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Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Limited Edition Hynix Memory 31.5+ Mh/s

Here it is guys, the beast, the best of, the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Limited Edition mining peformance test and review.

First of all i must say that this is one of the best GPU i ever tested. It is STABLE, RUN COOL, BEST HASHRATE and is HUGE!!!

As my previous test for the PULSE version i did the same tests, same practice. I tested it with Ethereum + Decred, Siacoin, LBRY Credits and PascalCoin also Zcash (Equihash), Monero (CryptoNight) and Nicehash.

Stock performance, mining hashrate and power consumption!


Stock bios & clocks (silent bios version) NO OTHER MODIFICATIONS

  • 1411/2000
  • 22.5 Mh/s on Ethereum
  • GPU-Z 135w
  • From wall 180w
Stock bios with undervolt, underclock and highest memory clock (silent bios version)

  • 1150/2250 -96mV
  • 21.2 mh/s on Ethereum
  • GPU-Z 90w
  • From wall 125w

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Let’s get started

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Limited Edition Mining Performance Review


1 Tools and Software needed

NOTE: I already did a similar tutorial for a RX 470 4GB and i will link some points there to avoid writing the same thing over and over again!

For this card the bios is already switched to NON OC version (HDMI SIDE), do this:

  • first start the pc with his default bios position (non oc, hdmi side)
  • once windows is booted switch jumer to the other side and restart the rig
  • now check the following steps
2 Backup OC BIOS

3 Switch BIOS

4 Backup “Silent” BIOS

Before to continue further, please share this šŸ™‚ thanks!

5 Download BIOS

Important, this BIOS is for Hynix memory only! Check your memory with GPUz software

6 Flash BIOS with ATiflash

VERY IMPORTANT: Always extract ATIflash to C:/atiflash folder and place the ROM file that needs to be flashed in the same directory

Here are my results with this BIOS rom

Ethereum Mining

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9.3 (Windows/Linux)

Ethereum Only

start.bat file for ethereum only with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

Ethereum Dual Mining

For dual mining i used claymore to set the cloks and undervolt.

Ethereum 31.5 Mh/s – Decred 950 Mh/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 96w
  • From wall 150w

Ethereum 31.5 MH/s – Siacoin 600 Mh/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1200 -mclock 2150 -dcri 19
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mcvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 96w
  • From wall 150w

Ethereum 31.5 MH/s – PascalCoin 380 Mh/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -dcri 12
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 96w
  • From wall 150w


start.bat file for ethereum dual decred with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool -dwal SUPRNOVA_USER.WORKER_NAME -dpsw WORKER_PASS -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 30

start.bat file for ethereum dual siacoin with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal SIA_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -dcoin sia -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 19

start.bat file for ethereum dual pascalcoin with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETHEREUM_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal ID.WALLET.WORKER_NAME -dpsw x -dcoin pasc -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 12

Before to continue further, please share this šŸ™‚ thanks!

ZCash Mining

Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.4 (Windows/Linux)

Claymore 295 H/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 66w
  • From wall 100w


start.bat file for ZCash (ZEC): ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -zpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

Monero Mining

Claymore’s CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.7

Claymore 720 H/s

  • Claymore -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250
  • Voltage -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850
  • GPU-Z 66w
  • From wall 90w


start.bat file for Monero (XMR) with claymore clocks and voltage: NsGpuCNMiner.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u ZCASH_WALLET.WORKER_NAME -p x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1200 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

Nicehash 2.0 Mining Hashrate & Power Usage

That’s it! Have fun šŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Sim

    Hello Criprian!
    Thank you very much for this beautiful tutorials!
    Quick question….
    Is it possible to mix RX470/480 with RX570/580?
    The diffences are only “Combined AMD Drivers” from the old series

    • Tim Bos

      You can mix it, but you need to set different mem and GPU settings for each card in claymore.

      • Sim

        Thanks! And what about the drivers?

  • Marco Poles

    Hi Ciprian, do you plan to create a post also for RX580 with samsung memory?
    I have also another questions:
    1) on RX580 nitro+ LE there is bios switch. Is it used to select 2 type of bios, one standard and one auxiliary?
    2) I modified my RX580 nitro+ LE bios (only auxiliary one coping 1750 timing to 2000 and 2250). When I try to install crimson 17.5.2 the GPU is not recognized on both bios switch position. Why? I thought to have install problem only with bios switch on auxiliary position.

