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Is the New Biostar TB250-BTC Any Good for GPU Mining?

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It might be complicated to get the desired set of new-gen GPUs that would be profitable to use for mining, but it’s even harder to find a motherboard that would support them. Some MoBos require bios tweaking in order to run properly, while others lower the hashrate or have stability issues when under full load.

Of course, this applies if you have six GPUs in the rig, which seems to be the most common rig setup nowadays.

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Biostar TB250-BTC Review – 6x GPU Mining Motherboard

AsRock was the brand #1 when it came to mining Motherboards. Their latest model, the H81 Pro BTC was the perfect fit for crypto miners. Now, with the growing popularity of altcoin mining, the company seems to have issues with supplying enough quantity of those MoBos. While good and affordable, one no longer can find them in the market.

This is where Biostar saw an opportunity and came with their new MoBo model, the TB250-BTC. This new MoBo is being advertised as being tailored for Bitcoin mining. That’s actually a poor advertising technique, since no GPU rig stands a chance against modern Bitcoin ASIC miners. However, the rig perfectly fits the needs of altcoin GPU miners.

Just like the AsRock Pro BTC series, the TB250-BTC comes with 6 slots for GPUs and additional 4-pin Molex power connectors. Unlikely its counterpart, the TB250-BTC comes with an up-to-date chipset, which is based on Intel B250. It also supports DDR4 RAM and socket 1151 CPUs.

Is it good for GPU mining? Definitively yes. The only downside is that since it is being manufactured by Biostar, it probably won’t be available as widely as AsRock MoBos are. However, there’s always a way to buy them online.

Entering Biostar with their new model TB250-BTC that is apparently intended for GPU mining rigs with up to 6x video cards and to additional 4-pin Molex power connectors onboard, just like on the AsRock Pro BTC series. To our knowledge this is the first motherboard intended for 6x GPU mining rigs with an up to date chipset, based on Intel B250 and supporting socket 1151 CPUs and DDR4 memory. The motherboard even has an M.2 slot available for installing onboard SSD modules, a feature that might also be interesting for some GPU miners.

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The only problem with Biostar as a brand is the limited availability on many markets or the total lack of such, unlike AsRock that is available on much more markets worldwide. The Biostar TB250-BTC in not the first attempt at such a solution from the company, they previously had the Biostar TB85 motherboard that also came as an alternative to AsRock’s H81 Pro BTC, but it never got too popular since it was also hard to find on many markets and was more expensive.


Where & What to Buy

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  • Marvel Developer

    anyone using this one ?? any success?

    • Apoorv Kalra

      Hi guys,
      I have been using biostar since the very start and might I say they are awesome set of boards.
      I have used both tb85 and tb250 and they require bios update and powered risers to be used.
      Don’t use Molex on board, it is not recommended by my supplier.

  • Maxime Brassard

    It can only detect 4 GPUs for now, we are trying many things atm. We bought 40 of them…. Shit

    • What do you mean? Really? First of all, how did you get so many haha? Have you checked bios version, maybe there is an update or something.,.? maybe check here: and

    • Mang Shawn

      Have you tried plugging in both molex power cables that go to the pcie slots? On the tb85 i use power risers and have not needed to use the power molex cables that are supplied with my psu’s but on the tb250 maybe that would help or if you have already tried that or have gotten the board to run 6 gpu’s stable now please let us know.

  • Mang Shawn

    I’m sticking with the Biostar TB85, it totally blows away any ASRock or any other motherboard on the market to date; just set it and let er run. Non-stop 24/7.

  • Maxime Brassard

    We fixed the issue, it was motherboard related.

    1) Update the bios

    2) Follow this guide from biostar:

    Super stable and mining for a week now.


  • Damicske

    You guys/gals know that biostar has a B250-BTC pro, it has 12 PCI-e slots (1 x16 and 11 x1) only problem is, where to buy.

  • nkd

    BTC 250 is fine, its stable with latest bios. Now if you want to remote in to it and actually change a few settings good luck. After 10 mins of mining the system is unusable, yes it works and mines fine. On the other hand my two h81 BTC R 2.0 boards with 4gb of ram each have no display lag what so ever. No matter what time you tap in to them. Breeze to go around the OS. I think Biostar needs to work on their bios more it is not using resources efficiently it seems. Doesn’t matter 4gb or 16gb ram in this system. System just lags like crazy.

  • Fernando Silva Avila

    What configuration should I use in the BIOS for it to detect a 7th card using the m.2 to PCIe?

  • Mohd Farhan

    Hey you guys 🙂
    Can this MOBO support 12 Nvidia GPU?

    • nope 🙂

      • Mohd Farhan

        Thank you Ciprian V.

  • sanjeev kumar

    i am using Biostar tb250 motherboard at present there is 6 gpu . but i want to add 2 more gpu . which device i can use to add more card i saw some device but i am not sure about it will work or not so kindly tell me about that

  • Spartan

    Better than the 13 GPU ASROCK H110 Pro BTC+. I have both
    with 12 GPU 1070 running on ethos. BIOSTAR is stable with overclock settings getting
    367Mhs, the ASROCK with exactly same cards, risers, PSU is unstable.

    • I can’t get my ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ to work with more than 7 Nvidia GTX 1070 cards on EthOS 1.2.3. The 8th or 9th card always crashes no matter which card I use in that position. I think this motherboard only works with mixed AMD and Nvidia configs above 7 cards total. Running BIOS v 1.10 (latest).

    • Spartan, how did you manage to make the ASRock work on EthOS with more than 7 x 1070 GPUs? Mine always crashes the 8th card no matter which card I use. I am using two power supplies so power isn’t the issue.

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