MSI Armor Rx 480 8gb or only to Sapphire cards??

    • Hmm this is a good question.. the thing is that i had many reports and i never asked gpu type.. but i guess most of them are for sapphire :/

      • Rui Almeida

        I bought the sapphire 480 8gb and i get S/N A1710… anybody knows what type of memory it have inside ?

  • Filter

    Anyone got 1714? i am waiting for this cards… and dont know to be happy or not 😀

    • Filter

      1714 is samsung

  • Bartosz Nowacki

    RX 480 Nitro OC + 8 GB – A1638

    Gpu Z show = Samsung

    RX 480 Nitro OC + 8 GB – A1635

    Gpu Z show = Samsung ?? ?? ??

    • Usually all Nitro+ OC are Samsung..

      • Bartosz Nowacki

        why when i flash ur bios all A1638 works fine just one A1635 broken after fiew h mining alwas drop and rig frozen i need reset it and start again. All cards flash the same method drivers etc.. When i take out this A1635 all work .. i should flash difrent bios at a1635 or what ? Please help asap

        • Try lowering memory clock or increase power limit.

  • Tennyson David Renner II

    A1701 = Samsung….Sapphire RX 480 Nitro 4GB (non-plus. Is there a difference?) as claimed by GPU-Z. Does GPU-Z trump the fact that A1701 is listed as Micron memory above?

    • Hmm.. it couldd be.. Note that most of the Nitro+ cards were Samsung and Nitro nonplus Hynix the other Elpida/Micron

  • Holger

    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 470 OC 4GB (11256-01-20G)
    Bought on May 8, 2017 (Germany)
    A1630 -> Hynix 1970 (Max)

    25 MHs @ 1100 and 1970 Mem (90W)
    27 MHs @ 1260 and 1970 Mem (130W)

    • Have you modded bios ?

      • Holger

        Yes, in the first try it was ~ 21MHs, after BIOS mod it was ~ 23MHs.

        1500 -> 1750 and 2000
        1425 -> 1625
        1375 -> 1425 and 1500

        100 W

      • Holger

        I changed the Timing to 1500 -> 1625, 1750 and 2000

        Now i can get up to 2085 -> 26.89MHs

  • Rui Almeida

    I’ve got 2 Sapphire 480 8gb nitro+ and both are A1710. I dont see any review of this, anybody knows what type of memory is inside? I must know if i keep with them or if i return it !

  • Pablo

    A1702… don´t know what to do… I´m afraid to open the package!

  • 1127sacchin

    My A1369 is Hynix!
    (Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ 4GB OC)

    • 1127sacchin

      Sorry for my mistaking,
      A1369 -> A1639

      The cards of A1639 are from two types of mem (samsung and hynix)…?

  • Vinícius Alves

    is there a way to know for sure through software??


  • Vinícius Alves

    where do you fing the number? my PN doesn’t start with “A”

  • Vinícius Alves
  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    I did not see the reference here and decided to open the GPU. A1635 chip memory is Samsung

    • Yep most of the Nitro+ versions are Samsung, thank you!

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Mateos

    Tomorrow I will buy another gpu with reference A1641 (sku = 11260-01-20G) according to your reports has chip elpida, I can make bios mod? I know that the rom vdrop + .rom of samsung does not work … what values ​​would you have to modify in the timing? thanks

  • olo

    I have posibility to buy A1718. Anyone have idea what memory types it could have?

  • Alex

    Took a bit of a risk but it payed off ..bought 4 Sapphire RX 470 Nitro + with the serial A1716. Turned out to be Hynix.

  • Sharfin

    hello there.. my rx 470 is A1702 but GPU-Z is showing it’s elpida. why is that? is it micron or elpida?

    • Elpida. Micron is like the same thing..

  • Gara ALI Ghassen

    i’m going to buy 30 MSI RX480 Gaming X, are they generaly Hynix, Elpida, Samsung or Micron ?
    Thank you ^^

    • Those should be Samsung or Hynix.. at least this is what have seen around.. not sure 100%

      • Gara ALI Ghassen

        Thank you Ciprian V

  • Cesar B

    I did all this in an msi Z170A motherboard with the custom and everything worked fine, I mined at 30mhs for 5 minutes before 1 and then 2 of my cards started failing with claymore telling me that maybe I over clocked them to much. I flashed the cards back to their original bios but one card keeps crashing and bringing down the whole rig. Only settings I changed on the motherboard BIOS was I enabled mining 4g and I changed the integrated graphics to IG only. I also tried enabling g1 on the other 2 settings above it.

  • Behrouz Sedigh
  • Stefan T

    How about A1718?

  • . Montee

    I have 6 cards Sapphire RX 470 Nitro 4GB , sku 11256-10-20G that are Samsung A1645’s. I just got another 6 that are A1719. Anyone have an idea what they are?

    • . Montee

      Found the answer. A1719 = Hynix and at this point i’m not getting as good of a hashrate as the A1645’s @ 28.3MH/s.

  • UFO

    I have A1720, what memory is it ?

  • Vlad

    A1721 is Hynix (Sapphire RX470 Nitro 4G).

