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Claymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner v10.2 Update Review

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While a go Claymore announced a big update for its CryptoNight GPU miner, this just happen few days a go.. On September 29 he released Claymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner v10.0, there are few more features available since now miner uses the latest framework which is used for dual and zec miners. Because of too many changes in this version, bugs were found and couple of hours later Claymore released v10.1 fixing them.. and currently v10.2 still in beta.

In this article i am going to test the new features and compare the v10.2 with v9.7.

Supported cards: Pitcairn, Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga, Ellesmere, Baffin, Vega.

Updates list

v10.2 Beta:

– added Nicehash pool support.
– added shares validation on CPU and statistics for incorrect shares.

v10.0 BETA
Problems and Fixes
  • GpuMiner dk2an0 failed -4
    1. Increase virtual memory to 30GB. if you have 6 GPUs 8GB, set virtual memory to 6*8=48GB
    2. Also make sure you have the following lines added in your .bat file
    3. another fix, try lowering -h
  • 4GB cards hashrate problem?
    1. try adding -h 928 -dmem 1 or lower -h to 890 if that fails

All problems will be fixed soon since Claymore stated “Don’t worry, v11 will be better, I just need some time 🙂

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Hashrate reports for different GPUs
  • Vega users have reported lower hashrate from 1950 to 1600
  • Vega 56 -dmem 1 -h 1800
  • Vega 56 ~1400H/s, -h 1512 -dmem 1, HBM @ 950
    XMR-stak gets ~1780
    Without HBCC CM gets 1200, XMR-Stak gets 1300
  • 470 8GB 1750 strap, -mclock 2040, ~752H/s, testing stability, 9.7 was like 680-700, but unstable.
  • RX 580 8GB -dmem 1 -h 1800
  • RX 480 8gb gets 1006 h/s eth bios and -dmem 1
Claymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner v9.7 Hashrate and Power Consumption

This tests were made on a 5x Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 4GB Mining Rig

Claymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner v10.2 Monero Mining Performance – Hashrate and Power Consumption

Tests were made with 16.9.1 and Blockchain Compute drivers

start.bat details (default settings for 4GB gpus -h 900 with -dmem 1)

NsGpuCNMiner.exe -xpool stratum+tcp:// -xwal WALLET.WORKER -xpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 65 -fanmax 100

The new CryptoNote miner has around 50 H/s more hashrate per GPU, blockchain compute drivers performs better than 16.9.1 giving 20 H/s extra hashrate and also lower power consumption.

Before and After
  • Hashrate: 750 H/s – 790 H/s = +40/50 H/s
  • Power Draw: 650w – 450w (500w) = -150w
Sapphire RX 470 8GB Mining Edition Monero Mining Hashrate Benchmark

Full benchmark of this GPU can be found here:

start.bat file for Monero (XMR) v9.7: ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME.WORKER_NEM -zpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 875

Before and After
  • Hashrate: 765 H/s – 845 H/s = +80 H/s
  • Power Draw: 100w – 75w = -25w

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I will work on a brand new tutorial about how to mine monero on windows with different miners and maybe i can do it for linux as well (simplemining/ethos).

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Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Rabinovitch

    An optimization especially for Vega cards is required… Since I’ve ordered two of them. )

    • soon 🙂

      • B{_}rgi

        Is it better for Vega to use the new 17.9.3 drivers if you have 4 vegas and 2 rx580. It is impossible to get the HBCC working on more than 2 vegas even having 16 Gb RAM + 80Gb virtual mem with the blockchain drivers…

  • Jacob Lux

    Our deal to order a bunch of Vega cards fell through so we picked up a bunch of 580s. We were teasing the idea of mining some Monero instead of Ethereum, and this update here is definitely a push in that direction.
    We’re currently using ethOS. I’m going to be trying some modded vBIOSs for the 580s soon. I hope to see as solid of an improvement on XMR as I’m expecting for ETH. Promising, considering your article. Looking forward to a possible ethOS writeup.

    Good stuff as always, Ciprian.

    • Hey, 580s are much better than Vegas :), mod those BIOSes will give a lot much more hashing power.. 😀

      • Jacob Lux

        So far I’m having plenty of issues getting more than 8x 580s to run on ethOS (I swear I remember reading you had similar issues, or maybe someone else did; can’t find the article to save my life). Boot issues or hashrate issues if they boot, etc.
        I’ve got a fairly aggressive flash on them that I need to dial back, sadly. I am getting 28.5MH/s on each. (580 4GB Nitro+ w/ Elpida [Micron] memory). I can run 8x for a little under an hour before a couple tap out. I’ll have to dial the memory back. I really hate modding the vBIOSs though 🙁

        I figured if we got a bunch of Vega56s that eventually someone would figure out how to mod or flash a new bios to them and that they’d massively outperform anything else, placing their efficiency back in line with flashed 580s (but with the added base power/potential) – as you say, the 580s seem to be better still.

        • Hey @jacob_lux:disqus , Ill recommend to switch on windows, it can handle 8 GPUs very good. I also had problems when i made my 13 GPU rig running on ethOS, overclocking was a pain with lot of failures and in the end i quit. Tutorial not yet posted, will do it soon.

