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How To Mine ZCash on Windows With CPU and GPU

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Hey.. here is something new 🙂 i just started to mine ZCash just to see how it goes and if some of you are interested to do the same here is a quick tutorial with how to pool mine ZCash on Windows with CPU & GPU using nheqminer.

For this i will be using my personal laptop (btw i will keep the miner up and running)

Let’s start! note that this is for nVidia GPU!

  1. Download nheqminer here If you have AMD GPU then download this
  2. Once downloaded unzip the atchive and enter the directory, it should be named nheqminer_v0.2_flypool
  3. Inside the directory create a new text document and rename it to “flypool.txt
  4. Now we will have to create a wallet key for ZCash if you don’t have one yet, i prefer , if you have an account with them go to “funding“, on the left menu at the bottom you will find “Zcash (ZEC)” and click on it, the click “Generate New Address” and wait few seconds.
  5. Open “flypool.txt” document, and paste the following: “nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -t 6 -l eu1-zcash -u YOURWALLETKEY.myrigname”. -cd 0 means that i want to mine with my GPU if you have 3 GPUs then it should look like this “-cd 0 1 2”. -t 6 means how many threads should use from your CPU, my CPU has 8 threads but i am using only 6.
  6. Add your wallet key instead of YOURWALLETKEY and change “myrigname” to something personal like MYPC then save “flypool.txt” as “flypool.bat“.
  7. Open “flypool.bat” file by double click on it and the miner will automatically start.
  8. To check your progress go to and top right enter you wallet key.

If you don’t want to mine with the GPU remove the “0” from ” “-cd 0“, this is how i am doing it now because my laptop is getting laggy 🙂




New Nicehash nheqminer version, download it here , you will have to modify the flypool.bat file.

  1. Open it with notepad
  2. Your v2 code is “nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -t 7 -l eu1-zcash -u WALLETKEY.miner1
  3. Change “eu1-zcash” to “” it should look like this “nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -t 7 -l -u WALLETKEY.miner1
  4. That’s it, save the notepad and close it and then start it.


Have fun!!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Acong

    what is the best gpu for mining zcash?

  • Scuba

    Yes, what is the best GPU for mining zcash and what would it’s output be in H/S? Genesis Mining is offering mining contract for zcash. I already bought a contract with them, but I would like to build my own rig.

  • Scuba

    I’ll buy you more than 1 beer if you could please respond back to us as soon as possible. And I also heard that it’s much better to mine in Linux than Windows. So, please let us know which GPU is the best to mine, what the hash rate would be for each card…etc.

  • Hey @disqus_XwtZqW27zq:disqus & @disqus_1dziQQeKGJ:disqus Currently the best public perf/W & perf/$ is RX470 4GB in Win7 using
    zcashgpuclient_silentarmy with a modded BIOS that brings it up to
    ~40Sol/s. The best miner/kernel/BIOS/GPU model/RAM size will probably
    change over time but for current-gen HW IMO AMD will remain ahead of

    So ill recommend RX 470/480! 🙂

    This configuration can also be used to mine zcash

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