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SGMiner-GM v. 5.5.5 Is Now Out! ETH, XMR and ZEC Supported

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We’ve got some great news for those of you who were wondering about what happened to sgminer. The project seemed abandoned, until Genesis Mining issued a new version of sgminer, called SGMiner-GM. Few knew that Wolf, OhGodAGirl and Philipp Otterbein have been developing this version behind the scene for a while now.

The brand new SGMiner-GM 5.5.5 now supports Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR), and Ethereum (ETH). In addition, NiceHash issued a new fork that now allows you to sell your hashrate on their service for Monero and Ethereum.

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Now, what about the new SGMiner-GM performance? It does overall great, with a couple of details to keep in mind. First of all, it uses Zawawa’s Gateless Gate implementation, which results in slight performance drawback when mining Zcash. Users also report that some other algorithms lack in speed, but there’s no solid data to back up those claims so far.

In exchange, the new miner is a great option for mining Monero (XMR). It features competitive hashrate for lower power consumption.

Here’s the direct download link to the SGMiner-GM 5.5.5 executable for Windows:

Download SGMiner-GM 5.5.5

Keep in mind that the link above will download the original release that does not include the NiceHash fork. If you want the fork, please follow the link below:

Download SGMiner-gm v5.5.5-4

What are your thoughts about the new SGMiner?

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Hal2001

    Question from a Noob.. I got 2 RX580’s working in a ‘rig’ build around a B250 Gaming K4 Mobo from Asrock using SGminer-GM v5.
    After successful testing I bought 3 additional GPU’s. When placing the first of these in the setup using risercards the new GPU is not recognized.
    I updated drivers and toyed around with the BIOS settings (combinations of Tolud & PCIE gen 1-3, auto. No succes. The original GPU’s are mining great. The new ones are still not working.
    Any suggestions or a usefull walkthrough on the B250 Gaming K4 with multiple GPU’s would be appreciated very much!!

    • Hey, have you tried enabling 4G decoding ?

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