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Giveaway #3 – 12 USB Risers and Aluminum Mining Rig Frame

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First of all, I would like to thank you all for taking part in the previous giveaway. It means a lot for me that we are growing as a community. Mining is something I am passionate about and I appreciate a lot that you guys read my blog and share your thoughts and all kind of info here.

I’m glad to announce that the winner of the previous giveaway is Jason B. I hope he is giving his brand new CPU, RAM and SSD bundle a good use. Congratulations!

Now, I’ve got another prize for those of you who would like to keep participating. That’s right – there are three more items I would like to give away. Each of the three winners will receive one of the following bundles:


1 USB Riser VER 008 Latest PCI-E Express Cable 1X TO 16X + Power Button

The first price is ideal for a 6- or 8- GPU Ethereum mining rig. The bundle features two items:

Six USB Risers VER 008

USB Risers VER 008 are decent-quality risers that allow you to connect your GPUs to x1 PCI-e slots. Each riser features four solid state capacitors to enhance the stability and safety of your GPUs. The USB cable it includes is soft and shielded, which makes it a great choice for rigs where free space is an issue.

Now, what really makes the new VER 008 risers interesting is the way those feature three power connectors:

  • 4-pin Molex
  • 6-pin Molex
  • SATA Power

This adds a lot to flexibility when connecting 6 and more GPUs. PSUs come with a limited amount of power connectors and by having more options to choose from you can potentially connect more GPUs to your PSU.


An external power button

Only a miner can truly relate to the struggle of having to power or reset the rig manually using a screwdriver. While some motherboards feature an inbuilt power button, it is still not really comfortable to reach the button every time you’ve got to reboot the rig.

The uxcell 67″ Desktop Computer Case Power Supply Reset HDD Button Switch is probably the best solution. This accessory is a small ergonomic box that features an external power button. You connect it to the motherboard the same way you’d connect a PC case one.

Thanks to the 67″ / 1.7m cord length, the uxcell can be placed somewhere where it is easy for you to reach. The uxcell also includes a reset button and HDD LED lights. You basically get all the functionalities a PC case offers without the need to use one.


2 USB Riser VER 008 Latest PCI-E Express Cable 1X TO 16X

The second winner gets a set of six USB risers VER 008.


3 One Aluminum Mining Rig Frame for 13 GPUs or 2x rigs of 6 GPUs

The third winner gets an aluminum mining rig frame. I have built this one myself, so if I was a seller I’d probably name it something like “limited edition custom signature 1stminingrig frame”. Personally, I like this design; in fact, several of my rigs have those frames. As you can see in the photo, the frame allows you to comfortable install up to 13 GPUs, leaving some room for cables and air ventilation.

Who Can Qualify in the Giveaway?

You are probably wondering whether the conditions are the same as in previous giveaways. The answer is yes, with one additional condition.

My motivation behind the giveaways is to help the mining community. Therefore, this giveaway is meant for those of you who are into mining. Do get me right – as a gamer by heart, I love the gaming community as much as I do the mining one. However, this specific giveaway is meant for miners alone.

You might not have a lot of mining experience or you might not have a huge mining rig, but if you are passionate about mining, I look forward rewarding you. In fact, your application is welcome even if you’ve got no mining rig at all – It does not matter as long as you are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and own some coins.

So in order to participate in the giveaway, please start by sharing your story as a miner or a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

The winners will be asked a quick question about mining and cryptocurrencies. It will serve as a confirmation that they are indeed into crypto. Don’t worry – if you are acquainted with cryptocurrencies you will have no issues answering it.

So what is this all about?
It is easier than it sounds.
What are your chances to win?

Is there a better way to contribute to the mining community and be rewarded in the process?

This is crazy but true. If you are ready to get your brand new USB Risers or Open-Air Mining Rig Frame, then click the link below and get started right now:

Remember – it won’t take you more than 1 minute a day to complete the tasks; in exchange, you get a good chance to win a professional piece of mining equipment!

Sign up here and get started right now:

Giveaway #3 – 12 USB Risers VER 008 + 13 GPU Mining Rig Frame

Best of the luck, we really hope that you, the person who is reading this right now, will get the bundle in 15 days 🙂 We stay in touch.