          • Jacob Lux

            I mean I have no issues with 8 GPUs on ethOS, and I have flashed the vBIOSs so I don’t really have to manually overclock anything; I just need the damn thing to boot 😛

      • Jacob Lux

        Indeed. Consistent 30+ MH/s on 580s, and 29+ on 570s. Our business did well last quarter thanks to guides such as yours 😛

  • Norman Hirsch

    the 10.2 Readme!!!.txt doesn’t show the RX 580 as being applicable:
    “This version is for recent AMD videocards only: 7xxx, 2xx, 3xx and 4xx, 1GB or more.”

  • Sim

    Hello @ciprianpt:disqus ,
    have you abandoned Decret as second mining?

  • Cyril

    What is commande line for dual with this version XMR + SIA or DCR please ?

  • Umer

    Anyone know how to disable ‘Fan Stop’ feature on this card?
    I have fan set to manual and maxed out in WattMan. The fan revs to 100% but stops to 0 every few minutes.
    I can seem to disable fan stop completely! Please advice.

  • Peter Kostov

    10.1-10.2 is not working with older AMD cards like 7xxx, 2xx …

  • Oliver

    So I only get 800H/s on 2 RX 580 8gb. I don’t have the blockchain driver and don’t want it on this machine. Is there something wrong with my cards?

  • Kevin F

    Question, Will dual mining stress out my gpu even further? I’m running a 480 and it’s at a constant 64 degree with 34% fan speeds. I updated the bios and am running the amd blockchain drivers. Right now I’m mining ETH only.

    • For sure your gpus wont last long with that fan speed, increase that to 65% or 75% at least, set them to auto so the fans will increase spinning if temps go high..

      • Kevin F

        I haven’t tried dual mining yet. Does your temps go up dual mining?

  • BenJi Tzh

    How do you write this portion in ethos?


  • Thomas

    I have 6 GPU, 9.7 Claymore works great, wanted to go to 10.2 but 1 gpu of 6 is giving 0-300 Hash but on 9.7 its all fine. Any suggestions? I have 30GB virtual, allocated all stuff and no undervolts/overvolts.

    • try lowering oc or set -asm 0 for that one gpu

      • Thomas

        -asm 0,3 does not fix the problem. Any other suggestions? It actually says unknown option, also -asm 0

        • oh.. sorry my bad, -asm is for ethash miner.. for the cryptonote you should lower intensity.

      • Thomas

        Seems like claymore is not picking up the ASM command. What can this be?

    • Ricardo Herrera

      I had exact same problem you have to set -h 900 -dmem 1, for rx 480/580 because default -h 1800 is faulty and to intense for etn or monero. Cheers

  • shintogeo

    Hello everyone, some one will explain well about how can this claymore miner v11.1 work on windows laptop with AMD radeon. I am new here and i don’t have knowledge. I want mine Monero or any other good crypto currency. I change cods on “config.txt” and “start.bat”. But always getting error “NO ASM BINARY FOUND FOR GPU 0?”. Somebody can help me? what i want put on those files (config.txt, start.bat, or want create another files?) ? I am using windows 10, Intel core 17, 12 gb ram etc… Thank you.

    • remove -asm line.

      • shintogeo

        thank you so much for your reply. But i am confused.

        This code written by me on “config.txt” and “start.bat”.

        NsGpuCNMiner.exe -u 48nz1ydhP55ZH7EnikppYbeKMr2c6LuktbPgpAb4wL1nc3SGgWSWPWcfCPCSccDXACHgyPe3AEUdy5nANwQZeAUD7Y9jHjZ -p worker

        So where is “-asm” line? would you please explain more? thank you so much.

        • oh.. my bad.. try adding -dmem 0

          • shintogeo

            Dear Ciprian, Thank you.

            I write code like this in “config.txt”

            -xpool stratum+tcp://
            -xwal 48nz1ydhP55ZH7EnikppYbeKMr2c6LuktbPgpAb4wL1nc3SGgWSWPWcfCPCSccDXACHgyPe3AEUdy5nANwQZeAUD7Y9jHjZ
            -xpsw x
            -dmem 0

            But still same error “NO ASM BINARY FOUND FOR GPU 0?”. Would you please help me? thank you.

          • What gpu do you have ?

          • shintogeo

            Display Device

            Name: Intel (R) HD Graphics 620
            Chip Type: Intel (R) HD Graphics Family
            DAC Type: Internal
            Device Type: Full Display Device
            Total Memory: 8254MB
            Display Memory: 128M
            Shared Memory: 8126 MB
            DirectX Featured: Enabled

            Render Device

            Name: AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M330
            Chip Type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0X6660)
            DAC Type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
            Device Type: Render-Only Display Device
            Total Memory: 10166MB
            Display memory (VRAM): 2039MB
            Shared Memory: 8126MB
            DirectX Features: Enabled

          • Hi, your gpu is too low to mine with :/ have you tried something else?

          • shintogeo

            Nope. I am new here and crypto. I thought i can mine with my laptop. Do you know any coins for mining with your application? Thank you.

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