  • Gaato

    hi. My seller only say to me: HD RX 470 4GB GDDR5 SAPPHIRE NUMBER PART:11256-10-20G and RX 470 DR5 4GB TRUEOC 1266M XFX NUMBER PART: RX-470P4SFD5 some of them works?

  • Kevin

    Anyone had much experience with the RX 570 series?

  • Rayd Raider

    A1648 = Samsung, Sapphire Nitro+ 8G
    Maybe it’s from an old batch

  • Chanasit Sengthong


  • Dmitrij Irikov
  • Mendigo Jébisson

    Good Afternoon guys…
    I have the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4GB…
    Anyone have a good BIOS for this one? I still did not plug it, so I could not tell memory brand… In the box appears A1717XXXXXXX what is this?

    • Jason Elmont

      Did you end up finding anything? I have the same card but with date code A1722 and the only bios i can find are for the 8GB models….

  • Mark Swanton

    RYY089 RX470 msi with samsung memory

  • Max Ibatulin

    Anybody have default bios for 11260-23-20g cards ?
    Sapphire rx 480 8gb Nitro (non-plus) – in GPU-Z show Micron memory.. ^(
    Serial A1718….

  • Jason Elmont

    I received a RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ 4G and a RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 4G today both with A1722 on the box. I will post back when i get them spun up and read the memory details.

  • Vito

    I can confirm A1722 = Hynix.
    Does anybody know which ram has A1720 ?

    Tank you

    • Vito

      I confirm
      A1720 = Hynix (256 Bios)
      A1722 = Hynix (512 Bios)

  • Dilshaz

    A1723 RX 580 Pulse Hynix Memory

  • Religion is Cancer

    I have a SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon RX 470 with A1725 listed in the serial number. Anyone know what A1725 is?

    • Religion is Cancer

      A1725 is Hynix 🙂

  • Soya

    Does anyone know serial number for Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB, Hynix memory?

    • Vito

      Both Hynix.

      • Soya

        Both of them 8GB VRAM?

        • Vito


  • Mariusz Machnio

    Anyone has A1726xxxxxxxx? Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ 8GB

  • Mariusz Machnio

    Got next Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB (11265-01-20G) with A1727 this time. A1727 is HYNIX.

    Below you can see screen shot from original silent BIOS:

    What timing I should copy? Can you advise, please?

  • Vito

    Does anybody knows wich ram is mounted on RX480 with Z1624?

  • raydens33

    A1732 – Elpida.
    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 4GB

  • Vit Otahal

    Hello, I have 70pcs available on stock for sell, Sapphire RX 470 partnumber 11256-21-10G
    all has serial A1724
    What memory they use?

  • Aleksandar Vucetic

    What’s the verdict on this method, is it shown to be correct so far?

  • Mariusz Machnio

    Got next Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB (11265-01-20G) with A1736 this time. A1736 is Hynix.

  • Arie Adriansyah

    RX 570 Nitro+ A1728 : Elpida

  • Ankur Shokeen

    Completely clueless which memory type my MSI Raedon RX 570 Gamer X has. Can you please help ?
    Also what should be the optimum OC settings for this for maximising hash rate ?

    • I have one similar and has Hynix memory..

      • Ankur Shokeen

        I found it, its Elpida.
        Thanks for the help, really appreciated !

  • HEki

    My vendor told me all his cards has A1741… Its sapphire nitro+ special edition 580 8GB. Anyone knows what ram this is? Thank you.

  • Hi Ciprian, I’m using MSI RX 580 Armor 8gb OC.
    Serial number begins with 602-V341 and not with the A series.

    Would you know what manufacturer is this?

  • Szabolcs Pásztor

    Receive some Sapphire Rx 580 8 GB Nitro+
    Hynix memory: A1740
    Samsung memory: A1745

    • Woo hoo!!! I’m in Luck!!! got the Samsung!

      • Alex Alexeev

        Hynix is actually better , delivering 31mh/s at lower vddc and it has extra memory timing @ 2250

    • Alex Alexeev

      I’ve got Nitro+ A1742 with Hynix and pulse with A1745 Samsung .

    • Alexander Bereza

      A1745 – Hynix for me

  • strumpickenz

    I have A1737 but have them on a linux machine and dont know how to check the memory type.. :/

  • Dane Hooper

    Sapphire RX580 Nitro + Special Edition 8GB GDDR5
    A1747 = Micron Ram according to GPU-Z

  • Sireesha Jamithireddi

    hi , i just got a rx580 from amazon , its has A1748, can any one help me which memory is it

    • Remi Buret

      Which memory is it ?

  • Sireesha Jamithireddi


    • Rob

      hey man, also have A1748, would you mind telling me what you got?

  • Rob

    Hey guys, got A1748. Does anyone know which memory it is?

    • Alexander Bereza

      A1747, A1748 – Micron memory

  • Tiago David

    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 8GB _ A1736 = Hynix
    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4GB _ A1736 = Elpida

  • Carlos Valdes

    rx 580 nitro + 8go
    1 Hynix : A1743
    2 Samsung : both A1746

    • Alexander Bereza

      A1743 – Hynix – confirmed for 6 cards

  • Alexander Bereza

    Do anybody know RX580 A1750 – which memory?

  • HH

    RX580 nitro+ 4GB A1749 and A1752 both elpida

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