    • Awesome!! 🙂 let me know when the rig is ready!


    As the first winner, Enter! I’m already putting together a new rig with my prize. That’s my boy holding the motherboard right after helping me open the shipping box.

  • Jason Dela Cruz

    2nd winner lol. looking forward to build my 3rd rig. Thanks @ciprianpt:disqus – best bday ever haha! joining again not to win but to help this site. 😉

  • andyroid

    Done 3rd winner

    • Who knows.. maybe 🙂

      • andyroid

        i want to make a rig with 12 gpu

  • Chris Haefner

    R9 390

  • Willy Lo (羅雍順)

    i got no mining rig at all.. 🙁 but hope one day i’m able to afford 6x 1080ti..
    i have read a lot about mining ethereum and zcash..the latter is good i think..
    giveaway? ahh no chance..

  • Stoica Vlad

    I just finished setting up my 3 GPU Eth mining rig , unfortunately I don`t have a frame for the rig and I use a plastic fruit basket . That aluminium frame would be bliss for me…thanks

  • jezel10

    i hope i will win xD 🙂

  • Bilal Ghalib

    Hey friends! I’ve been interested in crypto currencies for a while now, having invested in presale ether and trying to mine back in 2010 (and getting lost in code, haha). I’m now interested in creating infrastructure and real world applications to really see decentralized ledgers fulfilling their promise and would love to be mining. I have a tiny little GPU running here in the Beirut hackerspace and would like to set up a miner back in my home base hackerspace in Michigan at All Hands Active, 🙂 This kit seems like a great way to start :D!

    • Awesome 🙂 “(and getting lost in code, haha)” you mean you lost the seed ?

  • Jacob Lux

    I’ve just got my cards loose on a shelf… Wouldn’t mind having something to slap them in. 😛

  • Robert atVitalityStar

    It’s a reVolution, YEEEhaaaa ! lol

  • Diego Pineda

    Just got my first rx580 2 weeks ago! Ran into some setbacks with my setup, so i’m waiting on a celeron and picking a mobo now but I should be up and running in 2 days! A mining rig case would be extremely helpful! If I win I would be eternally grateful!

  • EngrFreddie Montes

    I’m still new to cryptocurrencies, 2weeks I guess. First, I have an old computer unit that was just sitting on one corner doing nothing, suddenly thinking what can I do with my old gaming desktop (my gaming days was over since busy for work). It would have a lesser value if I sell it. Done some short research and bumped to this mining thing. It was also the time my colleague was selling his GPU for a lesser cost and on a staggered basis (best luck). Then I said to myself why not try mining. Done some calculations and I think it would be sort of a great investment. Giving me an extra bucks while I’m away. I’m planning to add a couple of same GPU to expand my mining rig. I was looking for a good mining setup and went to this site. Might be God’s grace to have me here and join this great event. Done with my entries 😉

    • Awesome! 🙂 Welcome in the club. Good luck!

  • Jason Dela Cruz

    Got it! delivered just now lol… thank you for the bonus prize! hahaha! orange velcro straps for wires! COOL! Good luck to the next winner!

    • Awesome.. i also added standoffs for motherboard, hope you found them lol :))

      • Jason Dela Cruz

        lol. went to garbage and luckily the office cleaner didnt throw the box to their scrap yard yet haha! found it. 7pcs. hahaha! damn, i didnt really see that.

  • Stoica Vlad

    When you`ll announce the winner ? 😀

  • Zhhilin

    I’m damm excited for the winner announcement haha, hopefully can get the USB Risers.
    I’m new into mining , mining on my laptop now and learning how mining works haha

  • Congratulation Joshua, Renan & Trevor for winning the third giveaway!
    72 hours to claim the prize. Thank you everyone to participating.

    Ready next giveaway ?

  • Ogle Thorpe

    I have missed this, just discovered your site, is there gonna be a giveway on the future?

  • This is really awesome. I have to give you props for offering this to the Crypto community and to potentially help new comers.
    My self and a couple of friends have recently gotten into mining, trading etc…
    I’m glad I found your site as it was really helpful!

    • Thank you @justinnparkinson:disqus , and welcome! 🙂

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