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Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner v9.0 – Better Mining Performance

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Hey 🙂

So.. Claymore just released few days a go his latest Dual Ethereum Miner version 9.0, what’s nice about this release is that Decred’s hashrate was increased with 70%

What’s new!

  • added “-asm” option (AMD cards only) which enables assembler GPU kernels. In this mode some tuning is required even in ETH-only mode, use “-dcri” option or or “+/-” keys in runtime to set best speed. Currently only ETH-only and ETH-DCR modes are supported in assembler. Use “-asm 0” if you don’t want to use new assembler kernels.
    If ASM mode is enabled, miner must show “GPU #x: algorithm ASM” at startup.
  • improved ETH mining speed in ASM mode for some cards, also a bit reduced power usage for some cards (fine-tuning is required via “-dcri” or “+/-” keys in runtime).
    NOTE 1: if GPU throttles, best “-dcri” value is different.
    NOTE 2: speed peak can be rather short, so change “-dcri” value slowly.
  • dramatically increased DCR mining speed in assembler mode (up to 70%). Be careful, power usage is higher too.
  • added “-gmap” option.
  • fixed DCR Nicehash support.
  • added “FINE-TUNING” section to Readme file.
  • A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.

I had made a few tests with Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 8GB OC and i was able to get around 29.2xx – 29.8xx Mh/s on Ethereum and 880.xx Mh/s on Decred.

Do note that with the -asm enabled you will also have a higher power usage, maybe 10% to 15%! If your GPU throttles try different -dcri.

Also you can use -gmap to set GPU order in fan/temperature list. This option is similar to “-di” option, but it manages fan/temperature list. For example, if you have two cards, you can change their order by adding “-gmap 10”. Another example, reverse order for six cards: “-gmap 543210”. This option is also useful if you want to exclude some GPUs from the list. For example, if you have four cards, you can exclude first GPU from fan/temperature list with “-gmap 123”.

I will add soon more results and test for RX 470 and RX 480

Upgrade now! 🙂

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • jorge viloria

    nice stuff

  • Mos Ioan-Corneliu

    can you tell us your settings for this hashrate? thanks.

    • Hey @mosioancorneliu:disqus, i have custom settings for each GPU, i modified BIOS with 1750 timings and then i set the clocks with Sapphire Trixx or MSI Afterburner 1150/2150 ; 1130/2140 etc.. depends on each card..

      I will write an article with everything was made on that rig!

      • Liviu Stanciu

        Hy, Ciprian. Here:

        “In this mode some tuning is required even in ETH-only mode” – are you refering at your Sapphire Trixx or MSi Afterburner settings?

        Thank you.

        • I think Claymore was referring to dcri, but yeah it cana lso be sapphire trix, msi afterburner or watttool

          • Liviu Stanciu

            So “some tunning” refers to settings in MSi AF ori Saph. Trixx, not some code lines in the start. bat from readme.txt.

          • I think is more like, software optimization.. didn’t saw any more details on that “find tuning”

  • Mos Ioan-Corneliu

    I hoped this hashrate is V9.0’s consequence.

    • Decred’s hashrate is improved because of the new ASM algo, also there is a tiny performance foe ethereum too because of “fine tunning” , try to find the best dcri for your each gpu

  • Frank Chen

    What’s your value for dcri?

    • Well, sounds strange but i have the default value, 30! So no matter what i was trying to increase or decrease dcri my hashrate was no good!

  • Joel

    About -asm and -dcri, this improved your hashrate?

    • yes -asm increase decred hashrate

      • Joel

        Yeah, with -asm doing dual mining I got almost 29 MH/s… fine, thank you!!
        about -dcri, if i’m managing with afterburner, do you recommend to put -dcri too?

        • try ti find the best dcri by pressing + or -, with every modification wait few seconds to see of the hashrate is higher or lower..

          • Joel

            ok i’ll try! thank you for your time

            EDIT: now my MH/s down to 25~ :/

          • If default 30 is good then leave it that way 🙂

  • Powpow

    Yea Hi i am using w7 64 with amd driver 16.11.3. I downloaded V4.rom and i use that on claymore 8 and 8.1. I get around 29,9 from eth only and i am happy about that.
    But when i try claymore 9 dual mining ETH/DECRED i get again 29,9 MH ETH and 899mh DECRED. After 15-30 min i get rejected shares. Also Hashrates swing up and down and finally crashes.
    Do i have to write something extra on the .bat file besides just mining adress and worker? I try not to fiddle with it because i already have used v4.rom thinking my sapphire nitro+oc8gb might die….
    Any help would be appreciated THANX! 🙂

    • Hi @disqus_oogu9l7OPg:disqus, the rejects are on ethereum or decred? If you get only decred then is ok, since the v9 most of the users are getting the same invalid shares once in a while.. i am also getting it.. sometimes i have to wait 20 seconds for retry connection because of too many fails.. once connected everything runs ok!

  • Marvel Developer

    @ciprianpt:disqus , there was a windows setup utility which would stop window update , change sleep settings etc. Can you please help me locate that? Thanks!

  • Sim

    Is this the link for download?
    Is this SW the best GPU miner for ETH mining (without other currencies)?

  • Christian Ulirsch

    Would you suggest Windows 8 over Linux for this purpose?

  • Samantha Ochoa Salomón

    Hi Could you please tell me how is your code?

  • Sim

    Hello @ciprianpt:disqus !
    Are you still mining dual (ETH+DCR)?
    How to exchange DCR for payment? It is not a common currency….

    • Hi, yes i still mine this way, i exchange dcr via poloniex.

  • Jesus Travaglini

    Hi Mate, Where can I find a tutorial to install claymore and mine (ETH+DCR) ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • umm maybe you can find something useful in my last post.

  • Marcel Zubrowski

    What is wrong with my setup? I’m using a GTX 980Ti in my gaming pc and wanted to play around with mining. When I do a benchmark with solo mining it gives me about 20-22MHs but when I mine with a pool its only 5MHs … using Claymore its only 3.1MHs

  • Manoj Yadav

    Mining etherium with NVIDIA GE force GTX -1060, 6 cards ( Getting speed 2.5 MH/s per card). can any one one help me resolve this issue.

    • Manoj Yadav

      Solved my issue of speed by changing Window 10 with window 8.1 and i am getting speed around 18.6 MH/s per card.

  • Robert A. Grigsby

    I see lots of claymore, but if I’m just going for ETH right now is there something better?

  • Paliko Stepnadze

    Hi guys. Can I exclude (how) any GPU from dual (DCR) mode? Ty for advance

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