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BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+ Review – 8 GPU Mining Motherboard

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Some months ago I have reviewed the Biostar TB250-BTC board, which back in the day was a decent replacement to AsRock’s H81 Pro BTC. The TB250-BTC supports up to 6 GPUs and is a great choice for a medium-size rig.

A couple of months passed by and Biostar released a newer model of the board, the TB250-BTC+ (not to be confused with the TB250-BTC without the plus). The BTC+ supports 8 GPUs, which is a good number considering that Windows does not work with more than 8 GPUs at a time anyway, one of the best mining motherboard 🙂 (according to me).

In my opinion, Biostar made a mistake by giving this newer board such a similar name to the older one. Search Engines have a hard time differentiating between the two and when you search for the BTC+, you often get results about the BTC as well. This might lead to confusions. Having that out of the way, let’s get to the specs of the board.

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Chipset Intel B250
CPU SUPPORT 7th & 6th Gen Intel Core i7, i5, i3, Pentium and Celeron LGA 1151 Processors
Maximum CPU TDP (Thermal Design Power) : 95Watt
MEMORY Dual Channel DDR4 2400/ 2133/ 1866 MHz
2 x DDR4 DIMM Memory Slot. Up to 32GB Memory
DDR4 2400 for 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
EXPANSION SLOT 1 x PCI-E x16 3.0 Slot
7 x PCI-E x1 3.0 Slot
STORAGE 6 x SATA3 Connector
USB 4 x USB 3.0 Port
4 x USB 2.0 Port
INTERNAL I/O 6 x SATA3 6Gb/s Connector
1 x SATA Power Connector (for rear USB power enhancement)
2 x PCI-E 12V 4Pin Connectors (Must be installed when using for Bitcoin mining.)
H/W MONITORING CPU / System Temperature Monitoring
CPU / System Fan Monitoring
Smart / Manual CPU Fan Control
System Voltage Monitoring
DIMENSION ATX Form Factor Dimension: 29.5cm x 21cm ( W x L )

The package includes (besides the motherboard):

  • 2 x SATA Cable
  • 1 x I/O Shield
  • 1 x DVD Driver
  • 1 x User Manual

BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+ Pricing

The motherboard looks rather promising. Again, the BTC+ is a great pick for those of you who mine on Windows.

Its predecessor, the TB250-BTC received a lot of great reviews from miners. The motherboard works stable and safely. This makes me think that the TB250-BTC+ is more likely worth our trust too.

Biostar is also quite attentive to user feedback. For instance, when there was an issue with the TB250-BTC not working with certain GPUs as intended, they have created a step-by-step guide on how to make the GPUs run on the Mobo. Apparently they do read comments, feedback and they do their best to solve any emerging issues.

Price-wise, due to current market situation, the BTC+ is priced less than the BTC. On Amazon, you can find the BTC+ at only about $140 USD, while the BTC starts from $155 USD.

Where to Buy!

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In Conclusion

BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+ is a solid piece of equipment that can become a solid backbone for any medium-sized mining rig. In fact, after trying to assemble 12+ GPU rigs, I’ve come to the conclusion that 8 GPU rigs are the best. Mostly because those are big enough to hash great, while at the same time they are small enough to be easy to work with. It takes way too long to make a 12+ GPU rig hash as intended, plus any bugs lead to expensive downtime.

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BTC: 3DWC5xaaapSRmccAvv12dF3nsRYqx3Y1YM

ZEC: t1T9dLLM14Jh6NNuCPfNsRgGnj58LkT3yYX

  • NDioWealthAmp

    Hello, regarding a 8 GPU rig, I can get the Asus Z270-A mobo (7x PCI-E + 1x M.2 slots) for cheaper than then BTC250-BTC+ PRO (8x PCI-E). Are there more troubles/issues from running the 8th card on a M.2 to PCI-E adapter ? Besides the initial config and need to change the BIOS settings, is it stable just the same vs a regular PCI-E slot ?
    Even cheaper is the ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS mobo, but then 2 x M.2 to PCI-E are needed… any headaches to fear ?

