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Best Ethereum Pool List

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No registration required
1. – 0.8% fees. Payouts released 2 times a day for balances higher than 0.5 ETH.
2. – 2% fees. Payouts released 4-6 times a day for balances higher than 1 ETH.
3. – 0% fees. Payouts released every 24 hours for balances higher than 1 ETH.
4. – Predictable Solo Mining pool. 0% fees. Payouts after 10 confirmations.
5. – PPLNS 1% fees. Payouts released 2 times a day for balances higher than 0.1 ETH.

Requires registration
1. – 1% fees. Payouts are up to the miner (Manual or Automatic from 0.01 ETH).
2. – PPLNS 1 % fees. RBPPS 4% fees. Payouts are up to the miner (Manual from 0.1 ETH).
3. – 1% fees.

Currently not recommended
1. – Payout not been released for a couple of days.

Awesome tool informed by @MrYukonC – Good way to look for where to mine.


Good luck!

  • Clement

    Thanks ! So which one do you recommend ? As a beginner, with 5 rx480, I’m using Nicehash and i have to say i’m pretty satisfied ! It’s clear, you know how much you earn, status page is nice and useful and updated in realtime even if sometime hashrate looks smaller than in the minner console. I tried suprnova but looks like it’s for bigger miner as my rate after 24h was very bad. I also tried dwarfpool but web user interface is so ugly and not updated in real time (need several minutes).

  • John Eyre

    What is this balances requirement?

  • Miguel Carvalho

    Hi is that profitable to mine right now with 184MH/s and nicehash? Do you expect ice age in how many months? Please let me know your feedback.

    • Miguel Carvalho

      I’m talking in Etherneum

  • LiteBit

    What about ?
    It has multiple coins, automatic exchange if you want, 0.9% fee, automated payout (besides the minimum level, you can choose from what amount to set the auto payout) and manual payout option.

    There now also is a script created by someone, trying to switch to the most profitable coin to mine every x(?) interval


  • Investoon

    Hello, I have made a research on all forums I know (and in google too) to find all alive Ethereum Mining pools. I have made a table with all of them with real time updating. Find the best pool for you using ping and fee information. Less ping is better. Hope you find it useful( spent a couple of days to make it) visit

    • thank you!

      • Investoon

        added a lot of mining pools today, spent about 3-4 hours to find all public alive pools. And at the bottom of the table you can see hashrate of that pools and network hashrate. But why total pools hashrate > network hashrate? What do you think?

        • looks very good man.. great job 🙂 ill update the post with your link 😛

          • Investoon

            WOW, thank you very much)

          • Keep me updated on this.. 🙂

          • Investoon

            Hello, it is me again,
            I have made “DAG SIZE CALCULATOR”
            tomorrow I will add a table with important dag sizes and dates
            What do you think about it, is it important?

          • Looks good man.. can you contact me ? or send me your skype id

          • Investoon

            I have sent via contact form

  • Peter

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  • NoobPool

    We need added to the list.

  • new start up ethereum pool and expance with posibility to gain direct usd or euro in account

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xD0F515AEB2Fb463C733c27E7e6777f9515b74335 -eworker rig1 -epsw x -mode 1 -ftime 10

    clymore 9.8 setup dual mining
    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xD0F515AEB2Fb463C733c27E7e6777f9515b74335 -eworker rig1cap -epsw x -dcoin sia -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal 6a3b741e7e52f31e9ae146a17cf771af97c0eedc7f6447ac2b581aeaa2f46dadf056e3d91f88/rig1/ -dpsw x -ftime 5 -dcri 13

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xD0F515AEB2Fb463C733c27E7e6777f9515b74335 -eworker rig1 -epsw x -mode 1 -ftime 10
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