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EasyMine ICO Review – The Mining Revolution

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Do you remember how much of a hassle was it to install drivers on Windows 98? Setting up a LAN connection could easily take a couple of hours of hard work, while installing and making work the whole OS could easily take the whole day.

Now, compare that to software and driver installation on modern operative systems where everything is done almost automatically for you.

Apparently, same thing is about to happen with cryptocurrency mining. We are used to the thought that it takes a lot of knowledge and manual work in order to set up and overclock a mining rig. However, the team behind easyMine promises to automate this process for us.

Meet easyMine

easyMine aims to make crytocurrency mining as easy as it can possibly be. It is meant to allow anyone (even complete newbies) to properly set up and overclock their mining rigs in one click and get outstanding results.

Some people believe that not only tech savvies should have access to cryptocurrency mining. The team behind easyMine thinks the same way and they are about to prove that setting up a mining rig can be as easy as sending a WhatsApp message.

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easyMine in a Nutshell

Simply put, easyMine is a solution that combines AI technology with everything we know about cryptocurrency mining so far.

easyMine will take care of keeping the drivers and BIOS versions of your rig properly configured and up to date. The AI will do the job for you by finding the sweet overclocking and undervolting spot for each of your GPU’s, making those hash at the top of their capability.

Moreover, thanks to easyMine, you won’t even have to ask others for advice ever again since easyMine’s AI will be using data collected from all the mining rigs in the easyMine network. This natural selection of the best driver/BIOS versions, clock speeds, voltages and other configurations will probably allow easyMine to configure your rig better than you could ever do on your own.

easyMine’s ambitions don’t end there since they also aim to choose the pools and coins for your rig to mine. Ethereum mining is losing profitability? No prob, easyMine will calculate the profit based on new coin price and will switch your rig to other altcoins, if needed.

How Does EasyMine Work?

EasyMine is more than just a piece of software that helps you to optimize your rig based on a database of solutions. Instead, we are talking about a system with three components, which are:

  • An OS (eMOS) that is meant to be installed on a flash drive. The eMOS is an open-source custom operative system that includes all of the required GPU drivers and other pre-installed components such as mining software for most popular cryptocurrencies. It also got a signature script package for smart hardware management. The eMOS also keeps in touch with the easyMine server.
  • easyMine Server. If the eMOS is a toolbox, then the easyMine server is the hands that operate the tools. The server does all the tweaking on your rig such as configuration of clock voltage, clock frequencies, BIOS/driver versions, currency management, etc. As you already know, there is an AI that operates those parameters. The server gathers data from all the connected rigs and uses it to find the best configuration for each of the rigs in the network.
  • An easyMine Dashboard that is a simple and intuitive interface that allows the end user to monitor their rigs through a web browser. There is also easyMine Mobile, which grants the same access through a mobile app.

EasyMine Set-Up

According to the developer team, easyMine is extremely easy to use. Here are the necessary steps you have to take in order to start mining from zero:

  • Physically assemble the mining rig;
  • Install eMOS on a flash drive;
  • Insert the pen drive on your mining PC and boot it;
  • Access the easyMine server from a PC or mobile, type in the address of your wallets and start enjoying the income.

So Far, So Good

easyMine is a project that is more than just a beautiful idea. The beta version of the easyMINE OS is already there and is being actively tested. The easyMine server is on alpha and is expected to get on beta stage in a couple of months.

easyMine as a whole is expected to become available to the public in about half year. The mobile version of the dashboard is expected to come last, somewhere around Q3 and Q4 of 2018.

How Can You Profit from It

As with any ICO, you are invited to take part in their bounty program. As a reward, participants will earn EMT tokens, which will be later used to purchase easyMine services.

There are many ways to participate in the bounty program. Here is a list of things you can do in order to help the project and earn EMT tokens in the process:

  1. Use a signature
    2. Subscribe to the newsletter and take part in the Slack group
    3. Write blog posts and articles, and create video content
    4. Translations
  2. Social media

Token Price

Besides the bounty program, you can also purchase the tokens directly. Here is the price chart according to the whitepaper:


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In Conclusion

EasyMine is the kind of projects that aims to change completely the way we mine. Just imagine a world where you don’t have to know a thing about software, hardware, BIOS flashing and so on in order to be able to get the most from your mining hardware.

This is indeed attractive for newbies but guess what – experienced miners might find EasyMine attractive too. You imagine how much of a time-saver EasyMine might become if everything goes as they promise. As someone who owns several mining rigs with dozens of GPUs, I do accept the idea that EasyMine can potentially make my mining experience way more pleasant and fruitful.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • asian_dapper

    In my opinion, should they be able to pull this off successfully, this would be a game-changer. But hurdles – lots of them, are in the way. There are lots of moving pieces that makes a mining rig operate effectively and efficiently as they do now, and i’m sure you’re no stranger to those stuff.

    Keeping my fingers cross on this.

  • Kürşat Konak

    All lies. AI is by nature used for an ‘adaptive’ creature. For finding sweet spots (of Hash/Power, Max Hash) for GPUs you just need to try every combination of strap, cclock, mclock, cvddci, mvddci on every GPU, dont need an AI for whatsoever. I found out that even their ASIC Quality shown on ‘GPU-Z’ is just an estimate. I have a GPU with ASIC quality %61, doing better than a %83 ASIC quality. Linux is a must this series of tests because you can just kill and restart processes, unlike windows where crashing GPU means a BSOD

    • easyMINE

      Or you could use a smart system and not have to “try every combination of strap, cclock, mclock, cvddci, mvddci on every GPU”.

  • QuadraQ

    Yeah no way. First of all this is a security nightmare. Second there’s lots of variation in hardware that will make this less than desirable. Third there’s no way I’m paying a third party for this kind of thing. If you have the ability to mine at home you can figure out the rest yourself too, otherwise just get a cloud mining contract, or use NiceHash.

    • easyMINE

      One, there are no security risks other than those inherent in having a rig connected to the net. Two, the variety of hardware is precisely what makes this project a necessity. Three, if you don’t think you need the extra services and would rather manage everything by yourself, the system is free.

  • ghostR

    So literally simplemining with an app?

  • nt

    So this one can only be monitored via the cloud, making it impossible to run everything within a secured network where sensitive data never leave your network? Also, only GPU mining and not for Antminers? Then this is not a complete solution at all, because many people runs both.

    It sounds like software like Awesome Miner is a better alternative for people that is serious about mining operations.

    • easyMINE

      There’s no “cloud” involved and no sensitive information leaves your network (unless you consider performance data to be “sensitive,” for some reason). The system isn’t any less secure that your typical mining rig. And we do support ASIC miners, BTW.

  • Bossman

    It is literally not possible what they want to do. Hardware varies, there is no way set offset via Linux, some things needs to be done by hand its utopia project, it is strange for me that Owner of this site is so naive, being so pro in hardware/software stuff. I think they are collecting only money and it is next utopia ICO.

    As someone mentioned, never ever should anyone let anyone or any third party company touch rigs, as they can do anything having root access.

    Simplemining for example, imagine that someone will hack their www servers, they have all info they need to access rigs, changing wallers ect…

    • easyMINE

      Of course hardware varies, that’s exactly the point. As for the “impossible” part – our own mine already runs on easyMINE OS.

  • paha

    They say: “EMT tokens will be used as the sole form of payment for easyMINE
    services. easyMINE users will make prepayments to their individual EMT

    Does anyone know how much these tokens will worth? For example how can I know if I buy 1 EMT token today what can I buy / subscribe for for this 1 token?

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