    • I prefer to use the M2 adapter for ssd and to use this mobo specially made for eight gpus 🙂 But yeah you can use the asus mobo as you mentioned

      • NDioWealthAmp

        Is the hashrate as high from a M.2 ? I had read some reports that sometimes the 8th card on M.2 could get less hashrate

        • Yep, that could be a reason not to use it 🙂

    • asian_dapper

      I was in the same dilemna days before deciding between Asus Prime z270-a ($185cad) vs this BTC+ Pro ($150cad) because i’m building an 8-gpu rig. Went with the latter as I don’t see many good reports of using an m.2 adapter besides the fact that they don’t look as durable and longevity is going to be a problem for sure. You can buy another one, sure, but if it conks out on you, pray that it doesn’t affect your mobo or any other parts.
      I’ve seen burnt m.2 adapter connectors and that’s a clear reason to stay away from them.

  • dragonhater slayer (xdragonhat

    Hey! Love your posts about mining and expecially toturials.
    I was looking for a good site that explains mining in a good way or has some news about mining and I was really happy to find your site which has both. :):):)
    I am quite new to cryptocurrency and I was thinking about making my own mining rig as a future investment as a student.
    Can you make a gude or a post that says which GPU’s you recommend for mining right now and maby a toturial on how to build.
    If you dont have time to make a big guide can you message me and tell me what GPU’s you recommend and at least say what are all the parts I need to make a mining rig.
    Thank you for you work!

    • Hey, you have everything you need right here: 🙂

      • dragonhater slayer (xdragonhat

        I saw that, but i was wondering if there were any better options now that some new GPU’s were released.

        • Nope, i update that very often so what’s new is added there

          • dragonhater slayer (xdragonhat

            OK. Thank you very much!

          • Robert Gzivna

            is possible to put there the best bios for each?:) i mean for getting that maximum hash

  • Norman Hirsch

    Just received one and disappointed that the M.2 port is missing on the + board. On another subject, wondering if when using claymore and mixing Nvidia 1060 and Radeon 580s, what would the startup file look like with just mining ETH?

    • Yep, because there is a PCIe slot instead 🙂

      • Norman Hirsch

        There is still physical room for one but maybe issues with not enough PCI lanes.
        Anyone running both Rx 580 and Nvidia 1060s using claymore? What are you using in start-up?

        • JayB1742

          I have 6 RX580 8GB and 6 GTX 1060 6GB running on Claymore. I’ll paste my config file when I get home later.

          • Codestaxx

            you didnt.

          • JayB1742

            Apologies I posted it finally had some family issues come up. Cheers 🍻


          • Codestaxx

            outstanding! i understand and thank you. just curious, what exactly is the -cvddc & -mvddc?

          • JayB1742

            -mvddc set target GPU memory voltage, multiplied by 1000. For example, “-mvddc 1050” means 1.05V. You can also specify values for every card, for example “-mvddc 900,950,1000,970”. Supports latest AMD 4xx cards only in Windows. Note: for NVIDIA cards this option is not supported.

            -cvddc set target GPU core voltage, multiplied by 1000. For example, “-cvddc 1050” means 1.05V. You can also specify values for every card, for example “-cvddc 900,950,1000,970”. Supports latest AMD 4xx cards only in Windows. Note: for NVIDIA cards this option is not supported.

        • JayB1742

          setx GPU_Force_64BIT_PTR 0
          setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
          setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1
          setx GPU _MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
          setx GPU _SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
          EtherDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal (insert your Eth wallet address).(rig name)/(email) -epsw x mode 1 -ftime 10 -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 65 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 875 -mvddc 900 -dcri 8/12

          • Norman Hirsch

            Thanks. I have the 8 GPU board but it likely applies. What kind hash rates are you getting?

          • JayB1742


          • Norman Hirsch

            that’s great. which RX580s? and 1060s? I’m about 2 Mh/s below yours.

          • JayB1742

            RX580 8GB OC Hynix Memory
            GTX1060 6GB OC Samsung Memory

            Next build was going to be 19 RX580 8GB cards but my Trezor was hacked last week and hackers took all my funds. Irony I was worried Coinbase wasn’t secure so I bought a Trezor and ended up losing it all.

          • Norman Hirsch

            WHAT!? how in hell did someone hack your Trezor? I have one too. Did you have your mining ETH going into Trezor account?

          • JayB1742

            No I had it going to MEW but the chips used in the Trezor are non secure. Trezor claims it’s my fault for not updating the firmware from 1.5.2 but honestly I wasn’t aware it was an issue. They haven’t responded since I sent all my info for them to verify the theft. 12BTC gone and my Trezor wasn’t even hooked up it was in my gun safe. My advice get your stuff off the Trezor ASAP and into a newly generated wallet address.


