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Innosilicon A5 DashMaster Review

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After the significant drop of Ethereum price, many people are switching to other cryptocurrencies to mine. DASH became one of the main targets after Baikal, Bitmain and now Innosilicon released new powerful ASICs for this coin.

As I analyzed in the other reviews, Dash mining difficulty will more likely experience a steep increase in the next couple of months. The new ASIC models are somewhere between five and ten times more efficient than the previous gen ones. Seeing is believing, so why won’t we take a look at the A5 DashMaster specs:

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A5 DashMaster Specs

The specs speak for themselves. No other miner on the market can reach the 38 GH/s mark. As for today, according to cryptocompare, the ROI of the A5 DashMaster is less than two weeks.

It won’t last long, though. Those new miner models created a gold (Dash) rush. Once more people get their hands on new-gen Dash miners, mining difficulty will go up. This will of course decrease the profitability of the new miners. In some months their ROI will more likely drop down to 8-9 months, which is a norm for Dash ASICs.

We can also notice that the A5 DashMaster produces a lot of heat. If you are going to mine at home, make sure your rooms are properly cooled. Also, if you are experiencing overheating issues, it might be a good idea to switch from overclocked to normal miner mode.

Price and Availability

The A5 DashMaster costs 4.22 BTC, 254.23 LTC or 10.000 dollars at Innosilicon official website. Until not long ago, there was a minimum amount of units you could purchase – You had to order at least three units; now there are no limitations regarding quantity.

The company has a first pay, first served policy. Once all the units are sold out, the sale is closed. The first shipments are expected to be the October 10th, 2017. Alternatively, you can buy the miner from third-party sites; however expect to pay a higher price.

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Innosilicon A5 DashMaster vs Bitmain Antminer D3

The AntMiner D3 seems to be the only decent competitor to the DashMaster. People usually compare the two and conclude that the Antminer D3 has better ROI. However, the D3 is now out of stock and no one knows when the next batch will be available for preorder. The DashMaster on the other hand is still available for sale and it looks like there are many units in stock – otherwise the company would not make discounts to incentivate sales of the product.

Where to Buy!

In Conclusion

As usual, Innosilicon advertises their products as the best on the market. Say, according to the official website, “[The DashMaster A5] possesses >3.2x mining efficiency and up to 2.6x Hash rate advantage over its closest competitor”. While this is of course a bold claim that has no back up, the DashMaster A5 is still a great miner that can be considered a solid alternative to the Antminer D3.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Odina Uchiha

    with INNOSILICON A5 DashMaste …is worth to buy it now? dec 1st to dec 15th batch? with price 3.190257 BTC ?at this moment on cryptocompare 38 gh/s mined /day 0.2 Dash.on Dec will be 0.02 maybe?

    • N8DZN

      if i had the money for it i would buy it but i dont so ill prob get the antminer d3 for now

      and maybe one i have the money ill buy this

      • MasiGaHo

        All you have to do is get two D3’s for 30GH/s and that’s an investment of $3100 max. I think $10k for 38GH/s isn’t worth the investment at all.

        • Antonio Amigo

          where can i buy D3?

          • MasiGaHo

            Right now your best bet is to perhaps wait for a new miner. Japanese companies are entering the sphere and it’s going to change a lot of things. My miners don’t get here till late Nov, early Dec. I’m hoping to breakeven and perhaps get some profits in before the Japs change the game.

    • CMR

      Dont throw away your money Innosilicon has informed pre buyers there is a problem with production they blame foundry makers of chips, but Innosilicon has been accused of selling miners based on computer simulation with no physical unit testing. I do not think they can meet advertised spec the same thing happened with the A4 miner they announced 800 mhs and delivered only 280 mhs . Inno may not even start shipping until late november which means all batches get pushed back a few weeks or maybe months.

  • Stephen O’Keeffe

    Christ, these mining rigs are BIG money for a broke guy. Think I’ll stick to the original plan to buy a 3 or 4 GPU’s lol.

    • N8DZN

      I was thing getting 2-3 D3

      Then go for the GPU since it’s more steady ( pay )

      I remember the D3 made about $100 a day like a couple of weeks now it’s at $50

  • CMR

    iNNOSILICON A5 are not available for sale because they have not even started producing working physical units. Pre order buyers have been receiving emails from Inno stating that there is a problem with foundry maker of chips and they are pushing back delivery 2 weeks which of course will turn into a month or more. I dont think they will be able to meet advertised specs. Bitmain has already shipped Antminer D3 and they shipped on time and with a free upgrade to submodel 17.0 G hash rate is 17000 gh/s average and stable also unit uses only 1100 watts. So the clear winner is bitmain. Innosilicon does not even have physical units to ship to customers yet very sad.

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