    My rig has 4 RX 480 and 2 RX580 with windows 10. But at the moment I’m not able to begin the mining. I tried to install also crimson 17.4.3 to avoid bios check verification, but after amd driver install I have windows crash and I have to reinstall all from begin.

    • You will have to use combined drivers, or to apply the patch for bios signature.. about the samsung memory yes.. i have a bios now, just made some tests today..

  • geoff

    thanks again for the guides….

    I’m having really trouble with my setup with the bios and wanted to ask a question? however this isn’t in the right section? can I speak direct or best to do it through this messaging

    • hi, yes go ahead

      • geoff

        I’m new to mining and struggling with this over clocking / undervolting..etc… I’m downloading so many bios..etc.. then using certainly examples of claymore config to get the extra juice out of these cards.

        However what I have noticed I get completely different results if I’m using linux or windows with the same command line. Can claymore under volt in linux?

        I cannot get up to 30mhz its always this – I mean 167mhz is better than nothing however I know it can do more…

        ETH – Total Speed: 167.393 Mh/s, Total Shares: 63, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:26
        ETH: GPU0 27.937 Mh/s, GPU1 27.862 Mh/s, GPU2 27.862 Mh/s, GPU3 27.868 Mh/s, GPU4 27.929 Mh/s, GPU5 27.935 Mh/s

        This is in linux and the same in windows using this bios – for the Sapphire, and for the XFX I’ve just changed the strapping 1750 and 2000..etc.. I have tried copying the Sapphire config within the bios editor to the xfx via the bios editor and the results were the same.

        The graphic cards are:

        Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB NITRO+ Graphics Card x 3
        XFX RX-580P8DBRR GTR Radeon RX 580 8GB Black Edition 1405 Mhz OC Core clock x 3

        I’m not asking for the exact figures to put but some guides on what all these figures mean, so then I can test various setups and get to the best for me. this is what I’m putting in claymore

        -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850

        sorry to ask such a basic question, however just think I’m missing something… šŸ™‚

        Thanks in advance, hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

        • Hello, first of all you will have to test every card alone on the rig and write down the settings for each of them. then once you connect all gpus, find the order and apply the clocks you tested earlier.. for me that is the best start to stabilize the rig when having mixed GPUS.

          • geoff

            Thank you for the reply – I know you have dozens of replies to do. This is great news however can you do a guide to say what numbers really I should be changing. I.e. I’ve written the numbers of standard bios and then looked at yours bios and for example yours is set to 30mhz what numbers would I need to lower or higher it to 29 or indeed 32?

            whar settings should I be changing ? And which ones to leave alone?

  • Tim Bos

    This is great, thanks. I’ve applied the settings for the ETH + SIA dual mine, but I’m only getting 27.7MH/s ETH and 526MH/s SIA. I’ve flashed the bios, and set the claymore settings as above, but it doesn’t seem to be close to the numbers you have above.

    Any thoughts? I’m running Claymore 9.5 on Ubuntu.

    • what is your dcri and cloks ?

      • Tim Bos

        DCRI I’ve tried everything from 15 to 30. I settled on 23. I tried 19 as suggested, but that put my hash at 26MH/s for ETH.
        MClock = 2250 (tried 2150 also)
        Clock = 1200

        • Tim Bos

          I’ll try baking the clock speeds into the rom and see if that helps. Doubtful, but worth a try.

        • I tried the same settings on 9 different cards and all of the performed the same.. hmm.. maybe you are missing something ?

      • Tim Bos

        Hi @ciprianpt – if I want to bake the clocks into the ROM, are these the correct settings to change (attached image)? The GPU freq at 1200 seems awfully low??

  • jorge viloria

    This bios apply for rx 580 sapphire pulse must be similar right ?

    • Tim Bos

      No. The memory and CPU timings are different.

  • Nexes

    Does it also work for the ‘SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB’ version?

    • nope, there is another post for that gpu

  • Anastasios Selalmazidis

    Hello there,

    Is the Limited edition GPU a new one or an old one ? Will it be available soon ?

  • Takuya Noda

    I regreted deeply saw your article so I bought HIS RX580 HYNIX…..
    then compare yours with mine by polaris-editor,the same value written without Iā€™m thinking of copying.Do you think my plan gets results?

  • sora adonis

    Hi, do you have tutorial for stock settings only for the RX580 4GB version? I’m not tech savy and I don’t want to brick my 3 GPU cards. Thanks in advance.

  • Cristian

    Hello, will this also work on RX480 Nitro cards (hynix)?

  • Marcelo Moraes

    This post just saved my life thanks =)

  • Bartosz Nowacki
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