          • Norman Hirsch

            oh shit. so you mean you had 12BTC worth of ETH lost with the MEW connection. I don’t use my Trezor for ETH, only BTC, I use the Nano S for my ETH without need for MEW. My Trezor is on 1.5.2. also. Thought that was latest version.

          • JayB1742

            No I didn’t explain that right. I have my Mining Rig going to MEW and then when prices are down I convert into BTC. I had 12BTC in my Trezor that is what they took. Huge chunk of that was from converting my 401k into BTC months back. I bought bulk of it @$5600.

          • Norman Hirsch

            that sucks and that is major problem with this crypto as there is no means of recovery. you can likely see on where the money went but can’t identify or get it back. wish there was a way to prove theft and then somehow roll back transaction.

          • JayB1742

            Trezor wants to inspect the device for me and try to help figure out what happened. So guess I’ll send it to them but I don’t expect much. Lesson learned secure your coins with a paper wallet and a safe. No matter how good hackers get you can’t hack a piece of paper remotely.

          • I would give that a try, who knows.. maybe you still have a chance.. i totally agree regarding the paper wallet :/ wish you all the luck, let me know how it goes or if i can help some how.. Also i should update my trezor review, warning users about this huge problem..

          • JayB1742

            Yes it’s crazy that they won’t admit it’s an issue. I mean I get it from their perspective everyone is always trying to game the system. However I’ve never been that guy.

          • Yeah.. i know.. because of that type of people everyone is in the same s*!t :/

          • Norman Hirsch

            Let us know what you find out.

          • JayB1742

            Well Trezor is not at fault after all. The Trezor I bought off eBay was hacked. It came in all the proper looking packaging with security seals. However the seals were fake and the device was a clone. The eBay seller has been reported and the account is gone. However so are all my coins. Trezor did offer to send me a real device as a direct replacement. Irony buys hardware wallet to prevent theft, loses everything, gets new hardware wallet but nothing to store. Lol anyway I guess when it comes to this stuff only buy from legitimate resellers folks.

          • Ah man, never buy such thing on SECOND HAND!!!!

          • JayB1742

            Yeah it was advertised as new stock had like 20 in the picture. Even had a tamper seal with it was all a scam. I didn’t even use it much the first few months out of concern that it might go like this. Let my guard down and got caught.

          • Sorry to hear that 🙁 hope i can help somehow to get you back on the track..

          • JayB1742

            Ciprian can you email me at jayb1742@gmail?

          • ok!

          • Norman Hirsch

            Wow. I had my two extra Nano S and Trezors on eBay and am gonna remove now just don’t want to be associated with such a scam. Reminds me of those vanity address sites that generate a wallet address with your choice of first characters: they have the private key and when your account hits some amount like 3 BTC or ETH or whatever, they transfer your coins to their account. Sucks but good to uncover the scam. Wonder if having those extra passwords works to prevent such?

          • That really sucks 🙁

          • JayB1742

            It’s my luck brother. Thank you for all you do this site is amazing. I read everything you post and it has been instrumental in getting my Mining rigs to run their best.

          • Thanks @jayb1742:disqus 🙂

          • JayB1742

            I just got a 220V 2400W server PSU with two breakout boards to run all my GPUs and risers. Trying to get even better power savings.

          • Lip Kuan Boon

            Hi, can you share the ROM you used?

  • Robert Gzivna

    hello Ciprian, as far as i know under windows only 8gpu is support for amd or nvidia. udner linux it is not a problem to have 13gpus from one kind. so my question is, have you heard something about improvement under windows to get support for more than 8gpus?

  • Karolis Taujanis

    im running TB250-BTC+ from yesterday and have to say faced in with couple of problems with it. firs of all, newest bios version (B25EF710.BSS) is total crap. had to downgrade to previous version (B25EF606.BSS), because of black screen issue when external gpu is connected. still not working auto power ON, gues its bios update problem…

    have 2x Asus prime H270-plus, with 2x M.2, running 8gpu each with no problems, so if the issues will not solves on TB250-BTC+ will definitely go for Asus…

    • Nedas Tamasauskas

      Sveiki, žadame įsigyti ir naudoti maininimui šią motininę plokštę, kyla klausimas ar apsimoka? Kaip pačiam sekasi maininti ? Ar toliau naudojat ją savo rige?

