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PinIdea DR-100 ASIC X11 Miner Review and Dash Overview

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Past months, Dash coin is experiencing a surge in price and increase in trade volume. To give you some numbers, Dash 24h trade volume never surpassed the $ 3 million USD mark in January, while as for today, September 3, average Dash trading volume is about $ 30 million/24h and with spikes of $ 3 billion USD/24h.

Dash is enjoying some impressive and unseen popularity. This means that anyone who is currently mining the coin is getting some nice money in their crypto wallets.

There is some good news for anyone willing to profit from this Dash price surge. PinIdea, a well-known China-based ASIC manufacturer recently announced a new DASH miner that is meant to compete with the Bitmain Antminer D3.

PinIdea DR-100 X11 ASIC

While the Antminer D3 offers out-of-this-world hashrate and ROI, some people don’t trust Bitman and are looking for alternatives. Since Baikal eventually failed to create a new-gen Dash miner which speed is measured in Gigahashes and not in Megahashes, PinIdea’s new ASIC together with Innosilicon’s A5 are apparently the only real alternatives to the D3.

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PinIdea DR-100 X11 ASIC Specs:

  • Algorithms: X11
  • HashRate: 17 GHS (+-5%)
  • Power: 820W (wall power +-5%)
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 18cm(h) x 15cm(w)
  • Weight: 5KG
  • Interface: Lan (100m/1000m)
  • Fan: 2x 14038 Double ball fan (55DB)
  • Operating Temperature: 0C~40C
  • Mining Software: Custom CGminer

What we see here is an ASIC with 2 months ROI. It is probable that the 2 months ROI is not changing anytime soon since Dash price keeps steadily rising – The increase is so notable that it covers mining difficulty increases and makes the coin more profitable to mine by the day.

Some people are concerned that every new Dash ASIC that is being added to the mining pool works as a difficulty bomb. While that is indeed true, I believe that it is also important to keep an eye on the coin, its functionality and market. As for today, experts agree that Dash got some great prospects.


As for today, the DR-100 ASIC is out of stock. Apparently, the demand is high and the small company fails to fulfill it. There are a lot of people who avoid purchasing from Bitmain and Innosilicon, which is yet another reason why PinIdea products don’t last long on the shelves. Now, the question is:

Can You Trust PinIdea?

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PinIdea is a China-based company that was founded in 2015. The company released several Dash ASICs and apparently it does not fail to keep up to the pace of mining technology advancement.

Now, is it worth your trust? There is probably no definitive answer to that question. While there is always that guy who yells “Scam!” no matter what, the majority of reviews about PinIdea are positive.

There have been cases where people labeled PinIdea as “scammers” but who would later retract their claims. This happened a lot during last Chinese New Year, where all orders were delayed for a couple of weeks. Some of the customers who didn’t knew about the Chinese national celebration started to panic and filled the forums with negative reviews about PinIdea. Luckily enough, most, if not all of the orders were delivered after the celebration was over.

It is obvious that one can never be 100% certain when purchasing products from a foreign country. If you ever bought anything from PinIdea, please do let me know in the comment section below.

Where to Buy!


In Conclusion

Cointelegraph U.S. editor and Dash Core Team member David Dinkins is optimistic about Dash. In his article where he talks about Dash history, he concludes that despite the rough start of the coin, “A working governance and funding model gives Dash a big advantage in the marketplace

According to the Dash team, as well as certain third-party sources, there are some good changes ahead of Dash. All of this means that this is probably the right time to invest in Dash mining equipment.

It might be also a good idea to keep an eye on the official DR-100 store page in case there will be a new batch of miners available for sale.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Jason Dela Cruz

    wish we could ship those kind of miners in Mid-east without hassle…

  • Odina Uchiha

    i think price 2.65 btc is too much than antminer d3 on bitmain site

  • Battal

    Why did you give it 4 stars for the price !
    are you getting paid to do that ?

    • Nope, i’m not paid by pinidea, never was 🙂 that’s just my opinion..

      • Etin Ometoruwa

        the price is fair based on when it came out. iBelink 11GH was 2.7BTC however the dollar value was $6200.

    • Alex

      What’s wrong with 4 stars anyway?

      • Battal

        The price is 2.7BTC which’s = $11000 which’s = 7 Bitmain D3 miners which’s produces 105Gh/s against 17Gh/s !

        • Alex

          Well, if you are lucky and the D3 you order from Bitmain arrive as expected – new and in time, then it’s all cool. But this is not what usually happens. Usually, people pay for new products and receive used miners in poor condition from Bitmain. Warranty service is a crap and you end up paying for 2-3 shippings from China and wasting 2-3 months of time. In mining, time is money.
          So I don’t think that Bitmain is really an option here. Bitmain ASICS are good and lucrative on paper, but in reality you are playing the lottery when ordering from Bitmain.

  • Cergorach

    When I now look at that same calculator, not a day later, I see less then $3500. With the price of Dash only 9% lower, the value mined is 43% lower. That difficulty bomb IS killer! Difficulty has tripled over the last three months, at $11k I doubt you’ll ever see your ROI, because after a day of posting your article, ROI has gone from less then two months, to over three months…

    • Etin Ometoruwa

      Very true. I find it’s a good idea to check daily as the most profitable coin to mine changes daily and also it gives you a realistic estimate of your earnings for that day.

    • Alex

      Profit per month is $ 4.012 USD now with Dash being priced at about 81% of what it was
      You are right – mining difficuly did increase, but it did not decrease the value of the miner by 43%. At least, today’s chart tells a different story.

      Personally I see altcoin mining more like a way to get some coins to be able to trade them later. Mining coins and selling them immediately is not the way I mine. For me, ROI is merely a reference number. By no means I am basing my financial calculations on it. Mining involves way too many risks.

      Also, do keep in mind that today’s difficulty bomb is caused by companies like Innosilicon releasing their new-gen ASICS for dash. Luckily for us, this growth is not natural, it won’t last long and I do expect mining difficulty to stabilize soon.

  • Etin Ometoruwa

    iBelink DM22 sold this weekend pass for $4898.00 better value for more than this and more energy and cost efficient. this does 22G/H

  • Jason Dela Cruz

    anyone here from middle east? who where able to buy any BITMAIN products and successfully delivered?

    • Battal

      Yes, i have

      • Jason Dela Cruz

        Dude. which country? Kuwait? do you have friends who resides in KSA?

        • Battal

          Yes, but none of them have any Bitmain products

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