    • Gabriel Angeli

      So what bios version are you using right now? If I bought this motherboard, I sould not download the latest bios?

    • Dani Putra

      I’m upgrade the bios and Same problem happened to me, its just black screen.
      Anyone facing same problem and find the solution?

    • Norman Hirsch

      BTW, there is new bios. In any event, you need to set internal graphics as default and enabled and you’ll see the screen from the motherboard video.

  • Gediminas Dūdonis

    Sometimes my Xubuntu crashes with this MB. Still looking if this my RX580 vga problem.

  • Gabriel Angeli

    Anyone is using RX580 8g with this motherboard? What changes did you do in the BIOS to have the better hashrate/watt?

    • Norman Hirsch

      blockchain drivers and modify the bios. not much in motherboard bios to improve GPU that I know of other than don’t use the GPU. Use the motherboard for graphics.

  • Nick Varterian

    These have the unique 4-pin 12V AUXPWR 1 and 4-pin 12V AUXPWR 2 ports. Is it mandatory to supply power to these ports? What would be the extra benefit?

    • Umm not really because you are having powered risers, but if you have enough molex cables you can use them! Also not sure, as i remember the mobo wont boot to win without extra power.

      • Ben L

        Would a Add2PSU adapter be necessary if power is supplied via these AUXPWR ports with PS1 and PS2, respectively?

  • Norman Hirsch

    bought my second TB250-BTC+. I’m was so used to the 4 machines (three others are the 6GPU TB250-BTC) I had setup to automatically come on when power is applied that when I put together the new TB250-BTC+, it didn’t power up so checked the power supply which was good and so I called it DOA, processed a return and ordered a new one. Boxed it up for shipment, printed a label but UPS was closed so left it in my car. Then I remembered in my sleep last night that’s not default of any motherboard before changing bios to come on automatically when power is applied. I had the little switch plugged into the two start pins but never pushed it. Duh. Cancelled the return, cancelled the new order, opened the packaged box with motherboard, put back and bingo, works fine. Notice people commented have black screen. You must go into bios and configure video to be internal graphics default and enabled assuming you’re using the motherboard graphics to power the monitor which is what I do. Otherwise you’ll get that non-boot black screen when an external GPU is connected. the 710.BSS bios works fine in mine.

    • Jorge Hidalgo

      Could this be why Amazon reviews are bad on this?

      • Norman Hirsch

        possibly but since then, I bought another one and this one definitely has a problem with the DIMMA1 slot. Two memory cards, each works well in DIMMB slot but in the A slot, it won’t boot. So while the motherboard works without using the DIMMA1 slot, it’s going back. So there are issues. BTW, Biostar released new bios which is pretty cool as it checks your PCI slots and presents a big screen showing which slots are active.

        • Jorge Hidalgo

          Thank you for your quick reply. Seems like you have had several problems with TB250-BTC+ but yet you keep going back to it. Have you tried other Mother Boards?

          • Norman Hirsch

            haven’t. Amazon has quick returns and credit so no risk. just seems perfect for 8 GPU=max windows

        • hottovix

          Did you have to change any bios settings in order to use the 8 cards on one mobo? I have 6 running fine, but am about to install 2 more on this mobo.

          • Norman Hirsch

            When you first start the bios setup, the question is whether you want to use as mining machine, if yes, choice between 6 GPU or >6GPU. I suppose you need to get back to that selection screen.

  • Nick Varterian

    Can this motherboard support 9 gpu’s?

  • menetx

    Hi guys!!
    I have a problem mining with my RX570 (Sapphire Pulse ITX 4Gb) with a Biostar TB250-BTC. When I plug in (through a PCI Riser) at slot 1 I can reach a good hashrate (29,6Mhs). But when I plug in same PCI Riser and same VGA at slot 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 I can’t reach similar hashrate (less than 22Mhs).
    I can see, with HWinfo, that GPU CPU Power is always less than at slot 1. I have updated MoBO to last bios version, drivers AMD to actual version and all is ok in Device Manager in Windows 10.
    All configuration in bios is correct for mining (mining mode, 4G, …).
    Even I have done some tests in another identic motherboard with same results. I don’t know what can be the problem. Is it a factory fault? Any idea?

    • Have you also tried to clear cmos/reset the mobo bios and try again ?

      • menetx

        It was a problem with Add2psu . Better to make a DIY short at second PSU. Now all is running ok. Thanks!

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